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Founded: 2009 (Volumes: 12)

5,874 articles published so far

1151 articles have been cited 10 times or more (h-10 index)

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Current Impact Factor: 6.126

5-year Impact Factor: 6.433

JCR category rank: 37/244 (Q1) in 'Oncology'

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Citations Article
Cisplatin as an Anti-Tumor Drug: Cellular Mechanisms of Activity, Drug Resistance and Induced Side Effects
Drug Resistance in Cancer: An Overview
Tumor-Associated Macrophages as Major Players in the Tumor Microenvironment
Cell Death Pathways in Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer
Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts: Their Characteristics and Their Roles in Tumor Growth
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Cell Proliferation Signaling Pathways
Targeting the Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway: Review of Smoothened and GLI Inhibitors
Cytokines in Cancer Immunotherapy
Oncologic Photodynamic Therapy: Basic Principles, Current Clinical Status and Future Directions
Cancer Stem Cells and Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT)-Phenotypic Cells: Are They Cousins or Twins?
Citations Article
mTOR Pathways in Cancer and Autophagy
Epigenetic Modifications as Biomarkers of Tumor Development, Therapy Response, and Recurrence across the Cancer Care Continuum
Flavonoids in Cancer and Apoptosis
Gut Microbiota and Cancer: From Pathogenesis to Therapy
Current Advances in Aptamers for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
Systemic Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Latest Advances
Colorectal Cancers: An Update on Their Molecular Pathology
Immune Evasion in Pancreatic Cancer: From Mechanisms to Therapy
Lung Cancers: Molecular Characterization, Clonal Heterogeneity and Evolution, and Cancer Stem Cells
mTOR Cross-Talk in Cancer and Potential for Combination Therapy

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Cancers Statistics

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