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A pioneer in scholarly open access publishing, MDPI has supported academic communities since 1996. Our mission is to foster open scientific exchange in all forms, across all disciplines. We operate more than 200 diverse, peer-reviewed, open access journals supported by over 35,500 academic editors. We serve scholars from around the world to ensure the latest research is openly and broadly available.

MDPI is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with additional offices in Europe and Asia. We are committed to ensuring that high quality research is made available as quickly as possible. We also support sustainability projects, with sustainability as a key theme in many journals and through the MDPI Sustainability Foundation.

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Posted on: 20 May 2020
PHP Developer
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Posted on: 12 July 2017
Assistant Editor Belgrade
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Posted on: 3 September 2018
Production Editor
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Posted on: 30 June 2020
Assistant Editor Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Posted on: 23 April 2020
Assistant Editor - UK 2020
Location: Manchester, UK
Posted on: 16 April 2020
Assistant Editor Bucharest
Location: Romania
Posted on: 1 November 2019
Assistant Editor Cluj
Location: Romania
Posted on: 3 January 2020
HR Assistant - Cluj
Location: Romania
Posted on: 20 February 2020
Production Editor Cluj
Location: Romania
Posted on: 2 April 2020
Help Desk Assistant (IT support)
Location: Romania
Posted on: 8 April 2020
HR Assistant in Bucharest
Location: Romania
Posted on: 2 October 2019
Assistant Editor Novi Sad
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Posted on: 8 November 2019
Assistant Editor Tokyo
Location: Tokyo, Japan
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