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Addition of Orange Peel in Orange Jam: Evaluation of Sensory, Physicochemical, and Nutritional Characteristics
A Spatial Analysis of Intensity in Tourism Accommodation: An Application for Extremadura (Spain)
Vitamin Derived Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotubes for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Arsenic Removal from Contaminated Water
Innovation Diffusion of Mobile Applications in Social Networks: A Multi-Agent System
Limitations in Validating Derived Soil Water Content from Thermal/Optical Measurements Using the Simplified Triangle Method
Alpha and Beta-diversity of Microbial Communities Associated to Plant Disease Suppressive Functions of On-farm Green Composts
Atmospheric Pollution and Thyroid Function of Pregnant Women in Athens, Greece: A Pilot Study
The Porcine Nasal Microbiota with Particular Attention to Livestock-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Germany—A Culturomic Approach
Characterization of the AP2/ERF Transcription Factor Family and Expression Profiling of DREB Subfamily under Cold and Osmotic Stresses in Ammopiptanthus nanus
Synthesis, Structure and In Vitro Anti-Trypanosomal Activity of Non-Toxic Arylpyrrole-Based Chalcone Derivatives
A Mixed Binary Linear Programming Model for Optimal Energy Management of Smart Buildings
Revisiting Cancer Stem Cells as the Origin of Cancer-Associated Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment: A Hypothetical View from the Potential of iPSCs
Involvement of 27-Hydroxycholesterol in Mitotane Action on Adrenocortical Carcinoma
Scratch Testing of AlSi12/SiCp Composite Layer with High Share of Reinforcing Phase Formed in the Centrifugal Casting Process
Experimental Analysis of a Visual-Recognition Control for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in a Towing Tank
Quality Evaluation of Potato Tubers Using Neural Image Analysis Method
Enrichment of Mango Fruit Leathers with Natal Plum (Carissa macrocarpa) Improves Their Phytochemical Content and Antioxidant Properties
How do Partners Benefit from IT Use in Supply-Chain Management: An Empirical Study of Taiwan’s Bicycle Industry
A Pilot Study on the Effect of Anti-Thrombopoietin Antibody on Platelet Count in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
A User-Based Look at Visualization Tools for Environmental Data and Suggestions for Improvement—An Inventory among City Planners in Gothenburg
Intelligent Road Inspection with Advanced Machine Learning; Hybrid Prediction Models for Smart Mobility and Transportation Maintenance Systems
Performance, Body Water Balance, Ingestive Behavior and Blood Metabolites in Goats Fed with Cactus Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica L. Miller) Silage Subjected to An Intermittent Water Supply
Laser-Milled Microslits Improve the Bonding Strength of Acrylic Resin to Zirconia Ceramics
The Tumor Suppressor TFF1 Occurs in Different Forms and Interacts with Multiple Partners in the Human Gastric Mucus Barrier: Indications for Diverse Protective Functions
Reliability Improvement of LoRa with ARQ and Relay Node
A Survey on QoS Requirements Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Scheduling Techniques for Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Knockdown of N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase-II Reduces Matrix Metalloproteinase 2 Activity and Suppresses Tumorigenicity in Neuroblastoma Cell Line
Exploring the Synergy between PARP and CHK1 Inhibition in Matched BRCA2 Mutant and Corrected Cells
Language across the Lifespan in Fragile X Syndrome: Characteristics and Considerations for Assessment
Determination of Albumin, Glucose, and Creatinine Employing a Single Sequential Injection Lab-at-Valve with Mono-Segmented Flow System Enabling In-Line Dilution, In-Line Single-Standard Calibration, and In-Line Standard Addition
Developmental and Degenerative Characterization of Porcine Parthenogenetic Fetuses during Early Pregnancy
Copper Corrosion Behavior in Simulated Concrete-Pore Solutions
Woven Natural Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials for Medical Imaging
Fluorimetric Method for the Determination of Histidine in Random Human Urine Based on Zone Fluidics
SiO2 NPs-PQ/PMMA Photopolymer Material Doped with a High-Concentration Photosensitizer for Holographic Storage
Antifungal and Antiparasitic Drug Delivery
Climate Change Impact on Surface Water and Groundwater Recharge in Northern Thailand
Compositions Based on PAN Solutions Containing Polydimethylsiloxane Additives: Morphology, Rheology, and Fiber Spinning
Cellulose Nanofibers Isolated from the Cuscuta Reflexa Plant as a Green Reinforcement of Natural Rubber
Facile Construction of Superhydrophobic Surfaces by Coating Fluoroalkylsilane/Silica Composite on a Modified Hierarchical Structure of Wood
Classification System of the Sagittal Integral Morphotype in Children from the ISQUIOS Programme (Spain)
Metabolic Capability of Penicillium oxalicum to Transform High Concentrations of Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Drugs
The Effects of Liquid Disinfection and Heat Sterilization Processes on Implant Drill Roughness: Energy Dispersion X-ray Microanalysis and Infrared Thermography
Effects of Pre-Harvest Glyphosate Application on Spring Wheat Quality Characteristics
Comparative Analysis of 5G Mobile Communication Network Architectures
Quasi-Periodic Dendritic Metasurface for Integral Operation in Visible Light
Virus-Induced Cytoplasmic Aggregates and Inclusions are Critical Cellular Regulatory and Antiviral Factors
Improved ‘Infotaxis’ Algorithm-Based Cooperative Multi-USV Pollution Source Search Approach in Lake Water Environment
A Symmetric Controllable Hyperchaotic Hidden Attractor
Dihedral Group D4—A New Feature Extraction Algorithm
Prognostic Impact of Tumor-Associated Macrophages on Survival Is Checkpoint Dependent in Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma
Using Simulation to Develop Divergent and Reflective Thinking in Teacher Education
Analysis of Techno-Economic-Environmental Suitability of an Isolated Microgrid System Located in a Remote Island of Bangladesh
Benzamide Derivatives Targeting the Cell Division Protein FtsZ: Modifications of the Linker and the Benzodioxane Scaffold and Their Effects on Antimicrobial Activity
GPIO-Based Nonlinear Predictive Control for Flux-Weakening Current Control of the IPMSM Servo System
Analytical Solution for Coupled Diffusion Induced Stress Model for Lithium-Ion Battery
LoRaFarM: A LoRaWAN-Based Smart Farming Modular IoT Architecture
Performance Evaluation of Flat Plate and Vacuum Tube Solar Collectors by Applying a MWCNT/Fe3O4 Binary Nanofluid
Evaluation of Nanocomposite Made of Polylactic Acid and Nanocellulose from Carrot Pomace Modified with Silver Nanoparticles
Phytic Acid and Biochar: An Effective All Bio-Sourced Flame Retardant Formulation for Cotton Fabrics
Modulation of Sensory Nerve Function by Insulin: Possible Relevance to Pain, Inflammation and Axon Growth
Net Primary Productivity of Pinus massoniana Dependence on Climate, Soil and Forest Characteristics
Strength of Graphene-Coated Ni Bi-Crystals: A Molecular Dynamics Nano-Indentation Study
Sources of Potentially Toxic Metals in Sediments of the Mussulo Lagoon (Angola) and Implications for Human Health
Enhanced Anti-Mold Property and Mechanism Description of Ag/TiO2 Wood-Based Nanocomposites Formation by Ultrasound- and Vacuum-Impregnation
Chemical Composition, Total Phenols and Flavonoids Contents and Antioxidant Activity as Nutritive Potential of Roasted Hazelnut Skins (Corylus avellana L.)
The Adsorption of Methylene Blue on Eco-Friendly Reduced Graphene Oxide
Onboard Visual Horizon Detection for Unmanned Aerial Systems with Programmable Logic
Study on the Pyrolysis Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Tread Compounds of Silica-Filled Discarded Car Tires
Kaonic Atoms to Investigate Global Symmetry Breaking
Functionalization of Silica with Triazine Hydrazide to Improve Corrosion Protection and Interfacial Adhesion Properties of Epoxy Coating and Steel Substrate
Effects of Exogenous Abscisic Acid (ABA) on Carotenoids and Petal Color in Osmanthus fragrans ‘Yanhonggui’
Topological Symmetry Groups of the Heawood Graph
Multi-Symplectic Method for the Logarithmic-KdV Equation
Major Depressive Disorder is Associated with Impaired Mitochondrial Function in Skin Fibroblasts
Managed Aquifer Recharge of Monsoon Runoff Using Village Ponds: Performance Assessment of a Pilot Trial in the Ramganga Basin, India
Blocking Myc to Treat Cancer: Reflecting on Two Decades of Omomyc
Directing 2D-Coordination Networks: Combined Effects of a Conformationally Flexible 3,2′:6′,3″-Terpyridine and Chain Length Variation in 4′-(4-n-Alkyloxyphenyl) Substituents
Stepwise Intelligent Diagnosis Method for Rotor System with Sliding Bearing Based on Statistical Filter and Stacked Auto-Encoder
Synthesis of a Novel Semi-Conductive Composites Doping with La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 for Excellent Electric Performance for HVDC Cable
The Research on DC Loop of Regional Power Grid Caused by the Operation of the Subway
Elaboration of Charged Poly(Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid) Microparticles for Effective Release of Tranexamic Acid
Miniaturized GaAs Nanowire Laser with a Metal Grating Reflector
Does Foreign Direct Investment Affect Tropospheric SO2 Emissions? A Spatial Analysis in Eastern China from 2011 to 2017
Wireless Sensors System for Stress Detection by Means of ECG and EDA Acquisition
Investigation of Machine Learning Approaches for Traumatic Brain Injury Classification via EEG Assessment in Mice
Analysis of the Reduction of Pollutant Emissions by the Vehicle Fleet of the City of Reggio Calabria Due to the Introduction of Ecological Vehicles
Improving Rural Accessibility: A Multilayer Approach
Modelling Yield and Seasonal Soil Salinity Dynamics in Rice-Grasspea Cropping System for the Coastal Saline Zone of West Bengal, India
Effect of Straw Mulch and Irrigation on Sunflower and Maize Cultivation in No Tillage Systems of Coastal Heavy Soils
Effects of Fresh and Saline Water Irrigation for Maize in Coastal Areas of Bangladesh
Oral Bioavailability Enhancement and Anti-Fatigue Assessment of the Andrographolide Loaded Solid Dispersion
New Insights on the Emerging Genomic Landscape of CXCR4 in Cancer: A Lesson from WHIM
Heat Transport Analysis in Rectangular Shields Using the Laplace and Poisson Equations
Subpixel Mapping of Surface Water in the Tibetan Plateau with MODIS Data
Synergy between Ocean Variables: Remotely Sensed Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll Concentration Coherence
Using Virtual Reality to Assess Landscape: A Comparative Study Between On-Site Survey and Virtual Reality of Aesthetic Preference and Landscape Cognition
Future Renewable Fuel Mixes in Transport in Germany under RED II and Climate Protection Targets
Machine Performance and Hog Fuel Quality Evaluation in Olive Tree Pruning Harvesting Conducted Using a Towed Shredder on Flat and Hilly Fields
MiRNAs Targeting Double Strand DNA Repair Pathways Lurk in Genomically Unstable Rare Fragile Sites and Determine Cancer Outcomes
3D Object Reconstruction from Imperfect Depth Data Using Extended YOLOv3 Network
Multiple Aerodynamic Coefficient Prediction of Airfoils Using a Convolutional Neural Network
Selecting FFT Word Length for an OFDM Receiver That Supports Undersampling
Proposal of Technological GIS Support as Part of Resident Parking in Large Cities–Case Study, City of Brno
Smart and Regenerative Urban Growth: A Literature Network Analysis
A Nonlinear Convergence Consensus: Extreme Doubly Stochastic Quadratic Operators for Multi-Agent Systems
Save Muscle Information–Unfiltered EEG Signal Helps Distinguish Sleep Stages
Pattern Recognition of Single-Channel sEMG Signal Using PCA and ANN Method to Classify Nine Hand Movements
Effects of Monopolar Dielectric Radiofrequency Signals on the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia: A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial
Spectral Filter Selection for Increasing Chromatic Diversity in CVD Subjects
Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology: A Meta-Analysis of Deep Learning Models for Retinal Vessels Segmentation
Mitochondrial Damage and Necroptosis in Aging Cochlea
Design Method of Dual Active Bridge Converters for Photovoltaic Systems with High Voltage Gain
Oncological-Therapy Related Oral Mucositis as an Interdisciplinary Problem—Literature Review
Inverse Problems for Degenerate Fractional Integro-Differential Equations
HIV gp120 Protein Increases the Function of Connexin 43 Hemichannels and Pannexin-1 Channels in Astrocytes: Repercussions on Astroglial Function
Hydroxychloroquine Mitigates the Production of 8-Isoprostane and Improves Vascular Dysfunction: Implications for Treating Preeclampsia
Therapeutic Effect of Seaweed Derived Xanthophyl Carotenoid on Obesity Management; Overview of the Last Decade
Lipids Nutrients in Parkinson and Alzheimer’s Diseases: Cell Death and Cytoprotection
Single Channel Source Separation with ICA-Based Time-Frequency Decomposition
Experimental Test and Prediction Model of Soil Thermal Conductivity in Permafrost Regions
Fast Implementation of Approximated Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation for Frequency Agile Radar under Jamming Environment
Edge Computing-Based Self-Organized Device Network for Awareness Activities of Daily Living in the Home
Soil Recovery Assessment after Timber Harvesting Based on the Sustainable Forest Operation (SFO) Perspective in Iranian Temperate Forests
A Publicly Available Cost Simulation of Sustainable Construction Options for Residential Houses
Enhanced Intelligent Identification of Concrete Cracks Using Multi-Layered Image Preprocessing-Aided Convolutional Neural Networks
Theoretical and Computational Insight into Solvent and Specific Ion Effects for Polyelectrolytes: The Importance of Local Molecular Interactions
Adult Perceptions of Healthy Pregnancy: A Focus-Group Study
Impact of Nutritional Supplementation on Canine Dermatological Disorders
Sexually Transmitted Infection Knowledge among Older Adults: Psychometrics and Test–Retest Reliability
A Dynamic Spatial Panel of Subnational GHG Emissions: Environmental Effectiveness of Emissions Taxes in Spanish Regions
Local Feature-Aware Siamese Matching Model for Vehicle Re-Identification
Creating Sustainable Order Fulfillment Processes Through Managing the Risk: Evidence from the Disposable Products Industry
In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil Extracted from Leaves of Leoheo domatiophorus Chaowasku, D.T. Ngo and H.T. Le in Vietnam
An Analytical Method for the Determination of Temperature Distribution in Short Journal Bearing Oil Film
Improved Depth-of-Field Photoacoustic Microscopy with a Multifocal Point Transducer for Biomedical Imaging
AC Volume Breakdown and Surface Flashover of a 4% NovecTM 4710/96% CO2 Gas Mixture Compared to CO2 in Highly Nonhomogeneous Fields
As-Hg Compound Pollution: Rice Growth, Yield and Environmental Safety Limits
Biosensors in Occupational Safety and Health Management: A Narrative Review
Azides and Porphyrinoids: Synthetic Approaches and Applications. Part 1—Azides, Porphyrins and Corroles
Advances on Chelation and Chelator Metal Complexes in Medicine
Hydrodynamic Response of a Combined Wind–Wave Marine Energy Structure
Dislocation Emission and Crack Dislocation Interactions
Turbulence as a Network of Fourier Modes
Asymptotic Diffusion Analysis of Multi-Server Retrial Queue with Hyper-Exponential Service
Co-Combustion of Municipal Sewage Sludge and Biomass in a Grate Fired Boiler for Phosphorus Recovery in Bottom Ash
Development and Performance Assessment of Prefabricated Insulation Elements for Deep Energy Renovation of Apartment Buildings
Male sterile 305 Mutation Leads the Misregulation of Anther Cuticle Formation by Disrupting Lipid Metabolism in Maize
How High-Quality Urbanization Affects Utilization Efficiency of Agricultural Water Resources in the Yellow River Basin under Double Control Action?
Optimization of the Production Factors of Boards Obtained from Arundo donax L. Fibers Without Added Adhesives
Women Participation: A Productivity Strategy in Rice Production
Michael Walzer’s Humanitarian Intervention Theory Applied to Multisided Conflicts: A Discussion of Intervention and Self-Determination in the Syrian Civil War
Impact of Endocytosis and Lysosomal Acidification on the Toxicity of Copper Oxide Nano- and Microsized Particles: Uptake and Gene Expression Related to Oxidative Stress and the DNA Damage Response
New SOGI-FLL Grid Frequency Monitoring with a Finite State Machine Approach for Better Response in the Face of Voltage Sag and Swell Faults
Direct Rapid Left Ventricular Wire Pacing during Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty
Pegbovigrastim Treatment around Parturition Enhances Postpartum Immune Response Gene Network Expression of whole Blood Leukocytes in Holstein and Simmental Cows
A novel Optimization Framework to Replicate the Vibro-Acoustics Response of an Aircraft Fuselage
Sentinel-1 and -2 Based near Real Time Inland Excess Water Mapping for Optimized Water Management
A Wild Cajanus scarabaeoides (L.), Thouars, IBS 3471, for Improved Insect-Resistance in Cultivated Pigeonpea
Drivers of Consumer Liking for Beef, Pork, and Lamb: A Review
Protein-Lipid Interaction of Cytolytic Toxin Cyt2Aa2 on Model Lipid Bilayers of Erythrocyte Cell Membrane
High-Growth Aspirations of Entrepreneurs in Latin America: Do Alliances Matter?
DNAzyme-Based Target-Triggered Rolling-Circle Amplification for High Sensitivity Detection of microRNAs
Hematite/Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanofilm for Fenton and Photocatalytic Oxidation of Methylene Blue
Impacts of Drought on Maize and Soybean Production in Northeast China During the Past Five Decades
A Novel Divergent Geminivirus Identified in Asymptomatic New World Cactaceae Plants
On the Design of an Integrated System for Wave Energy Conversion Purpose with the Reaction Mass on Board
Amino Acid Composition of Novel Plant Drinks from Oat, Lentil and Pea
CDH1 Mutation Distribution and Type Suggests Genetic Differences between the Etiology of Orofacial Clefting and Gastric Cancer
Structure–Activity Relationships and Molecular Docking Analysis of Mcl-1 Targeting Renieramycin T Analogues in Patient-derived Lung Cancer Cells
Oligomerization and Conformational Change Turn Monomeric β-Amyloid and Tau Proteins Toxic: Their Role in Alzheimer’s Pathogenesis
Vegetation Fraction Images Derived from PROBA-V Data for Rapid Assessment of Annual Croplands in Brazil
Exercise Affects Blood Glucose Levels and Tissue Chromium Distribution in High-Fat Diet-Fed C57BL6 Mice
Rightward Shift of Two-Channel NIRS-Defined Prefrontal Cortex Activity during Mental Arithmetic Tasks with Increasing Levels of State Anxiety
Exploring the Systematic Attributes Influencing Gerontechnology Adoption for Elderly Users Using a Meta-Analysis
Revision of Threshold Luminance Levels in Tunnels Aiming to Minimize Energy Consumption at No Cost: Methodology and Case Studies ?
Gendered Species Preferences Link Tree diversity and Carbon Stocks in Cacao Agroforest in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
Conceptual Planning of Urban–Rural Green Space from a Multidimensional Perspective: A Case Study of Zhengzhou, China
Big Data Manifestation in Municipal Waste Management and Cryptocurrency Sectors: Positive and Negative Implementation Factors
Mapping the Gene Expression Spectrum of Mediator Subunits in Response to Viroid Infection in Plants
Detecting the Effects of the Glucocorticoid Dexamethasone on Primary Human Skeletal Muscle Cells—Differences to the Murine Cell Line
UV-Cured Coatings Prepared with Sulfhydryl-Terminated Branched Polyurethane and Allyl-Terminated Hyperbranched Polycarbosilane
The Mechanisms of Endogenous Fires Occurring in Extractive Waste Dumping Facilities
Delta-Integration of Single Gene Shapes the Whole Metabolomic Short-Term Response to Ethanol of Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains
A Video-Based DT–SVM School Violence Detecting Algorithm
A Layout Strategy for Distributed Barrage Jamming against Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Wound Dressings Coated with Silver Nanoparticles and Essential Oils for The Management of Wound Infections
Segmentation of River Scenes Based on Water Surface Reflection Mechanism
Determination of Solidification of Rigidity Point Temperature Using a New Method
Vehicle-To-Grid for Peak Shaving to Unlock the Integration of Distributed Heat Pumps in a Swedish Neighborhood
Mono-, Di- and Tetra-iron Complexes with Selenium or Sulphur Functionalized Vinyliminium Ligands: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Antiproliferative Activity
Automatic Recognition of Dendritic Solidification Structures: DenMap
Research and Study of the Hybrid Algorithms Based on the Collective Behavior of Fish Schools and Classical Optimization Methods
Effectiveness of Glecaprevir/Pibrentasvir for Hepatitis C: Real-World Experience and Clinical Features of Retreatment Cases
Nuphar lutea Extracts Exhibit Anti-Viral Activity against the Measles Virus
Role of Nonlinear Four-Wave Interactions Source Term on the Spectral Shape
Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Community Forest Management: Evolution and Limitations in Mexican Forest Law, Policy and Practice
Investigation on Mg3Sb2/Mg2Si Heterogeneous Nucleation Interface Using Density Functional Theory
A Tryptophan Metabolite, 8-Hydroxyquinaldic Acid, Exerts Antiproliferative and Anti-Migratory Effects on Colorectal Cancer Cells
Meta-Analysis of Transcriptomic Data of Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex and of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Identifies Altered Pathways in Schizophrenia
Quantitative Proteomic Analyses Identify STO/BBX24 -Related Proteins Induced by UV-B
Associations among Employment Status, Health Behaviors, and Mental Health in a Representative Sample of South Koreans
Automatic Staff Reconstruction within SIMSSA Project
Rethinking Food Production: Nexus of Mobile Phones and Production Cost Minimization
Analyzing the Energy Efficiency of Fan Systems by Using the Dimensional Analysis (DA) Method
A Bi-Layer Multi-Objective Techno-Economical Optimization Model for Optimal Integration of Distributed Energy Resources into Smart/Micro Grids
A Meta-analysis Describing the Effects of the Essential oils Blend Agolin Ruminant on Performance, Rumen Fermentation and Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows
Effects of Bilberry Supplementation on Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Analysis and Design of Three-Phase Buck Rectifier Employing UPS to Supply High Reliable DC Power
Economic Dispatch of Renewable Generators and BESS in DC Microgrids Using Second-Order Cone Optimization
A Multi-Method Approach for Quantification of Surface Coatings on Commercial Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials
The Influence of Urbanization and Fire Disturbance on Plant-floral Visitor Mutualistic Networks
Potential of Coal–Water Slurries as an Alternative Fuel Source during the Transition Period for the Decarbonization of Energy Production: A Review
Spatiotemporal Variations in Energy Consumption and Their Influencing Factors in China Based on the Integration of the DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Datasets
Organosilicon Compounds, SILA-409 and SILA-421, as Doxorubicin Resistance-Reversing Agents in Human Colon Cancer Cells
Optimal Denoising and Feature Extraction Methods Using Modified CEEMD Combined with Duffing System and Their Applications in Fault Line Selection of Non-Solid-Earthed Network
Rainfall Induced Landslide Studies in Indian Himalayan Region: A Critical Review
Comparative Analysis of Geothermal Energy in Korea Based on Closed Borehole and Single- and Two-Well Standing Column Well Geothermal Heat Exchange Systems
Applying Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Prognosis in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ergonomic Guidelines of Head-Up Display User Interface during Semi-Automated Driving
Soft Computing Ensemble Models Based on Logistic Regression for Groundwater Potential Mapping
An Automatic Baseline Correction Method Based on the Penalized Least Squares Method
Optimization of Green Infrastructure Practices in Industrial Areas for Runoff Management: A Review on Issues, Challenges and Opportunities
Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Health Literacy: Lessons Learned from Three Participative Projects for Future Initiatives
Evolution of Predicted Acid Resistance Mechanisms in the Extremely Acidophilic Leptospirillum Genus
Thermal Comfort Aspects of Solar Gains during the Heating Season
Study of Polyphenol Content and Antioxidant Properties of Various Mix of Chocolate MILK Masses with Different Protein Content
Investigation on Life Satisfaction of Rural-to-Urban Migrant Workers in China: A Moderated Mediation Model
Aerodynamic Studies on Non-Premixed Oxy-Methane Flames and Separated Oxy-Methane Cold Jets
Coordinated Localization and Antagonistic Function of NtPLC3 and PI4P 5-Kinases in the Subapical Plasma Membrane of Tobacco Pollen Tubes
Impact of Climate Variability and Abundance of Mosquitoes on Dengue Transmission in Central Vietnam
A Preliminary Study of the Influence of Game Types on the Learning Interests of Primary School Students in Digital Games
Large Animal Models of Inherited Retinal Degenerations: A Review
Linking Work-Family Conflict (WFC) and Talent Management: Insights from a Developing Country
Capillary Uptake Monitoring in Lime-Hemp-Perlite Composite Using the Time Domain Reflectometry Sensing Technique for Moisture Detection in Building Composites
Is There a Need for Alcohol Policy to Mitigate Metal Contamination in Unrecorded Fruit Spirits?
Variable Wall Permeability Effects on Flow and Heat Transfer in a Leaky Channel Containing Water-Based Nanoparticles
Dynamic Fuzzy Adjustment Algorithm for Web Information Acquisition and Data Transmission
Robust Silica-Cellulose Composite Aerogels with a Nanoscale Interpenetrating Network Structure Prepared Using a Streamlined Process
Falling Weight Impact Damage Characterisation of Flax and Flax Basalt Vinyl Ester Hybrid Composites
Influence of Selected Parameters and Different Methods of Implementing Vacuum Impregnation of Apple Tissue on Its Effectiveness
The Prevalence and Context of Alcohol Use, Problem Drinking and Alcohol-Related Harm among Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala, Uganda
Peptidylarginine Deiminase of Porphyromonas gingivalis Modulates the Interactions between Candida albicans Biofilm and Human Plasminogen and High-Molecular-Mass Kininogen
A PV-Powered TE Cooling System with Heat Recovery: Energy Balance and Environmental Impact Indicators
Making Paving Stones from Copper Mine Tailings as Aggregates
The Innovative and Sustainable Use of Dental Panoramic Radiographs for the Detection of Osteoporosis
Co-Gasification of Crude Glycerol/Animal Fat Mixtures
The Shift from Consumers to Prosumers: Susceptibility of Young Adults to Radicalization
Patatin-Related Phospholipase AtpPLAIIIα Affects Lignification of Xylem in Arabidopsis and Hybrid Poplars
Leadership and Effective Institutional Economics Design in the Context of Education Reforms
Upcycling of Electroplating Sludge to Prepare Erdite-Bearing Nanorods for the Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Electroplating Wastewater Effluent
Comparison of Elixhauser and Charlson Methods for Discriminative Performance in Mortality Risk in Patients with Schizophrenic Disorders
A Self-Calibrating IoT Portable Electrochemical Immunosensor for Serum Human Epididymis Protein 4 as a Tumor Biomarker for Ovarian Cancer
The Effect of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Attention, Self-Control, and Aggressiveness in Primary School Pupils
Corporate Sustainable Development Strategy: Effect of Green Shared Vision on Organization Members’ Behavior
Conversion of Deoxynivalenol-3-Glucoside to Deoxynivalenol during Chinese Steamed Bread Processing
Fundamental Properties and Thermal Transferability of Masonry Built by Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Self-Insulation Blocks
Taxonomy of Three-Qubit Mermin Pentagrams
CYP27B1 Gene Polymorphism rs10877012 in Patients Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer
On Symmetry Properties of The Corrugated Graphene System
The Optogenetic Revolution in Cerebellar Investigations
Nitrogen Enhances Salt Tolerance by Modulating the Antioxidant Defense System and Osmoregulation Substance Content in Gossypium hirsutum
Consumption of a Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) during Days 2–10 of Pregnancy Causes Abnormal Fetal and Placental Growth: Implications for BCAA Supplementation in Humans
Manufacturing Tolerance Analysis of Deep-Ridged 90° Hybrid Based on InP 4 × 4 MMI
Hydrodynamics Interactions of Metachronal Waves on Particulate-Liquid Motion through a Ciliated Annulus: Application of Bio-Engineering in Blood Clotting and Endoscopy
A Strategy for Problem Solving of Filling Imbalance in Geometrically Balanced Injection Molds
Polyethylene Glycol6000/carbon Nanodots as Fluorescent Bioimaging Agents
Facile Production of a Fenton-Like Photocatalyst by Two-Step Calcination with a Broad pH Adaptability
Yolk–Shell Nanostructures: Syntheses and Applications for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
Carbon Nanotubes-Based Nanomaterials and Their Agricultural and Biotechnological Applications
Socio-Economic Effect on ICT-Based Persuasive Interventions Towards Energy Efficiency in Tertiary Buildings
Predicting River Embankment Failure Caused by Toe Scour Considering 1D and 2D Hydraulic Models: A Case Study of Da-An River, Taiwan
Dispersion of Defects in TiO2 Semiconductor: Oxygen Vacancies in the Bulk and Surface of Rutile and Anatase
A Novel Algorithm for the Determination of Walker Damage in Loaded Disc Springs
Models for Developing Community Organizations to Reinforce Health Management in Small Businesses
Variation in Macronutrient Content, Phytochemical Constitution and In Vitro Antioxidant Capacity of Green and Red Butterhead Lettuce Dictated by Different Developmental Stages of Harvest Maturity
Shear Testing of the Interfacial Friction Between an HDPE Geomembrane and Solid Waste
Three-Dimensional Printing of Continuous Flax Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites by Five-Axis Machine
Identifying Types of Dating Violence and Protective Factors among Adolescents in Spain: A Qualitative Analysis of Lights4Violence Materials
An Assessment of the Relationship between Anthropometric Parameters and Blood Pressure among Polokwane Private School Children
Update on the Pathomechanism, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Improved Prediction of miRNA-Disease Associations Based on Matrix Completion with Network Regularization
Mineralogical Characterization of Slags from the Oiola Site (Biscay, Spain) to Assess the Development in Bloomery Iron Smelting Technology from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages
Antibody-Electroactive Probe Conjugates Based Electrochemical Immunosensors
Elucidation of Antimicrobial Activity of Non-Covalently Dispersed Carbon Nanotubes
High Transmission Potential of West Nile Virus Lineage 1 for Cx. pipiens s.l. of Iran
Developing Stress Management Programs in a Public Primary Healthcare Institution: Should We Consider Health Workers’ Sociodemographic Groups?
Differences in Near Isohydric and Anisohydric Behavior of Contrasting Poplar Hybrids (I-101 (Populus alba L.) × 84K (Populus alba L. × Populus glandulosa Uyeki)) under Drought-Rehydration Treatments
“When I Retire, I’ll Move Out of the City”: Mental Well-being of the Elderly in Rural vs. Urban Settings
A Convenient Co-Dominant Marker for Height-Reducing Ddw1 Allele Useful for Marker-Assisted Selection
A New 4 × 4 Rectangular Waveguide Short-Slot Coupler in 3D Printed Technology at Ku-Band
Innovative Resources, Promotion Focus and Responsible Innovation: The Moderating Roles of Adaptive Governance
Immune Responses and Protective Efficacy of a Formalin-Killed Francisella Noatunensis Subsp. Orientalis Vaccine Evaluated through Intraperitoneal and Immersion Challenge Methods in Oreochromis Niloticus
Selected Papers from Coastlab18 Conference
Magnetic Graphene-Based Sheets for Bacteria Capture and Destruction Using a High-Frequency Magnetic Field
Gibberellic Acid Can Improve Seed Germination and Ornamental Quality of Selected Cyclamen Species Grown Under Short and Long Days
Electronic Navigational Charts: International Standards and Map Projections
Development of Sustained-Release Ophthalmic Formulation Based on Tranilast Solid Nanoparticles
Active Aging: Social Entrepreneuring in Local Communities of Five European Countries
In Vivo Demonstration of the Superior Replication and Infectivity of Genotype 2.1 with Respect to Genotype 3.4 of Classical Swine Fever Virus by Dual Infections
Impact of Capital Regulation and Market Discipline on Capital Ratio Selection: A Cross Country Study
Adaptation and Validation of the Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior Scale in Sports for the Spanish Context
Fatty-Acid Uptake in Prostate Cancer Cells Using Dynamic Microfluidic Raman Technology
Thermal Effects of Natural Gas and Syngas Co-Firing System on Heat Treatment Process in the Preheating Furnace
Mobile Health in Urology: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Symbioflor2? Escherichia coli Genotypes Enhance Ileal and Colonic Gene Expression Associated with Mucosal Defense in Gnotobiotic Mice
A Note on Combining Machine Learning with Statistical Modeling for Financial Data Analysis
Spatial Orientation Skill Performance with a Workshop Based on Green Infrastructure in Cities
Secondary Metabolites from the Culture of the Marine-derived Fungus Paradendryphiella salina PC 362H and Evaluation of the Anticancer Activity of Its Metabolite Hyalodendrin
Pilocarpine Induced Behavioral and Biochemical Alterations in Chronic Seizure-Like Condition in Adult Zebrafish
The Impact of a Negative Media Event on Public Attitudes Towards Animal Welfare in the Red Meat Industry
Influence of Copper Addition on Sigma Phase Precipitation during Hot Deformation of Duplex Steel
Fluid-Structure Interaction Response of a Water Conveyance System with a Surge Chamber during Water Hammer
Monthly and Quarterly Sea Surface Temperature Prediction Based on Gated Recurrent Unit Neural Network
Organic Livestock Production: A Bibliometric Review
Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus and Host Interaction by the Complement System
A Precision Strategy to Cure Renal Cell Carcinoma by Targeting Transglutaminase 2
Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia during the Olympus Marathon Ultra-Endurance Trail Run
Discovery of the First Neurotransmitter Receptor: The Acetylcholine Nicotinic Receptor
Consumer Acceptance and Quality Parameters of the Commercial Olive Oils Manufactured with Cultivars Grown in Galicia (NW Spain)
Are Socially Responsible Companies Really Ethical? The Moderating Role of State-Owned Enterprises: Evidence from China
Antibiosis Effects of Rice Carrying Bph14 and Bph15 on the Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvatalugens
Exploring Meal and Snacking Behaviour of Older Adults in Australia and China
Driving Mechanism of Port-City Spatial Relation Evolution from an Ecological Perspective: Case Study of Xiamen Port of China
Using Heterogeneous Satellites for Passive Detection of Moving Aerial Target
Improving Singing Voice Separation Using Curriculum Learning on Recurrent Neural Networks
Real-Time Active-Reactive Optimal Power Flow with Flexible Operation of Battery Storage Systems
Execution Model to Reduce the Interference of Shared Memory in ARINC 653 Compliant Multicore RTOS
Ex Vivo MRI Analytical Methods and Brain Pathology in Preterm Lambs Treated with Postnatal Dexamethasone ?
Imaging Differential Mercury Species Bioaccumulation in Glass Eels Using Isotopic Tracers and Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Individual and Environmental Factors Associated with Recurrent Falls in Elderly Patients Hospitalized after Falls
Drug Toxicity Evaluation Based on Organ-on-a-chip Technology: A Review
Relationships Between Gut Microbiota, Metabolome, Body Weight, and Glucose Homeostasis of Obese Dogs Fed with Diets Differing in Prebiotic and Protein Content
Human AlphoidtetO Artificial Chromosome as a Gene Therapy Vector for the Developing Hemophilia A Model in Mice
Microstructure Simulation and Constitutive Modelling of Magnetorheological Fluids Based on the Hexagonal Close-packed Structure
Tumor Multifocality is a Significant Risk Factor of Urinary Bladder Recurrence after Nephroureterectomy in Patients with Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma: A Single-Institutional Study
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Seropositive Camel Handlers in Kenya
The Relation of CUN-BAE Index with Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference in Adults Aged 50 to 85 Years: The MCC-Spain Study
Body Image in Patients with Marfan Syndrome
Comparative Study of Constipation Exacerbation by Potassium Binders Using a Loperamide-Induced Constipation Model
Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) Action on Spermatogenesis: A Focus on Physiological and Therapeutic Roles
Ranunculus bulumei Methanol Extract Exerts Anti-Inflammatory Activity by Targeting Src/Syk in NF-κB Signaling
Biofilm Formed by Candida haemulonii Species Complex: Structural Analysis and Extracellular Matrix Composition
Statin Use Decreases the Incidence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: An Updated Meta-Analysis
Uremia-Associated Ageing of the Thymus and Adaptive Immune Responses
Optimizing Manufacturing and Osseointegration of Ti6Al4V Implants through Precision Casting and Calcium and Phosphorus Ion Implantation? In Vivo Results of a Large-Scale Animal Trial
MeCP2 and Chromatin Compartmentalization
The Sustainable Positive Effects of Enterprise Social Media on Employees: The Visibility and Vicarious Learning Lens
Diatoms Biomass as a Joint Source of Biosilica and Carbon for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
Quantum-Gravity Screening Effect of the Cosmological Constant in the DeSitter Space–Time
Automatic Windthrow Detection Using Very-High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning
The Application of Self-Assembled of Meso-2,3-Dimercaptosuccinic Acid-Polydopamine-Zinc Oxide for Trace Cadmium Analysis
Cell-laden Thermosensitive Chitosan Hydrogel Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting Applications
Low Temperature Plasma Jets: Characterization and Biomedical Applications
Efficiency Improvement Strategy for Multiple Operating Points in Doubly Fed Magnetic Geared Motor
A Replication Study Identified Seven SNPs Associated with Quantitative Traits of Type 2 Diabetes among Chinese Population in A Cross-Sectional Study
Mechanical Behaviour of Atrazine-Contaminated Clay
Fault Ride Through Capability Improvement of DFIG Based Wind Farm Using Nonlinear Controller Based Bridge-Type Flux Coupling Non-Superconducting Fault Current Limiter
Use of Aloe Vera Gel-Based Edible Coating with Natural Anti-Browning and Anti-Oxidant Additives to Improve Post-Harvest Quality of Fresh-Cut ‘Fuji’ Apple
Detection of Sulfite Dioxide Residue on the Surface of Fresh-Cut Potato Slices Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging System and Portable Near-Infrared Spectrometer
Production of Biodiesel and High-Protein Feed from Fish Processing Wastes Using In Situ Transesterification
Profile Optimization of Hydraulic, Polymeric, Sliding Seals by Minimizing an Objective Function of Leakage, Friction and Abrasive Wear
Investigation on the Tool Wear Suppression Mechanism in Non-Resonant Vibration-Assisted Micro Milling
DEA Performance Measurements in Cotton Production of Harran Plain, Turkey: A Single and Double Bootstrap Truncated Regression Approaches
Structural Health Monitoring System for Snow and Wind Load Measurement
Evaluation of the Suitability of Poly(Lactide)/Poly(Butylene-Adipate-co-Terephthalate) Blown Films for Chilled and Frozen Food Packaging Applications
Design and Experiment of Dry-Ice Cleaning Mechanical Arm for Insulators in Substation
Vinorelbine Augments Radiotherapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Energy Consumption, Colour, Texture, Antioxidants, Odours, and Taste Qualities of Litchi Fruit Dried by Intermittent Ohmic Heating
Fragmentation and Cooperation in the Jihadi International (Sub)System: ‘Islamic State’ vs. Al-Qaeda and Beyond
2-Aminopyridine Analogs Inhibit Both Enzymes of the Glyoxylate Shunt in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
The Use of ESEM-EDX as an Innovative Tool to Analyze the Mineral Structure of Peri-Implant Human Bone
Generative Adversarial Networks Based on Collaborative Learning and Attention Mechanism for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Data-Driven Modeling of Fuel Consumption for Turboprop-Powered Civil Airliners
Prognostic Impact of PD-L1 Expression in Malignant Salivary Gland Tumors as Assessed by Established Scoring Criteria: Tumor Proportion Score (TPS), Combined Positivity Score (CPS), and Immune Cell (IC) Infiltrate
Fifteen Years of Airborne Particulates in Vitro Toxicology in Milano: Lessons and Perspectives Learned
Risk Prediction and Assessment: Duration, Infections, and Death Toll of the COVID-19 and Its Impact on China’s Economy
What Can Faith-Based Forms of Violent Conflict Prevention Teach Us About Liberal Peace?
Associations of Nativity, Age at Migration, and Percent of Life in the U.S. with Midlife Body Mass Index and Waist Size in New York City Latinas
Relationship between 2-Hour Tacrolimus Concentrations and Clinical Outcomes in Long Term Kidney Transplantation
Potential Application of Tetrapleura tetraptera and Hibiscus sabdariffa (Malvaceae) in Designing Highly Flavoured and Bioactive Pito with Functional Properties
Effect of Bridgehead Methyl Substituents on the Gas Permeability of Tr?ger’s-Base Derived Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity
Nobiletin Promotes Megakaryocytic Differentiation through the MAPK/ERK-Dependent EGR1 Expression and Exerts Anti-Leukemic Effects in Human Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) K562 Cells
Effect of Plant Extracts and Metam Sodium on the Soilborne Fungal Pathogens, Meloidogyne spp., and Soil Microbial Community
Alliances of Change Pushing Organizational Transformation Towards Sustainability across 13 Universities
Validating GEV Model for Reflection Symmetry-Based Ocean Ship Detection with Gaofen-3 Dual-Polarimetric Data
Bioburden Assessment by Passive Methods on a Clinical Pathology Service in One Central Hospital from Lisbon: What Can it Tell Us Regarding Patients and Staff Exposure?
An Optimization Method for an Integrated Energy System Scheduling Process Based on NSGA-II Improved by Tent Mapping Chaotic Algorithms
A Mathematical Pre-Disaster Model with Uncertainty and Multiple Criteria for Facility Location and Network Fortification
Effects of Non-Leguminous Cover Crops on Yield and Quality of Baby Corn (Zea mays L.) Grown under Subtropical Conditions
Measuring Energy Performance for Regional Sustainable Development in China: A New Framework based on a Dynamic Two-Stage SBM Approach
Human Peripheral Blood-Derived Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells Are Highly Similar to Mature Vascular Endothelial Cells yet Demonstrate a Transitional Transcriptomic Signature
Tree-Based Modeling Methods to Predict Nitrate Exceedances in the Ogallala Aquifer in Texas
Teacher Training in Lifelong Learning—The Importance of Digital Competence in the Encouragement of Teaching Innovation
Increased Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis in the Placental Villi of Women with Chronic Venous Disease during Pregnancy
Preparation of Microcapsules Coating and the Study of Their Bionic Anti-Fouling Performance
Managing Energy Plus Performance in Data Centers and Battery-Based Devices Using an Online Non-Clairvoyant Speed-Bounded Multiprocessor Scheduling
Causality Effects among Gross Capital Formation, Unemployment and Economic Growth in South Africa
Development of Curriculum Design Support System Based on Word Embedding and Terminology Extraction
The Cell Wall PAC (Proline-Rich, Arabinogalactan Proteins, Conserved Cysteines) Domain-Proteins Are Conserved in the Green Lineage
Fuzzy Weighted Clustering Method for Numerical Attributes of Communication Big Data Based on Cloud Computing
Impacts of Assimilating ATMS Radiances on Heavy Rainfall Forecast in RMAPS-ST
Toward a Novel Laser-Based Approach for Estimating Snow Interception
Process-Induced Nanostructures on Anatase Single Crystals via Pulsed-Pressure MOCVD
Innate Antimicrobial Defense of Skin and Oral Mucosa
Variance Reduction of Sequential Monte Carlo Approach for GNSS Phase Bias Estimation
Brief Exposure to Infants Activates Social and Intergroup Vigilance
Some Connections between Classical and Nonclassical Symmetries of a Partial Differential Equation and Their Applications
Impact and Control of Powdery Mildew on Irrigated Soybean Varieties Grown in Southeast Australia
Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx on MnO2 Octahedral Molecular Sieves (OMS-2) Doped with Co
The Role of ‘Influencers’ as Drivers of a More Sustainable Urban Freight Sector
Intratumoral Genomic Heterogeneity May Hinder Precision Medicine Strategies in Patients with Serous Ovarian Carcinoma
A Modified Iterative Automatic Method for Characterization at Shear Resonance: Case Study of Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.90Zr0.10O3 Eco-Piezoceramics
Multi-Criteria Efficiency Analysis of Using Waste-Based Fuel Mixtures in the Power Industries of China, Japan, and Russia
Classification of Urban Road Traffic Noise based on Sound Energy and Eventfulness Indicators
Fabrication of Ultra-high Aspect Ratio (>420:1) Al2O3 Nanotube Arraysby Sidewall TransferMetal Assistant Chemical Etching
Privacy-Preserving Non-Wearable Occupancy Monitoring System Exploiting Wi-Fi Imaging for Next-Generation Body Centric Communication
Comment on Stefanescu, D.M.; Alonso, G.; Suarez, R. Recent Developments in Understanding Nucleation and Crystallization of Spheroidal Graphite in Iron-Carbon-Silicon Alloys. Metals 2020, 10, 221
Industrial Clusters as Drivers of Sustainable Regional Economic Development? An Analysis of an Automotive Cluster from the Perspective of Firms’ Role
Experimental Investigation on the Wear and Damage Characteristics of Machined Wheel/Rail Materials under Dry Rolling-Sliding Condition
Seasonal and Long-Term Trend of on-Road Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Emission Factors Measured in Traffic Tunnels
Effect of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) on Dental Implants Stability: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Modeling Asymmetric Interactions in Economy
Use of Sensory Analysis to Investigate the Influence of Climate Chambers and Other Process Variables in the Production of Sweet Wines
On Non-Tensor Product Bivariate Fractal Interpolation Surfaces on Rectangular Grids
Chemistry, Biological Activities and In Silico Bioprospection of Sterols and Triterpenes from Mexican Columnar Cactaceae
Mathematical Aspects of Kr?tzel Integral and Kr?tzel Transform
d-Path Laplacians and Quantum Transport on Graphs
Multiobjective Mixed Integer Nonlinear Model to Plan the Schedule for the Final Disposal of the Spent Nuclear Fuel in Finland
Power-Balancing Software Implementation to Mitigate Side-Channel Attacks without Using Look-Up Tables
Impacts of 1.5 °C and 2 °C Global Warming on Net Primary Productivity and Carbon Balance in China’s Terrestrial Ecosystems
Establishment and Characterisation of Heterotopic Patient-Derived Xenografts for Glioblastoma
Dietary Supplementation with Pioglitazone Hydrochloride and Resveratrol Improves Meat Quality and Antioxidant Capacity of Broiler Chickens
Influence of Cutting Parameters on the Surface Quality of Two-Layer Sandwich Structures
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Erlotinib Induces Dry Skin via Decreased in Aquaporin-3 Expression
The Promotion of Technology Acceptance and Work Engagement in Industry 4.0: From Personal Resources to Information and Training
Real-Time, Deep Learning Based Wrong Direction Detection
Iron Catalysts in Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Ultramorphological Characteristics of Falsogastrallus sauteri Pic (Coleoptera: Ptinidae) and a New Species of Cephalonomia Westwood (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae): A Book-Boring Beetle and Its Natural Enemy in Taiwan
Late Evening Snack with Branched-Chain Amino Acids Supplementation Improves Survival in Patients with Cirrhosis
Synthesis of Environmentally Friendly Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Resin with Low VOC
Characteristics and Treatment of Wastewater from the Mercaptan Oxidation Process: A Comprehensive Review
Assessment of Layer-By-Layer Modified Nanofiltration Membrane Stability in Phosphoric Acid
Effects of GABA and Vigabatrin on the Germination of Chinese Chestnut Recalcitrant Seeds and Its Implications for Seed Dormancy and Storage
Association between Polyphenol Intake and Breast Cancer Risk by Menopausal and Hormone Receptor Status
Cloud Computation Using High-Resolution Images for Improving the SDG Indicator on Open Spaces
A Color Consistency Processing Method for HY-1C Images of Antarctica
Masonry Walls Retrofitted with Vertical FRP Rebars
Effects of Methylenediphenyl 4,4’-Diisocyanate and Maleic Anhydride as Coupling Agents on the Properties of Polylactic Acid/Polybutylene Succinate/Wood Flour Biocomposites by Reactive Extrusion
Dual-Mode FPGA-Based Triple-TDC With Real-Time Calibration and a Triple Modular Redundancy Scheme
Automatic 3D Landmark Extraction System Based on an Encoder–Decoder Using Fusion of Vision and LiDAR
Effects of Different Selenium Sources on Meat Quality and Shelf Life of Fattening Pigs
A Systematic Review of Studies Published between 2016 and 2019 on the Effectiveness and Efficacy of Pneumococcal Vaccination on Pneumonia and Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in an Elderly Population
Evaluation of Surface Roughness and Defect Formation after The Machining of Sintered Aluminum Alloy AlSi10Mg
Social-Aware-Based Resource Allocation for NOMA-Enhanced D2D Communications
Observation of CO Detection Using Aluminum-Doped ZnO Nanorods on Microcantilever
Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Detection of Ethane in the Near-IR Exploiting a Highly Performant Spectrophone
Quantifying the Effects of Visual Road Information on Drivers’ Speed Choices to Promote Self-Explaining Roads
Small Non-Coding RNA Profiling Identifies miR-181a-5p as a Mediator of Estrogen Receptor Beta-Induced Inhibition of Cholesterol Biosynthesis in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Scrophularia Tenuipes Coss and Durieu: Phytochemical Composition and Biological Activities
Liver Fibrosis: Mechanistic Concepts and Therapeutic Perspectives
Differential Early Performance of Two Underplanted Hardwood Tree Species Following Restoration Treatments in High-Graded Temperate Rainforests
Vaccination with Schistosoma mansoni Cholinesterases Reduces the Parasite Burden and Egg Viability in a Mouse Model of Schistosomiasis
Multi-System Factors Associated with Metatarsophalangeal Joint Deformity in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes
Diversity and Structure of an Arid Woodland in Southwest Angola, with Comparison to the Wider Miombo Ecoregion
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Planetary Nebulae with MUSE
Healthy Operator 4.0: A Human Cyber–Physical System Architecture for Smart Workplaces
The Oxidative Stress Markers of Horses—the Comparison with Other Animals and the Influence of Exercise and Disease
Modify Leave-One-Out Cross Validation by Moving Validation Samples Around Random Normal Distributions: Move-One-Away Cross Validation
The Contribution of Cytosolic Group IVA and Calcium-Independent Group VIA Phospholipase A2s to Adrenic Acid Mobilization in Murine Macrophages
Do Local Food Products Contribute to Sustainable Economic Development?
The Road Not Taken with Pyrrole-Imidazole Polyamides: Off-Target Effects and Genomic Binding
Citrus × Clementina Hort. Juice Enriched with Its By-Products (Peels and Leaves): Chemical Composition, In Vitro Bioactivity, and Impact of Processing
Remediation of Cr(VI)-Contaminated Soil by Nano-Zero-Valent Iron in Combination with Biochar or Humic Acid and the Consequences for Plant Performance
Trends in Antidepressants Use in Spain between 2015 and 2018: Analyses from a Population-Based Registry Study with Reference to Driving
Fault Tolerant Boost Converter with Multiple Serial Inputs and Output Voltage Regulation for Vehicle-to-Aid Services
Atomic Vacancy Defect, Frenkel Defect and Transition Metals (Sc, V, Zr) Doping in Ti4N3 MXene Nanosheet: A First-Principles Investigation
Application of A Precision Apiculture System to Monitor Honey Daily Production
Sodium Imbalance in Mice Results Primarily in Compensatory Gene Regulatory Responses in Kidney and Colon, but Not in Taste Tissue
Management of Endodontic and Periodontal Lesions: the Role of Regenerative Dentistry and Biomaterials
Leptin Signaling Contributes to Aromatase Inhibitor Resistant Breast Cancer Cell Growth and Activation of Macrophages
Managerial Practitioners’ Perspectives on Quality Performance of Green-Building Projects
An Optimised Step-by-Step Protocol for Measuring Relative Telomere Length
Energy Conservation in Absorption Refrigeration Cycles Using DES as a New Generation of Green Absorbents
An Enhanced Social Networking Intervention for Young People with Active Suicidal Ideation: Safety, Feasibility and Acceptability Outcomes
Special Issue on Digital Audio Effects
Using Next Generation Sequencing to Study the Genetic Diversity of Candidate Live Attenuated Zika Vaccines
Urine Endocannabinoids as Novel Non-Invasive Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer at Early Stage
Influence of Scanning Strategy Parameters on Residual Stress in the SLM Process According to the Bridge Curvature Method for AISI 316L Stainless Steel
Tree Ring-Based Estimation of Landslide Areal Reactivation as a Fundament of Magnitude–Frequency Assessment
Acid-Catalyzed Wet Torrefaction for Enhancing the Heating Value of Barley Straw
Measuring Food Insecurity Using the Food Abundance Index: Implications for Economic, Health and Social Well-Being
Resilient Properties of Soil-Rock Mixture Materials: Preliminary Investigation of the Effect of Composition and Structure
Wavelength-Resolution SAR Ground Scene Prediction Based on Image Stack
The Secondary Structure of a Major Wine Protein is Modified upon Interaction with Polyphenols
Micro-Drilling of Sapphire using Electro Chemical Discharge Machining
Preclinical Models: Boosting Synergies for Improved Translation
Etiology, Epizootiology and Control of Maedi-Visna in Dairy Sheep: A Review
Discovery, Synthesis, and Scale-up of Efficient Palladium Catalysts Useful for the Modification of Nucleosides and Heteroarenes
A Multi-Decadal Investigation of Tidal Creek Wetland Changes, Water Level Rise, and Ghost Forests
Which Effects on Neuroanatomy and Path-Integration Survive? Results of a Randomized Controlled Study on Intensive Balance Training
Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion by Stimulating DIET Reaction
Female AhR Knockout Mice Develop a Minor Renal Insufficiency in an Adenine-Diet Model of Chronic Kidney Disease
IL7-IL12 Engineered Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Improve A CAR T Cell Attack Against Colorectal Cancer Cells
Effects of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Biomarkers and Low-Grade Inflammation in Patients with Psychiatric Disorders: A Meta-Analytic Review
Development and Assessment of Duplex and Triplex Laminated Edible Films Using Whey Protein Isolate, Gelatin and Sodium Alginate
Dust Events and Indoor Air Quality in Residential Homes in Kuwait
Insecticidal and Histopathological Effects of Ageratum conyzoides Weed Extracts against Dengue Vector, Aedes aegypti
Organic Acid Regulated Self-Assembly and Photophysical Properties of Perylene Bisimide Derivatives
Antibodies, Nanobodies, or Aptamers—Which Is Best for Deciphering the Proteomes of Non-Model Species?
Effects of Wound-Healing Management on Potato Post-Harvest Storability
Synthesis and Conformational Characteristics of Thermosensitive Star-Shaped Six-Arm Polypeptoids
The Development of Highly Specific and Sensitive Primers for the Detection of Potentially Allergenic Soybean (Glycine max) Using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Combined with Lateral Flow Dipstick (LAMP-LFD)
Improved Interlaminar Fracture Toughness and Electrical Conductivity of CFRPs with Non-Woven Carbon Tissue Interleaves Composed of Fibers with Different Lengths
Hearing with One Ear: Consequences and Treatments for Profound Unilateral Hearing Loss
The Dependence of Spontaneous Charge Generation in Water on its Flow Rate in a Flow-Based Analytical System
Targeted Integration of Inducible Caspase-9 in Human iPSCs Allows Efficient in vitro Clearance of iPSCs and iPSC-Macrophages
Distance and Similarity Measures for Spherical Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications in Selecting Mega Projects
Study on Optimization of Active Control Schemes for Considering Transient Processes in the Case of Pipeline Leakage
Candida albicans Adaptation on Simulated Human Body Fluids under Different pH
Stiffness and Strength Improvement of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Pavement Foundation Using Large-Scale Wheel Test
A Closed-Form Solution of Prestressed Annular Membrane Internally-Connected with Rigid Circular Plate and Transversely-Loaded by Central Shaft
Nanostructured MOS Sensor for the Detection, Follow up, and Threshold Pursuing of Campylobacter Jejuni Development in Milk Samples
Magnesium–Isotope Fractionation in Chlorophyll-a Extracted from Two Plants with Different Pathways of Carbon Fixation (C3, C4)
Control Design and Experimental Validation of a HB-NPC as a Shunt Active Power Filter
Non-Uniform Temperature Field of Spatial Grid Structure under Construction Induced by Solar Radiation
Position Dependence of Emission Wavelength of a SiO2 Colloidal Photonic-Crystal Laser
Mass Sensors Based on Capacitive and Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers—CMUT and PMUT
Massive MIMO-Based Distributed Signal Detection in Multi-Antenna Wireless Sensor Networks
Tunable Thermal Transport Characteristics of Nanocomposites
Influence of TiO2 Morphology and Crystallinity on Visible-Light Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2-Bi2O3 Composite in AOPs
Polymer Injectivity Test Design Using Numerical Simulation
Disruption of Glycogen Utilization Markedly Improves the Efficacy of Carboplatin against Preclinical Models of Clear Cell Ovarian Carcinoma
HPLC-Based Analysis of Impurities in Sapropterin Branded and Generic Tablets
Self-Avoiding Random Walks as a Model to Study Athermal Linear Polymers under Extreme Plate Confinement
Isogeometric Analysis for Fluid Shear Stress in Cancer Cells
Development of Equivalent Beam Model of High Burnup Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods under Lateral Impact Loading
Changes in the Trophic Pathways within the Microbial Food Web in the Global Warming Scenario: An Experimental Study in the Adriatic Sea
How Incomputable Is Kolmogorov Complexity?
A Novel Hybrid Model for Cu–Al2O3/H2O Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Convergent/Divergent Channels
Metabolic Insights into the Anion-Anion Antagonism in Sweet Basil: Effects of Different Nitrate/Chloride Ratios in the Nutrient Solution
Forecasting the Term Structure of Interest Rates with Dynamic Constrained Smoothing B-Splines
Nanostructure Effect on Methane Adsorption Capacity of Shale with Type III Kerogen
Navigators’ Errors in a Ship Collision via Simulation Experiment in South Korea
TIE2 Induces Breast Cancer Cell Dormancy and Inhibits the Development of Osteolytic Bone Metastases
The Role of Circulating Tumor Cells in the Metastatic Cascade: Biology, Technical Challenges, and Clinical Relevance
The Code of the Street Fights Back! Significant Associations with Arrest, Delinquency, and Violence Withstand Psychological Confounds
Fabrication of Superhydrophobic and UV-Resistant Silk Fabrics with Laundering Durability and Chemical Stabilities
Quality Assurance of International Fruit Supply Chains via Techno-Management
An Evaluation of Autonomous In Situ Temperature Loggers in a Coastal Region of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea for Use in the Validation of Near-Shore Satellite Sea Surface Temperature Measurements
Experimental and Computational Studies on Superhard Material Rhenium Diboride under Ultrahigh Pressures
The Yeast Atlas of Appalachia: Species and Phenotypic Diversity of Herbicide Resistance in Wild Yeast
Oscillation Theorems for Nonlinear Differential Equations of Fourth-Order
Fast Anchor Point Matching for Emergency UAV Image Stitching Using Position and Pose Information
A Building Energy Management System Based on an Equivalent Electric Circuit Model
GMMA and Glycoconjugate Approaches Compared in Mice for the Development of a Vaccine against Shigella flexneri Serotype 6
Glyphosate Plus Carboxylic Compounds Boost Activity of Free Radical-Scavenging Enzymes in Sugarcane
Sapogenol is a Major Microbial Metabolite in Human Plasma Associated with High Protein Soy-Based Diets: The Relevance for Functional Food Formulations
Gait Rhythm Dynamics for Neuro-Degenerative Disease Classification via Persistence Landscape- Based Topological Representation
Analysis of Sports Supplements Consumption in Young Spanish Elite Dinghy Sailors
Effects of Temperature on Fluidity and Early Expansion Characteristics of Cement Asphalt Mortar
Intraretinal Fluid Pattern Characterization in Optical Coherence Tomography Images
Particles with Negative Energies in Nonrelativistic and Relativistic Cases
Cross-Sector Partnerships for Sustainability: How Mission-Driven Conveners Drive Change in National Coffee Platforms
Comparison of Small-Scale Wind Energy Conversion Systems: Economic Indexes
The Prediction of Batting Averages in Major League Baseball
Development of Next-Generation Nutritionally Fortified Plant-Based Milk Substitutes: Structural Design Principles
Complex, Critical and Caring: Young People’s Diverse Religious, Spiritual and Non-Religious Worldviews in Australia and Canada
Air Terminal Devices Developed for Personal Ventilation Systems
Atomic Layer Deposition of High-k Insulators on Epitaxial Graphene: A Review
Research on a Nonlinear Dynamic Incipient Fault Detection Method for Rolling Bearings
Isorhamnetin and Hispidulin from Tamarix ramosissima Inhibit 2-Amino-1-Methyl-6-Phenylimidazo[4,5-b]Pyridine (PhIP) Formation by Trapping Phenylacetaldehyde as a Key Mechanism
A New Ant Colony-Based Methodology for Disaster Relief
Deep Learning Architecture for Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems
Grain Oats—An Alternative Winter Cereal for the Australian Sub-Tropics?
Water Quality Improvement and Pollutant Removal by Two Regional Detention Facilities with Constructed Wetlands in South Texas
The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Remote Sensing Systems
Seed Mineral Composition and Protein Content of Faba Beans (Vicia faba L.) with Contrasting Tannin Contents
The Family as an Actor in High School Students’ Eating Habits: A Qualitative Research Study
Cold-Sprayed Al6061 Coatings: Online Spray Monitoring and Influence of Process Parameters on Coating Properties
High-Resolution Radio Observations of Five Optically Selected Type 2 Quasars
Fingerprint Liveness Detection Based on Fine-Grained Feature Fusion for Intelligent Devices
Carcass Yields and Physiochemical Meat Quality of Semi-extensive and Intensively Farmed Impala (Aepyceros melampus)
An Interval Forecasting Model Based on Phase Space Reconstruction and Weighted Least Squares Support Vector Machine for Time Series of Dissolved Gas Content in Transformer Oil
Creep Assessment of the Cement Matrix of Self-Compacting Concrete Modified with the Addition of Nanoparticles Using the Indentation Method
Bioinspired Superhydrophobic Surface Constructed from Hydrophilic Building Blocks: A Case Study of Core–Shell Polypyrrole-Coated Copper Nanoneedles
A Self-Adaptive Combination Method in Evidence Theory Based on the Power Pignistic Probability Distance
Tetralin and Decalin H-Donor Effect on Catalytic Upgrading of Heavy Oil Inductively Heated with Steel Balls
Research on the Roof Advanced Breaking Position and Influences of Large Mining Height Working Face in Shallow Coal Seam
LaCO3OH Nanoprisms and Their Luminescence and NO Reduction Properties
Dynamics of General Class of Difference Equations and Population Model with Two Age Classes
Layout Transposition for Non-Visual Navigation of Web Pages by Tactile Feedback on Mobile Devices
Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry)-Based Dietary Supplements: Variation in Mass Uniformity, Proanthocyanidin Dosage and Anthocyanin Profile Demonstrates Quality Control Standard Needed
Simil-Microfluidic Nanotechnology in Manufacturing of Liposomes as Hydrophobic Antioxidants Skin Release Systems
Rheological Properties of Aqueous Dispersions of Bacterial Cellulose
A Double Helix Flux Pipe-Based Inductive Link for Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
Mangrove Soil-Borne Trace Elements in Qi’ao Island: Implications for Understanding Terrestrial Input of Trace Elements into Part of the Pearl River Estuary
Lead-Free BNT–BT0.08/CoFe2O4 Core–Shell Nanostructures with Potential Multifunctional Applications
Establishing Boundary Conditions Considering Influence Factors of the Room Equipped with a Ceiling Radiant Cooling Panel
Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors among Zingiber officinale Terpenes—Extraction Conditions and Thin Layer Chromatography-Based Bioautography Studies
Factorial Decomposition of the Energy Footprint of the Shaoxing Textile Industry
Survey on Decentralized Fingerprinting Solutions: Copyright Protection through Piracy Tracing
Are There Local Versions of Sustainability? Food Networks in the Semi-Periphery
Chemical Constituents Involved in E-Cigarette, or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI)
The Basic Properties of Gold Nanoparticles and their Applications in Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment
The Impacts of Electric Vehicle Growth on Wholesale Electricity Prices in Wisconsin
Zonal Tillage as Innovative Element of the Technology of Growing Winter Wheat: A Field Experiment under Low Rainfall Conditions
Effect of the Intake Valve Lift and Closing Angle on Part Load Efficiency of a Spark Ignition Engine
Novel Control Approach for a Hybrid Grid-Forming HVDC Offshore Transmission System
The Contribution of Astrocyte Autophagy to Systemic Metabolism
Securing MQTT by Blockchain-Based OTP Authentication
A New Application of Social Impact in Social Media for Overcoming Fake News in Health
Equine-Assisted Intervention to Improve Perceived Value of Everyday Occupations and Quality of Life in People with Lifelong Neurological Disorders: A Prospective Controlled Study
Morphological Transitions of Photoresponsive Vesicles from Amphiphilic Polypeptoid Copolymers for Controlled Release
Effect of Pore Size Heterogeneity on Hydrocarbon Fluid Distribution, Transport, and Primary and Secondary Recovery in Nano-Porous Media
Research on Parameter Self-Learning Unscented Kalman Filtering Algorithm and Its Application in Battery Charge of State Estimation
Soil or Vermiculite-Applied Microencapsulated Peppermint Oil Effects on White Mustard Initial Growth and Performance
Patient Experiences and Perceptions Associated with the Use of Desiccated Thyroid Extract
Investigation on Compressive Formability and Microstructure Evolution of 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy
Understanding the Role of Optimized Land Use/Land Cover Components in Mitigating Summertime Intra-Surface Urban Heat Island Effect: A Study on Downtown Shanghai, China
Optical Radiation from an Electric Arc at Different Frequencies
Fuzzy Model for Risk Assessment of Machinery Failures
The Influence of VSC–HVDC Reactive Power Control Mode on AC Power System Stability
A Family of Single-Stage, Buck-Boost Inverters for Photovoltaic Applications
Comprehensive Second-Order Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Methodology (2nd-ASAM) Applied to a Subcritical Experimental Reactor Physics Benchmark. VI: Overall Impact of 1st- and 2nd-Order Sensitivities on Response Uncertainties
Aerodynamic Investigation of Datum and Slotted Blade Profiles under Different Mach Number Conditions
Agroforestry Suitability Mapping for the Northwest Provinces of Vietnam
Isomerization of n-C5/C6 Bioparaffins to Gasoline Components with High Octane Number
Examining the Potential of a Random Forest Derived Cloud Mask from GOES-R Satellites to Improve Solar Irradiance Forecasting
Numerical and Experimental Study of an Asymmetric CPC-PVT Solar Collector
Regulation, Innovation, and Systems Integration: Evidence from the EU
Estimating Soil Organic Carbon Under Different Land-Use Types in Australia’s Northern Grains Region Using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
Impact Evaluation of Grid-Connected PV Systems on PQ Parameters by Comparative Analysis based on Inferential Statistics
Beating the Na?ve—Combining LASSO with Na?ve Intraday Electricity Price Forecasts
Static and Dynamic Evaluation of an UWB Localization System for Industrial Applications
The Hybridization of Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Forecasting Models: Application of Short-Term Wind Speed and Power Modeling
Mapping Mediterranean Forest Plant Associations and Habitats with Functional Principal Component Analysis Using Landsat 8 NDVI Time Series
Neuroimaging Findings in Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection: Correlation with Neurocognitive and Neuropsychiatric Manifestations
On-the-Fly Camera and Lidar Calibration
Estimating Plant Nitrogen Concentration of Maize using a Leaf Fluorescence Sensor across Growth Stages
Spatially Quantifying Forest Loss at Landscape-scale Following a Major Storm Event
Doppler-Spectrum Feature-Based Human–Vehicle Classification Scheme Using Machine Learning for an FMCW Radar Sensor
Addendum: Maria-Arenas, A. et al. Control Strategies Applied to Wave Energy Converters: State of the Art. Energies 2019, 12, 3115
How to Achieve Compliance with GDPR Article 17 in a Hybrid Cloud Environment
Secure PHY Layer Key Generation in the Asymmetric Power Line Communication Channel
The Monetary Value of Human Lives Lost to Suicide in the African Continent: Beating the African War Drums
The Effects of Green Restaurant Attributes on Customer Satisfaction Using the Structural Topic Model on Online Customer Reviews
Contrasting Patterns of the Bacterial Communities in Melting Ponds and Periglacial Rivers of the Zhuxi glacier in the Tibet Plateau
A Study on the Cause of Layered Seawater Intrusion in the Daqing River Estuary of Liaodong Bay, China
Evaluating SWAT Model Performance for Runoff, Percolation, and Sediment Loss Estimation in Low-Gradient Watersheds of the Atlantic Coastal Plain
A General Protocol for Electrospun Non-Woven Fabrics of Dialdehyde Cellulose and Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)
Extrachromosomal Circular DNA: Current Knowledge and Implications for CNS Aging and Neurodegeneration
On the Kernel of a Polynomial of Scalar Derivations
Quantifying the Sensitivity of NDVI-Based C Factor Estimation and Potential Soil Erosion Prediction Using Spaceborne Earth Observation Data
Effect of Pore Defects on Mechanical Properties of Graphene Reinforced Aluminum Nanocomposites
Concentric Array of Printed Strain Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring
Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Number and Phenotypic Characteristics
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis-Based Flow Distribution and Heat Transfer Model
Land-Use Land-Cover Classification by Machine Learning Classifiers for Satellite Observations—A Review
A New Land-Use Dataset for the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model
Identifying Physiological Stress Biomarkers for Prediction of Pork Quality Variation
Tropospheric Dust and Associated Atmospheric Circulations over the Mediterranean Region with Focus on Romania’s Territory
Various Stages of Immune Synapse Formation Are Differently Dependent on the Strength of the TCR Stimulus
CD147 is a Novel Interaction Partner of Integrin αMβ2 Mediating Leukocyte and Platelet Adhesion
Spatially Variable Relationships between Karst Landscape Pattern and Vegetation Activities
Highly Modular Protein Micropatterning Sheds Light on the Role of Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis for the Quantitative Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions in Live Cells
Optical Fiber Vibration Sensor Using Least Mean Square Error Algorithm
Electrochemical Sensing of Serotonin by a Modified MnO2-Graphene Electrode
An Efficient and Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
Development of Real-Time Implementation of a Wind Power Generation System with Modular Multilevel Converters for Hardware in the Loop Simulation Using MATLAB/Simulink
Modeling Dark Fermentation of Coffee Mucilage Wastes for Hydrogen Production: Artificial Neural Network Model vs. Fuzzy Logic Model
The Tyranny of Arm-Wrestling Methyls on Iron(II) Spin State in Pseudo-Octahedral [Fe(didentate)3] Complexes
Energy, Economic, and Environmental Evaluation of a Proposed Solar-Wind Power On-Grid System Using HOMER Pro?: A Case Study in Colombia
Multiple Points Change in the Association of Blood Pressure Subtypes with Anthropometric Indices of Adiposity among Children in a Rural Population
Proposal of Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy-PI Controller Hardware
Reliability of Vibroarthrography to Assess Knee Joint Sounds in Motion
High-Capacity Adenoviral Vectors Permit Robust and Versatile Testing of DMD Gene Repair Tools and Strategies in Human Cells
Ski Jumping Trajectory Reconstruction Using Wearable Sensors via Extended Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoother with State Constraints
Reply: “It is Time for a Universal Nutrition Policy in Very Preterm Neonates during the Neonatal Period? Comment on: Applying Methods for Postnatal Growth Assessment in the Clinical Setting: Evaluation in a Longitudinal Cohort of Very Preterm Infants Nutrients 2019, 11, 2772”
Accuracy Improvement of Binocular Vision Measurement System for Slope Deformation Monitoring
Heat Sink Shape and Topology Optimization with Pareto-Vector Length Optimization for Air Cooling
Dynamics of Large Scale Turbulence in Finite-Sized Wind Farm Canopy Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and a Novel Fourier-POD Framework
Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Wilson’s Disease Model for Screening Drug Efficacy
Real-Time Selective Harmonic Mitigation Technique for Power Converters Based on the Exchange Market Algorithm
Ecklonia stolonifera Extract Suppresses Lipid Accumulation by Promoting Lipolysis and Adipose Browning in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Male Mice
Exposure of Live-Line Workers to Magnetic Fields: A Dosimetric Analysis
Fractionation Trends and Variability of Rare Earth Elements and Selected Critical Metals in Pelagic Sediment from Abyssal Basin of NE Pacific (Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone)
Negative Affectivity Is Associated with a Higher Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure in Normotensive Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study
Novel Polymeric Formulation for Removal of Gastrointestinal Polyps by Digestive Endoscopy
Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance of Office Buildings Integrated with Passive Strategies in Coastal Regions of Humid and Hot Tropical Climates in Madagascar
Heavy Metal Accumulation and Anti-Oxidative Feedback as a Biomarker in Seagrass Cymodocea serrulata
A Bibliometric Analysis of Sports Tourism and Sustainability (2002–2019)
Blind Image Deconvolution Algorithm Based on Sparse Optimization with an Adaptive Blur Kernel Estimation
Slope Stability Analysis of Unsaturated Soil Slopes Based on the Site-Specific Characteristics: A Case Study of Hwangryeong Mountain, Busan, Korea
Education for Sustainable Development in Germany: Not Just Desired but Also Effective for Transformative Action
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Potential of TSPO Studies Regarding Neurodegenerative Diseases, Psychiatric Disorders, Alcohol Use Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Stroke: An Update
A Perforated Baffle Design to Improve Mixing in Contact Tanks
Ethanol Electrooxidation at Platinum-Rare Earth (RE = Ce, Sm, Ho, Dy) Binary Alloys
Transient Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Steel Ladle Refractory Linings Using Mechanical Homogenization Approach
Percentile Study of χ Distribution. Application to Response Time Data
Augmented Reality for Robotics: A Review
Genotype-Dependent Differences between Cereals in Response to Manganese Excess in the Environment
Actinoporins: From the Structure and Function to the Generation of Biotechnological and Therapeutic Tools
Identification of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) as an Active Component Citrus Jabara That Suppresses FcεRI-Mediated Mast Cell Activation
Effect Range of the Material Constraint in Different Strength Mismatched Laboratory Specimens
Biotechnological Interventions for Ginsenosides Production
Whole-Genome Sequencing-Based Characteristics in Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from Retail Meats in Korea
Key Decision-Makers and Persuaders in the Selection of Energy-Efficient Technologies in EU Residential Buildings
Particle Swarm Contour Search Algorithm
Transitional States in Ligand-Dependent Transformation of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor into Its DNA-Binding Form
Gene-Similarity Normalization in a Genetic Algorithm for the Maximum k-Coverage Problem
Glycation Leads to Increased Polysialylation and Promotes the Metastatic Potential of Neuroblastoma Cells
Immunohistochemical Results of Soft tissues Around a New Implant Healing-Abutment Surface: A Human Study
Energy Storage System Event-Driven Frequency Control Using Neural Networks to Comply with Frequency Grid Code
Influences of Cooling Conditions on the Liquation Cracking in Laser Metal Deposition of a Directionally Solidified Superalloy
N,N’-Bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine (Salen) as an Active Compound for the Recovery of Ni(II), Cu(II), and Zn(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions
A Multivariate Metabolomics Method for Estimating Platelet Mitochondrial Oxygen Consumption Rates in Patients with Sepsis
Electrical and Mechanical Analysis of Different TSV Geometries
Compact 20-W GaN Internally Matched Power Amplifier for 2.5 GHz to 6 GHz Jammer Systems
Residues in Transmembrane Segments of the P2X4 Receptor Contribute to Channel Function and Ethanol Sensitivity
Synthesis, Docking Studies and Biological Activity of New Benzimidazole- Triazolothiadiazine Derivatives as Aromatase Inhibitor
Use of Lead Isotopic Ratios as Geographical Tracer for Lambrusco PDO Wines
Priming of Defense Systems and Upregulation of MYC2 and JAZ1 Genes after Botrytis cinerea Inoculation in Methyl Jasmonate-Treated Strawberry Fruits
Reduced Dilation-Erosion Perceptron for Binary Classification
Effectiveness of Respite Care via Short-Stay Services to Support Sleep in Family Caregivers
Consumers’ Attitudes Facing Entomophagy: Polish Case Perspectives
Short Histone H2A Variants: Small in Stature but not in Function
Oxidative Damage in Sporadic Colorectal Cancer: Molecular Mapping of Base Excision Repair Glycosylases in Colorectal Cancer Patients
Influence of Farming Intensity and Climate on Lowland Stream Nitrogen
Insights through Genetics of Halophilic Microorganisms and Their Viruses
Impact of the Severities of Glaucoma on the Incidence of Subsequent Dementia: A Population-Based Cohort Study
Neoclassical Navier–Stokes Equations Considering the Gyftopoulos–Beretta Exposition of Thermodynamics
Molecular Analysis of Prothrombotic Gene Variants in Venous Thrombosis: A Potential Role for Sex and Thrombotic Localization
Psychometric Validation and Reference Norms for the European Spanish Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire: DCDQ-ES
Variations on a Theme: Two Structural Motifs Create Species-Specific Pheromone Channels for Multiple Species of South American Cerambycid Beetles
Dynamic Evaluation of Heat Thefts Due to Different Thermal Performances and Operations between Adjacent Dwellings
Many-Objective Optimization Design of a Public Building for Energy, Daylighting and Cost Performance Improvement
On a Periodic Capital Injection and Barrier Dividend Strategy in the Compound Poisson Risk Model
Towards the Development of an Affordable and Practical Light Attenuation Turbidity Sensor for Remote Near Real-Time Aquatic Monitoring
Microbial Resources as a Tool for Enhancing Sustainability in Winemaking
A Multicenter Study into Burnout, Perceived Stress, Job Satisfaction, Coping Strategies, and General Health among Emergency Department Nursing Staff
Differences in Tissue and Species Tropism of Reptarenavirus Species Studied by Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Pseudotypes
Morphology, Hardness, and Wear Properties of Ni-Base Composite Coating Containing Al Particle
Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue in Female Volleyball Players: Is It Related with Performance Indices?
Feasibility, Safety and Effects of a One-Week, Ski-Based Exercise Intervention in Brain Tumor Patients and Their Relatives: A Pilot Study
Variations in Winter Surface Temperature of the Purog Kangri Ice Field, Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau, 2001–2018, Using MODIS Data
Integrative Radiogenomics Approach for Risk Assessment of Post-Operative Metastasis in Pathological T1 Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Pilot Retrospective Cohort Study
An Examination of Last Mile Delivery Practices of Freight Carriers Servicing Business Receivers in Inner-City Areas
The Dynamics of Digits: Calculating Pi with Galperin’s Billiards
Mechanistic Study of Triazole Based Aminodiol Derivatives in Leukemic Cells—Crosstalk between Mitochondrial Stress-Involved Apoptosis and Autophagy
Seakeeping Analysis of Planing Craft under Large Wave Height
Discrete Element Modelling of Rubber-Protected Ballast Performance Subjected to Direct Shear Test and Cyclic Loading
The Prognostic Impact of Comorbidities in Patients with De-Novo Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Treated with R-CHOP Immunochemotherapy in Curative Intent
A Predictive Study of a New VCR Engine with High Expansion Ratio and High-Efficiency Potential under Heavy Load Conditions
Ecofibers for the Reinforcement of Cement Mortars for Coating Promoting the Circular Economy
On Bipolar Fuzzy Gradation of Openness
Efficacy of Chelerythrine Against Mono- and Dual-Species Biofilms of Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus and Its Properties of Inducing Hypha-to-Yeast Transition of C. albicans
Astrophysics in the Laboratory—The CBM Experiment at FAIR
The Sorption Performance of Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide-Capped La0.9Sr0.1FeO3 Perovskite for Organic Pollutants from Industrial Processes
Enhancement of Thermal Boundary Conductance of Metal–Polymer System
Promoting Older Residents’ Social Interaction and Wellbeing: A Design Perspective
Microstructure Observation and Nanoindentation Size Effect Characterization for Micron-/Nano-Grain TBCs
Progress and Challenges in Ex Situ Conservation of Forage Germplasm: Grasses, Herbaceous Legumes and Fodder Trees
Transcriptomic Response to Water Deficit Reveals a Crucial Role of Phosphate Acquisition in a Drought-Tolerant Common Bean Landrace
An Integrated Fuzzy C-Means Method for Missing Data Imputation Using Taxi GPS Data
Investigating Atrazine Concentrations in the Zwischenscholle Aquifer Using MODFLOW with the HYDRUS-1D Package and MT3DMS
Fusarium Head Blight, Mycotoxins and Strategies for Their Reduction
Identification of the Repressive Domain of the Negative Circadian Clock Component CHRONO
Fractional Partial Differential Equations Associated with Lêvy Stable Process
Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors for Pesticides Detection Using Screen-Printed Electrodes
Extraction of Lead and Zinc from a Rotary Kiln Oxidizing Roasting Cinder
Axonopathy and Reduction of Membrane Resistance: Key Features in a New Murine Model of Human GM1-Gangliosidosis
High-Yield Production of Lignin-Derived Functional Carbon Nanosheet for Dye Adsorption
Characterization of the Cap ‘n’ Collar Isoform C gene in Spodoptera frugiperda and its Association with Superoxide Dismutase
Testing Joints between Walls Made of AAC Masonry Units
The History of Photovoltaics with Emphasis on CdTe Solar Cells and Modules
A db-Scan Hybrid Algorithm: An Application to the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem
Careful Breakthrough Cancer Pain Treatment through Rapid-Onset Transmucosal Fentanyl Improves the Quality of Life in Cancer Patients: Results from the BEST Multicenter Study
Characterization of Chemically Activated Carbons Prepared from Miscanthus and Switchgrass Biomass
Assessing the Cadmium Effects on the Benthic Foraminifer Ammonia cf. parkinsoniana: An Acute Toxicity Test
Stakeholders’ Risk Perception: A Perspective for Proactive Risk Management in Residential Building Energy Retrofits in China
Assessing the Sustainability of China’s Basic Pension Funding for Urban and Rural Residents
Numerical Simulation of Water Renewal Timescales in the Mahakam Delta, Indonesia
A Pilot Study Evaluating the Effects of 670 nm Photobiomodulation in Healthy Ageing and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
New Paradigms of Extended Thromboprophylaxis in Medically Ill Patients
Efficient Construction of Atomic-Resolution Models of Non-Sulfated Chondroitin Glycosaminoglycan Using Molecular Dynamics Data
Micro-Machining Characteristics in High-Speed Magnetic Abrasive Finishing for Fine Ceramic Bar
Deep Generative Models-Based Anomaly Detection for Spacecraft Control Systems
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor Gene TaICK1 acts as a Potential Contributor to Wheat Male Sterility induced by a Chemical Hybridizing Agent
Fog BEMS: An Agent-Based Hierarchical Fog Layer Architecture for Improving Scalability in a Building Energy Management System
An Environmentally Stable Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Containing Py Cation with Low Trap-State Density
The Effect of Probiotics on Symptoms, Gut Microbiota and Inflammatory Markers in Infantile Colic: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression of Randomized Controlled Trials
Novel Nanohybrids Based on Supramolecular Assemblies of Meso-tetrakis-(4-sulfonatophenyl) Porphyrin J-aggregates and Amine-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
High-Yield Production of Few-Layer Graphene via New-fashioned Strategy Combining Resonance Ball Milling and Hydrothermal Exfoliation
The Multispecies Probiotic Effectively Reduces Homocysteine Concentration in Obese Women: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study
Lambs Weaned Early onto a Herb-Clover Mix Have the Potential to Grow at a Similar Rate to Unweaned Lambs on a Grass-Predominant Pasture
Science and Technology of High Performance Ferritic (HiperFer) Stainless Steels
RAD51Bme Levels as a Potential Predictive Biomarker for PD-1 Blockade Response in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Rammed Earth Construction: A Proposal for a Statistical Quality Control in the Execution Process
Genomics of MPNST (GeM) Consortium: Rationale and Study Design for Multi-Omic Characterization of NF1-Associated and Sporadic MPNSTs
Cytotoxic Effects of Plant Sap-Derived Extracellular Vesicles on Various Tumor Cell Types
Examining the Role of Familiarity in the Perception of Depth
Mucoadhesive Vaginal Discs based on Cyclodextrin and Surfactants for the Controlled Release of Antiretroviral Drugs to Prevent the Sexual Transmission of HIV
Application of a Smart Grid Interoperability Testing Methodology in a Real-Time Hardware-In-The-Loop Testing Environment
Hierarchical NiO/CMK-3 Photocathode for a p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell with Improved Photoelectrochemical Performance and Fast Hole Transfer
Cervical Lymph Node Metastases in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma—How Much Imaging Do We Need?
A Self-Adaptive Extra-Gradient Methods for a Family of Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Programming with Application in Different Classes of Variational Inequality Problems
On the Oscillatory Behavior of a Class of Fourth-Order Nonlinear Differential Equation
Design and Optimization of Fluidized Bed Reactor Operating Conditions for Struvite Recovery Process from Swine Wastewater
Optimal System and Invariant Solutions of a New AKNS Equation with Time-dependent Coefficients
A Survey of the Presence of Pharmaceutical Residues in Wastewaters. Evaluation of Their Removal using Conventional and Natural Treatment Procedures
Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Nanoparticle Diameter and Sphericity on the Thermal Performance of Geothermal Heat Exchanger Using Nanofluid as Heat Transfer Fluid
Methylxanthines Inhibit Primary Amine Oxidase and Monoamine Oxidase Activities of Human Adipose Tissue
[18F]FET-βAG-TOCA: The Design, Evaluation and Clinical Translation of a Fluorinated Octreotide
Mass Spectrometry Imaging Reveals Neutrophil Defensins as Additional Biomarkers for Anti-PD-(L)1 Immunotherapy Response in NSCLC Patients
Production of Itaconic Acid from Cellulose Pulp: Feedstock Feasibility and Process Strategies for an Efficient Microbial Performance
Improving a Manufacturing Process Using the 8Ds Method. A Case Study in a Manufacturing Company
Wear in Antagonist Teeth Produced by Monolithic Zirconia Crowns: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Utilizing Genome-Wide mRNA Profiling to Identify the Cytotoxic Chemotherapeutic Mechanism of Triazoloacridone C-1305 as Direct Microtubule Stabilization
Food, Eating, and the Gastrointestinal Tract
Soil Carbon Dynamics under Pastures in Andean Socio-Ecosystems of Colombia
Impact of Poultry Farmers’ Participation in Modern Food Retail Markets on Household Dietary Diversity: Lessons from Southeast Nigeria
Reduced Linear Constrained Elastic and Viscoelastic Homogeneous Cosserat Media as Acoustic Metamaterials
What Resources do NHS Commissioning Organisations Use to Support Antimicrobial Stewardship in Primary Care in England?
Meiotic Chromosome Contacts as a Plausible Prelude for Robertsonian Translocations
Enhanced UV-Vis Photodegradation of Nanocomposite Reduced Graphene Oxide/Ferrite Nanofiber Films Prepared by Laser-Assisted Evaporation
Synthetic Ruthenium Complex TQ-6 Potently Recovers Cerebral Ischemic Stroke: Attenuation of Microglia and Platelet Activation
Expanding Puck and Schürmann Inter Fiber Fracture Criterion for Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic 3D-Printed Composite Materials
Effect of Textural Features in Remote Sensed Data on Rubber Plantation Extraction at Different Levels of Spatial Resolution
Salmon Intake Intervention in the Vulnerable Group of Young Polish Women to Maintain Vitamin D Status during the Autumn Season
Optimization and Assessment of the Protective Shed of the Eastern Wu Tomb
Rapidity of Change in Population Age Structures: A Local Approach Based on Multiway Factor Analysis
The Association between Sleep Duration and Quality with Readmissions: An Exploratory Pilot-Study among Cardiology Inpatients
Cement Equivalence of Metakaolin for Workability, Cohesiveness, Strength and Sorptivity of Concrete
Integrated Modeling Approach for Sustainable Land-Water-Food Nexus Management
Micro Sand Engine Beach Stabilization Strategy at Puerto Morelos, Mexico
An Automatic Instrument Integration Scheme for Interoperable Ocean Observatories
Productivity, Energy and Economic Balance in the Production of Different Cultivars of Winter Oilseed Rape. A Case Study in North-Eastern Poland
The Impact of Nanoparticles Due to Applied Magnetic Dipole in Micropolar Fluid Flow Using the Finite Element Method
A Case of Sebaceous Adenitis and Concurrent Meibomian Gland Dysfunction in a Dog
PCSK9 Regulates Nox2-Mediated Platelet Activation via CD36 Receptor in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Is It Time to Rethink Our Weight Loss Paradigms?
Band Structure and Physical Properties of α-STF2I3: Dirac Electrons in Disordered Conduction Sheets
Combined Effects of Ethnicity and Education on Burden of Depressive Symptoms over 24 Years in Middle-Aged and Older Adults in the United States
Multi-Physics Tool for Electrical Machine Sizing
Management of Traumatic Brain Injury: From Present to Future
Analysis of the Actions and Motivations of a Community during the 2017 Torrential Rains in Northern Kyushu, Japan
A Study on the Mechanical Characteristics and Self-Preservation Performance of a Deployment Mechanism with a Large Exhibition Ratio during Its Gathering Process
Phosphoinositides in Retinal Function and Disease
Big Data Analytics for Search Engine Optimization
Increased Risk of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and It’s Comorbidities in Women with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
Change Detection and Land Suitability Analysis for Extension of Potential Forest Areas in Indonesia Using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS
Overtourism and Medium Scale Sporting Events Organisations—the Perception of Negative Externalities by Host Residents
The Gulf War Women’s Health Cohort: Study Design and Protocol
Theoretical Model and Numerical Analysis for Asymmetry of Shock Train in Supersonic Flows
A New Adaptive Mass Estimation Approach of Heavy Truck Based on Engine Torque Local Convex Minimum Characteristic at Low Speeds
PDMS Nano-Modified Scaffolds for Improvement of Stem Cells Proliferation and Differentiation in Microfluidic Platform
Immunization with the H5N1 Recombinant Vaccine Candidate Induces High Protection in Chickens against Vietnamese Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus Strains
Learning the Kinematics of a Manipulator Based on VQTAM
Overexpression of MADS-box Gene AGAMOUS-LIKE 12 Activates Root Development in Juglans sp. and Arabidopsis thaliana
Individual Tree Crown Segmentation in Two-Layered Dense Mixed Forests from UAV LiDAR Data
Perception of the Attributes of Sherry Wine and Its Consumption in Young People in the South of Spain
Improving the Performance of EDM through Relief-Angled Tool Designs
Enough Is Enough? Searching for the Optimal Sample Size to Monitor European Habitats: A Case Study from Coastal Sand Dunes
The Mechanism of Effect of Flux Bands on The Arc Behavior in Flux Bands Constricting Arc Welding Process
Selecting Locations of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Based on the Traffic Load Eliminating Method
The Impact of Submerged Breakwaters on Sediment Distribution along Marsh Boundaries
Knockout of IRF7 Highlights its Modulator Function of Host Response Against Avian Influenza Virus and the Involvement of MAPK and TOR Signaling Pathways in Chicken
Residues and Dissipation of the Herbicide Imazapyr after Operational Use in Irrigation Water
Dual Angiotensin Receptor and Neprilysin Inhibitor Ameliorates Portal Hypertension in Portal Hypertensive Rats
Effectiveness Evaluation of Financing Platform Operation of Buildings Energy Saving Transformation Using ANP-Fuzzy in China: An Empirical Study
Impact of Bacterial Toxins in the Lungs
Relationship between Mentalizing and Working Conditions in Health Care
Robust Proof of Stake: A New Consensus Protocol for Sustainable Blockchain Systems
Influence of Material Composition on Structure, Surface Properties and Biological Activity of Nanocrystalline Coatings Based on Cu and Ti
A Study on the Value of Preserving a Parasitic Volcanic Sieve as a Tourism Good for Sustainable Management: Using the Contingent Valuation Method
The Effects of Different Degrees of Carbohydrate Restriction and Carbohydrate Replacement on Cardiometabolic Risk Markers in Humans—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
On the Cauchy Problem of Vectorial Thermostatted Kinetic Frameworks
In Situ Study of the Impact of Aberration-Corrected Electron-Beam Lithography on the Electronic Transport of Suspended Graphene Devices
A New Method to Support Decision-Making in an Uncertain Environment Based on Normalized Interval-Valued Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and COMET Technique
Fermentative Quality and Animal Acceptability of Ensiled Persimmon Skin with Absorbents for Practical Use in Ruminant Feed
Time-frequency Connectedness between Coal Market Prices, New Energy Stock Prices and CO2 Emissions Trading Prices in China
Ritz Method in Vibration Analysis for Embedded Single-Layered Graphene Sheets Subjected to In-Plane Magnetic Field
Elevation of the Blood Glucose Level is Involved in an Increase in Expression of Sweet Taste Receptors in Taste Buds of Rat Circumvallate Papillae
HBIM as Support of Preventive Conservation Actions in Heritage Architecture. Experience of the Renaissance Quadrant Fa?ade of the Cathedral of Seville
Optimal Filtering of Markov Jump Processes Given Observations with State-Dependent Noises: Exact Solution and Stable Numerical Schemes
The Analysis of Lead Phytotoxicity in Seeds Using CO2 Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
Chemical- and Mechanical-Induced Lubrication Mechanisms during Hot Rolling of Titanium Alloys Using a Mixed Graphene-Incorporating Lubricant
Presenteeism, Psychosocial Working Conditions and Work Ability among Care Workers—A Cross-Sectional Swedish Population-Based Study
General Multiplicative Zagreb Indices of Graphs with a Small Number of Cycles
Experimental and Statistical Study on Mechanical Characteristics of Geopolymer Concrete
Convergence Assessment of the Trajectories of a Bioreaction System by Using Asymmetric Truncated Vertex Functions
RF Channel-Selectivity Sensing by a Small Antenna of Metamaterial Channel Filters for 5G Sub-6-GHz Bands
The Role of Family Relationships in Eating Disorders in Adolescents: A Narrative Review
Bioactive Compounds from Leaves and Twigs of Guayule Grown in a Mediterranean Environment
Revisiting the Role of Neurotrophic Factors in Inflammation
Flight Muscle and Wing Mechanical Properties are Involved in Flightlessness of the Domestic Silkmoth, Bombyx mori
Activity of Saponins from Medicago Species against Phytoparasitic Nematodes
Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers
Chronic Stress Contributes to Osteosarcopenic Adiposity via Inflammation and Immune Modulation: The Case for More Precise Nutritional Investigation
Statistical Methods for Quality Equivalence of Topical Products. 0.5 mg/g Betamethasone Ointment as a Case-Study
TMSCl-Catalyzed Tandem Reaction of Dihydroisobenzofuran Acetals with Indoles
A Phase Fluctuation Based Practical Quantum Random Number Generator Scheme with Delay-Free Structure
Nano-Indentation Response of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE): A Detailed Analysis
A Numerical Study on the Performance of Ground Heat Exchanger Buried in Fractured Rock Bodies
Agronomic Practices for Reducing Soil Erosion in Hillside Vineyards under Atlantic Climatic Conditions (Galicia, Spain)
The Effect of a Dam Construction on Subtidal Nematode Communities in the Ba Lai Estuary, Vietnam
Deep Functional Profiling Facilitates the Evaluation of the Antibacterial Potential of the Antibiotic Amicoumacin
The Implementation Process of Nurse Prescribing in Poland—A Descriptive Study
Latin Hypercube Sampling Method for Location Selection of Multi-Infeed HVDC System Terminal
Velocity Measurements in Channel Gas Flows in the Slip Regime by means of Molecular Tagging Velocimetry
Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Waste Printed Circuit Boards: Bromine Leaching
A Systematic Review of Coastal Vulnerability Mapping
Preparation and Characterization of UV-LED Curable Acrylic Films Containing Biochar and/or Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of the Filler Loading on the Rheological, Thermal and Optical Properties
Extracellular Vesicles in Smoking-Mediated HIV Pathogenesis and their Potential Role in Biomarker Discovery and Therapeutic Interventions
Metabolic Heterogeneity of Cancer Cells: An Interplay between HIF-1, GLUTs, and AMPK
Stronger Increases in Cognitive Functions among Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Older Adults in China: A Longitudinal Analysis with Multiple Birth Cohorts
Infinitely Many Homoclinic Solutions for Fourth Order p-Laplacian Differential Equations
Extended Pharmacopeial Characterization of Surfactant Aerosols Generated by a Customized eFlow Neos Nebulizer Delivered through Neonatal Nasal Prongs
Adipose Stromal Cell Expansion and Exhaustion: Mechanisms and Consequences
Caching Transient Contents in Vehicular Named Data Networking: A Performance Analysis
Microscope 3D Point Spread Function Evaluation Method on a Confirmed Object Plane Perpendicular to the Optical Axis
Aggregated Biomass Model Systems and Carbon Concentration Variations for Tree Carbon Quantification of Natural Mongolian Oak in Northeast China
“Helping Nemo!”—Using Augmented Reality and Alternate Reality Games in the Context of Universal Design for Learning
Nucleolin-Sle A Glycoforms as E-Selectin Ligands and Potentially Targetable Biomarkers at the Cell Surface of Gastric Cancer Cells
Certain Hadamard Proportional Fractional Integral Inequalities
Contingency Plans for the Wood Supply Chain Based on Bottleneck and Queuing Time Analyses of a Discrete Event Simulation
Player Heart Rate Responses and Pony External Load Measures during 16-Goal Polo
The Aquaporin-3-Inhibiting Potential of Polyoxotungstates
Optimization of Cold Metal Transfer-Based Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Processes Using Gaussian Process Regression
An Improved Bytewise Approximate Matching Algorithm Suitable for Files of Dissimilar Sizes
Ultrawideband Low-Profile and Miniaturized Spoof Plasmonic Vivaldi Antenna for Base Station
Metric Factorization with Item Cooccurrence for Recommendation
Structural Stability of Optofluidic Nanostructures in Flow-Through Operation
High Particulate Matter Burden of Cigarettes from the United Arab Emirates and Germany: Are There Country-Specific Differences?
The Calcium-Sensing Receptor is A Marker and Potential Driver of Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Prostate Cancer
Failure to Down-Regulate miR-154 Expression in Early Postnatal Mouse Lung Epithelium Suppresses Alveologenesis, with Changes in Tgf-β Signaling Similar to those Induced by Exposure to Hyperoxia
PET Imaging of the Adenosine A2A Receptor in the Rotenone-Based Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease with [18F]FESCH Synthesized by a Simplified Two-Step One-Pot Radiolabeling Strategy
Supplementation of Sulfur-Containing Amino Acids or Essential Amino Acids Does Not Reverse the Hepatic Lipid-Lowering Effect of a Protein-Rich Insect Meal in Obese Zucker Rats
Barriers and Facilitators for Adopting Sustainable Soil Management Practices in Mediterranean Olive Groves
Early Stage of Corrosion Formation on Pipeline Steel X70 Under Oxyfuel Atmosphere at Low Temperature
Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths
Constructing Machine Tool Foundations Using an LMP Alloy
Automatic Calibration of Process Noise Matrix and Measurement Noise Covariance for Multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning
Nano Carbon Black-Based High Performance Wearable Pressure Sensors
Economic and Welfare Impacts of Providing Good Life Opportunities to Farm Animals
Alternative Incentive Policies against Purchase Subsidy Decrease for Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Adoption
Multitemporal Analysis of Soil Sealing and Land Use Changes Linked to Urban Expansion of Salamanca (Spain) Using Landsat Images and Soil Carbon Management as a Mitigating Tool for Climate Change
Aeromonas veronii Infection in Commercial Freshwater Fish: A Potential Threat to Public Health
Functionalization of the NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Surface by HAp/SiO2/Ag Hybrid Coatings Formed on SiO2-TiO2 Glass Interlayer
Magnetite Synthesis in the Presence of Cyanide or Thiocyanate under Prebiotic Chemistry Conditions
Implementation and Use of a Mechanical Cone Penetration Test Database for Liquefaction Hazard Assessment of the Coastal Area of the Tuscany Region
Use of Gibberellic Acid to Increase the Salt Tolerance of Leaf Lettuce and Rocket Grown in a Floating System
Welfare Assessment on Pasture: A Review on Animal-Based Measures for Ruminants
Design, Construction, and Modeling of a BAUV with Propulsion System Based on a Parallel Mechanism for the Caudal Fin
The Role of Vitamin D in Modulating Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Vascular Calcification
Yb:MoO3/Ag/MoO3 Multilayer Transparent Top Cathode for Top-Emitting Green Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes
Attitudes toward and Knowledge about Wolves in SW German Secondary School Pupils from within and outside an Area Occupied by Wolves (Canis lupus)
New Insights from IGF-IR Stimulating Activity Analyses: Pathological Considerations
Influence of Imperfect Position of a Striker and Input Bar on Wave Propagation in a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) Setup with a Pulse-Shape Technique
Screening Performance of Edmonton Symptom Assessment System in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Variations on the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem: A Survey
Simultaneous Magmatic and Hydrothermal Regimes in Alta–Little Cottonwood Stocks, Utah, USA, Recorded Using Multiphase U-Pb Petrochronology
The Direct and Indirect Effects of Online Social Support, Neuroticism, and Web Content Internalization on the Drive for Thinness among Women Visiting Health-Oriented Websites
Evaluating the Potential for Tidal Phase Diversity to Produce Smoother Power Profiles
Tempered Fractional Integral Inequalities for Convex Functions
Synthesis Chemistry and Properties of Ni Catalysts Fabricated on [email protected]2O3 Core-Shell Microstructure for Methane Steam Reforming
A Hip Active Assisted Exoskeleton That Assists the Semi-Squat Lifting
Sustainable Innovation in Football Referee Training in Czech Republic
Interactive Effects of the Potassium and Nitrogen Relationship on Yield and Quality of Strawberry Grown Under Soilless Conditions
Cooking Effect on the Bioactive Compounds, Texture, and Color Properties of Cold-Extruded Rice/Bean-Based Pasta Supplemented with Whole Carob Fruit
Mitigating Safety Concerns and Profit/Production Losses for Chemical Process Control Systems Under Cyberattacks via Design/Control Methods
Terahertz Single-Pixel Imaging Improved by Using Silicon Wafer with SiO2 Passivation
The Emerging Roles of Exosomes as EMT Regulators in Cancer
Self-Perceived Health, Objective Health, and Quality of Life among People Aged 50 and Over: Interrelationship among Health Indicators in Italy, Spain, and Greece
A Review of Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring in China
Cooperation Networks as a Driver of Sustainability-Oriented Innovation
Biocatalysis: Chemical Biosynthesis
Classical Lagrange Interpolation Based on General Nodal Systems at Perturbed Roots of Unity
Responses to Water Deficit and Salt Stress in Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.) Seedlings
(002) Oriented Bi2O2CO3 Nanosheets with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance for Toluene Removal in Air
Moisture-Dependent Strength Properties of Thermally-Modified Fraxinus excelsior Wood in Compression
Polymer Biointerfaces
Consumers’ Preferences for Wine Attributes: A Best-Worst Scaling Analysis
Physical Fitness and Self-Rated Health in Children and Adolescents: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Study
Electrokinetically-Driven Assembly of Gold Colloids into Nanostructures for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
Some Results in Green–Lindsay Thermoelasticity of Bodies with Dipolar Structure
Effect of Experimental Parameters on the Extraction of Grape Seed Oil Obtained by Low Pressure and Supercritical Fluid Extraction
FOXA1 Gene Expression for Defining Molecular Subtypes of Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer after Radical Cystectomy
Ionotropic Gelation of Chitosan for Next-Generation Composite Proton Conducting Flat Structures
Use of Entropy in Developing SDG-based Indices for Assessing Regional Sustainable Development: A Provincial Case Study of China
Numerical Simulation of Flow Velocity Characteristics during Capsule Hydraulic Transportation in a Horizontal Pipe
A Novel Treatment Modality for Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor Using a Dual-Effect Liposome to Combine Photodynamic Therapy and Chemotherapy
Standardizing the hydrogel application rates and foliar nutrition for enhancing yield of lentil (Lens culinaris)
Attentive Gated Graph Neural Network for Image Scene Graph Generation
Efficient Open Domination in Digraph Products
T-Equivalences: The Metric Behavior Revisited
An FMRFamide Neuropeptide in Cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis: Identification, Characterization, and Potential Function
Mean Annual Wood Density Variations of Larix gmelinii (Rupr.), Quercus mongolica Fisch. ex Ledeb., and Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. at Two Different Stem Heights
Augmented Reality to Facilitate Learning of the Acoustic Guitar
The Impact of Relationship Trust, Environmental Protection Awareness and Regenerative Innovation on Environmental Performance: A Case Study of the Industrial Waste Industry
Modulation of STAT3 Signaling, Cell Redox Defenses and Cell Cycle Checkpoints by β-Caryophyllene in Cholangiocarcinoma Cells: Possible Mechanisms Accounting for Doxorubicin Chemosensitization and Chemoprevention
Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of a Bagasse Cellulose-Supported Nano-TiO2 Photocatalytic-Coupled Microbial Carrier
Classification of All Non-Isomorphic Regular and Cuspidal Arm Anatomies in an Orthogonal Metamorphic Manipulator
Wideband Epidermal Antenna for Medical Radiometry
Quantifying the Role of Stochasticity in the Development of Autoimmune Disease
Effect of Predation on Shaping Parental Brood Defense and Larval Ontogeny of Convict Cichlids Leading to Population Divergence
Study on the Influencing Factors of the Atomization Rate in a Piezoceramic Vibrating Mesh Atomizer
The “Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology” Journal Club Series: Resistance Training
Working Co-operatively for Sustainable and Just Food System Transformation
Model Analysis and System Parameters Investigation for Transient Wave in a Pump–Pipe–Valve System
Magnetic Nanoparticles Behavior in Biological Solutions; The Impact of Clustering Tendency on Sedimentation Velocity and Cell Uptake
An Optimized Metabarcoding Method for Mimiviridae
Assessing ICD-11 Gaming Disorder in Adolescent Gamers: Development and Validation of the Gaming Disorder Scale for Adolescents (GADIS-A)
A Novel DR/NIR T-Shaped AIEgen: Synthesis and X-Ray Crystal Structure Study
Rudder Roll Stabilization Based on Arc Tangent Nonlinear Feedback for Ships
Flexural Performance of Prefabricated Ultra-High-Strength Textile Reinforced Concrete (UHSTRC): An Experimental and Analytical Investigation
The Influence of User-Adapted, Instructive Information on Participation in a Recycling Scheme: A Case Study in a Medium-Sized Swedish City
Editorial for the Special Issue on Microfluidics for Soft Matter and Mechanobiology
p-Aminobenzoate Organic Salts as Potential Plant Growth Regulators for Tomatoes
Micronutrient Dilution and Added Sugars Intake in U.S. Adults: Examining This Association Using NHANES 2009–2014
Catalysis for the Production of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals
Historical Perspective: Models of Parkinson’s Disease
Retraction: Muminov, A. et al. Modern Virtual Fencing Application: Monitoring and Controlling Behavior of Goats Using GPS Collars and Warning Signals. Sensors 2019, 19, 1598
Propane and Naphthalene Oxidation over Gold-Promoted Cobalt Catalysts Supported on Zirconia
Glycomics Microarrays Reveal Differential In Situ Presentation of the Biofilm Polysaccharide Poly-N-acetylglucosamine on Acinetobacter baumannii and Staphylococcus aureus Cell Surfaces
Comparative Analysis of Urine Fractions for Optimal Bladder Cancer Detection Using DNA Methylation Markers
Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in a Light-Receiving-Plate (LRP)-Enhanced Raceway Pond for Ammonium and Phosphorus Removal from Pretreated Pig Urine
Impact of Psycho-Educational Activities on Visual-Motor Integration, Fine Motor Skills and Name Writing among First Graders: A Kinematic Pilot Study
The Importance of Ion Homeostasis and Nutrient Status in Seed Development and Germination
Similar but Not Identical Resuscitation Trajectories of the Soil Microbial Community Based on Either DNA or RNA after Flooding
Intelligent Predictive Analytics for Sustainable Business Investment in Renewable Energy Sources
A Study of Lunar Microwave Radiation Based on Satellite Observations
Simulated Biomass, Climate Change Impacts, and Nitrogen Management to Achieve Switchgrass Biofuel Production at Diverse Sites in U.S.
Social Factors Associated with the Effectiveness of a Spanish Parent Training Program—An Opportunity to Reduce Health Inequality Gap in Families
Electrically Active Defects in Polycrystalline and Single Crystal Metal Halide Perovskite
Impact of Land-Use/Land-Cover Change on Drinking Water Ecosystem Services in Wami River Basin, Tanzania
Analysis of the Gas Phase Acidity of Substituted Benzoic Acids Using Density Functional Concepts
Epileptiform Neuronal Discharges Impair Astrocyte Syncytial Isopotentiality in Acute Hippocampal Slices
Melting Kinetics of Nascent Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) Powder
An Improved Res-UNet Model for Tree Species Classification Using Airborne High-Resolution Images
Expression of CD44v6-Containing Isoforms Influences Cisplatin Response in Gastric Cancer Cells
MTA, an RNA m6A Methyltransferase, Enhances Drought Tolerance by Regulating the Development of Trichomes and Roots in Poplar
Effect of Ferulic Acid, a Phenolic Inducer of Fungal Laccase, on 26S Proteasome Activities In Vitro
3D Hierarchical, Nanostructured Chitosan/PLA/HA Scaffolds Doped with TiO2/Au/Pt NPs with Tunable Properties for Guided Bone Tissue Engineering
Water Influx through the Wetted Surface of a Sweet Cherry Fruit: Evidence for an Associated Solute Efflux
Age-related Smell and Taste Impairments and Vitamin D Associations in the U.S. Adults National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Nanofluid to Nanocomposite Film: Chitosan and Cellulose-Based Edible Packaging
Photoexcitation Processes in Oligomethine Cyanine Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells—Synthesis and Computational Study
Corporate Governance Mechanisms, Ownership and Firm Value: Evidence from Listed Chinese Firms
Walnut Oil Prevents Scopolamine-Induced Memory Dysfunction in a Mouse Model
Techno-Economic Evaluation of Interconnected Nuclear-Renewable Micro Hybrid Energy Systems with Combined Heat and Power
Characterization of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genomes of Two Tobacco Endophytic Fungi Leptosphaerulina chartarum and Curvularia trifolii and Their Contributions to Phylogenetic Implications in the Pleosporales
The Design of a Vapor-Condensing Plume Abatement System and Devices for Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers
Effect of Current Input Method on A356 Microstructure in Electromagnetically Stirred Process
Detection of Multiple Cracks in Four-Point Bending Tests Using the Coda Wave Interferometry Method
Effects of Laser Hardening Process Parameters on Hardness Profile of 4340 Steel Spline—An Experimental Approach
Are They All Equal? Uncovering Adopter Groups of Battery Electric Vehicles
Physicochemical, Nutraceutical and Sensory Traits of Six Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Cultivars Grown in Greenhouse Conditions in the Mediterranean Climate
Global Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds Using Plane-to-Plane Correspondences
Influence of Thermal Treatment on SCC and HE Susceptibility of Supermartensitic Stainless Steel 16Cr5NiMo
Health Literacy in the Everyday Lives of Older Adults in Greece, Hungary, and the Netherlands
Marine-Inspired Bis-indoles Possessing Antiproliferative Activity against Breast Cancer; Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation
Wind Turbine Blade Optimal Design Considering Multi-Parameters and Response Surface Method
The JNK Signaling Pathway in Inflammatory Skin Disorders and Cancer
Implications of Educational Policy-Making Which Encourages Schools to Collaborate with the Community, External Agencies, Private Companies, Employers and Voluntary Organisations
Genotypic and Phenotypic Evaluation of Biofilm Production and Antimicrobial Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Milk, North West Province, South Africa
Intrinsic Cross-Correlation Analysis of Hydro-Meteorological Data in the Loess Plateau, China
Perinatal and Antibiotic Exposures and the Risk of Developing Childhood-Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Nested Case-Control Study Based on a Population-Based Birth Cohort
An Envenoming Syndrome from Massive Vespa Stings Induces Multiple Organ Failure
Research on Long-Lived Room-Temperature Phosphorescence of Carbazole-Naphthalimide Polylactides
A Durable and Self-Cleaning Superhydrophobic Surface Prepared by Precipitating Flower-Like Crystals on a Glass-Ceramic Surface
Exploring Needle-Like Zinc Oxide Nanostructures for Improving Dental Resin Sealers: Design and Evaluation of Antibacterial, Physical and Chemical Properties
Density of GABAB Receptors Is Reduced in Granule Cells of the Hippocampus in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Explorative Imaging and Its Implementation at the FleX-ray Laboratory
Reduction in Energy Requirement and CO2 Emission for Microalgae Oil Production Using Wastewater
Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Quantification of α-solanine, α-chaconine, and Solanidine in Potato Protein Isolates
Simultaneous Adsorption of 4,6-Dimethyldibenzothiophene and Quinoline over Nickel and Boron Modified Gamma-Al2O3 Adsorbent
The Antioxidant Profile Evaluation of Some Tomato Landraces with Soil Salinity Tolerance Correlated with High Nutraceuticaland Functional Value
Person Tracking in Ultra-Wide Band Hybrid Localization System Using Reduced Number of Reference Nodes
Reactive Barriers for Renaturalization of Reclaimed Water during Soil Aquifer Treatment
Attracted to or Locked In? Explaining Consumer Loyalty toward Airbnb
Optimal Placement of TCSC for Congestion Management and Power Loss Reduction Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Comparison of Read Mapping and Variant Calling Tools for the Analysis of Plant NGS Data
Update on Weaning from Veno-Arterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Food Hygiene Surveillance in Italy: Is Food Ice a Public Health Risk?
Biological Features and Population Growth of Two Southeastern European Tribolium confusum Jacquelin du Val (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Strains
Refined Systems of National Accounts and Experimental Ecosystem Accounting Versus the Simplified Agroforestry Accounting System: Testing in Andalusian Holm Oak Open Woodlands
Mechanical Behavior of Coupled Elastoplastic Damage of Clastic Sandstone of Different Burial Depths
Direct Use of the Savitzky–Golay Filter to Develop an Output-Only Trend Line-Based Damage Detection Method
Creation of a PDMS Polymer Brush on SiO2-Based Nanoparticles by Surface-Initiated Ring-Opening Polymerization
Modelling of Regional Economic Metabolism
A Microstructure Insight of MTA Repair HP of Rapid Setting Capacity and Bioactive Response
Food Quality, Sensory Attributes and Nutraceutical Value of Fresh “Osteen” Mango Fruit Grown under Mediterranean Subtropical Climate Compared to Imported Fruit
Flame Retardant-Functionalized Cotton Cellulose Using Phosphonate-Based Ionic Liquids
Oncogenic Linear Collagen VI of Invasive Breast Cancer Is Induced by CCL5
Generation of An Endogenous FGFR2–BICC1 Gene Fusion/58 Megabase Inversion Using Single-Plasmid CRISPR/Cas9 Editing in Biliary Cells
Assessment of High Temperature Effects on Grain Yield and Composition in Bread Wheat Commercial Varieties
Why Are Consumers Willing to Pay More for Liquid Foods in Environmentally Friendly Packaging? A Dual Attitudes Perspective
The Role of Universities in a Sustainable Society. Why Value-Free Research is Neither Possible nor Desirable
CFD Simulation of Aeration and Mixing Processes in a Full-Scale Oxidation Ditch
In Situ Recrystallization of Mesoporous Carbon–Silica Composite for the Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous Zeolites
A Novel Approach towards the Design and Implementation of Virtual Network Based on Controller in Future IoT Applications
Some Identities on Type 2 Degenerate Bernoulli Polynomials of the Second Kind
Surface Modification of FeCoNiCr Medium-Entropy Alloy (MEA) Using Octadecyltrichlorosilane and Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet
Brain Circuit Alterations and Cognitive Disability in Late-Onset Cobalamin D Disorder
Prevalence of Undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea Among Patients Hospitalized for Cardiovascular Disease and Associated In-Hospital Outcomes: A Scoping Review
High Reynold’s Number Turbulent Model for Micro-Channel Cold Plate Using Reverse Engineering Approach for Water-Cooled Battery in Electric Vehicles
The Number and Position of Orai3 Units within Heteromeric Store-Operated Ca2+ Channels Alter the Pharmacology of ICRAC
Graph Dilated Network with Rejection Mechanism
Mineral Composition of Subcritical Water Extracts of Saccorhiza Polyschides, a Brown Seaweed Used as Fertilizer in the North of Portugal
Cartilage Tissue-Mimetic Pellets with Multifunctional Magnetic Hyaluronic Acid-Graft-Amphiphilic Gelatin Microcapsules for Chondrogenic Stimulation
Simultaneous Indirect Inference, Impulse Responses and ARMA Models
Glutamine Analogues Impair Cell Proliferation, the Intracellular Cycle and Metacyclogenesis in Trypanosoma cruzi
Alkaline Activation of Kaolin Group Minerals
Viscosity Loss and Hydraulic Pressure Drop on Multilayer Separate Polymer Injection in Concentric Dual-Tubing
Fe-Co-B Soft Magnetic Ribbons: Crystallization Process, Microstructure and Coercivity
The Effects of Low- and High-Glycemic Index Sport Nutrition Bars on Metabolism and Performance in Recreational Soccer Players
Analysis and Verification of a Wide Input Voltage PWM Converter with Variable Windings
Simulation of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells for High Efficiency with Lithium Fluoride Electron Carrier Selective Layer
New Aspects for Non-Existence of Kneser Solutions of Neutral Differential Equations with Odd-Order
Energy Efficiency Comparison of Hydraulic Accumulators and Ultracapacitors
Techno-Economic Modeling of Biomass Pellet Routes: Feasibility in Italy
The Methodology of Landscape Quality (LQ) Indicators Analysis Based on Remote Sensing Data: Polish National Parks Case Study
A Review of the Impact of Mycotoxins on Dairy Cattle Health: Challenges for Food Safety and Dairy Production in Sub-Saharan Africa
Characterization of the Key Aroma Compounds in Traditional Hunan Smoke-Cured Pork Leg (Larou, THSL) by Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis (AEDA), Odor Activity Value (OAV), and Sensory Evaluation Experiments
Pulsed Electric Field Processing of Red Grapes (cv. Rondinella): Modifications of Phenolic Fraction and Effects on Wine Evolution
Threshold Effects of Restraining Factors on China’s Provincial Ecological Footprint in the Process of Urbanization
Isolation and Identification of Fusarium spp., the Causal Agents of Onion (Allium cepa) Basal Rot in Northeastern Israel
Performance Results of a Solar Adsorption Cooling and Heating Unit
Generalized Integral Inequalities of Chebyshev Type
Substantially Greater Carbon Emissions Estimated Based on Annual Land-Use Transition Data
Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in Bone Regenerative Medicine
Perceived Risks, Travel Constraints, and Destination Perception: A Study on Sub-Saharan African Medical Travellers
Li-Ion Battery Performance Degradation Modeling for the Optimal Design and Energy Management of Electrified Propulsion Systems
Influence of Hydrophobic Fin Configuration in Thermal System in Relation to Electronic Device Cooling Applications
Enhanced 3D Point Cloud from a Light Field Image
Diffusion of Electronic Water Payment Innovations in Urban Ghana. Evidence from Tema Metropolis
Trends in the Fashion Industry. The Perception of Sustainability and Circular Economy: A Gender/Generation Quantitative Approach
Experimental Study Based on Game Theory on the Private, Voluntary Supply Mechanisms of Goods for Forestry Infrastructure from the Perspective of Quasi-Public Goods
Controlling Molecule Aggregation and Electronic Spatial Coherence in the H-Aggregate and J-Aggregate Regime at Room Temperature
Nitrogen Starvation and Nitrate or Ammonium Availability Differently Affect Phenolic Composition in Green and Purple Basil
Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Urban Community Tourism Development: A Case Study of Beijing
Molecular Markers and a Quality Trait Evaluation for Assessing the Genetic Diversity of Avocado Landraces from China
Porous Ultra-Thin Films from Photocleavable Block Copolymers: In-Situ Degradation Kinetics Study of Pore Material
Vitamin D3 Supplementation Increases Long-Chain Ceramide Levels in Overweight/Obese African Americans: A Post-Hoc Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Effects of the Impeller Blade with a Slot Structure on the Centrifugal Pump Performance
Pedestrian–Vehicle Interaction at Unsignalized Crosswalks: A Systematic Review
Marine Sediments: Processes, Transport and Environmental Aspects
Using Building Information Modelling to Manage Client Requirements in Social Housing Projects
A Mini-Review on Anion Exchange and Chelating Polymers for Applications in Hydrometallurgy, Environmental Protection, and Biomedicine
Targeting Metabolic Consequences of Insulin Resistance in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome by D-chiro-inositol and Emerging Nutraceuticals: A Focused Review
Predictive Correlation between Apparent Sensory Properties and the Formation of Heterocyclic Amines in Chicken Breast as a Function of Grilling Temperature and Time
Evaluating Morphological Growth, Yield, and Postharvest Fruit Quality of Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus L.) Grafted on Cucurbitaceous Rootstocks
Ag NPs-Assisted Synthesis of Stable Cu NPs on PET Fabrics for Antibacterial and Electromagnetic Shielding Performance
It is Time for a Universal Nutrition Policy in Very Preterm Neonates during the Neonatal Period? Comment on: “Applying Methods for Postnatal Growth Assessment in the Clinical Setting: Evaluation in a Longitudinal Cohort of Very Preterm Infants” Nutrients 2019, 11, 2772
Bacopa monnieri and Their Bioactive Compounds Inferred Multi-Target Treatment Strategy for Neurological Diseases: A Cheminformatics and System Pharmacology Approach
In Vitro Antifungal Activity of Peltophorum dubium (Spreng.) Taub. extracts against Aspergillus flavus
Distinct Contributions of Different Domains within the HIV-1 Gag Polyprotein to Specific and Nonspecific Interactions with RNA
Water Absorption and Hygrothermal Aging Behavior of Wood-Polypropylene Composites
Effects of Immersion Freezing on Ice Crystal Formation and the Protein Properties of Snakehead (Channa argus)
Representation of Traffic Congestion Data for Urban Road Traffic Networks Based on Pooling Operations
The Effect of a Diverse Dataset for Transfer Learning in Thermal Person Detection
Power Device Temperature-Balancing Control Method for a Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter
Comparison of Soil EC Values from Methods Based on 1:1 and 1:5 Soil to Water Ratios and ECe from Saturated Paste Extract Based Method
Are Students Really Cautious about Food Waste? Korean Students’ Perception and Understanding of Food Waste
Structural Condition for Controllable Power Flow System Containing Controllable and Fluctuating Power Devices
A Distributed Indoor Mapping Method Based on Control-Network-Aided SLAM: Scheme and Analysis
Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Emission Abatement Strategies for a Local Multi-Energy System—A Case Study of Chalmers University of Technology Campus
Polymeric Sorbent Sheets Coupled to Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry for Trace-Level Volatile Analysis—A Multi-Vineyard Evaluation Study
Novel Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerator based on Metallized Porous PDMS and Parylene C
Single-Cell Tests to Explore the Reliability of Sofc Installations Operating Offshore
Microstructure Evolution of Ti-45Al-8.5Nb-0.2W-0.2B-0.02Y Alloy during Long-Term Thermal Exposure
Arf6 Can Trigger Wave Regulatory Complex-Dependent Actin Assembly Independent of Arno
Nanocomposite Polymeric Materials Based on Eucalyptus Lignoboost? Kraft Lignin for Liquid Sensing Applications
Grain-Size Distribution of Surface Sediments in the Chanthaburi Coast, Thailand and Implications for the Sedimentary Dynamic Environment
per-Alkoxy-pillar[5]arenes as Electron Donors: Electrochemical Properties of Dimethoxy-Pillar[5]arene and Its Corresponding Rotaxane
A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Moderate Temperature Alfa Type Stirling Engines
Catalytic Behavior of Alkali Treated H-MOR in Selective Synthesis of Ethylenediamine via Condensation Amination of Monoethanolamine
A Study of Anode-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Modeling and Optimization Using Neural Network and Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm
In Silico Prediction of the Dissociation Rate Constants of Small Chemical Ligands by 3D-Grid-Based VolSurf Method
Energy-Saving Hot Open Die Forging Process of Heavy Steel Forgings on an Industrial Hydraulic Forging Press
Fabrication of PCL Scaffolds by Supercritical CO2 Foaming Based on the Combined Effects of Rheological and Crystallization Properties
Spatial–Temporal Evolution and Correlation Analysis of Ecosystem Service Value and Landscape Ecological Risk in Wuhu City
Purchasing Drivers of Fresh Citrus Fruits in Urban Italy: Is It All about Taste?
Small-Scale Modelling of Individual Greenhouse Gas Abatement Measures in Industry
Wxlv, the Ancestral Allele of Rice Waxy Gene
Deep Q-Network for Optimal Decision for Top-Coal Caving
Shining a Light on Haemonchus contortus in Sheep
Sustainability Science: A Paradigm in Crisis?
An Exploratory Agent-Based Modeling Analysis Approach to Test Business Models for Electricity Storage
Demand Driven Common Bean Variety Development and Promotion for Enhanced Productivity and Production
Heat-Transfer Characteristics of a Cryogenic Loop Heat Pipe for Space Applications
Evaluation of Drought Monitoring Effect of Winter Wheat in Henan Province of China Based on Multi-Source Data
Empowering Vulnerable Consumers to Join Renewable Energy Communities—Towards an Inclusive Design of the Clean Energy Package
Temporal Variations of Spring Water in Karst Areas: A Case Study of Jinan Spring Area, Northern China
Factors Affecting Residents’ Support for Protected Area Designation
Availability of Authorizations from EMA and FDA for Age-Appropriate Medicines Contained in the WHO Essential Medicines List for Children 2019
Direct Ink Writing Glass: A Preliminary Step for Optical Application
Repeatability and Reproducibility of Measures of Bovine Methane Emissions Recorded Using a Laser Detector
Vegetation Structure, Species Composition, and Carbon Sink Potential of Urban Green Spaces in Nagpur City, India
Spatially-Resolved Spectroscopic Diagnostics of a Miniature RF Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet in Argon Open to Ambient Air
Altered Expression of GABAergic Markers in the Forebrain of Young and Adult Engrailed-2 Knockout Mice
New Power Structures and Shifted Governance Agendas Disrupting Climate Change Adaptation Developments in Kenya and Uganda
Alexithymia as a Predictor of Arousal and Affect Dysregulations when Batterers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Cope with Acute Stress
Clinical Evaluation of the Nasopalatine Canal in Implant-Prosthetic Treatment: A Pilot Study
An Improved Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach for Aerospace Shell Production Scheduling Problem
Increased Circulating Levels of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator Are Associated with the Risk of Spontaneous Abortion During the First Trimester of Pregnancy
Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology for Novel Coronavirus Disease-19 Self-Testing
Dental Caries Preventive Considerations: Awareness of Undergraduate Dental Students
Structural, Non-Covalent Interaction, and Natural Bond Orbital Studies on Bromido-Tricarbonyl Rhenium(I) Complexes Bearing Alkyl-Substituted 1,4-Diazabutadiene (DAB) Ligands
Defect Related Emission in Calcium Hydroxide: The Controversial Band at 780 cm?1
Tunneling Nanotubes and Tumor Microtubes in Cancer
A Dual-Stage Modeling and Optimization Framework for Wayside Energy Storage in Electric Rail Transit Systems
Dendritic Macrosurfactant Assembly for Physical Functionalization of HIPE-Templated Polymers
The Impact of Interest Rate, Exchange Rate and European Business Climate on Economic Growth in Romania: An ARDL Approach with Structural Breaks
Perfecting Bodies: Who Are the Disabled in Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca?
Wheat Straw Biochar and NPK Fertilization Efficiency in Sandy Soil Reclamation
Feather Corticosterone Measurements of Greater Flamingos Living under Different Forms of Flight Restraint
Synthesis of Novel Polymeric Acrylate-Based Flame Retardants Containing Two Phosphorus Groups in Different Chemical Environments and Their Influence on the Flammability of Poly (Lactic Acid)
Influence of Exogenous Hydrogen Peroxide on Plant Physiology, Leaf Anatomy and Rubisco Gene Expression of the Ficus deltoidea Jack var. Deltoidea
Sesamol Alleviates Airway Hyperresponsiveness and Oxidative Stress in Asthmatic Mice
Aquatic Plants, Landoltia punctata, and Azolla filiculoides as Bio-Converters of Wastewater to Biofuel
Smart City-Ranking of Major Australian Cities to Achieve a Smarter Future
The Impact of Student-Curated Exhibitions about Socio-Scientific Issues on Students’ Perceptions Regarding Their Competences and the Science Classes
Automatic Annotation of Narrative Radiology Reports
Combining Virtual Screening Protocol and In Vitro Evaluation towards the Discovery of BACE1 Inhibitors
Research on the Knowledge Association Reasoning of Financial Reports Based on a Graph Network
Combined ANFIS–Wavelet Technique to Improve the Estimation Accuracy of the Power Output of Neighboring PV Systems during Cloud Events
A Group-Based Energy-Efficient Dual Priority Scheduling for Real-Time Embedded Systems
Use of Clinical Preventive Service and Related Factors in Middle-Aged Postmenopausal Women in Korea
Simulation of the Light Transmittance in Macroporous Silica
Instagram as a Co-Creation Space for Tourist Destination Image-Building: Algarve and Costa del Sol Case Studies
Topical Delivery of 3-O-ethyl l-ascorbic Acid from Complex Solvent Systems
Seismic Model Parameter Optimization for Building Structures
A Noise Tolerant Spread Spectrum Sound-Based Local Positioning System for Operating a Quadcopter in a Greenhouse
Investigating Some Construct Validity Threats to TALIS 2018 Teacher Job Satisfaction Scale: Implications for Social Science Researchers and Practitioners
Watching over or Working with? Understanding Social Work Innovation in Response to Extra-Familial Harm
Do Immigrant Entrepreneurs Have Natural Cognitive Advantages for International Entrepreneurial Activity?
Spatio-Temporal Nonstationary Effects of Impact Factors on Industrial Land Price in Industrializing Cities of China
Semisolid Dosage
A Global Model for the Estimation of Speeds of Sound in Deep Eutectic Solvents
Ultrasonic Welding of Novel Carbon/ Elium? Thermoplastic Composites with Flat and Integrated Energy Directors: Lap Shear Characterisation and Fractographic Investigation
An Integrated Multi-Criteria Decision Support Framework for the Selection of Suppliers in Small and Medium Enterprises based on Green Innovation Ability
Changes of Conformation in Albumin with Temperature by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Receding Horizon Control of Cooling Systems for Large-Size Uninterruptible Power Supply Based on a Metal-Air Battery System
Optimized Corrosion Performance of AISI 1345 Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Through Thermo-Mechanical Cyclic Annealing Processes
THz Pulsed Imaging in Biomedical Applications
Macrophage-Derived Extracellular Vesicle Promotes Hair Growth
CD44s Induces miR-629-3p Expression in Association with Cisplatin Resistance in Head and Neck Cancer Cells
Towards a Sustainable Greenhouse: Review of Trends and Emerging Practices in Analysing Greenhouse Ventilation Requirements to Sustain Maximum Agricultural Yield
Green Chemistry Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Potential Anticancer Effects
Progress towards Patient-Specific, Spatially-Continuous Radiobiological Dose Prescription and Planning in Prostate Cancer IMRT: An Overview
Preparation and Characterization of Environmentally Friendly Controlled Release Fertilizers Coated by Leftovers-Based Polymer
Retrieval of Forest Structural Parameters from Terrestrial Laser Scanning: A Romanian Case Study
Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Feature Extraction and Depth Estimation from Sequences by Ordinal Classification
Modeling Temperature-Dependent Vibration Damping in C/SiC Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic-Matrix Composites
Differential Inhibition of Human Nav1.2 Resurgent and Persistent Sodium Currents by Cannabidiol and GS967
Shape Anisotropic Iron Oxide-Based Magnetic Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Biomedical Applications
Bioelectrochemical Methane Production from Food Waste in Anaerobic Digestion Using a Carbon-Modified Copper Foam Electrode
Jump Driven Risk Model Performance in Cryptocurrency Market
Long-Wave Penetration through a Laterally Periodic Continental Shelf
Hybridized Love Waves in a Guiding Layer Supporting an Array of Plates with Decorative Endings
A 20-Year MODIS-Based Snow Cover Dataset for Svalbard and Its Link to Phenological Timing and Sea Ice Variability
Parametric Analysis on Local Mechanisms of Masonry Churches in Teramo (Italy)
The Effect of Shelter on Oxidative Stress and Aggressive Behavior in Crested Newt Larvae (Triturus spp.)
Semi-Supervised Ensemble Classification Method Based on Near Neighbor and Its Application
Development and Assessment of an Integrated 1D-3D CFD Codes Coupling Methodology for Diesel Engine Combustion Simulation and Optimization
Material Analysis of Steel Fibre Reinforced High-Strength Concrete in Terms of Flexural Behaviour. Experimental and Numerical Investigation
Side Streams of Broccoli Leaves: A Climate Smart and Healthy Food Ingredient
Learning Hierarchical Representations of Stories by Using Multi-layered Structures in Narrative Multimedia
Communication Aspects of Visible Light Positioning (VLP) Systems Using a Quadrature Angular Diversity Aperture (QADA) Receiver
Extreme Floods in Small Mediterranean Catchments: Long-Term Response to Climate Variability and Change
Finite Element Modeling of the Dynamic Properties of Composite Steel–Polymer Concrete Beams
Optimization Model for Biogas Power Plant Feedstock Mixture Considering Feedstock and Transportation Costs Using a Differential Evolution Algorithm
Increased Sensitivity of PBMCs Isolated from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis to DNA Damaging Agents Is Connected with Inefficient DNA Repair
Differential Somatic Cell Count as a Marker for Changes of Milk Composition in Cows with Very Low Somatic Cell Count
Approximate Moment Methods for Population Balance Equations in Particulate and Bioengineering Processes
The Fisher-Rao Distance between Multivariate Normal Distributions: Special Cases, Boundsand Applications
Experimental Validation of a Cascade Control Strategy for Continuously Perfused Animal Cell Cultures
Weight-Reducing Effect of Lactobacillus Plantarum ZJUFT17 Isolated from Sourdough Ecosystem
Osmunda japonica Extract Suppresses Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines by Downregulating NF-κB Activation in Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts Infected with Oral Pathogenic Bacteria
Composite Hemostatic Nonwoven Textiles Based on Hyaluronic Acid, Cellulose, and Etamsylate
Tumor Milieu Controlled by RB Tumor Suppressor
Role of Chitin Deacetylase 1 in the Molting and Metamorphosis of the Cigarette Beetle Lasioderma serricorne
Cloning, Molecular Characterization and Expression Patterns of DMRTC2 Implicated in Germ Cell Development of Male Tibetan Sheep
Synthesis of Dinaphtho[2,3-d:2’,3’-d’]anthra[1,2-b:5,6-b’]dithiophene (DNADT) Derivatives: Effect of Alkyl Chains on Transistor Properties
Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase is Essential for Porcine Adipocyte Differentiation
A Chiral Bis(salicylaldiminato)zinc(II) Complex with Second-Order Nonlinear Optical and Luminescent Properties in Solution
Preparation of Silver/Chitosan Nanofluids Using Selected Plant Extracts: Characterization and Antimicrobial Studies Against Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Potential Mechanism of Abortion in Tobacco sua-Cytoplasmic Male Sterility
A Coil-to-Helix Transition Serves as a Binding Motif for hSNF5 and BAF155 Interaction
Antiproliferative and Antimetastatic Effects of Praeruptorin C on Human Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer through Inactivating ERK/CTSD Signalling Pathways
Exploring Determinants of Consumers’ Platform Usage in “Double Eleven” Shopping Carnival in China: Cognition and Emotion from an Integrated Perspective
Silver Island Film for Enhancing Light Harvesting in Natural Photosynthetic Proteins
Effect of SrTiO3 Nanoparticles in Conductive Polymer on the Thermoelectric Performance for Efficient Thermoelectrics
The Structure, Vibrational Spectra, and Thermal Expansion Study of AVO4 (A=Bi, Fe, Cr) and Co2V2O7
Implementing Supported Self-Management in Community-Based Stroke Care: A Secondary Analysis of Nurses’ Perspectives
Taxonomic, Phylogenetic, and Functional Diversity of Ferns at Three Differently Disturbed Sites in Longnan County, China
Identification of Toxoplasma Gondii Tyrosine Hydroxylase (TH) Activity and Molecular Immunoprotection against Toxoplasmosis
Effects of UV Stabilizers on Polypropylene Outdoors
Silacyclohexanes, Sila(hetero)cyclohexanes and Related Compounds: Structure and Conformational Analysis
Executive Functions and Emotion Regulation in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Borderline Intellectual Disability
Oxidized LDL Modify the Human Adipocyte Phenotype to an Insulin Resistant, Proinflamatory and Proapoptotic Profile
Semi-Supervised FaceGAN for Face-Age Progression and Regression with Synthesized Paired Images
Efficient Hyper-Parameter Selection in Total Variation-Penalised XCT Reconstruction Using Freund and Shapire’s Hedge Approach
Tailoring Surface Chemistry of Sugar-Derived Ordered Mesoporous Carbons towards Efficient Removal of Diclofenac from Aquatic Environments
Tracing Leaf Photosynthetic Parameters Using Hyperspectral Indices in an Alpine Deciduous Forest
Optimal Control Approach to Lambert’s Problem and Gibbs’ Method
Holocene Evolution of the Burano Paleo-Lagoon (Southern Tuscany, Italy)
Low Levels of Serum Tryptophan Underlie Skeletal Muscle Atrophy
Waterborne Coating Binders Based on Self-Crosslinking Acrylic Latex with Embedded Inorganic Nanoparticles: A Comparison of Nanostructured ZnO and MgO as Crosslink Density Enhancing Agents
Thin Film Flow of Couple Stress Magneto-Hydrodynamics Nanofluid with Convective Heat over an Inclined Exponentially Rotating Stretched Surface
Existence of Solutions for a System of Integral Equations Using a Generalization of Darbo’s Fixed Point Theorem
Combined DNase and Proteinase Treatment Interferes with Composition and Structural Integrity of Multispecies Oral Biofilms
Targeted UHPLC–HRMS (Orbitrap) Polyphenolic and Capsaicinoid Profiling for the Chemometric Characterization and Classification of Paprika with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Attributes
Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Self-Crosslinking Acrylate Dispersion Containing Magnesium Nanoparticles and Their Films Exhibiting Antimicrobial Properties
Fabrication of Large Area Ag Gas Diffusion Electrode via Electrodeposition for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
Potential Study of Solar Thermal Cooling in Sub-Mediterranean Climate
The Drivers of Sustainable Apparel and Sportswear Consumption: A Segmented Kano Perspective
Artificial Intelligence, Transport and the Smart City: Definitions and Dimensions of a New Mobility Era
Wound Lavage in Studies on Vital Pulp Therapy of Permanent Teeth with Carious Exposures: A Qualitative Systematic Review
Horse Transport to Three South American Horse Slaughterhouses: A Descriptive Study
Regulation of the Single Polar Flagellar Biogenesis
Sulphur Dioxide Pads Can Reduce Gray Mold While Maintaining the Quality of Clamshell-Packaged ‘BRS Nubia’ Seeded Table Grapes Grown under Protected Cultivation
Master Regulator Analysis of the SARS-CoV-2/Human Interactome
Understanding the Role of the Diagnostic ‘Reflex’ in the Elimination of Human African Trypanosomiasis
Micro-Raman Spectroscopy of Dental Implants Subjected to Different Surface Treatments
Creation of One Excavator as an Obstacle in C-Space for Collision Avoidance during Remote Control of the Two Excavators Using Pose Sensors
Dimensional Errors Due to Overhanging Features in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Parts Made of Ti-6Al-4V
Life Cycle Analysis of a Geothermal Power Plant: Comparison of the Environmental Performance with Other Renewable Energy Systems
On Coefficient Functionals for Functions with Coefficients Bounded by 1
EMS-effect of Exercises with Music on Fatness and Biomarkers of Obese Elderly Women
Facilitating Collaborative Partnerships in Education Policy Research: A Case of Multi-Stakeholder, Co-Investigation for Monitoring and Evaluation of Education for Sustainable Development
Consequences of Anthropic Actions in Cullera Bay (Spain)
Geospatial Response for Innovation in the Wine Industry: Knowledge Creation through Institutional Mobility in China
Handle the Autism Spectrum Condition During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stay At Home period: Ten Tips for Helping Parents and Caregivers of Young Children
Zinc/Silver Particle (Zn/AgP) Composite Coatings: Evaluation of Corrosion in Physiological Environments and Antibacterial Activity against P. aeruginosa
Fluconazole and Lipopeptide Surfactin Interplay During Candida albicans Plasma Membrane and Cell Wall Remodeling Increases Fungal Immune System Exposure
Stability of the Fréchet Equation in Quasi-Banach Spaces
An Effective Simulation Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Multiple Faults
Preparation, Characterization, and In Vitro Evaluation of Resveratrol-Loaded Cellulose Aerogel
The Interplay between Breeding and Thermal Feedback in a Molten Chlorine Fast Reactor
Computation of the Cutoff Wavenumbers of Metallic Waveguides with Symmetries by Using a Nonlinear Eigenproblem Formulation: A Group Theoretical Approach
Structure-Based Site of Metabolism (SOM) Prediction of Ligand for CYP3A4 Enzyme: Comparison of Glide XP and Induced Fit Docking (IFD)
On Some New Results in Graphical Rectangular b-Metric Spaces
Short Circuit Characteristics of PEM Fuel Cells for Grid Integration Applications
Investigation of a CubeSat in Orbit Anomaly through Verification on Ground
Database and Knowledge about Essential Manufacturers of Marine SelfIgnition Engines
Molecular Identification of the “Facciuta Della Valnerina” Local Goat Population Reared in the Umbria Region, Italy
Nicotinic Acid Improves Endurance Performance of Mice Subjected to Treadmill Exercise
Sustainable Cropping Systems
Active, Selective, and Recyclable Zr(SO4)2/SiO2 and Zr(SO4)2/Activated Carbon Solid Acid Catalysts for Esterification of Malic Acid to Dimethyl Malate
Probiotics Alleviate the Progressive Deterioration of Motor Functions in a Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Chlorosubstituted Copper Phthalocyanines: Spectral Study and Structure of Thin Films
Evolution of the Human Chromosome 13 Synteny: Evolutionary Rearrangements, Plasticity, Human Disease Genes and Cancer Breakpoints
Recovering of the Membrane Profile of an Electrostatic Circular MEMS by a Three-Stage Lobatto Procedure: A Convergence Analysis in the Absence of Ghost Solutions
Characteristics of Potential Protein Nutraceuticals of Plant Origin with Antioxidant Activity
Exposure to Decreased pH and Caffeine Affects Hemocyte Parameters in the Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis
Development of Self-Assessment Indicators for Motorcycle Riders in Thailand: Application of the Motorcycle Rider Behavior Questionnaire (MRBQ)
Feeding Agroindustrial Byproducts to Light Lambs: Influence on Growth Performance, Diet Digestibility, Nitrogen Balance, Ruminal Fermentation, and Plasma Metabolites
A Compact Convolutional Neural Network for Surface Defect Inspection
Contact Allergy—Emerging Allergens and Public Health Impact
Potential Risks of Plant Invasions in Protected Areas of Sri Lanka under Climate Change with Special Reference to Threatened Vertebrates
Enhanced Adsorptive Bioremediation of Heavy Metals (Cd2+, Cr6+, Pb2+) by Methane-Oxidizing Epipelon
Portable Ultrasound-Based Device for Detecting Older Adults’ Sit-to-Stand Transitions in Unsupervised 30-Second Chair–Stand Tests
The Core-Clock Gene NR1D1 Impacts Cell Motility In Vitro and Invasiveness in A Zebrafish Xenograft Colon Cancer Model
Adsorption of H2 on Penta-Octa-Penta Graphene: Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Study
Solutions of Extension and Limits of Some Cantorian Paradoxes
Structural Dynamics of the Lipid Antigen-Binding Site of CD1d Protein
Homozygous Splice Site Mutation in ZP1 Causes Familial Oocyte Maturation Defect
Combined Effect of Photocatalyst, Superplasticizer, and Glass Fiber on the Photocatalytic Activity and Technical Parameters of Gypsum
Choline Chloride Based Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents as Extraction Media for Extracting Phenolic Compounds from Chokeberry (Aronia Melanocarpa)
Statistical Evaluation of the Latest GPM-Era IMERG and GSMaP Satellite Precipitation Products in the Yellow River Source Region
Cell Intrinsic and Systemic Metabolism in Tumor Immunity and Immunotherapy
The Awareness and Attitude of Parents towards the Legislation of Child Restraint in Two Cities of China
Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of the Third Order Nonlinear Mixed Type Neutral Differential Equations
Oral Administration System Based on Meloxicam Nanocrystals: Decreased Dose Due to High Bioavailability Attenuates Risk of Gastrointestinal Side Effects
Phytostabilization of Pb-Zn Mine Tailings with Amorpha fruticosa Aided by Organic Amendments and Triple Superphosphate
Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Using An Artificial Neural Network Model
Asymptotic Performance Analysis of Maximum Likelihood Algorithm for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation: Explicit Expression of Estimation Error and Mean Square Error
The Age at Which a Woman Becomes a Mother and Her Satisfaction with the Process of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium
Role of the Neutrophil in the Pathogenesis of Advanced Cancer and Impaired Responsiveness to Therapy
Additive Layer Manufacturing using Metal Deposition
Multi-Term Fractional Degenerate Evolution Equations and Optimal Control Problems
Clusters in Separated Tubes of Tilted Dipoles
Examining Structural Relationships among Brand Experience, Existential Authenticity, and Place Attachment in Slow Tourism Destinations
Religious Identity and Public Pro-Environmental Behavior in China: The Mediating Role of Environmental Risk Perception
Effect of Cross-Frames on Load Distribution of Steel Bridges with Fractured Girder
A Study on Cubic H-Relations in a Topological Universe Viewpoint
Comparative Study of Novel Noninvasive Cerebral Autoregulation Volumetric Reactivity Indices Reflected by Ultrasonic Speed and Attenuation as Dynamic Measurements in the Human Brain
Thoughtfulness and Hospitality: On Refusing Antagonistic Politics at the End of History
A Hybrid Ion-Exchange Fabric/Ceramic Membrane System to Remove As(V), Zn(II), and Turbidity from Wastewater
Dual-Circularly Polarized 60 GHz Beam-Steerable Antenna Array with 8 × 8 Butler Matrix
Is Comparison Based on Translatable Formal Concepts?
Causes of Decline in the Korean Fir Based on Spatial Distribution in the Mt. Halla Region in Korea: A Meta-Analysis
Pattern Recognition in Epileptic EEG Signals via Dynamic Mode Decomposition
Postsecular Plurality in the Middle East: Expanding the Postsecular Approach to a Power Politics of Becoming
Exploratory Analysis of Circulating miRNA Signatures in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Determining Potential Biomarkers to Support Decision-Making in Anticoagulation and Catheter Ablation
The Segregated Intestinal Flow Model (SFM) for Drug Absorption and Drug Metabolism: Implications on Intestinal and Liver Metabolism and Drug–Drug Interactions
Computational Study of Drugs Targeting Nuclear Receptors
Guanxi HRM Practice and Employees’ Occupational Well-Being in China: A Multi-Level Psychological Process
Modified Nanoparticles as Potential Agents in Bone Diseases: Cancer and Implant-Related Complications
Role of Indole Scaffolds as Pharmacophores in the Development of Anti-Lung Cancer Agents
Evaluation of the Functional Performance of Paving Materials Based on the Driving Wheel Pavement Analyzer
The Influence of Local Habitat and Microclimate on the Levels of Secondary Metabolites in Slovak Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) Fruits
Transforaminal Epidural Balloon Adhesiolysis via a Contralateral Interlaminar Retrograde Foraminal Approach: A Retrospective Analysis and Technical Considerations
Effects of Nutrient Limitation on the Synthesis of N-Rich Phytoplankton Toxins: A Meta-Analysis
Possible Role of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Chronification of Inflammation: Focus on Atherosclerosis
Identification of Mosquito Bloodmeals Collected in Diverse Habitats in Malaysian Borneo Using COI Barcoding
Analysis of Energy Poverty in 7 Latin American Countries Using Multidimensional Energy Poverty Index
Ambient-Processed, Additive-Assisted CsPbBr3 Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes with Colloidal NiOx Nanoparticles for Efficient Hole Transporting
512-Channel Geometric Droplet-Splitting Microfluidic Device by Injection of Premixed Emulsion for Microsphere Production
MGD Dirac Stars
Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping and Vessel Wall Imaging as Screening Tools to Detect Microbleed in Sentinel Headache
PLGA Microspheres with Alginate-Coated Large Pores for the Formulation of an Injectable Depot of Donepezil Hydrochloride
Fully Digital Workflow for Planning Static Guided Implant Surgery: A Prospective Accuracy Study
Improving Continuous Variable Quantum Secret Sharing with Weak Coherent States
Modeling of Erosion Response of Cold-Sprayed In718-Ni Composite Coating Using Full Factorial Design
Mesophilic and Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction Separated during Mechanical Heat Treatment of Municipal Waste
Potential Antioxidant and Enzyme Inhibitory Effects of Nanoliposomal Formulation Prepared from Salvia aramiensis Rech. f. Extract
Monoclonal Antibodies as an Antibacterial Approach Against Bacterial Pathogens
Experimental Evidence Reveals Both Cross-Infection and Cross-Contamination Risk of Embryo Storage in Liquid Nitrogen Biobanks
Step-Wise Deposition Process for Dielectrophoretic Formation of Conductive 50-Micron-Long Carbon Nanotube Bridges
Developing a Gap-Filling Algorithm Using DNN for the Ts-VI Triangle Model to Obtain Temporally Continuous Daily Actual Evapotranspiration in an Arid Area of China
Targeting and Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier with Extracellular Vesicles
Gut Microbiota, Its Role in Induction of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology, and Possible Therapeutic Interventions: Special Focus on Anthocyanins
Highly Sensitive and Multiplexed In-Situ Protein Profiling with Cleavable Fluorescent Streptavidin
Associations Between Quality of Life, Psychosocial Well-being and Health-Related Behaviors Among Adolescents in Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai and the Filipino Populations: A Cross-Sectional Survey
SIV Infection and the HIV Proteins Tat and Nef Induce Senescence in Adipose Tissue and Human Adipose Stem Cells, Resulting in Adipocyte Dysfunction
Refining the Spatial Scale for Maize Crop Agro-Climatological Suitability Conditions in an Area with Complex Topography towards a Smart and Sustainable Agriculture. Case Study: Central Romania (Cluj County)
Shaking Rate during Production Affects the Activity of Escherichia coli Surface-Displayed Candida antarctica Lipase A
The Microbiology of Hemp retting in a Controlled Environment: Steering the Hemp Microbiome towards More Consistent Fiber Production
Present Status and Perspective on the Future Use of Aflatoxin Biocontrol Products
Component Profiling of Soy-Sauce-Like Seasoning Produced from Different Raw Materials
δ(2,2)-Invariant for Lagrangian Submanifolds in Quaternionic Space Forms
In vitro Evaluation of The Effects of Cadmium on Endocytic Uptakes of Proteins into Cultured Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells
A Bifunctional Electroactive Ti4O7-Based Membrane System for Highly Efficient Ammonia Decontamination
Platelet-Leukocyte Interplay in Cancer Development and Progression
Epidemiology of Alcohol Misuse and Illicit Drug Use Among Young People Aged 15–24 Years in Fishing Communities in Uganda
Corrosion and Protection of Metals
Moving (Reflexively within) Structures. The Governance of Education for Sustainable Development in Germany
AIBH: Accurate Identification of Brain Hemorrhage Using Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Selection and Stacking
Intent-Based End-to-End Network Service Orchestration System for Multi-Platforms
Variation in Phytoplankton Community Due to an Autumn Typhoon and Winter Water Turbulence in Southern Korean Coastal Waters
Interdependencies of Culture and Functions of Sustainability Governance at Higher Education Institutions
Cloning, Secretory Expression and Characterization of a Unique pH-Stable and Cold-Adapted Alginate Lyase
On The Application of SiO2/SiC Grating on Ag for High-Performance Fiber Optic Plasmonic Sensing of Cortisol Concentration
Three Commonly Utilized Scholarly Databases and a Social Network Site Provide Different, But Related, Metrics of Pharmacy Faculty Publication
Factors that Decrease Sedentary Behavior in Community-Dwelling Elderly People: A Longitudinal Study
The Treatment of Impaired Wound Healing in Diabetes: Looking among Old Drugs
Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Affected by Fertilization Type (Pig Slurry vs. Mineral) and Soil Management in Mediterranean Rice Systems
Performance Comparison of Parametric and Non-Parametric Regression Models for Uncertainty Analysis of Sheet Metal Forming Processes
Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Response Regulator ArsR Exhibit Bactericidal Activity against Helicobacter pylori
Possible Relationship between Long-Term Adverse Health Effects of Gonad-Removing Surgical Sterilization and Luteinizing Hormone in Dogs
Sirt3 Exerts Its Tumor-Suppressive Role by Increasing p53 and Attenuating Response to Estrogen in MCF-7 Cells
Biochar and Rhizobacteria Amendments Improve Several Soil Properties and Bacterial Diversity
Determining the Position of the Brushless DC Motor Rotor
Optimization of Mesa Etch for a Quasi-Vertical GaN Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) by Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and Device Characteristics
Erythropoiesis and Red Cell Indices Undergo Adjustments during Pregnancy in Response to Maternal Body Size but not Inflammation
Novel Blotting Method for Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Metabolites in Strawberry Fruit by Desorption/Ionization Using Through Hole Alumina Membrane
A Comparative Study of (Cd,Zn)S Buffer Layers for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Panels Fabricated by Chemical Bath and Surface Deposition Methods
Green Valorization of Olive Leaves to Produce Polyphenol-Enriched Extracts Using an Environmentally Benign Deep Eutectic Solvent
Electric Bus Selection with Multicriteria Decision Analysis for Green Transportation
Variability of Phytochemicals by Breeding Year, Usage and Seed Size of Korean Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) Varieties
Is an ADHD Observation-Scale Based on DSM Criteria Able to Predict Performance in a Virtual Reality Continuous Performance Test?
Numerical Simulation of the Behavior of Hydrogen Source in a Novel Welding Process to Reduce Diffusible Hydrogen
One-Pot Synthesis of Sulfur-Doped TiO2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite (S-TiO2/rGO) with Improved Photocatalytic Activity for the Removal of Diclofenac from Water
Inundation Analysis of the Oda River Basin in Japan during the Flood Event of 6–7 July 2018 Utilizing Local and Global Hydrographic Data
Rates of Convergence in Laplace’s Integrals and Sums and Conditional Central Limit Theorems
Spheres of Influence: Insights into Salmonella Pathogenesis from Intestinal Organoids
Decoupling of Land Use Intensity and Ecological Environment in Gansu Province, China
The Automation Technique Lab-In-Syringe: A Practical Guide
Biological Evaluation of 3-Benzylidenechromanones and Their Spiropyrazolines-Based Analogues
A Large Piezoelectric Strain Recorded in BCT Ceramics Obtained by a Modified Pechini Method
Evaluation of Popcorn Hybrids for Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Responsiveness
Financing the Sustainable Development Goals
A Class of Equations with Three Solutions
Spark Plasma Sintered B4C—Structural, Thermal, Electrical and Mechanical Properties
Improved Active Interference Canceling Algorithms for Real-Time Protection of 2nd/3rd Level Facilities in Electronic Warfare Environment
Assessing Redundancy in Stormwater Structures Under Hydraulic Design
An Auto-Tuning Continuous-Time Bandpass Sigma-Delta Modulator with Signal Observation for MEMS Gyroscope Readout Systems
Practical Aspects of Upscaling Geocellular Geological Models for Reservoir Fluid Flow Simulations: A Case Study in Integrating Geology, Geophysics, and Petroleum Engineering Multiscale Data from the Hunton Group
Study of the Quality Parameters and the Antioxidant Capacity for the FTIR-Chemometric Differentiation of Pistacia Vera Oils
Pharmacist-led Medication Counseling for Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Path to Better Adherence
Water Level Decline in a Reservoir: Implications for Water Quality Variation and Pollution Source Identification
Host Plants Influence the Symbiont Diversity of Eriosomatinae (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
Attenuation of the Hypoxia Inducible Factor Pathway after Oncolytic Adenovirus Infection Coincides with Decreased Vessel Perfusion
Effect of Two Meal Replacement strategies on Cardiovascular Risk Parameters in Advanced Age Patients with Obesity and Osteoarthritis
Highly Efficient Photo-Degradation of Gaseous Organic Pollutants Catalyzed by Diatomite-Supported Titanium Dioxide
L-Glucose: Another Path to Cancer Cells
Effect of Pressure on Na0.5La0.5Ni0.3Al0.7O2.5 Perovskite Catalyst for Dry Reforming of CH4
Engineered Durum Wheat Germplasm with Multiple Alien Introgressions: Agronomic and Quality Performance
Carbapenem-Resistant but Cephalosporin-Susceptible Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Urinary Tract Infections: Opportunity for Colistin Sparing
The Costs, Benefits and Human Behaviours for Antimicrobial Use in Small Commercial Broiler Chicken Systems in Indonesia
A Computer Vision Based Conveyor Deviation Detection System
Bioactive Properties of Nanofibres Based on Concentrated Collagen Hydrolysate Loaded with Thyme and Oregano Essential Oils
Microbiological Stability and Overall Quality of Ready-to-Heat Meals Based on Traditional Recipes of the Basilicata Region
Multisensory Flavour Perception: Blending, Mixing, Fusion, and Pairing Within and Between the Senses
A Dynamic Adjustment Model of Cruising Taxicab Fleet Size Combined the Operating and Flied Survey Data
Effect of Biogas Digestate and Mineral Fertilisation on the Soil Properties and Yield and Nutritional Value of Switchgrass Forage
Object Investigation of Industrial Heritage: The Forging and Metallurgy Shop in Taipei Railway Workshop
Determinants of Economic Farm-Size–Efficiency Relationship in Smallholder Maize Farms in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
The Management of Agricultural Waste Biomass in the Framework of Circular Economy and Bioeconomy: An Opportunity for Greenhouse Agriculture in Southeast Spain
Comparative Effects of Stovers of Four Varieties of Common Vetch on Growth Performance, Ruminal Fermentation, and Nutrient Digestibility of Growing Lambs
Laser Welding on Cerclage Wire Joining in Femur Surgery
Self-Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanosheets Modification of Anodes for Improving Microbial Fuel Cells’ Performance
Analysis of Priority Scale for Watershed Reforestation Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy VIKOR Method: A Case Study in Semarang, Central Java Indonesia
Issues and Opportunities Associated with Trophy Hunting and Tourism in Khunjerab National Park, Northern Pakistan
Automatic Classification of Web Images as UML Static Diagrams Using Machine Learning Techniques
Factors Governing Total and Permanganate Oxidizable C Pools in Agricultural Soils from Southern Italy
Case Reports Are the Starting Point to Medical Science
The Chitosan Implementation into Cotton and Polyester/Cotton Blend Fabrics
Estimation of the Lateral Dynamic Displacement of High-Rise Buildings under Wind Load Based on Fusion of a Remote Sensing Vibrometer and an Inclinometer
Detailed Molecular and Structural Analysis of Dual Emitter IrQ(ppy)2 Complex
Air Quality Prediction in Smart Cities Using Machine Learning Technologies Based on Sensor Data: A Review
Viruses of Respiratory Tract: an Observational Retrospective Study on Hospitalized Patients in Rome, Italy
Microfluidic Devices for Biomedical Applications: Biomedical Microfluidic Devices 2019
New Downscaling Approach Using ESA CCI SM Products for Obtaining High Resolution Surface Soil Moisture
Salivary Cortisol Interactions in Search and Rescue Dogs and their Handlers
Detection of Anomaly in a Pretensioned Bolted Beam-To-Column Connection Node Using Digital Image Correlation and Neural Networks
Preparation, Characteristics, and Application of Bifunctional TiO2 Sheets
Beyond the Wall: Death Education at Middle School as Suicide Prevention
Spatial-Temporal Evolution and Driving Factors of Green Building Development in China
Choline-Based Ionic Liquids-Incorporated IRMOF-1 for H2S/CH4?Capture: Insight from Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Efficiency Gap Caused by the Input Data in Evaluating Energy Efficiency of Low-Income Households’ Energy Retrofit Program
Integration of Hydrogen into Multi-Energy Systems Optimisation
Tendency of Runoff and Sediment Variety and Multiple Time Scale Wavelet Analysis in Hongze Lake during 1975–2015
A New Power Sharing Scheme of Multiple Microgrids and an Iterative Pairing-Based Scheduling Method
PET Fibers Modified with Cloisite Nanoclay
Characterisation of a High-Performance Al–Zn–Mg–Cu Alloy Designed for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Validation of GreenH2armony? as a Tool for the Computation of Harmonised Life-Cycle Indicators of Hydrogen
A Comprehensive Review: Materials for the Fabrication of Optical Fiber Refractometers Based on Lossy Mode Resonance
Bio-Based Polymers for Engineered Green Materials
The Implication of Fiscal Principles and Rules on Promoting Sustainable Public Finances in the EU Countries
Relationship between Rural Settlements’ Plant Communities and Environmental Factors in Hilly Area of Southeast China
The Development of a Decision Support Model for Eco-Friendly Material Selection in Vietnam
Porous Carbon Materials Obtained by the Hydrothermal Carbonization of Orange Juice
Dynamic Expression of Long Non-Coding RNAs Throughout Parasite Sexual and Neural Maturation in Schistosoma japonicum
Learning a Path from Real Navigation: The Advantage of Initial View, Cardinal North and Visuo-Spatial Ability
Microstructure and Wear Behavior of Laser Cladded Ni45 + High-Carbon Ferrochrome Composite Coatings
Herbicide Resistance in Plants
A Statistical Study on the Development of Metronidazole-Chitosan-Alginate Nanocomposite Formulation Using the Full Factorial Design
Synthesis, Structure, Morphology, and Luminescent Properties of Ba2MgWO6: Eu3+ Double Perovskite Obtained by a Novel Co-Precipitation Method
Potential Adverse Public Health Effects Afforded by the Ingestion of Dietary Lipid Oxidation Product Toxins: Significance of Fried Food Sources
“Argento Deaurato” or “Argento Biancheggiato”? A Rare and Interesting Case of Silver Background in Italian Painting of the XIII Century
An Efficient Superframe Structure with Optimal Bandwidth Utilization and Reduced Delay for Internet of Things Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Diminished Vitamin D Receptor Protein Levels in Crohn’s Disease Fibroblasts: Effects of Vitamin D
Influence of Electropulsing Treatments on Mechanical Properties of UNS S32750 Duplex Stainless Steel
Gluon Propagators in QC2D at High Baryon Density
Dendritic Scaffold onto Titanium Implants. A Versatile Strategy Increasing Biocompatibility
Palm Date Leaf Clipping: A New Method to Reduce PAPR in OFDM Systems
A New Method of Identifying the Limit Condition of Injection Pump Wear in Self-Ignition Engines
Chitosan-Based Agronanochemicals as a Sustainable Alternative in Crop Protection
Fracturing and Damage of 3D-Printed Materials with Two Intermittent Fissures under Compression
What Is the Effect of Using Mobile Augmented Reality in K12 Inquiry-Based Learning?
High-Rate Layered Cathode of Lithium-Ion Batteries through Regulating Three-Dimensional Agglomerated Structure
Remote Monitoring of Floating Covers Using UAV Photogrammetry
Optimizing High Pressure Processing Parameters to Produce Milkshakes Using Chokeberry Pomace
Total Syntheses of Marrubiin and Related Labdane Diterpene Lactones
Cognitive Function and Mortality: Results from Kaunas HAPIEE Study 2006–2017
Exogenous Brassinolide Enhances the Growth and Cold Resistance of Maize (Zea mays L.) Seedlings under Chilling Stress
A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Novel Triple-Cuffed Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tubes with Conventional Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tubes for Lung Isolation
Big Data for Natural Disasters in an Urban Railroad Neighborhood: A Systematic Review
A Heuristic Solution Method for Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing-Based Waste Collection Problems
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Lignocellulosic Bio-Oils: The Potential of Fuel Upgrading and Chemical Recovery
A National, Palliative Care Competency Framework for Undergraduate Medical Curricula
Observational Multicenter Study on the Prognostic Relevance of Coagulation Activation in Risk Assessment and Stratification in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer. Outline of the ARIAS Trial
Effect of Temperature on the Composition of a Synthetic Hydrocarbon Aviation Lubricating Oil
Antibacterial Properties of Triethoxysilylpropyl Succinic Anhydride Silane (TESPSA) on Titanium Dental Implants
Metabolomic Analysis of Cricket paralysis virus Infection in Drosophila S2 Cells Reveals Divergent Effects on Central Carbon Metabolism as Compared with Silkworm Bm5 Cells
Systemic Review of Biodegradable Nanomaterials in Nanomedicine
Observed Characteristics and Modeled Emissions of Transit Buses on Ramps
The Influence of Bleeding of Cement Suspensions on Their Rheological Properties
Effects of Mixtures of Engineered Nanoparticles and Metallic Pollutants on Aquatic Organisms
Binary Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
Gaia DR2 Distances to Planetary Nebulae
Molecular Hydrogen Microstructures in Planetary Nebulae
Multi-Time Scale Optimization Scheduling Strategy for Combined Heat and Power System Based on Scenario Method
Introgression of Two Quantitative Trait Loci for Stripe Rust Resistance into Three Chinese Wheat Cultivars
On the Use of the Coaxial Cylinders Equivalence for the Measurement of Viscosity in Complex Non-Viscometric, Rotational Geometries
Study of Xoconostle (Opuntia spp.) Powder as Source of Dietary Fiber and Antioxidants
Real-Time Data and Flood Forecasting in Tagus Basin. A Case Study: Rosarito and El Burguillo Reservoirs from 8th to 12th March, 2018
Suppression of nbe-miR1919c-5p Expression in Nicotiana benthamiana Enhances Tobacco Curly Shoot Virus and Its Betasatellite Co-Infection
A Hybrid Nonlinear Forecasting Strategy for Short-Term Wind Speed
Transcriptome Analysis of ‘Haegeum’ Gold Kiwifruit Following Ethylene Treatment to Improve Postharvest Ripening Quality
A Study of the Properties of the QCD Phase Diagram in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions
Enhancing Mixing and Thermal Management of Recycled Carbon Composite Systems by Torsion-Induced Phase-to-Phase Thermal and Molecular Mobility
Expanding the Role of Biodiversity in Laypeople’s Lives: The View of Communicators
Ideal Oscillation of a Hydrogenated Deformable Rotor in a Gigahertz Rotation–Translation Nanoconverter at Low Temperatures
Mainstreaming Energy Communities in the Transition to a Low-Carbon Future: A Methodological Approach
Secure Key Establishment Mechanism for Smart Sensing System Based Robots Network
Properties and Composition of Magnetized Nuclei
An Improved Model for the Evaluation of Groundwater Recharge Based on the Concept of Conservative Use Potential: A Study in the River Pandeiros Watershed, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Flaxseed Enriched Pasta—Chemical Composition and Cooking Quality
A Host-Specific Blocking Primer Combined with Optimal DNA Extraction Improves the Detection Capability of a Metabarcoding Protocol for Canine Vector-Borne Bacteria
Inventory and Evolution of Mitochondrion-localized Family A DNA Polymerases in Euglenozoa
A Novel Exergy Indicator for Maximizing Energy Utilization in Low-Temperature ORC
Superhydrophobic Coatings Based on Siloxane Resin and Calcium Hydroxide Nanoparticles for Marble Protection
The Selection of Rain Gauges and Rainfall Parameters in Estimating Intensity-Duration Thresholds for Landslide Occurrence: Case Study from Wayanad (India)
Thermoplastic Elastomeric Composites Filled with Lignocellulose Bioadditives, Part 2: Flammability, Thermo-Oxidative Aging Resistance, Mechanical and Barrier Properties
Ingestion of Novaluron Elicits Transovarial Activity in Stephanitis pyrioides (Hemiptera: Tingidae)
Water Network Partitioning into District Metered Areas: A State-Of-The-Art Review
Movement in High School: Proportion of Chinese Adolescents Meeting 24-Hour Movement Guidelines
Effect of Suction and Discharge Conditions on the Unsteady Flow Phenomena of Axial-Flow Reactor Coolant Pump
Ensemble Deep Learning for Multilabel Binary Classification of User-Generated Content
Authentication-Based Secure Data Dissemination Protocol and Framework for 5G-Enabled VANET
Experimental Study of Airfoil Leading Edge Combs for Turbulence Interaction Noise Reduction
Flux Single Crystal Growth of BaFe12?xTixO19 with Titanium Gradient
Non-Rotationally Symmetric Field Mapping for Back-Scanned Step/Stare Imaging System
Successive Passage In Vitro Led to Lower Virulence and Higher Titer of A Variant Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus
High Frequency Resonance Damping Method for Voltage Source Converter Based on Voltage Feedforward Control
A Virtual Negative Resistor Based Common Mode Current Resonance Suppression Method for Three-Level Grid-Tied Inverter with Discontinuous PWM
IL-2 and Mycobacterial Lipoarabinomannan as Targets of Immune Responses in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Editorial for the Special Issue on Organs-on-Chips
High Temperature Behavior of RuAl Thin Films on Piezoelectric CTGS and LGS Substrates
Response of Nitrogen Metabolism in Masson Pine Needles to Elevated CO2
Lithographically-Fabricated HA-Incorporated PCL Nanopatterned Patch for Tissue Engineering
Analysis of Agricultural Drought Using Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration in a Data-Scarce Catchment
A Carbon Nanotube–Metal Oxide Hybrid Material for Visible-Blind Flexible UV-Sensor
Ajmalicine and Reserpine: Indole Alkaloids as Multi-Target Directed Ligands Towards Factors Implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease
Diversity, Function and Regulation of Cell Surface and Intracellular Immune Receptors in Solanaceae
Stakeholders’ Perspectives for the Development of a Point-of-Care Diagnostics Curriculum in Rural Primary Clinics in South Africa—Nominal Group Technique
Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Emitted by High-Power Charging Systems
Surface and Microstructure Analysis of CoCrPt Film on RuCoCrX (X = Ti, Re) Intermediate Layers
Two New Asymmetric Boolean Chaos Oscillators with No Dependence on Incommensurate Time-Delays and Their Circuit Implementation
Nanopore Sequencing of a Forensic STR Multiplex Reveals Loci Suitable for Single-Contributor STR Profiling
Sol-Gel and Layer-by-Layer Coatings for Flame-Retardant Cotton Fabrics: Recent Advances
Comparison between Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Coating and Sandblasted Acid-Etched Surface Treatment: Histometric, Tomographic, and Expression Levels of Osteoclastogenic Factors in Osteoporotic Rats
Do People Drive Light Cars Carefully? A Comparative Study of Risky Driving Behaviors between Light Cars and Others
Use of Molecular Gut Content Analysis to Decipher the Range of Food Plants of the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula
Fabricate of High-Strength and High-Conductivity Cu–Cr–Si Alloys through ECAP-Bc and Aging Heat Treatment
Turbulence Modeling Insights into Supercritical Nitrogen Mixing Layers
Comparison of Post-Exercise Hypotension Responses in Paralympic Powerlifting Athletes after Completing Two Bench Press Training Intensities
A Cylinder-Type Multimodal Traveling Wave Piezoelectric Actuator
Evaluation of Automatic Facial Wrinkle Detection Algorithms
Wildlife Diversity and Relative Abundance Among a Variety of Adjacent Protected Areas in the Northern Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica
Environmental Application of Ash from Incinerated Biomass
Development and Application of a Pre-Corrected Fast Fourier Transform Accelerated Multi-Layer Boundary Element Method for the Simulation of Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation
On the Impact of the Rules on Autonomous Drive Learning
Between Yerushalayim DeLita and Jerusalem—The Memorial Inscription from the Bimah of the Great Synagogue of Vilna
Special Issue: Civil and Military Airworthiness: Recent Developments and Challenges
A Holey Graphene Additive for Boosting Performance of Electric Double-Layer Supercapacitors
Family History: Fact Versus Fiction
Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Greenhouse Tomato Yield and Aerial Dry Matter
Parametric Model for Kitchen Product Based on Cubic T-Bézier Curves with Symmetry
Detection of Driving Capability Degradation for Human-Machine Cooperative Driving
A Negotiation Approach to Support the Strategies Alignment Process in Collaborative Networks
The Soundscape Indices (SSID) Protocol: A Method for Urban Soundscape Surveys—Questionnaires with Acoustical and Contextual Information
Application of an Institutional Assessment and Design (IAD)-Enhanced Integrated Regional Energy Policy and Planning (IREPP) Framework to Island States
“My Daddy…He Was a Good Man”: Gendered Genealogies and Memories of Enslaved Fatherhood in America’s Antebellum South
Digital Entrepreneurship and its Role in Innovation Systems: A Systematic Literature Review as a Basis for Future Research Avenues for Sustainable Transitions
Scribing Method for Carbon Perovskite Solar Modules
Diatoms in Paleoenvironmental Studies of Peatlands
Histone Methyltransferase DOT1L Is Involved in Larval Molting and Second Stage Nymphal Feeding in Ornithodoros moubata
Black Hole Algorithm for Sustainable Design of Counterfort Retaining Walls
Sustainability by High–Speed Rail: The Reduction Mechanisms of Transportation Infrastructure on Haze Pollution
Childhood Eating and Feeding Disturbances
Analysis of Volume Distribution and Evaluation of the Spraying Spectrum in Terms of Spraying Quality
Estrogen Signaling Induces Mitochondrial Dysfunction-Associated Autophagy and Senescence in Breast Cancer Cells
Towards Intensive Co-operated Agribusiness: A Gender-Based Comparative Borich Needs Assessment Model Analysis of Beef Cattle Farmers in Eswatini
Container Color and Compost Substrate Affect Root Zone Temperature and Growth of “Green Giant” Arborvitae
New HVAC Sustainability Index—TWI (Total Water Impact)
TRPCs: Influential Mediators in Skeletal Muscle
Determining the Load Inertia Contribution from Different Power Consumer Groups
Surgical Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures: A Brief Review
Computer Simulation and Iterative Algorithm for Approximate Solving of Initial Value Problem for Riemann-Liouville Fractional Delay Differential Equations
Symmetrical Rank-Three Vectorized Loading Scores Quasi-Newton for Identification of Hydrogeological Parameters and Spatiotemporal Recharges
Comparative Hydrodynamic Analysis by Using Two?Dimensional Models and Application to a New Bridge
Head-Mounted Display-Based Microscopic Imaging System with Customizable Field Size and Viewpoint
The Contours of State Retreat from Collaborative Environmental Governance under Austerity
Novel Micro-Mesoporous Composite ZSM-5 Catalyst for Aromatics Production by Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Lignin Residues
Functional Beverages in Selected Countries of Asia Pacific Region: A Review
Perceptions of Harmfulness of Heated Tobacco Products Compared to Combustible Cigarettes among Adult Smokers in Japan: Findings from the 2018 ITC Japan Survey
On Geodesic Behavior of Some Special Curves
Technology, Value Co-Creation and Innovation in Service Ecosystems: Toward Sustainable Co-Innovation
Catalysis Mediated by 2D Black Phosphorus Either Pristine or Decorated with Transition Metals Species
Ultramarathon Plasma Metabolomics: Phosphatidylcholine Levels Associated with Running Performance
Challenges to a Rights-Based Approach in Sexual Health Policy: A Comparative Study of Turkey and England
How Colonial Power, Colonized People, and Nature Shaped Hansen’s Disease Settlements in Suriname
Application of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Evaluating the Quality of Fish Fillets
Regarding Smart Cities in China, the North and Emerging Economies—One Size Does Not Fit All
Caffeine and Cisplatin Effectively Targets the Metabolism of a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Line Assessed via Phasor-FLIM
Numerical Investigations on Wave Remote Sensing from Synthetic X-Band Radar Sea Clutter Images by Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Flood Control Versus Water Conservation in Reservoirs: A New Policy to Allocate Available Storage
Investigate the Applicability of CMADS and CFSR Reanalysis in Northeast China
The Influence of 24-Hour Sleep Deprivation on the Strength of Lower Limb Muscles in Young and Physically Fit Women and Men
Characterization of Pediatric Seizures in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
An Experimental Analysis of Soybean Straw Combustion on Both CO and NOX Emission Characteristics in a Tubular Furnace
Indirect Assessment of Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Content in Professional Soccer Players before and after a Match through a Non-Invasive Ultrasound Technology
The Timely Needs for Infantile Onset Pompe Disease Newborn Screening—Practice in Taiwan
A Devil of a Transmissible Cancer
Passivity-Based Control Design for Magnetic Levitation System
A Longitudinal Study of the Antioxidant Barrier and Oxidative Stress in Morbidly Obese Patients after Bariatric Surgery. Does the Metabolic Syndrome Affect the Redox Homeostasis of Obese People?
Efficiency and Survivability of a Floating Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter Moored to the Seabed: An Overview of the EsflOWC MaRINET2 Database
Inertial Extra-Gradient Method for Solving a Family of Strongly Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems in Real Hilbert Spaces with Application in Variational Inequality Problem
Teosinte (Dioon mejiae) Flour: Nutritional and Physicochemical Characterization of the Seed Flour of the Living Fossil in Honduras
Location Suitability for Small Reservoirs at the Bodri-Kuto River Basin Based on Spatial Monthly SPI
From Megawatts to Kilowatts: A Review of Small Wind Turbine Applications, Lessons From The US to Brazil
A Specific Inflammatory Profile Underlying Suicide Risk? Systematic Review of the Main Literature Findings
On the Pricing of Urban Rail Transit with Track Sharing Freight Service
Techno-Economic Optimization of an Off-Grid Solar/Wind/Battery Hybrid System with a Novel Multi-Objective Differential Evolution Algorithm
Characterization of Carbonic Anhydrase In Vivo Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
A Method of Navigational Information Display Using Augmented Virtuality
Ulam’s Type Stability and Generalized Norms
Influence of Logos on Social Attitudes toward the Landscape of Protected Areas: The Case of National and Natural Parks in Spain
Effect of Adhesion on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Glass Fiber Composites, Based on Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Powders with Various Initial Particle Sizes
Understanding Fields by Remote Sensing: Soil Zoning and Property Mapping
Reactive Pulsed Laser Deposition of Clustered-Type MoSx (x ~ 2, 3, and 4) Films and Their Solid Lubricant Properties at Low Temperature
Contrasting PTH Response of Denosumab Use in Dialysis Patients: A Report of 2 Cases
Efficiency, Profitability and Carbon Footprint of Different Management Programs under No-Till to Control Herbicide Resistant Papaver rhoeas
The Treasure Vault Can be Opened: Large-Scale Genome Skimming Works Well Using Herbarium and Silica Gel Dried Material
Research on the Combined Control Strategy of Low Temperature Charging and Heating of Lithium-Ion Power Battery Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Control
Exogenous Ascorbic Acid Induced Chilling Tolerance in Tomato Plants Through Modulating Metabolism, Osmolytes, Antioxidants, and Transcriptional Regulation of Catalase and Heat Shock Proteins
Antiplasticization of Polymer Materials: Structural Aspects and Effects on Mechanical and Diffusion-Controlled Properties
Differences of Regulative Flexibility between Hydrological Isolated and Connected Lakes in a Large Floodplain: Insight from Inundation Dynamics and Landscape Heterogeneity
Go Wider: An Efficient Neural Network for Point Cloud Analysis via Group Convolutions
Recipe of Lightweight Slurry with High Early Strength of the Resultant Cement Sheath
Biofunctionalization of Textile Materials. 2. Antimicrobial Modification of Poly(lactide) (PLA) Nonwoven Fabricsby Fosfomycin
Theory of Flexible Polymer Networks: Elasticity and Heterogeneities
Synergistic Effect of Maleated Natural Rubber and Modified Palm Stearin as Dual Compatibilizers in Composites based on Natural Rubber and Halloysite Nanotubes
Influence of Mushroom Polysaccharide, Nano-Copper, Copper Loaded Chitosan, and Lysozyme on Intestinal Barrier and Immunity of LPS-mediated Yellow-Feathered Chickens
Scrub Typhus: Historic Perspective and Current Status of the Worldwide Presence of Orientia Species
The Concept of Sustainability in the Romanian Top Universities’ Strategic Plans
Study of Directional Declustering for Estimating Extreme Wave Heights in the Yellow Sea
Using a Spatially Explicit Approach to Assess the Contribution of Livestock Manure to Minnesota’s Agricultural Nitrogen Budget
Parallel Spatial-Data Conversion Engine: Enabling Fast Sharing of Massive Geospatial Data
Lactational Transfer of Long-Chain Perfluorinated Carboxylic Acids in Mice: A Method to Directly Collect Milk and Evaluate Chemical Transferability
Analysis and Mitigation of Sub-Synchronous Resonance for Doubly Fed Induction Generator under VSG Control
Interhemispheric Functional Connectivity in the Primary Motor Cortex Assessed by Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Aids Long-Term Recovery Prediction among Subacute Stroke Patients with Severe Hand Weakness
Properties and Skin Compatibility of Films Based on Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA) Bionanocomposites Incorporating Chitin Nanofibrils (CN)
Mitochondrial Functioning and Its Relation to Higher-Order Cognitive Processes
Collaborative Optimization of Density and Surface Roughness of 316L Stainless Steel in Selective Laser Melting
Impact of Tea and Coffee Consumption on Cognitive Performance: An fNIRS and EDA Study
Arthroscopy-Assisted Corrective Osteotomy, Reduction, Internal Fixation and Strut Allograft Augmentation for Tibial Plateau Malunion or Nonunion
The Outcome of Distal Radius Fractures with Concomitant Injuries Is Similar to those of Isolated Distal Radius Fractures Provided that an Arthroscopically Supported Treatment Is Performed
Data-Oriented Constitutive Modeling of Plasticity in Metals
Anti-Thrombotic, Anti-Oxidant and Haemolysis Activities of Six Edible Insect Species
Changes in Leaf Structure and Chemical Compositions Investigated by FTIR Are Correlated with Different Low Potassium Adaptation of Two Cotton Genotypes
Folded Spiral Resonator with Double-Layered Structure for Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer
Gbx1 and Gbx2 Are Essential for Normal Patterning and Development of Interneurons and Motor Neurons in the Embryonic Spinal Cord
Structural and Functional Analysis of PGRP-LC Indicates Exclusive Dap-Type PGN Binding in Bumblebees
Methodology for Analysis of Electric Distribution Network Criticality Due to Direct Lightning Discharges
Intensity of Bilateral Contacts in Social Network Analysis
Testing Relativistic Time Dilation beyond the Weak-Field Post-Newtonian Approximation
Titanite-Containing Mineral Compositions and Their Chemical Treatment with Preparation of Functional Materials
Influence of Skull Fracture on Traumatic Brain Injury Risk Induced by Blunt Impact
Thermoplastic Elastomeric Composites Filled with Lignocellulose Bioadditives. Part 1: Morphology, Processing, Thermal and Rheological Properties
Silicon and Plant–Animal Interactions: Towards an Evolutionary Framework
Analysis and Design of Rateless Two-way Relay Networks Based on a Multiply-and-Forward Scheme
Self-Selected Pacing During a World Record Attempt in 40 Ironman-Distance Triathlons in 40 Days
Applications of Nanotechnology in Sensor-Based Detection of Foodborne Pathogens
Multi-Level-Phase Deep Learning Using Divide-and-Conquer for Scaffolding Safety
The Effect of Sprouting in Lentil (Lens culinaris) Nutritional and Microbiological Profile
Perception of Old Age by the Inhabitants of Poland
Technical, Economic, and Environmental Assessment of a Collective Integrated Treatment System for Energy Recovery and Nutrient Removal from Livestock Manure
ContextPCA: Predicting Context-Aware Smartphone Apps Usage Based On Machine Learning Techniques
Determinants of Individuals’ E-Waste Recycling Decision: A Case Study from Romania
Iron-Catalyzed Synthesis, Structure, and Photophysical Properties of Tetraarylnaphthidines
Mapping Maize Cropping Patterns in Dak Lak, Vietnam Through MODIS EVI Time Series
“An Important Part of Who I am”: The Predictors of Dietary Adherence among Weight-Loss, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, and Gluten-Free Dietary Groups
China’s Carbon Pricing Based on Heterogeneous Tail Distribution
Exploring Factors Linked to the Mathematics Achievement of Ethnic Minority Students in China for Sustainable Development: A Multilevel Modeling Analysis
Time Series RNA-seq in Pigeonpea Revealed the Core Genes in Metabolic Pathways under Aluminum Stress
Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine: Metabolic and Homeostatic Properties beyond the Extracellular Matrix Structure
Prevention of Seabed Subsidence of Class-1 Gas Hydrate Deposits via CO2-EGR: A Numerical Study with Coupled Geomechanics-Hydrate Reaction-Multiphase Fluid Flow Model
Facile Preparation of BaClxFy for the Catalytic Dehydrochlorination of 1-Chloro-1,1-Difluoroethane to Vinylidene Fluoride
Metals in Hydrogen Technology
FE Analyses of Hyperelastic Solids under Large Bending: The Role of the Searle Parameter and Eulerian Slenderness
Application of Bottom Ash as Filter Media for Construction Site Runoff Control
The Relationship Exploration between Public Migration Attention and Population Migration from a Perspective of Search Query
Osteoblastic Differentiation on Graphene Oxide-Functionalized Titanium Surfaces: An In Vitro Study
Predictive Power Control of Novel N*3-phase PM Energy Storage Motor for Urban Rail Transit
Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation by Optimized Plasmonic Hot Electron Injection in Structure-Adjustable Au-ZnO Hybrids
Applications of Triple Active Bridge Converter for Future Grid and Integrated Energy Systems
Recent Advances in Printed Capacitive Sensors
Lipid Production from Amino Acid Wastes by the Oleaginous Yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides
Design of A High Performance Zeolite/Polyimide Composite Separator for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Numerical Simulation of Local Climate Zone Cooling Achieved through Modification of Trees, Albedo and Green Roofs—A Case Study of Changsha, China
Botanicals in Functional Foods and Food Supplements: Tradition, Efficacy and Regulatory Aspects
Adaptive and Productive Sheep Breed for Changing Climate
Poly (Ethylene Oxide)-Based Block Copolymer Electrolytes Formed via Ligand-Free Iron-Mediated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Assessing Urban Risk to Extreme Heat in China
The Perspective of Total Lighting as a Key Factor to Increase the Sustainability of Strategic Activities
Visible Light-Induced Homolytic Cleavage of Perfluoroalkyl Iodides Mediated by Phosphines
Deficit and Recovery of Deep Soil Water Following a Full Cycle of Afforestation and Deforestation of Apple Trees on the Loess Plateau, China
Transcriptome Sequencing and Differential Expression Analysis Reveal Molecular Mechanisms for Starch Accumulation in Chestnut
Characterizing Variations in the Indoor Temperature and Humidity of Guest Rooms with an Occupancy-Based Climate Control Technology
A Methodology for Predicting Aggregate Flight Departure Delays in Airports Based on Supervised Learning
Blood Phosphorus Concentration as an Indicator of Phosphorus Deficiency in Growing Cattle
Perception of Older Adults about Health-Related Functionality of Foods Compared with Other Age Groups
Local Management System of Dragon’s Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnabari Balf. f.) Resin in Firmihin Forest, Socotra Island, Yemen
Rhus coriaria L. Fruit Extract Prevents UV-A-Induced Genotoxicity and Oxidative Injury in Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells
Key Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Implementation and Scale up of HIV Self-Testing in Rwanda
Inhibiting the Segregation of Germanium in Silver Nanolayers
Nematicidal Amendments and Soil Remediation
Effects of Nanoparticle Additives on Spray Characteristics of Liquid Jets in Gaseous Crossflow
High Technology Readiness Level Techniques for Brushless Direct Current Motors Failures Detection: A Systematic Review
Communicating Simulation Outputs of Mesoscale Coastal Evolution to Specialist and Non-Specialist Audiences
Validation of an Automated Quantitative Digital Pathology Approach for Scoring TMEM, a Prognostic Biomarker for Metastasis
Curcumin and Endometriosis
Identification and Regulation of Interleukin-17 (IL-17) Family Ligands in the Teleost Fish European Sea Bass
Separation of New Coumarin Glycosides from Toddalia asiatica Using Offline Two-Dimensional High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Separate and Synergic Effects of Lactobacillus uvarum LUHSS245 and Arabinogalactan on the In Vitro Antimicrobial Properties as Well as on the Fecal and Metabolic Profile of Newborn Calves
Colorectal Polyp Prevalence According to Alcohol Consumption, Smoking and Obesity
Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Mothers with a History of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Based on Postpartal Expression Profile of MicroRNAs Associated with Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases
Lactotransferrin Downregulation Drives the Metastatic Progression in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
Morphologic and Genomic Heterogeneity in the Evolution and Progression of Breast Cancer
The Influence of Different Levels of Cognitive Engagement on the Seated Postural Sway
Multiscale Eulerian CFD of Chemical Processes: A Review
Growth of Single-crystal Cd0.9Zn0.1Te Ingots using Pressure Controlled Bridgman Method
An Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Circle Model and Extreme Learning Machine
Current Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches to Cytomegalovirus Infections in Ulcerative Colitis Patients Based on Clinical and Basic Research Data
Carbon Balance under Organic Amendments in the Wheat-Maize Cropping Systems of Sloppy Upland Soil
Compound Phenotype Due to Recessive Variants in LARP7 and OTOG Genes Disclosed by an Integrated Approach of SNP-Array and Whole Exome Sequencing
Analysis of the Academic Literature on Environmental Valuation
Increasing the Genetic Diagnosis Yield in Inherited Retinal Dystrophies: Assigning Pathogenicity to Novel Non-canonical Splice Site Variants
The Avalanche of Les Fonts d’Arinsal (Andorra): An Example of a Pure Powder, Dry Snow Avalanche
Enhancing Pharmaceutical Packaging through a Technology Ecosystem to Facilitate the Reuse of Medicines and Reduce Medicinal Waste
A Novel Autoencoder with Dynamic Feature Enhanced Factor for Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine
An Overview of FIR Filter Design in Future Multicarrier Communication Systems
Bacterial Factors Targeting the Nucleus: The Growing Family of Nucleomodulins
Human Melanoma-Cell Metabolic Profiling: Identification of Novel Biomarkers Indicating Metastasis
Plasma and Tissue Specific miRNA Expression Pattern and Functional Analysis Associated to Colorectal Cancer Patients
Facilitating Consumers Choice of Healthier Foods: A Comparison of Different Front-of-Package Labelling Schemes Using Slovenian Food Supply Database
Safety of Aflibercept in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: A Literature Review and Expert Perspective on Clinical and Real-World Data
Progesterone-Calcitriol Combination Enhanced Cytotoxicity of Cisplatin in Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Cells In Vitro
Movidea: A Software Package for Automatic Video Analysis of Movements in Infants at Risk for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Combination Treatment with Cold Physical Plasma and Pulsed Electric Fields Augments ROS Production and Cytotoxicity in Lymphoma
Adipose Tissue and FoxO1: Bridging Physiology and Mechanisms
Acid Sphingomyelinase Downregulation Enhances Mitochondrial Fusion and Promotes Oxidative Metabolism in a Mouse Model of Melanoma
Effects of Forest Composition and Disturbance on Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Spore Density, Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Root Colonization and Soil Carbon Stocks in a Dry Afromontane Forest in Northern Ethiopia
Salmon Louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kr?yer)) Control Methods and Efficacy in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar (Linnaeus)) Aquaculture: A Literature Review
Structural Similarity with Cholesterol Reveals Crucial Insights into Mechanisms Sustaining the Immunomodulatory Activity of the Mycotoxin Alternariol
Amino-Modified Silica as Effective Support of the Palladium Catalyst for 4-Nitroaniline Hydrogenation
Cyclic Testing of a Composite Joint between a Reinforced Concrete Column and a Steel Beam
Partial Bicasting with Buffering for Proxy Mobile IPV6 Mobility Management in CoAP-Based IoT Networks
Erratum: Piezoelastic PVDF/TPU Nanofibrous Composite Membrane: Fabrication and Characterization. Polymers 2019, 11(10), 1634
Clinical-Grade Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Cell Therapy: Characterization Strategy
Coincident Correlation between Vibrational Dynamics and Primary Relaxation of Polymers with Strong or Weak Johari-Goldstein Relaxation
Preparation and Properties of Stereocomplex of Poly(lactic acid) and Its Amphiphilic Copolymers Containing Glucose Groups
Alpha-l-Locked Nucleic Acid-Modified Antisense Oligonucleotides Induce Efficient Splice Modulation In Vitro
A qPCR-Based Survey of Haplosporidium nelsoni and Perkinsus spp. in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica in Maine, USA
Leakage Current Reduction in Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters—A Review
Deceptive Targets Generation Simulation Against Multichannel SAR
Design and Testing of Bistable Lattices with Tensegrity Architecture and Nanoscale Features Fabricated by Multiphoton Lithography
Modeling and Simulation of the Casting Process with Skeletal Sand Mold
Equipping a Combine Harvester with Turbine Technology Increases the Recovery of Residual Biomass from Cereal Crops via the Collection of Chaff
Characterization of Port Bolivar Virus, a Novel Entomobirnavirus (Birnaviridae) Isolated from Mosquitoes Collected in East Texas, USA
Effective Field Theories
Oromo Orature: An Ecopoetic Approach, Theory and Practice (Oromia/Ethiopia, Northeast Africa)
Impacts of Different Air Pollutants on Dining-Out Activities and Satisfaction of Urban and Suburban Residents
Maintaining Preparedness to Severe Though Infrequent Threats—Can It Be Done?
Monitoring of Namibian Encroacher Bush using Computer Vision
Distributed Passive Actuation Schemes for Seismic Protection of Multibuilding Systems
Reliability and Validity of the Activity Diversity Questionnaire for Older Adults in Japan
Rate Adaption for Secure HARQ-CC System with Multiple Eavesdroppers
Constraining LQG Graph with Light Surfaces: Properties of BH Thermodynamics for Mini-Super-Space, Semi-Classical Polymeric BH
Understanding the Operating Mode of Fe0/Fe-Sulfide/H2O Systems for Water Treatment
Role of Connexins 30, 36, and 43 in Brain Tumors, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Neuroprotection
Silver Nanoparticles as Colorimetric Sensors for Water Pollutants
Acoustic Individual Identification in Birds Based on the Band-Limited Phase-Only Correlation Function
Molecular Characterization of Tc964, A Novel Antigenic Protein from Trypanosoma cruzi
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Unsteady MHD Natural Convective Flow of CNTs Oldroyd-B Nanofluid Under Ramped Wall Velocity and Ramped Wall Temperature
Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals Stress and Hormone Responsive Patterns of JAZ Family Genes in Camellia Sinensis
A Hybrid Deep Learning Model to Forecast Particulate Matter Concentration Levels in Seoul, South Korea
Syntactic Comprehension of Relative Clauses and Center Embedding Using Pseudowords
Diversity, Phylogeny and Plant Growth Promotion Traits of Nodule Associated Bacteria Isolated from Lotus parviflorus
Hard-Decision Coded Modulation for High-Throughput Short-Reach Optical Interconnect
Analyzing Trend and Variability of Rainfall in The Tafna Basin (Northwestern Algeria)
Exploring the Etiological Links behind Neurodegenerative Diseases: Inflammatory Cytokines and Bioactive Kynurenines
Spatiotemporal Distribution of Malaria in Spain in a Global Change Context
Fuzzy b-Metric Spaces: Fixed Point Results for ψ-Contraction Correspondences and ItsApplication
Tumor-infiltrating Leukocytes Suppress Local Inflammation Via Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist in a Syngeneic Prostate Cancer Model
Predicting Soil Organic Carbon and Soil Nitrogen Stocks in Topsoil of Forest Ecosystems in Northeastern China Using Remote Sensing Data
Collagen Fibril Density Modulates Macrophage Activation and Cellular Functions during Tissue Repair
Robust Regression with Density Power Divergence: Theory, Comparisons, and Data Analysis
Trace-Element and Pb Isotope Evidence on Extracting Sulfides from Potassic Melts beneath Longmenshan and Molabushan Volcanoes, Wudalianchi, Northeast China
Chimeric Antigen Receptor Cell Therapy: Overcoming Obstacles to Battle Cancer
Completeness of Classical Thermodynamics: The Ideal Gas, the Unconventional Systems, the Rubber Band, the Paramagnetic Solid and the Kelly Plasma
Evaluation of the Potential Role of Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9 (PCSK9) in Niemann–Pick Disease, Type C1
CBD Reverts the Mesenchymal Invasive Phenotype of Breast Cancer Cells Induced by the Inflammatory Cytokine IL-1β
Investigating Algal Communities in Lacustrine and Hydro-Terrestrial Environments of East Antarctica Using Deep Amplicon Sequencing
Domesticated Populations of Codium tomentosum Display Lipid Extracts with Lower Seasonal Shifts than Conspecifics from the Wild—Relevance for Biotechnological Applications of this Green Seaweed
Discoidin Domain Receptor-1 (DDR1) is Involved in Angiolymphatic Invasion in Oral Cancer
Synthesis, Characterization and Photodynamic Activity against Bladder Cancer Cells of Novel Triazole-Porphyrin Derivatives
Encapsulation for Cancer Therapy
Palstimolide A: A Complex Polyhydroxy Macrolide with Antiparasitic Activity
Design and Realization of an Efficient Large-Area Event-Driven E-Skin
Platinum Group Elements in Arsenopyrites and Pyrites of the Natalkinskoe Gold Deposit (Northeastern Russia)
Epichlo? Endophyte Infection Rates and Alkaloid Content in Commercially Available Grass Seed Mixtures in Europe
Characterisation of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Disease in Pastoralist Flocks in Ngorongoro District of Northern Tanzania and Bluetongue Virus Co-Infection
Swine Host Protein Coiled-Coil Domain-Containing 115 (CCDC115) Interacts with Classical Swine Fever Virus Structural Glycoprotein E2 during Virus Replication
Activation of AMPK under Hypoxia: Many Roads Leading to Rome
Editorial for the Special Issue on 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Amination of Graphene Oxide Leads to Increased Cytotoxicity in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells
Infinite Selectivity of Wet SiO2 Etching in Respect to Al
Use of Pyrazole Hydrogen Bonding in Tripodal Complexes to Form Self Assembled Homochiral Dimers
Investigation of Parameters Affecting the Equivalent Yield Curvature of Reinforced Concrete Columns
Assessment of Energy Systems Using Extended Fuzzy AHP, Fuzzy VIKOR, and TOPSIS Approaches to Manage Non-Cooperative Opinions
Zinc Differentially Modulates the Assembly of Soluble and Polymerized Vimentin
Changes in the Historical and Current Habitat Ranges of Rare Wild Mammals in China: A Case Study of Six Taxa of Small- to Large-Sized Mammals
What if Employees Brought Their Life to Work? The Relation of Life Satisfaction and Work Engagement
Analysis of Approaches for Modeling the Low Frequency Emission of LED Lamps
miR-1285-3p Controls Colorectal Cancer Proliferation and Escape from Apoptosis through DAPK2
Nanomaterials with Tailored Magnetic Properties as Adsorbents of Organic Pollutants from Wastewaters
Antxr1, Which is a Target of Runx2, Regulates Chondrocyte Proliferation and Apoptosis
Eudaimonic Well-Being in Adolescents: The Role of Trait Emotional Intelligence and Personality
Fast Evaluation of Aircraft Icing Severity Using Machine Learning Based on XGBoost
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health and Quality of Life among Local Residents in Liaoning Province, China: A Cross-Sectional Study
Functional Study of the Retrotransposon-Derived Human PEG10 Protease
Identification of Influencing Factors for Sustainable Development: Evaluation and Management of Regional Innovation Performance in Heilongjiang, China
Algebraic Point Projection for Immersed Boundary Analysis on Low Degree NURBS Curves and Surfaces
ALCC-Glasses: Arriving Light Chroma Controllable Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display System for Color Vision Deficiency Compensation
Role of Vitamin D in Preventing and Treating Selected Extraskeletal Diseases—An Umbrella Review
Entrepreneurial, Economic, and Social Well-Being Outcomes from an RCT of a Youth Entrepreneurship Education Intervention among Native American Adolescents
UAV Detection of Sinapis arvensis Infestation in Alfalfa Plots Using Simple Vegetation Indices from Conventional Digital Cameras
DNA Methylation Profiles in a Group of Workers Occupationally Exposed to Nanoparticles
Epidemiological Characteristics and Spatiotemporal Trend Analysis of Human Brucellosis in China, 1950–2018
Establishment of Acid Hydrolysis by Box–Behnken Methodology as Pretreatment to Obtain Reducing Sugars from Tiger Nut Byproducts
A Novel Highly Sensitive Method for Measuring Inflammatory Neural-Derived APC Activity in Glial Cell Lines, Mouse Brain and Human CSF
Influence of the Background Nitrogen Oxides on the Tropospheric Ozone Depletion Events in the Arctic during Springtime
3D Bioprinting Strategies for the Regeneration of Functional Tubular Tissues and Organs
Flow Interactions Between Low Aspect Ratio Hydrofoils in In-line and Staggered Arrangements
Inhibition of Proinflammatory Enzymes and Attenuation of IL-6 in LPS-Challenged RAW 264.7 Macrophages Substantiates the Ethnomedicinal Use of the Herbal Drug Homalium bhamoense Cubitt & W.W.Sm
Analysis of Kaolin Flocculation in Seawater by Optical Backscattering Measurements: Effect of Flocculant Management and Liquor Conditions
Screening Marine Natural Products for New Drug Leads against Trypanosomatids and Malaria
Middle Class, Tradition and the Desi-Realm—Discourses of Alternative Food Networks in Bengaluru, India
Comparison of Energy Efficiency Indicators of Road Transportation for Modeling Environmental Sustainability in “Green” Circular Industry
Analysis of Volatile Components in Different Ophiocordyceps sinensis and Insect Host Products
Cultural Ecosystem Services of Geodiversity: A Case Study from Stránská skála (Brno, Czech Republic)
The In Silico Prediction of Hotspot Residues that Contribute to the Structural Stability of Subunit Interfaces of a Picornavirus Capsid
Insights into the Synthesis, Secretion and Curing of Barnacle Cyprid Adhesive via Transcriptomic and Proteomic Analyses of the Cement Gland
Investigations of the Friction Losses of Different Engine Concepts: Part 3: Friction Reduction Potentials and Risk Assessment at the Sub-Assembly Level
Enhancing Strength and Toughness of Hierarchical Composites through Optimization of Position and Orientation of Nanotubes: A Computational Study
Deriving Immune Modulating Drugs from Viruses—A New Class of Biologics
Subclinical Arteriosclerosis is Associated With Common Vascular Risk Factors in Long-Term Survivors of Testicular Cancer
Targeting PKCθ Promotes Satellite Cell Self-Renewal
Serum GlycA Level Is Elevated in Active Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Correlates to Disease Activity and Lupus Nephritis Severity
Measuring Discrimination Against Transgender People at the University of the Basque Country and in a Non-University Sample in Spain
Analysis and Design of Harmonic Rejection Low Noise Amplifier with an Embedded Notch Filter
“Enclave in Transition”: Ways of Coping of Academics from Ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) Minority Group with Challenges of Integration into the Workforce
Effectiveness and Costs Associated to Adding Cetuximab or Bevacizumab to Chemotherapy as Initial Treatment in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Results from the Observational FABIO Project
A Follow-Up Study of Cognitive Development in Low Risk Preterm Children
Correction: Lewandowski, J., et al. Groundwater–Surface Water Interactions: Recent Advances and Interdisciplinary Challenges. Water 2020, 12, 296
Environmental Factors that Impact the Workplace Participation of Transition-Aged Young Adults with Brain-Based Disabilities: A Scoping Review
Pharmacy Services beyond the Basics: A Qualitative Study to Explore Perspectives of Pharmacists towards Basic and Enhanced Pharmacy Services in Pakistan
Effects of Transverse Groynes on Meso-Habitat Suitability for Native Fish Species on a Regulated By-Passed Large River: A Case Study along the Rhine River
Integrating Theories on Informal Economies: An Examination of Causes of Urban Informal Economies in China
Evaluation of the Simard et al. 2011 Global Canopy Height Map in Boreal Forests
Performance of Universal Reciprocating Heat-Engine Cycle with Variable Specific Heats Ratio of Working Fluid
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Roma Children Seem to Run More Risk than Non-Roma
Innate and Adaptive Immunity Linked to Recognition of Antigens Shared by Neural Crest-Derived Tumors
Simulating Real Atmospheric Boundary Layers at Gray-Zone Resolutions: How Do Currently Available Turbulence Parameterizations Perform?
Food Safety Risk Information-Seeking Intention of WeChat Users in China
Thermal Welding by the Third Phase Between Polymers: A Review for Ultrasonic Weld Technology Developments
The Effect of Biochars and Endophytic Bacteria on Growth and Root Rot Disease Incidence of Fusarium Infested Narrow-Leafed Lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.)
Improve Aggressive Driver Recognition Using Collision Surrogate Measurement and Imbalanced Class Boosting
Transcriptomic Profiling in Fins of Atlantic Salmon Parasitized with Sea Lice: Evidence for an Early Imbalance Between Chalimus-Induced Immunomodulation and the Host’s Defense Response
U–Pb Dating and Trace Element Composition of Zircons from the Gujiao Ore-Bearing Intrusion, Shanxi, China: Implications for Timing and Mineralization of the Guojialiang Iron Skarn Deposit
Quantifying the Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities and Climate Variations on Vegetation Productivity Changes in China from 1985 to 2015
High Performance Redox Initiating Systems Based on the Interaction of Silane with Metal Complexes: A Unique Platform for the Preparation of Composites
Vulnerability of Pastoralism: A Case Study from the High Mountainsof Nepal
Different Sourcing Point of Interest Matching Method Considering Multiple Constraints
The First Genome Survey of the Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) Provides a Valuable Genetic Resource for Polar Biomedical Research
Automatic Generation of High-Accuracy Stair Paths for Straight, Spiral, and Winder Stairs Using IFC-Based Models
Do Blood Group Antigens and the Red Cell Membrane Influence Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection?
Does Internet Use Affect Individuals’ Medical Service Satisfaction? Evidence from China
Time-Series Satellite Imagery Demonstrates the Progressive Failure of a City Master Plan to Control Urbanization in Abuja, Nigeria
Changes in the Content of Phenolic Compounds and Biological Activity in Traditional Mexican Herbal Infusions with Different Drying Methods
The Ability of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence From OCO-2 and MODIS-EVI to Monitor Spatial Variations of Soybean and Maize Yields in the Midwestern USA
Effect of Sinkholes on Groundwater Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Karst Area in Abarkooh, Iran
Transcriptome Profiling and Toxicity Following Long-Term, Low Dose Exposure of Human Lung Cells to Ni and NiO Nanoparticles—Comparison with NiCl2
Multi-label Remote Sensing Image Classification with Latent Semantic Dependencies
Chronic Regulation of miR-124-3p in the Perilesional Cortex after Experimental and Human TBI
Use of Slag from the Combustion of Solid Municipal Waste as A Partial Replacement of Cement in Mortar and Concrete
Investigation of Heating and Freezing Pretreatments on Mechanical, Chemical and Spectral Properties of Bulk Sunflower Seeds and Oil
The Agreement between Patients’ and Healthcare Professionals’ Assessment of Patients’ Health Literacy—A Systematic Review
Hardware-Intrinsic Multi-Layer Security: A New Frontier for 5G Enabled IIoT
Utilizing Interactive Surfaces to Enhance Learning, Collaboration and Engagement: Insights from Learners’ Gaze and Speech
Understanding the Interdependence and Temporal Dynamics of Smallholders’ Adoption of Soil Conservation Practices: Evidence from Nigeria
Metal-Organic Framework-Based Engineered Materials—Fundamentals and Applications
Soybean Meal-Based Wood Adhesive Enhanced by Phenol Hydroxymethylated Tannin Oligomer for Exterior Use
A Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry Quantitative Method for Determination of Baricitinib in Plasma, and Its Application in a Pharmacokinetic Study in Rats
Comparative Study of Dietary Patterns by Living Arrangements: The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2013–2015
Different Lower-Limb Setup Positions Do Not Consistently Change Backstroke Start Time to 10 m
Using ISSR Genomic Fingerprinting to Study the Genetic Differentiation of Artemia Leach, 1819 (Crustacea: Anostraca) from Iran and Neighbor Regions with the Focus on the Invasive American Artemia franciscana
Parenting Styles, Internalization of Values and Self-Esteem: A Cross-Cultural Study in Spain, Portugal and Brazil
A Collocation Method for Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Delay Integro-Differential Equations for Wireless Sensor Network and Internet of Things
Detection and Monitoring of Bottom-Up Cracks in Road Pavement Using a Machine-Learning Approach
Assessment of an Automated Calibration of the SEBAL Algorithm to Estimate Dry-Season Surface-Energy Partitioning in a Forest–Savanna Transition in Brazil
Wood-Based Panel Industry Wastewater Meets Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
Role of Oxidative Stress in Metabolic and Subcellular Abnormalities in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
Characterization of Streptomyces piniterrae sp. nov. and Identification of the Putative Gene Cluster Encoding the Biosynthesis of Heliquinomycins
Periodic Oscillation of Sediment Transport Influenced by Winter Synoptic Events, Bohai Strait, China
Improved Strategies for the Maritime Industry to Target Vessels for Inspection and to Select Inspection Priority Areas
Social Innovation in Long-Term Care: Lessons from the Italian Case
Characterizing Extratropical Tropopause Bimodality and its Relationship to the Occurrence of Double Tropopauses Using COSMIC GPS Radio Occultation Observations
Increasing Food Expenditure in Long Day-care by an Extra $0.50 per Child/Day Would Improve Core Food Group Provision
Novel Polycondensed Partly Saturated β-Carbolines Including Ferrocene Derivatives: Synthesis, DFT-Supported Structural Analysis, Mechanism of Some Diastereoselective Transformations and a Preliminary Study of Their in vitro Antiproliferative Effects
Truly Sustainability or Hypocrisy: The Effects of Corporate Sustainable Orientation on Consumers’ Quality Perception and Trust Based on Evidence from China
Prevalence and Factors Associated with Thinness in Rural Polish Children
Pillararenes Trimer for Self-Assembly
The Diversity of Organic Box Schemes in Europe—An Exploratory Study in Four Countries
A New Integrated Scheme for Urban Road Traffic Flood Control Using Liquid Air Spray/Vaporization Technology
Is Parking in Europe Ready for Dynamic Pricing? A Reality Check for the Private Sector
In Vitro Characterization, Modelling, and Antioxidant Properties of Polyphenon-60 from Green Tea in Eudragit S100-2 Chitosan Microspheres
Colloidal ZnCO3 as a Powerful Depressant of Arsenopyrite in Weakly Alkaline Pulp and the Interaction Mechanism
Impacts of Rural Women’s Traditional Economic Activities on Household Economy: Changing Economic Contributions through Empowered Women in Rural Pakistan
Chromosomal Signatures Corroborate the Phylogenetic Relationships within Akodontini (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae)
Systematic Medication Review in General Practice by an Interdisciplinary Team: A thorough but Laborious Method to Address Polypharmacy among Elderly Patients
Highly Dispersed Pt Nanoparticles on N-Doped Ordered Mesoporous Carbon as Effective Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes
An Intergenic rs9275596 Polymorphism on Chr. 6p21 Is Associated with Multiple Sclerosis in Latvians
Pathological and Epidemiological Characterization of First Outbreak of Daylily Rust in Europe and Evaluation of Puccinia hemerocallidis Resistance in Hemerocallis Cultivars
Waterborne Intumescent Coatings Containing Industrial and Bio-Fillers for Fire Protection of Timber Materials
Vesiculation of Red Blood Cells in the Blood Bank: A Multi-Omics Approach towards Identification of Causes and Consequences
Infant Motor Milestones and Childhood Overweight: Trends over Two Decades in A Large Twin Cohort
NMR Determination of Free Fatty Acids in Vegetable Oils
Partners in Crime: The Interplay of Proteins and Membranes in Regulated Necrosis
An Experimental Tuning Approach of Fractional Order Controllers in the Frequency Domain
Injection of Raffinose Family Oligosaccharides at 12 Days of Egg Incubation Modulates the Gut Development and Resistance to Opportunistic Pathogens in Broiler Chickens
Inhibitory Effective Perturbations of Cilobradine (DK-AH269), A Blocker of HCN Channels, on the Amplitude and Gating of Both Hyperpolarization-Activated Cation and Delayed-Rectifier Potassium Currents
Cleavage of the APE1 N-Terminal Domain in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells Is Associated with Proteasomal Activity
Achieving Congruence among Reference Laboratories for Absolute Abundance Measurement of Analytes for Rare Diseases: Psychosine for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Krabbe Disease
Grinding Behavior and Potential Beneficiation Options of Bauxite Ores
Electoral and Public Opinion Forecasts with Social Media Data: A Meta-Analysis
Pressure Induced Stability Enhancement of Cubic Nanostructured CeO2 ?
Development and Proof-of-Concept Application of Genome-Enabled Selection for Pea Grain Yield under Severe Terminal Drought
Evaporation of Water/Alumina Nanofluid Film by Mixed Convection Inside Heated Vertical Channel
Integrated Method of Monitoring and Optimization of Steam Methane Reformer Process
Network-Based Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Imputation Enhances Cell Type Identification
The Influence of Preoperative Physical Activity on Postoperative Outcomes of Knee and Hip Arthroplasty Surgery in the Elderly: A Systematic Review
Prediction of Number of Cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Using Social Media Search Index
Effects of Double-Taped Kinesio Taping on Pain and Functional Performance due to Muscle Fatigue in Young Males: A Randomized Controlled Trial
The Performance of the Magneto-Impedance Effect for the Detection of Superparamagnetic Particles
Immunomodulatory Molecules On Lung Cancer Stem Cells From Lymph Nodes Aspirates
Modeling of the HIV-1 Life Cycle in Productively Infected Cells to Predict Novel Therapeutic Targets
Bacteriology and Antimicrobial Resistance in Vanuatu: January 2017 to December 2019
Visual Storytelling, Intergenerational Environmental Justice and Indigenous Sovereignty: Exploring Images and Stories amid a Contested Oil Pipeline Project
Purification and Characterization of a Novel Endolytic Alginate Lyase from Microbulbifer sp. SH-1 and Its Agricultural Application
Tobacco Denormalization Indicator in the Prevalence of Positive Smoker Identity and Its Associated Factors
Compound Layer Design for Deep Nitrided Gearings
Early Radiation-Induced Sarcoma in an Adolescent Treated for Relapsed Hodgkin Lymphoma with Nivolumab
People with Suspected COVID-19 Symptoms Were More Likely Depressed and Had Lower Health-Related Quality of Life: The Potential Benefit of Health Literacy
Plasticity of Mitochondrial DNA Inheritance and Its Impact on Nuclear Gene Transcription in Yeast Hybrids
Influences of a Hot-Working Process on the Microstructural Evolution and Creep Performance of a Spray-Formed Nickel-Based Superalloy
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Imidazo[2 ,1-b]Thiazole based Sulfonyl Piperazines as Novel Carbonic Anhydrase II Inhibitors
High Salt Diet Affects the Reproductive Health in Animals: An Overview
“notame”: Workflow for Non-Targeted LC–MS Metabolic Profiling
Role of PA2G4P4 pseudogene in bladder cancer tumorigenesis
Exogenous Oleic Acid and Palmitic Acid Improve Boar Sperm Motility via Enhancing Mitochondrial Β-Oxidation for ATP Generation
Minimally Invasive Markers of Stress and Production Parameters in Dairy Cows before and after the Installation of a Voluntary Milking System
Structural Characterisation of Deposit Layer during Milk Protein Microfiltration by Means of In-Situ MRI and Compositional Analysis
Citrus Polyamines: Structure, Biosynthesis, and Physiological Functions
Effect of Feeding Hazelnut Skin on Animal Performance, Milk Quality, and Rumen Fatty Acids in Lactating Ewes
Acupuncture for Relief of Gag Reflex in Patients Undergoing Transoesophageal Echocardiography—A Protocol for a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial
21st Century Projections of Extreme Precipitation Indicators for Cyprus
Lamin A/C Assembly Defects in LMNA-Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Is Responsible for the Increased Severity of the Disease Compared with Emery–Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy
Epidemic and Timer-Based Message Dissemination in VANETs: A Performance Comparison
Inter-Lineage Variation of Lassa Virus Glycoprotein Epitopes: A Challenge to Lassa Virus Vaccine Development
Scaling Tableting Processes from Compaction Simulator to Rotary Presses—Mind the Sub-Processes
Development and Validation of a Knowledge Management Questionnaire for Hospitals and Other Healthcare Organizations
Temperature Sensor Denoising Algorithm Based on Curve Fitting and Compound Kalman Filtering
Antibiotic Resistance and Virulence Traits in Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) and Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase/AmpC-producing (ESBL/AmpC) Enterobacteriaceae from Humans and Pets
Using Satellite Data to Determine Empirical Relationships between Volcanic Ash Source Parameters
Tie-2 Cre-Mediated Deficiency of Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 2 Potentiates Experimental Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia-Associated Pulmonary Hypertension in Neonatal Mice
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Investigating the Relationship between Exposures to Chemical and Non-Chemical Stressors during Prenatal Development and Childhood Externalizing Behaviors
Remote Sensing of River Discharge: A Review and a Framing for the Discipline
Systemic Blood Immune Cell Populations as Biomarkers for the Outcome of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapies
Comparison of Three Extraction Techniques for the Determination of Volatile Flavor Components in Broccoli
On the Nonlocal Fractional Delta-Nabla Sum Boundary Value Problem for Sequential Fractional Delta-Nabla Sum-Difference Equations
Old Dumped Fly Ash as a Sand Replacement in Cement Composites
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Studies on the Adverse Effects of Medications in Australian Aged care Facilities: A Scoping Review
Using the Cardio-Ankle Vascular Index (CAVI) or the Mathematical Correction Form (CAVI0) in Clinical Practice
A Multi-Node Detection Algorithm Based on Serial and Threshold in Intelligent Sensor Networks
Sorafenib Treatment and Modulation of the Sphingolipid Pathway Affect Proliferation and Viability of Hepatocellular Carcinoma In Vitro
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Improve the Performance of Sweet Sorghum Grown in a Mo-Contaminated Soil
Existence of Weak Solutions for a New Class of Fractional p-Laplacian Boundary Value Systems
Characteristics of Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy Composite Core Conductor Used in overhead Power Transmission Lines
Transient Existence of Circulating Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Deep Veins in Humans Following Long Bone Intramedullary Reaming
Rifamycin O, An Alternative Anti-Mycobacterium abscessus Agent
The Neuropathic Itch Caused by Pseudorabies Virus
Antiproliferative and Antimigration Activities of Fluoro-Neplanocin A via Inhibition of Histone H3 Methylation in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
A Heterologous Viral Protein Scaffold for Chimeric Antigen Design: An Example PCV2 Virus Vaccine Candidate
Hydrogen Sorption and Reversibility of the LiBH4-KBH4 Eutectic System Confined in a CMK-3 Type Carbon via Melt Infiltration
The Viral Macrodomain Counters Host Antiviral ADP-Ribosylation
Estimation of Biomass Enzymatic Hydrolysis State in Stirred Tank Reactor through Moving Horizon Algorithms with Fixed and Dynamic Fuzzy Weights
Smart Soft Sensor Design with Hierarchical Sampling Strategy of Ensemble Gaussian Process Regression for Fermentation Processes
Improved Multilayered (Bi,Sc)O3-(Pb,Ti)O3 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters Based on Impedance Matching Technique
An Integrated Approach of Belief Rule Base and Deep Learning to Predict Air Pollution
Measurement of the Acoustic Non-Linearity Parameter of Materials by Exciting Reversed-Phase Rayleigh Waves in Opposite Directions
Mapping of Groundwater Spring Potential in Karst Aquifer System Using Novel Ensemble Bivariate and Multivariate Models
Motion Control of a Two-Degree-of-Freedom Linear Resonant Actuator without a Mechanical Spring
The Cuprizone Model: Dos and Do Nots
A Multi-Hop Data Dissemination Algorithm for Vehicular Communication
High Cycle Fatigue Performance of LPBF 304L Stainless Steel at Nominal and Optimized Parameters
Temperature Distribution Estimation in a Dwight–Lloyd Sinter Machine Based on the Combustion Rate of Charcoal Quasi-Particles
Pre-Clinical Investigation of Keratose as an Excipient of Drug Coated Balloons
Growing Communities in a Garden Undone: Worldly Justice, Withinness and Women
Total Eclipse of the Zoo: Animal Behavior during a Total Solar Eclipse
The Microbiota–Gut–Brain Axis–Heart Shunt Part II: Prosaic Foods and the Brain–Heart Connection in Alzheimer Disease
Virtual Offenses: Role of Demographic Factors and Personality Traits
Plastics in Cyanobacterial Blooms—Genotoxic Effects of Binary Mixtures of Cylindrospermopsin and Bisphenols in HepG2 Cells
Functional Diversity Effects of Vegetation on Runoff to Design Herbaceous Hedges for Sediment Retention
Shame and Suicidal Ideation among Undergraduates in China: The Mediating Effect of Thwarted Belongingness and Perceived Burdensomeness
Sex Differences in Clinical Presentation and Outcomes among Patients with Complement-Gene-Variant-Mediated Thrombotic Microangiopathy
A Syringe-Based Biosensor to Rapidly Detect Low Levels of Escherichia Coli (ECOR13) in Drinking Water Using Engineered Bacteriophages
A Prospective Pilot Trial to Assess the Efficacy of Argatroban (Argatra?) in Critically Ill Patients with Heparin Resistance ?
Silenced Motherhood(s): Forbidden Motherings in the Early Childhood Classroom
GC-MS Based Metabolite Profiling to Monitor Ripening-Specific Metabolites in Pineapple (Ananas comosus)
Quantitative Estimation of Differentiated Mental Fatigue between Self-Rising Transfer and Multiple Welfare Robots-Assisted Rising Transfer
A Tough and Mildew-Proof Soybean-Based Adhesive Inspired by Mussel and Algae
A Systematic Review of COVID-19 Epidemiology Based on Current Evidence
Micro-Alloying and Surface Texturing of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy by Embedding Nanoparticles Using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
SUMOylation Protects FASN Against Proteasomal Degradation in Breast Cancer Cells Treated with Grape Leaf Extract
11β,20β-Epoxybriaranes from the Gorgonian Coral Junceella fragilis (Ellisellidae)
The Impact of Immunomodulatory Treatment on Kappa Free Light Chains as Biomarker in Neuroinflammation
Three-Dimensional Morphological Changes of the True Cleft under Passive Presurgical Orthopaedics in Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Predicting Spatial Visualization Problems’ Difficulty Level from Eye-Tracking Data
Genetic and Epigenetic Etiology Underlying Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Role of Urban Morphology Design on Enhancing Physical Activity and Public Health
A New Non-Invasive Air-Based Actuator for Characterizing and Testing MEMS Devices
The Promise and Challenges of Developing miRNA-Based Therapeutics for Parkinson’s Disease
Formation of Thin NiGe Films by Magnetron Sputtering and Flash Lamp Annealing
The Inhibition of Wnt Restrain KRASG12V-Driven Metastasis in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
The Glucocorticoid Receptor NR3C1 in Testicular Peritubular Cells is Developmentally Regulated and Linked to the Smooth Muscle-Like Cellular Phenotype
Parametric Study of Bolt Clamping Effect on Resonance Characteristics of Langevin Transducers with Lumped Circuit Models
The Transcription Factor OVOL2 Represses ID2 and Drives Differentiation of Trophoblast Stem Cells and Placental Development in Mice
Placental Galectin-2 Expression in Gestational Diabetes: A Systematic, Histological Analysis
(20S)G-Rh2 Inhibits NF-κB Regulated Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition by Targeting Annexin A2
Robust H Load Frequency Control of Power Systems Considering Intermittent Characteristics of Demand-Side Resources
Lecithin-Based Dermal Drug Delivery for Anti-Pigmentation Maize Ceramide
Cytotoxic Mechanism of Excess Polyamines Functions through Translational Repression of Specific Proteins Encoded by Polyamine Modulon
Multiple HPV Infections and Viral Load Association in Persistent Cervical Lesions in Mexican Women
Recent Strategic Advances in CFTR Drug Discovery: An Overview
Analysis of Space Debris Orbit Prediction Using Angle and Laser Ranging Data from Two Tracking Sites under Limited Observation Environment
Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis of Cellular Response to Influenza B Virus Infection
Microfluidic Point-of-Care Devices: New Trends and Future Prospects for eHealth Diagnostics
Nanoscale MOSFET as a Potential Room-Temperature Quantum Current Source
Optimization of rVAR2-Based Isolation of Cancer Cells in Blood for Building a Robust Assay for Clinical Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells
SAMHD1 Functions and Human Diseases
Temporal Trends in the Association between Participation in Physical Education and Physical Activity among U.S. High School Students, 2011–2017
Analysis of the Anthocyanin Degradation in Blue Honeysuckle Berry under Microwave Assisted Foam-Mat Drying
Output Voltage Analysis of Inductive Wireless Power Ttransfer with Series LC and LLC Resonance Operations Depending on Coupling Condition
Salivary Microbiota Shifts under Sustained Consumption of Oolong Tea in Healthy Adults
Fuel Economy of Plug-In Hybrid Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Effects of Vehicle Weight, Hybridization Ratio and Ambient Temperature
Exploring the Determinants of the Severity of Pedestrian Injuries by Pedestrian Age: A Case Study of Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea
Novel Osteogenic Behaviors around Hydrophilic and Radical-Free 4-META/MMA-TBB: Implications of an Osseointegrating Bone Cement
Effect of Polyaniline on Sulfur/Sepiolite Composite Cathode for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Welfare Challenges of Dairy Cows in India Identified Through On-Farm Observations
An Amplitude- and Temperature-Dependent Vibration Model of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Thin Plates in a Thermal Environment
Clinical and Neurophysiological Correlates of Emotion and Food Craving Regulation in Patients with Anorexia Nervosa
Deep Learning Framework for Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection in Rural Roads on an Embedded GPU
Multi-Aspects Optimization of Process Parameters in CNC Turning of LM 25 Alloy Using the Taguchi-Grey Approach
Autophagy Induced by Simian Retrovirus Infection Controls Viral Replication and Apoptosis of Jurkat T Lymphocytes
Revised Estimation Method for Emissions from Automated Plunger Lift Liquid Unloadings
Preoperative Peak Oxygen Consumption: A Predictor of Survival in Resected Lung Cancer
Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Neuro-Immune Interactions in Duck Tembusu Virus-Infected Brain
Novel Autoantibody Signatures in Sera of Patients with Pancreatic Cancer, Chronic Pancreatitis and Autoimmune Pancreatitis: A Protein Microarray Profiling Approach
Subject (in) Trouble: Humans, Robots, and Legal Imagination
Considering Health Literacy, Health Decision Making, and Health Communication in the Social Networks of Vulnerable New Mothers in Hawai‘i: A Pilot Feasibility Study
Salmonella in Free-Ranging Quokkas (Setonix brachyurus) from Rottnest Island and the Mainland of Western Australia
Hydrothermal Carbonization and Pellet Production from Egeria densa and Lemna minor
Distributed Robust Filtering for Wireless Sensor Networks with Markov Switching Topologies and Deception Attacks
LC–HRMS and Chemical Derivatization Strategies for the Structure Elucidation of Caribbean Ciguatoxins: Identification of C-CTX-3 and -4
Structure and Phase Changes of Nickel Slag in Oxidation Treatment
Lava Flow Roughness on the 2014–2015 Lava Flow-Field at Holuhraun, Iceland, Derived from Airborne LiDAR and Photogrammetry
A Micro-Optic Stalk (μOS) System to Model the Collective Migration of Retinal Neuroblasts
Comparison of Iodide, Iodate, and Iodine-Chitosan Complexes for the Biofortification of Lettuce
Effect of Molybdenum on Plant Physiology and Cadmium Uptake and Translocation in Rape (Brassica napus L.) under Different Levels of Cadmium Stress
Generalized 5-Point Approximating Subdivision Scheme of Varying Arity
Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Family: A Stress Hormone-Receptor System’s Emerging Role in Mediating Sex-Specific Signaling
Predictors of Overweight and Obesity and Its Consequences among Senoi Orang Asli (Indigenous People) Women in Perak, Malaysia
Topological Dynamics of a Radical Ion Pair: Experimental and Computational Assessment at the Relevant Nanosecond Timescale
Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Oxazole-Based Molecules via van Leusen Oxazole Synthesis
Involvement of Enteric Glia in Small Intestine Neuromuscular Dysfunction of Toll-Like Receptor 4-Deficient Mice
Monitoring of Airborne Mercury: Comparison of Different Techniques in the Monte Amiata District, Southern Tuscany, Italy
Therapy of Sporadic and NF2-Related Vestibular Schwannoma
MK-7 and Its Effects on Bone Quality and Strength
Trefoil Factor Family (TFF) Modules Are Characteristic Constituents of Separate Mucin Complexes in the Xenopus laevis Integumentary Mucus: In Vitro Binding Studies with FIM-A.1
Multispectral Mapping on 3D Models and Multi-Temporal Monitoring for Individual Characterization of Olive Trees
The Feasibility of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts for VOR Flight Inspection
External Validation of the Dutch SOURCE Survival Prediction Model in Belgian Metastatic Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer Patients
Exploring Marginality among Filipino Catholics in Japan: A Proposed Heuristic Device
Cooling Performance of a Novel Circulatory Flow Concentric Multi-Channel Heat Sink with Nanofluids
Deep Neural Network Based Ambient Airflow Control through Spatial Learning
Changes in the Morphological Characteristics of Potato Plants Attributed to Seasonal Variability
Antiviral, Immunomodulatory and Antiproliferative Activities of Recombinant Soluble IFNAR2 without IFN-? Mediation
GHS-POP Accuracy Assessment: Poland and Portugal Case Study
Groundwater Storage Changes Derived from GRACE and GLDAS on Smaller River Basins—A Case Study in Poland
Programmed Cell Death-1: Programmed Cell Death-Ligand 1 Interaction Protects Human Cardiomyocytes Against T-Cell Mediated Inflammation and Apoptosis Response In Vitro
Yield Performance, Laying Behaviour Traits and Egg Quality of Purebred and Hybrid Hens Reared under Outdoor Conditions
Carbon-Based Composite Microwave Antennas
GMPSO-VMD Algorithm and Its Application to Rolling Bearing Fault Feature Extraction
Nano-Grain Ni/ZrO2 Functional Gradient Coating Fabricated by Double Pulses Electrodeposition with Enhanced High Temperature Corrosion Performance
Plant Fetish: A Creative Challenge to Mental Health Stigma
Disruptive Garb: Gender Production and Millennial Sikh Fashion Enterprises in Canada
Role and Mechanisms of Mitophagy in Liver Diseases
Ultrasound-Assisted Hydrothermal Fabrication of AgI/MFeO3/g-C3N4 (M = Y, Gd, La) Nano Sheet–Sphere–Sheet Photocatalysts with Enhanced Photodegradation Activities for Norfloxacin
Characterization of a CholesteroNitrone (ISQ-201), a Novel Drug Candidate for the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke
Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis Patients Homozygous for F508del with Lumacaftor-Ivacaftor (Orkambi?) Restores Defective CFTR Channel Function in Circulating Mononuclear Cells
Treatment of Delirium in Older Persons: What We Should Not Do!
Introduction: Reimagining ‘Childhood, Motherhood, Family and Community’
A Digital Twin for Automated Root-Cause Search of Production Alarms Based on KPIs Aggregated from IoT
A Peptidomimetic Fluorescent Probe to Detect the Trypsin β2 Subunit of the Human 20S Proteasome
The Effects of Foods Embedded in Entertainment Media on Children’s Food Choices and Food Intake: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses
Colchicine-Induced Polyploidy in Rhododendron fortunei Lindl
Missing in Action: Sex and Gender in Substance Use Research
Quantum Cosmology of Fab Four John Theory with Conformable Fractional Derivative
Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling of Amides Using Well-Defined, Air- and Moisture-Stable Nickel/NHC (NHC = N-Heterocyclic Carbene) Complexes
Stories of Supervision
Effect of Substrate Reduction Therapy in Comparison to Enzyme Replacement Therapy on Immune Aspects and Bone Involvement in Gaucher Disease
Abnormal Upregulation of GPR17 Receptor Contributes to Oligodendrocyte Dysfunction in SOD1 G93A Mice
Comparative Proteomic Analysis by iTRAQ Reveals that Plastid Pigment Metabolism Contributes to Leaf Color Changes in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) during Curing
Aspirin: A Suicide Inhibitor of Carbonic Anhydrase II
Petrographic and Chemical–Mineralogical Characterization of Mortars from the Cistern at Amaiur Castle (Navarre, Spain)
Applications of Machine Learning Predictive Models in the Chronic Disease Diagnosis
Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Visual Cues on Consumer Emotion and Purchase Intent: A Case of Ready-to-Eat Salad
The New Educational Pastorate: Link Workers, Pastoral Power and the Pedagogicalisation of Parenting
Histochemical and Microscopic Studies Predict that Grapevine Genotype “Ju mei gui” is Highly Resistant against Botrytis cinerea
Local Government Website Accessibility—Evidence from Poland
Pets that Have ‘Something Inside’: The Material Politics of in/Animacy and Queer Kin within the Childhood Menagerie
Model-Informed Drug Discovery and Development Strategy for the Rapid Development of Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Combinations
High-Pressure Raman and Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Prehnite
Age Is a Determining Factor of Dry Eye-Related Signs and Symptoms
Calebin A Potentiates the Effect of 5-FU and TNF-β (Lymphotoxin α) against Human Colorectal Cancer Cells: Potential Role of NF-κB
Submerged Vane Technology in Colombia: Five Representative Projects
Effectiveness and Efficiency of Persuasive Space Graphics (PSG) in Motivating UK Primary School Children’s Hand Hygiene
Characterization of Sialic Acid-Binding Immunoglobulin-Type Lectins in Fish Reveals Teleost-Specific Structures and Expression Patterns
Oxidative Stress and Inflammation as Targets for Novel Preventive and Therapeutic Approches in Non Communicable Diseases
Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation and Tissue Factor Induction by Fluid Shear Stress and Indoxyl Sulfate in Endothelial Cells
Mothering in Hindsight: Troubling Time(s)
Mediation Effect of Age Category on the Relationship between Body Composition and the Physical Fitness Profile in Youth Handball Players
Mother and Embryo Cross-Communication
Improved Rapid Visual Earthquake Hazard Safety Evaluation of Existing Buildings Using a Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Model
Anti-Fouling Effects of Saponin-Containing Crude Extracts from Tropical Indo-Pacific Sea Cucumbers
A Review of the Impact of Green Building Certification on the Cash Flows and Values of Commercial Properties
An Assessment of Urban Park Access Using House-Level Data in Urban China: Through the Lens of Social Equity
Vitamin B12 is Low in Milk of Early Postpartum Women in Urban Tanzania, and was not Significantly Increased by High dose Supplementation
Diverse and Unexpected Roles of Human Monocytes/Macrophages in the Immune Response to Influenza Virus
Rosmarinus officinalis L. (Rosemary) Extracts Containing Carnosic Acid and Carnosol are Potent Quorum Sensing Inhibitors of Staphylococcus aureus Virulence
Prevalence and Therapeutic Challenges of Fungal Drug Resistance: Role for Plants in Drug Discovery
Chitosan/PAMAM/Hydroxyapatite Engineered Drug Release Hydrogels with Tunable Rheological Properties
The Effects of SJP-001 on Alcohol Hangover Severity: A Pilot Study
Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: A Review of Etiopathogenesis, Risk Factors, and Genetic Aspects
Role and Regulation of Cytokinins in Plant Response to Drought Stress
Patterns of Genetic Diversity in Highly Invasive Species: Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) Expansion in the Invaded Range of the Southern United States (US)
Antioxidant Properties of a Supercritical Fluid Extract of the Halophyte Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum L. from Sicilian Coasts: Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Applications
I Am Roha’s Emaye: A Critical Autoethnography of Mothering in Liminal Spaces
Getting Old Well in Sub Saharan Africa: Exploring the Social and Structural Drivers of Subjective Wellbeing among Elderly Men and Women in Uganda
Correction: Biswas, M.S. et al. Inactivation of Carbonyl-Detoxifying Enzymes by H2O2 Is a Trigger to Increase Carbonyl Load for Initiating Programmed Cell Death in Plants. Antioxidants 2020, 9, 141
Metabolic Flux Analysis of Catechin Biosynthesis Pathways Using Nanosensor
Dental Unit Waterlines in Quito and Caracas Contaminated with Nontuberculous Mycobacteria: A Potential Health Risk in Dental Practice
Hepatic Lipid Catabolism via PPARα-Lysosomal Crosstalk
Visual Health and Academic Performance in School-Aged Children
Rho GTPase Regulators and Effectors in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Animal Models and Insights for Therapeutics
Characterization of a Novel Ginsenoside MT1 Produced by an Enzymatic Transrhamnosylation of Protopanaxatriol-Type Ginsenosides Re
Towards an Ethico-Aesthetic of Parenting: Sensing Ritornellos of Play with GoPro Data
Investigation of Dual-Flow Deep Learning Models LSTM-FCN and GRU-FCN Efficiency against Single-Flow CNN Models for the Host-Based Intrusion and Malware Detection Task on Univariate Times Series Data
Individual- and City-Level Socioeconomic Factors and Tooth Loss among Elderly People: A Cross-Level Multilevel Analysis
Quaternization of Composite Algal/PEI Beads for Enhanced Uranium Sorption—Application to Ore Acidic Leachate
Suppression of Superficial Microglial Activation by Spinal Cord Stimulation Attenuates Neuropathic Pain Following Sciatic Nerve Injury in Rats
People Walking Classification using Automotive Radar
Small Molecule-Induced Pancreatic β-Like Cell Development: Mechanistic Approaches and Available Strategies
Monitoring Aircraft Position Using EGNOS Data for the SBAS APV Approach to the Landing Procedure
Frequency Response Stabilization and Comparative Studies of MET Hydrophone at Marine Seismic Exploration Systems
Hepatitis B Virus HBx Protein Mediates the Degradation of Host Restriction Factors through the Cullin 4 DDB1 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Complex
Multibody System-Based Adaptive Formation Scheme for Multiple Under-Actuated AUVs
Mastitis in Autoimmune Diseases: Review of the Literature, Diagnostic Pathway, and Pathophysiological Key Players
Effect of Health Education on Healthcare-Seeking Behavior of Migrant Workers in China
A New Family of Iron(II)-Cyclopentadienyl Compounds Shows Strong Activity against Colorectal and Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells
A Cooperative Phase-Steering Technique with On-Off Power Control for Spectrum Sharing-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
The Emergence of Technology in Physical Education: A General Bibliometric Analysis with a Focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality
The Impact of Social Networks on the Operating Efficiency of Chinese Technology Business Incubators
Generalized Term Similarity for Feature Selection in Text Classification Using Quadratic Programming
Analyzing the Influence of Hyper-parameters and Regularizers of Topic Modeling in Terms of Renyi Entropy
Identity Encounters in Public Spaces—Military Service as a Legally Binding Public Space. The Case of Women’s Singing in the Israel Defense Forces
New Empirical Model Using Landscape Hydric Potential Method to Estimate Median Peak Discharges in Mountain Ungauged Catchments
Daily Travel and Wellbeing among the Elderly
On Geometry of Information Flow for Causal Inference
Correction: Pollard, C.M.; Booth, S. Food Insecurity and Hunger in Rich Countries—It Is Time for Action against Inequality. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 1804
Exploration Potential of Fine-Fraction Heavy Mineral Concentrates from Till Using Automated Mineralogy: A Case Study from the Izok Lake Cu–Zn–Pb–Ag VMS Deposit, Nunavut, Canada
Hepatitis B Seroprevalence in the Pediatric and Adolescent Population of Florence (Italy): An Update 27 Years after the Implementation of Universal Vaccination
Soft Sensor Application in Identification of the Activated Sludge Bulking Considering the Technological and Economical Aspects of Smart Systems Functioning
The Design and Implementation of a Custom Platform for the Experimental Tuning of a Quadcopter Controller
Government Subsidies and Firm-Level Markups: Impact and Mechanism
Sports Academy as an Avenue for Psychosocial Development and Satisfaction of Youth Athletes in Ethiopia
Non-Linear Template-Based Approach for the Study of Locomotion
Autonomous Motivation for the Successful Implementation of Waste Management Policy: An Examination Using an Adapted Institutional Analysis and Development Framework in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
Coauthors’ Network of Solastalgia. Comment on Galway, L.P.; Beery, T.; Jones-Casey, K.; Tasala, K. Mapping the Solastalgia Literature: A Scoping Review Study. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 2662.
Diet Practices, Body Mass Index, and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Adults with Periodontitis- A Case-Control Study
On a Sensor Placement Methodology for Monitoring the Vibrations of Horizontally Excited Ground
Complex Event Processing for Self-Optimizing Cellular Networks
Deep Joint Spatiotemporal Network (DJSTN) for Efficient Facial Expression Recognition
Spirituality, Religious Attendance and Health Complaints in Czech Adolescents
Impact of a Multistrain Probiotic Formulation with High Bifidobacterial Content on the Fecal Bacterial Community and Short-Chain Fatty Acid Levels of Healthy Adults
Social Relations, Community Engagement and Potentials: A Qualitative Study Exploring Resident Engagement in a Community-Based Health Promotion Intervention in a Deprived Social Housing Area
Risk Evaluation of “Not-In-My-Back-Yard” Conflict Potential in Facilities Group: A Case Study of Chemical Park in Xuwei New District, China
Developing an Interactive Environment Through the Teaching of Mathematics with Small Robots
Moving from Directives toward Audience Empowerment: A Typology of Recycling Communication Strategies of Local Governments
A Hadoop-Based Platform for Patient Classification and Disease Diagnosis in Healthcare Applications
Highly Curved Lane Detection Algorithms Based on Kalman Filter
Test and Study of Pipe Pile Penetration in Cohesive Soil Using FBG Sensing Technology
Sex-Specific Regulation of miR-29b in the Myocardium Under Pressure Overload is Associated with Differential Molecular, Structural and Functional Remodeling Patterns in Mice and Patients with Aortic Stenosis
Evaluation of Recyclability of a WEEE Slag by Means of Integrative X-Ray Computer Tomography and SEM-Based Image Analysis
Coastal Mapping using DJI Phantom 4 RTK in Post-Processing Kinematic Mode
Effective Cellular Transport of Ortho-Halogenated Sulfonamide Derivatives of Metformin Is Related to Improved Antiproliferative Activity and Apoptosis Induction in MCF-7 Cells
Spatial analysis of the rural-urban structure of the Spanish municipalities
A Multi-task Learning Model for Daily Activity Forecast in Smart Home
Collaborative Multi-Expert Active Learning for Mobile Health Monitoring: Architecture, Algorithms, and Evaluation
How Teachers Deal with Cases of Bullying at School: What Victims Say
Prevention and Control of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria in The Netherlands and Germany—The Impact of Healthcare Structures
Comparing Static and Dynamic Weighted Software Coupling Metrics
Research on Power Quality Disturbance Detection Method Based on Improved Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
Remote-State PWM with Minimum RMS Torque Ripple and Reduced Common-Mode Voltage for Three-Phase VSI-Fed BLAC Motor Drives
Secure Information Transmission with Self Jamming SWIPT
Environmental Distribution of AR Class 1 Integrons in Upper Adige River Catchment (Northern Italy)
Soft Drinks and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Advertising in Spain: Correlation between Nutritional Values and Advertising Discursive Strategies
Magnifiers in Some Generalization of the Full Transformation Semigroups
Property Value and Sustainability. The Future of Living: Focus on Short-Term Rents in Italy
Aggressive Predation Drives Assembly of Adriatic Fish Communities
Cholangiocarcinoma Disease Modelling Through Patients Derived Organoids
Large Responsivity of Graphene Radiation Detectors With Thermoelectric Readout: Results of Simulations
Novel Variants in GDF9 Gene Affect Promoter Activity and Litter Size in Mongolia Sheep
Research on a Simulation Method of the Millimeter Wave Radar Virtual Test Environment for Intelligent Driving
Habit Representation Based on Activity Recognition
Ultra-Compact Reconfigurable Band Reject UWB MIMO Antenna with Four Radiators
A Simple Iron-Catalyst for Alkenylation of Ketones Using Primary Alcohols
Density Correction of NRLMSISE-00 in the Middle Atmosphere (20–100 km) based on TIMED/SABER Density Data
Organic Eluates Derived from Intermediate Restorative Dental Materials
Path Loss Prediction based on Machine Learning Techniques: Principal Component Analysis, Artificial Neural Network and Gaussian Process
Legodroid: A Type-Driven Library for Android and LEGO Mindstorms Interoperability
The Role of Brassica Bioactives on Human Health: Are We Studying It the Right Way?
An Easy-To-Use Survival Score Compared to Existing Tools for Older Patients with Cerebral Metastases from Colorectal Cancer
Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Sea Surface Temperatures and Sea Level Rise—the Arabian Gulf
Vibrational Quenching of Weakly Bound Cold Molecular Ions Immersed in Their Parent Gas
A Note on Fernández–Coniglio’s Hierarchy of Paraconsistent Systems
Landscape and Future Perspectives of Immunotherapy in Neuroendocrine Neoplasia
Development of a New Analytical Method for Determination of Veterinary Drug Oxyclozanide by Electrochemical Sensor and Its Application to Pharmaceutical Formulation
Determination of an Objective Criterion for the Assessment of the Feasibility of an Instrumented Indentation Test on Rough Surfaces
Response Type and Host Species may be Sufficient to Predict Dose-Response Curve Shape for Adenoviral Vector Vaccines
Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Payment Policy Recommendation—Population-Based Survey with Big Data Methodology for Readmission Prevention of Patients with Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia treated with Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation
Improving Social Inclusion for People with Physical Disabilities: The Roles of Mobile Social Networking Applications (MSNA) by Disability Support Organizations in China
Behaviors toward Noncommunicable Diseases Prevention and their Relationship with Physical Health Status among Community-dwelling, Middle-aged and Older women in Indonesia
Decomposition of Gender Differences in Body Mass Index in Saudi Arabia using Unconditional Quantile Regression: Analysis of National-Level Survey Data
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Related Distress in Thailand
Preparation of Pt/γ-Bi2MoO6 Photocatalysts and Their Performance in α-Alkylation Reaction under Visible Light Irradiation
Comparative Investigation on the Soil Burial Degradation Behaviour of Polymer Films for Agriculture before and after Photo-Oxidation
Performance Investigation of the Immersed Depth Effects on a Water Wheel Using Experimental and Numerical Analyses
Attitude Toward Social Enterprises: A Comparison between For-Profit and Social Enterprise Employees
In Vitro Antibacterial and Antiproliferative Potential of Echinops lanceolatus Mattf. (Asteraceae) and Identification of Potential Bioactive Compounds
Adsorption of Mixed Dye System with Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide Modified Sepiolite: Characterization, Performance, Kinetics and Thermodynamics
Color Image Complexity versus Over-Segmentation: A Preliminary Study on the Correlation between Complexity Measures and Number of Segments
Relationship between Environmental Covariates and Ceylon Tea Cultivation in Sri Lanka
Global Research Output on Sleep Research in Athletes from 1966 to 2019: A Bibliometric Analysis
Partitioned Relief-F Method for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Images
Sedimentation and Transport of Different Soil Colloids: Effects of Goethite and Humic Acid
Prevention of Barite Sag in Water-Based Drilling Fluids by A Urea-Based Additive for Drilling Deep Formations
The InVEST Habitat Quality Model Associated with Land Use/Cover Changes: A Qualitative Case Study of the Winike Watershed in the Omo-Gibe Basin, Southwest Ethiopia
An Effective and Efficient Enhanced Fixed Rank Smoothing Method for the Spatiotemporal Fusion of Multiple-Satellite Aerosol Optical Depth Products
Local Structure Analysis on Si-Containing DLC Films Based on the Measurement of C K-Edge and Si K-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectra
Effect of Boron Doping on Diamond Film and Electrochemical Properties of BDD According to Thickness and Morphology
Stratification-Based Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation in a Subtropical Region Using Airborne Lidar Data
Detecting Objects from Space: An Evaluation of Deep-Learning Modern Approaches
Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influencing Arsenic Biogeochemistry and Toxicity in Fluvial Ecosystems: A Review
Systematically Exploring Molecular Aggregation and Its Impact on Surface Tension and Viscosity in High Concentration Solutions
In Situ Assessment of Intrinsic Strength of X-I?OA-Type Halogen Bonds in Molecular Crystals with Periodic Local Vibrational Mode Theory
Sedative Effects of Latexes Obtained from Some Lactuca L. Species Growing in Turkey
Bionic Structure on Complex Surface with Belt Grinding for Electron Beam Welding Seam of Titanium Alloy
Green Synthesis of an Activated Carbon-Supported Ag and ZnO Nanocomposite for Photocatalytic Degradation and Its Antibacterial Activities
A Cohort Study of Korean Radiation Workers: Baseline Characteristics of Participants
Expression of a NGATHA1 Gene from Medicago truncatula Delays Flowering Time and Enhances Stress Tolerance
FlexPro MD?, a Combination of Krill Oil, Astaxanthin and Hyaluronic Acid, Reduces Pain Behavior and Inhibits Inflammatory Response in Monosodium Iodoacetate-Induced Osteoarthritis in Rats
Pathways for the Amplification of Agroecology in African Sustainable Urban Agriculture
Stay in Touch—The Cortical ER of Moss Protonemata in Osmotic Stress Situations
Vγ9Vδ2 T Cells: Can We Re-Purpose a Potent Anti-Infection Mechanism for Cancer Therapy?
Mitophagy in the Pathogenesis of Liver Diseases
Testing Novel Portland Cement Formulations with Carbon Nanotubes and Intrinsic Properties Revelation: Nanoindentation Analysis with Machine Learning on Microstructure Identification
Fabrication of TiB2–Al1050 Composites with Improved Microstructural and Mechanical Properties by a Liquid Pressing Infiltration Process
Combinatorial Therapies in Thyroid Cancer: An Overview of Preclinical and Clinical Progresses
Energy Performance Analysis of a PV/T System Coupled with Domestic Hot Water System
Energy Efficiency-Oriented Resource Allocation for Massive MIMO Systems with Separated Channel Estimation and Feedback
Multiple Zones Modification of Open Off-Stoichiometry Thiol-ene Microchannel by Aptamers: A Methodological Study & A Proof of Concept
A Comparison of the Qualitative Analytic Hierarchy Process and the Quantitative Frequency Ratio Techniques in Predicting Forest Fire-Prone Areas in Bhutan Using GIS
Legal Origins and Corporate Social Responsibility
Effect of Palm Oil Clinker (POC) Aggregate on the Mechanical Properties of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) Mixtures
Diet, Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Diseases: Linking Pathophysiology to Cardioprotective Effects of Natural Bioactive Compounds
The Current Understanding of Autophagy in Nanomaterial Toxicity and Its Implementation in Safety Assessment-Related Alternative Testing Strategies
Untargeted Metabolomics and Steroid Signatures in Urine of Male Pattern Baldness Patients after Finasteride Treatment for a Year
Settlement and Spreading of the Introduced Seaweed Caulacanthus okamurae (Rhodophyta) in the Mediterranean Sea
Defining the Nature of the Nexus: Specialization, Connectedness, Scarcity, and Scale in Food–Energy–Water Management
TMEM16A: An Alternative Approach to Restoring Airway Anion Secretion in Cystic Fibrosis?
Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing of casper and roy Zebrafish Mutants Provides Novel Genetic Clues for Iridophore Loss
Investigation of Gel Properties of Novel Cryo-Clay-Silica Polymer Networks
Preliminary Study on the Knowledge Graph Construction of Chinese Ancient History and Culture
Application of Life-Dependent Material Parameters to Fatigue Life Prediction under Multiaxial and Non-Zero Mean Loading
Proteobacteria Overgrowth and Butyrate-Producing Taxa Depletion in the Gut Microbiota of Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1 Patients
Behavior and Mechanism of Cesium Biosorption from Aqueous Solution by Living Synechococcus PCC7002
An Automated End-to-End Side Channel Analysis Based on Probabilistic Model
Chemical Composition of PM2.5 and its Impact on Inhalation Health Risk Evaluation in a City with Light Industry in Central China
Fine Fabrication and Optical Waveguide Characteristics of Hexagonal tris(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminum(Ⅲ) (Alq3) Crystal
Selection of Policy Instruments on Integrated Care in China: Based on Documents Content Analysis
In Memoriam of Professor Roger W.H. Sargent, the Founder of “Process Systems Engineering”
Active Helicobacter pylori Infection is Independently Associated with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Morbidly Obese Patients
Controversial Effects of Vitamin D and Related Genes on Viral Infections, Pathogenesis, and Treatment Outcomes
The Impact of Income Inequality on Carbon Emissions in China: A Household-Level Analysis
Transfer Change Rules from Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks for Hyperspectral Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images without Ground Truth Data
Development of Staphylococcus Enzybiotics: The Ph28 Gene of Staphylococcus epidermidis Phage PH15 Is a Two-Domain Endolysin
Distribution of Uranium and Rare Elements in Radioactive Phosphate-Bearing Anomalies in Southeast Mongolia
Contribution of Connectivity Assessments to Green Infrastructure (GI)
Electrocatalytic Assisted Performance Enhancement for the Na-S Battery in Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanospheres Loaded with Fe
Spatial Diversity of Tourism in the Countries of the European Union
Supporting Drivers of Partially Automated Cars Through an Adaptive Digital In-Car Tutor
Evaluation of the Level of Sustainable Development of Provinces in China from 2012 to 2018: A Study Based on the Improved Entropy Coefficient-TOPSIS Method
An Empirical Analysis on DPRK: Will Grain Yield Influence Foreign Policy Tendency?
Polymorphisms in Human APOBEC3H Differentially Regulate Ubiquitination and Antiviral Activity
Physical Fatigue Detection Using Entropy Analysis of Heart Rate Signals
Formation of Size and Density Controlled Nanostructures by Galvanic Displacement
Mountainous City Featured Landscape Planning Based on GIS-AHP Analytical Method
Development of Novel Polymer Supported Nanocomposite GO/TiO2 Films, Based on poly(L-lactic acid) for Photocatalytic Applications
Recovery of Li and Co from LiCoO2 via Hydrometallurgical–Electrodialytic Treatment
An Investigation of the Influencing Factors of Chinese WeChat Users’ Environmental Information-Sharing Behavior Based on an Integrated Model of UGT, NAM, and TPB
Simulation and Experimental Validation of Novel Trajectory Planning Strategy to Reduce Vibrations and Improve Productivity of Robotic Manipulator
Editorial for the Special Issue “Soil Moisture Retrieval using Radar Remote Sensing Sensors”
Dynamical Networks Modelling Applied to Low Voltage Lines with Nonlinear Filters
The Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease in the Chinese Population
Analysis of the Effectiveness of Shielded Band Spraying in Weed Control in Field Crops
Smart City and High-Tech Urban Interventions Targeting Human Health: An Equity-Focused Systematic Review
Effects of Olfactory and Auditory Enrichment on the Behaviour of Shelter Dogs
Identification of Ancestry Informative Marker (AIM) Panels to Assess Hybridisation between Feral and Domestic Sheep
Ease of Access to An Alternative Food Source Enables Wallabies to Strip Bark in Tasmanian Pinus radiata Plantations
Forward Osmosis: A Critical Review
Female-Male and Female-Female Social Interactions of Captive Kept Capercaillie (Tetrao Urogallus) and Its Consequences in Planning Breeding Programs
Essential Oils of Aromatic Plants with Antibacterial, Anti-Biofilm and Anti-Quorum Sensing Activities against Pathogenic Bacteria
The Influence of Main Design Parameters on the Overall Cost of a Gearbox
Uncovering Prognosis-Related Genes and Pathways by Multi-Omics Analysis in Lung Cancer
Preclinical Study Using ABT263 to Increase Enzalutamide Sensitivity to Suppress Prostate Cancer Progression Via Targeting BCL2/ROS/USP26 Axis Through Altering ARv7 Protein Degradation
Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer in Outdoor Workers: A Study on Actinic Keratosis in Italian Navy Personnel
Novel Mutations in the TMPRSS3 Gene May Contribute to Taiwanese Patients with Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss
Correction: K?dzierska, H., et al. Decreased Expression of SRSF2 Splicing Factor Inhibits Apoptotic Pathways in Renal Cancer. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17, 1598.
ThymicPeptides Reverse Immune Exhaustion in Patients with Reactivated Human Alphaherpesvirus1 Infections
Design and Fabrication of a Kirigami-Inspired Electrothermal MEMS Scanner with Large Displacement
Natural Resource Conservation Based on Community Economic Empowerment: Perspectives on Watershed Management and Slum Settlements in Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Towards Identification of Zircon Populations in Permo-Carboniferous Rhyolites of Central Europe: Insight from Automated SEM-Mineral Liberation Analyses
Can We Predict the Pressure Induced Phase Transition of Urea? Application of Quantum Molecular Dynamics
Chinese Propolis Prevents Obesity and Metabolism Syndromes Induced by a High Fat Diet and Accompanied by an Altered Gut Microbiota Structure in Mice
The Power of Packaging: A Scoping Review and Assessment of Child-Targeted Food Packaging
Mining Activities and the Chemical Composition of R. Modonkul, Transbaikalia
i-Sustainability Plus Theory as an Innovative Path towards Sustainable World Founded on Blue-Green Ubiquitous Cities (Case Studies: Denmark and South Korea)
Individual Preference Framework or Group Preference Framework? Which Will Regulate the Impact Path of Product Facilities on Residents’ Waste-Sorting Behavior Better
Computational Hybrid Machine Learning Based Prediction of Shear Capacity for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
Dynamic Input–Output Analysis of a Carbon Emission System at the Aggregated and Disaggregated Levels: A Case Study in the Northeast Industrial District
An Evaluation of Vegetation Health in and around Southern African National Parks during the 21st Century (2000–2016)
When a Girl Awakened the World: A User and Social Message Analysis of Greta Thunberg
Education for Sustainable Development in STEM (Technical Drawing): Learning Approach and Method for SDG 11 in Classrooms
Spine and TMJ: A Pathophysiology Report
An ERA5-Based Hourly Global Pressure and Temperature (HGPT) Model
Soft-Lithography of Polyacrylamide Hydrogels Using Microstructured Templates: Towards Controlled Cell Populations on Biointerfaces
Ternary Cross-Modal Interactions between Sweetness, Aroma, and Viscosity in Different Beverage Matrices
Monitoring of Strain and Temperature in an Open Pit Using Brillouin Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors
The First 75 Days of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Outbreak: Recent Advances, Prevention, and Treatment
The Microbiota–Gut–Brain Axis Heart Shunt Part I: The French Paradox, Heart Disease and the Microbiota
The Effect of the Relative Amount of Ingredients on the Rheological Properties of Semolina Doughs
Chitosan Modified Zeolite Molecular Sieve Particles as a Filter for Ammonium Nitrogen Removal from Water
Testing the Effectiveness of Transfer Interventions Using Solomon Four-Group Designs
A Model of the Sustainable Management of the Natural Environment in National Parks—A Case Study of National Parks in Poland
Cholesterol Homeostasis Modulates Platinum Sensitivity in Human Ovarian Cancer
Numerical Thermal Analysis and 2-D CFD Evaluation Model for An Ideal Cryogenic Regenerator
Environment-Friendly, Self-Sensing Concrete Blended with Byproduct Wastes
The Role of Soluble Corn Fiber on Glycemic and Insulin Response
Occupational Health Injuries by Job Characteristics and Working Environment among Street Cleaners in South Korea
Array-Based Screening of Silver Nanoparticle Mineralization Peptides
Development and Validation of Two Self-Reported Tools for Insulin Resistance and Hypertension Risk Assessment in A European Cohort: The Feel4Diabetes-Study
Light-Activated Heterostructured Nanomaterials for Antibacterial Applications
Antioxidant Activity and Sensory Improvement of Angelica dahurica cv. Yubaizhi Essential Oil on Sunflower Oil during High-temperature Storage
Characterization of Bioactive Compounds in Colored Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) Cultivars Grown with Conventional, Organic, and Biodynamic Methods
Circulating Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Metabolites and Its Potential Role in Rheumatoid Arthritis Pathogenesis
Different Spectral Domain Transformation for Land Cover Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks with Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery
Water Conservation Methods and Cropping Systems for Increased Productivity and Economic Resilience in Burkina Faso
Tri-Clustering Based Exploration of Temporal Resolution Impacts on Spatio-Temporal Clusters in Geo-Referenced Time Series
Cover Crop Diversity as a Tool to Mitigate Vine Decline and Reduce Pathogens in Vineyard Soils
Changes in Precipitation Extremes over the Source Region of the Yellow River and Its Relationship with Teleconnection Patterns
Pancreatitis-Associated Protein in Neonatal Screening for Cystic Fibrosis: Strengths and Weaknesses
The Clinical Impact of Hexanic Extract of Serenoa repens in Men with Prostatic Inflammation: A Post Hoc Analysis of a Randomized Biopsy Study
Polydopamine-Lysophosphatidate-Functionalised Titanium: A Novel Hybrid Surface Finish for Bone Regenerative Applications
Molecular T-Cell Repertoire Analysis as Source of Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers for Checkpoint Blockade Immunotherapy
Traffic Accident Prediction Based on Multivariable Grey Model
Microwave-Assisted Glycerol Etherification Over Sulfonic Acid Catalysts
Lake and River Restoration: Method, Evaluation and Management
Aerated Irrigation of Different Irrigation Levels and Subsurface Dripper Depths Affects Fruit Yield, Quality and Water Use Efficiency of Greenhouse Tomato
Enhancing Glycolysis Protects against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by Reducing ROS Production
Proapoptotic Activity of Achillea membranacea Essential Oil and Its Major Constituent 1,8-Cineole against A2780 Ovarian Cancer Cells
Scaffold Hopping in Discovery of HIV-1 Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors: From CH(CN)-DABOs to CH(CN)-DAPYs
Improving the Performance of Dynamic Ship Positioning Systems: A Review of Filtering and Estimation Techniques
Mapping of QTLs Associated with Yield and Yield Related Traits in Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Under Irrigated and Drought Conditions
Shea Nut Oil Extracts Enhance the Intra-Articular Sodium Hyaluronate Effectiveness on Surgically Induced OA Progression in Rats
Nanogels of a Succinylated Glycol Chitosan-Succinyl Prednisolone Conjugate: Release Behavior, Gastrointestinal Distribution, and Systemic Absorption
Psychological Impact of NBS for CF
Study of the Microstructure Characteristics of Three Different Fine-grained Tailings Sand Samples during Penetration
Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Visible Light Activity of TiO2 Modified with Halide-Based Ionic Liquids
Confusion and Anxiety Following Breast Density Notification: Fact or Fiction?
IMPA2 Downregulation Enhances mTORC1 Activity and Restrains Autophagy Initiation in Metastatic Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
Spatial-Temporal Characteristic Analysis of Ethnic Toponyms Based on Spatial Information Entropy at the Rural Level in Northeast China
Finding a Balance: A Systematic Review of the Biomechanical Effects of Vestibular Prostheses on Stability in Humans
Structure and Behavior of the Ni End-Member Schreibersite Ni3P under Compression to 50 GPa
A Low-Profile and High-isolated MIMO Antenna for 5G Mobile Terminal
Energy Conservation with Open Source Ad Blockers
Effects of Light Quality and Phytochrome Form on Melatonin Biosynthesis in Rice
Edge and Cloud Collaborative Entity Recommendation Method towards the IoT Search
Investigating the Influence of Interaction on Learning Persistence in Online Settings: Moderation or Mediation of Academic Emotions?
Does Diversity in Top Management Teams Contribute to Organizational Performance? The Response of the IBEX 35 Companies
Recent Progress in Optical Sensors for Biomedical Diagnostics
Acute Kidney Injury Patterns Following Transplantation of Steatotic Liver Allografts
Development of a Group Method of Data Handling Technique to Forecast Iron Ore Price
Complex Structure of Lasiopodomys mandarinus vinogradovi Sex Chromosomes, Sex Determination, and Intraspecific Autosomal Polymorphism
Not Different Enough: Avoiding Representation as “Balkan” and the Constrained Appeal of Macedonian Ethno Music
Enhancing the Robustness of Smartphone Photoplethysmography: A Signal Quality Index Approach
Typical Challenges of Governance for Sustainable Regional Development in Globalized Latin America: A Multidimensional Literature Review
Health Impact of Silver Nanoparticles: A Review of the Biodistribution and Toxicity Following Various Routes of Exposure
Target Recognition in Infrared Circumferential Scanning System via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
A One-Dimensional Effective Model for Nanotransistors in Landauer–Büttiker Formalism
Optimal Body Mass Index Cut-off Point for Predicting Colorectal Cancer Survival in an Asian Population: A National Health Information Database Analysis
High Temperature Adiabatic Heating in μ-IM Mould Cavities—A Case for Venting Design Solutions
Dismembered Ophiolite of the Olkhon Composite Terrane (Baikal, Russia): Petrology and Emplacement
Modulation of the Autophagy-lysosomal Pathway in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Small Molecules
Galangin, a Flavonoid from Lesser Galangal, Induced Apoptosis via p53-Dependent Pathway in Ovarian Cancer Cells
Norhierridin B, a New Hierridin B-Based Hydroquinone with Improved Antiproliferative Activity
Antioxidant Potential of Antiviral Drug Umifenovir
Benefits of Combining Satellite-Derived Snow Cover Data and Discharge Data to Calibrate a Glaciated Catchment in Sub-Arctic Iceland
Versatile Polypropylene Copolymers from a Pilot-Scale Spheripol II Process
Wearable Hand Module and Real-Time Tracking Algorithms for Measuring Finger Joint Angles of Different Hand Sizes with High Accuracy using FBG Strain Sensor
Ecology and Environmental Impact of Myriophyllum heterophyllum, an Aggressive Invader in European Waterways
The Influence of Laser Modification on a Composite Substrate and the Resistance of Thin Layers Created using the PVD Process
Effect of Substrate Concentration on Photo-Fermentation Bio-Hydrogen Production Process from Starch-Rich Agricultural Leftovers under Oscillation
CostNet: A Concise Overpass Spatiotemporal Network for Predictive Learning
Dynamic Heterogeneity in Ring-Linear Polymer Blends
Extremely Sensitive Microwave Sensor for Evaluation of Dielectric Characteristics of Low-Permittivity Materials
A Two-Stage MCDM Model for Exploring the Influential Relationships of Sustainable Sports Tourism Criteria in Taichung City
E-mail-Based Phishing Attack Taxonomy
Long-Term Performance Assessment of Low-Cost Atmospheric Sensors in the Arctic Environment
Inflammasomes as Targets for Adjuvants
Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Production of Biomass, Polyphenolics and Steviol Glycosides in Adventitious Root Cultures of Stevia rebaudiana (Bert.)
Study of the Kinetics of Extraction Process for The Production of Hemp Inflorescences Extracts by Means of Conventional Maceration (CM) and Rapid Solid-Liquid Dynamic Extraction (RSLDE)
Exploring the Critical Thickness of Organic Semiconductor Layer for Enhanced Piezoresistive Sensitivity in Field-Effect Transistor Sensors
The Long-Term Survival and Growth of Enrichment Plantings in Logged Tropical Rainforest in North Queensland, Australia
Design and Simulation of a New Intermodal Automated Container Transport System (ACTS) Considering Different Operation Scenarios of Container Terminals
Gaze Tracking and Point Estimation Using Low-Cost Head-Mounted Devices
Research on Asymmetric Hysteresis Modeling and Compensation of Piezoelectric Actuators with PMPI Model
Operational Global Actual Evapotranspiration: Development, Evaluation, and Dissemination
Efficient Two-Dimensional Direction Finding Algorithm for Rectilinear Sources Under Unknown Mutual Coupling
From Analyses to Implementation and Innovation
The Production of Listeriolysin O and Subsequent Intracellular Infections by Listeria monocytogenes Are Regulated by Exogenous Short Chain Fatty Acid Mixtures
Brachial Plexus Injuries in Sport Medicine: Clinical Evaluation, Diagnostic Approaches, Treatment Options, and Rehabilitative Interventions
Monitoring and Modelling Interactions between the Montagna dei Fiori Aquifer and the Castellano Stream (Central Apennines, Italy)
Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Muscle Fatigue in Healthy, Young, Normal-Weight Women: A Randomized Controlled Feeding Trial
Healthcare Digitalization and Pay-For-Performance Incentives in Smart Hospital Project Financing
Determination and Daily Intake Estimation of Lignans in Sesame Seeds and Sesame Oil Products in Korea
A Comparative Study of Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil in Terms of Their Active Ingredients
Chemosensory Event-Related Potentials and Power Spectrum Could Be a Possible Biomarker in 3M Syndrome Infants?
Exploring the Role of Mutations in Fanconi Anemia Genes in Hereditary Cancer Patients
PIDS: A User-Friendly Plant DNA Fingerprint Database Management System
Validation of the Reference Genes for the Gene Expression Studies in Chicken DT40 Cell Line
Microbial and Fungal Phytases Can Affect Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Blood Profile of Broilers Fed Different Levels of Non-Phytic Phosphorous
Unconscious Gender Bias in Academia: Scarcity of Empirical Evidence
Effects of Slaughter Knife Sharpness on Blood Biochemical and Electroencephalogram Changes in Cattle
6TiSCH on SCμM: Running a Synchronized Protocol Stack without Crystals
Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetland for Greywater Treatment and Reuse: An Experimental Case
A Suppression Method of Concentration Background Noise by Transductive Transfer Learning for a Metal Oxide Semiconductor-Based Electronic Nose
Antagonism of Histamine H3 receptors Alleviates Pentylenetetrazole-Induced Kindling and Associated Memory Deficits by Mitigating Oxidative Stress, Central Neurotransmitters, and c-Fos Protein Expression in Rats
An Accurate and Efficient Timing Prediction Framework for Wide Supply Voltage Design Based on Learning Method
Half Way to Hypusine—Structural Basis for Substrate Recognition by Human Deoxyhypusine Synthase
Enhanced Storage Stability of Different Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders through Nano-montmorillonite Modification
Modeling Land Suitability for Vitis vinifera in Michigan Using Advanced Geospatial Data and Methods
Food Supplements for Weight Loss: Risk Assessment of Selected Impurities
Motivations Influencing Caffeine Consumption Behaviors among College Students in Korea: Associations with Sleep Quality
The Role of Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements in Ocular Surface Diseases
Modern Methods of Business Valuation—Case Study and New Concepts
BRCA1 Promoter Hypermethylation is Associated with Good Prognosis and Chemosensitivity in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Analysis of Research Status of CO2 Conversion Technology Based on Bibliometrics
Immunolocalization of Keratan Sulfate in Rat Spinal Tissues Using the Keratanase Generated BKS-1(+) Neoepitope: Correlation of Expression Patterns with the Class II SLRPs, Lumican and Keratocan
Determinants of Interest Margin in Pakistan: A Panel Data Analysis
xCT Inhibition Increases Sensitivity to Vorinostat in a ROS-Dependent Manner
Oral Supplementation of Sodium Butyrate Attenuates the Progression of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis
Purifying of Waste Tire Pyrolysis Oil Using an S-ZrO2/SBA-15-H2O2 Catalytic Oxidation Method
Review of Available SW Solutions for Intellectual Property Management Systems from the Perspective of Open Innovation
Model Optimization for the Prediction of Red Wine Phenolic Compounds Using Ultraviolet–Visible Spectra
Orbital Instability of Chaotic Laser Diode with Optical Injection and Electronically Applied Chaotic Signal
Preparation and Characterization of Condensed Tannin Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane (NIPU) Rigid Foams by Ambient Temperature Blowing
Comparison of Equilibrium-Stage and Rate-Based Models of a Packed Column for Tar Absorption Using Vegetable Oil
Transfer Learning Strategies for Deep Learning-based PHM Algorithms
Proteomic Analysis of Renal Biomarkers of Kidney Allograft Fibrosis—A Study in Renal Transplant Patients
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics Biomarkers for Identifying High Risk Patients with Extranodal Extension in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
A Systematic Review of Healthcare-Associated Infectious Organisms in Medical Radiation Science Departments
The Impact of Fertilization Regime on the Crop Performance and Chemical Composition of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Cultivated in Central Greece
Changes in Respiratory Muscle Strength Following Cardiac Rehabilitation for Prognosis in Patients with Heart Failure
Elevated Lactate Levels in Acute Pulmonary Embolism Are Associated with Prothrombotic Fibrin Clot Properties: Contribution of NETs Formation
Announcement for “Catalysts Outstanding Reviewer Award 2019” Winners
Efficiency of Differently Processed Membranes Based on Cellulose as Cationic Dye Adsorbents
Validation of the mTICCS Score as a Useful Tool for the Early Prediction of a Massive Transfusion in Patients with a Traumatic Hemorrhage
Physical and Psychological Discomfort Experienced by Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Donors
Shadow Management: Neoliberalism and the Erosion of Democratic Legitimacy through Ombudsmen with Case Studies from Swedish Higher Education
Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) in Humans: A Scoping Review and Meta-Analysis
Genetic and Clinical Heterogeneity in Thirteen New Cases with Aceruloplasminemia. Atypical Anemia as a Clue for an Early Diagnosis
Safety Lighting Sensor Robots Communicate in the Middle of the Highway/Roads
Prevalence and Causes of Anemia in Hospitalized Patients: Impact on Diseases Outcome
Hyperspectral Imaging for the Detection of Glioblastoma Tumor Cells in H&E Slides Using Convolutional Neural Networks
The Position and Complex Genomic Architecture of Plant T-DNA Insertions Revealed by 4SEE
Health Literacy, Vaccine Confidence and Influenza Vaccination Uptake among Nursing Home Staff: A Cross-Sectional Study Conducted in Tuscany
Virtual Museums as Learning Agents
Antibacterial and Osteoconductive Effects of Chitosan/Polyethylene Oxide (PEO)/Bioactive Glass Nanofibers for Orthopedic Applications
A Simulation on Potential Secondary Spread of Novel Coronavirus in an Exported Country Using a Stochastic Epidemic SEIR Model
Clinical Significance of Circulating Tumor Cells in Gastrointestinal Carcinomas
The Derived Subgroups of Sylow 2-Subgroups of the Alternating Group, Commutator Width of Wreath Product of Groups
The Usefulness of Scintigraphic Studies in the Assessment of Asymptomatic Bowel Disease in Patients with Primary Antibody Diseases
Effect of Cereclor as Rejuvenator to Enhance the Aging Resistance of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Binder
Techno-Economic Analysis of Electrocoagulation on Water Reclamation and Bacterial/Viral Indicator Reductions of a High-Strength Organic Wastewater—Anaerobic Digestion Effluent
“It Is Like Compulsory to Go, but It Is still pretty Nice”: Young Children’s Views on Physical Activity Parenting and the Associated Motivational Regulation
Biodistribution and Anticancer Characteristics of Les-3833, A Novel 4-thiazolidinone-Based Lead Compound
The Effect of Monophasic Pulsed Current with Stretching Exercise on the Heel Pain and Plantar Fascia Thickness in Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial
On the Efficiency of OpenACC-aided GPU-Based FDTD Approach: Application to Lightning Electromagnetic Fields
Evaluation of Effectiveness of Digital Technologies During Anatomy Learning in Nursing School
Electrical Tomography: A Review of Configurations, and Application to Fibre Flow Suspensions Characterisation
Myo-Inositol Transporter SLC5A3 Associates with Degenerative Changes and Inflammation in Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis
Introduction: Comparative Hagiology, Issues in Theory and Method
Electromyography Analysis of Muscle Activation During Stand-Up Paddle Boarding: A Comparison of Paddling in Kneeling and Standing Positions
Sparse Low-Rank Based Signal Analysis Method for Bearing Fault Feature Extraction
Implicit Equal-Weights Variational Particle Smoother
Changes in Office Blood Pressure Control, Augmentation Index, and Liver Steatosis in Kidney Transplant Patients after Successful Hepatitis C Infection Treatment with Direct Antiviral Agents
Personal and Media Factors Related to Citizens’ Pro-environmental Behavioral Intention against Haze in China: A Moderating Analysis of TPB
The Effect of Osmopriming on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Characteristics of Carum carvi L.
GLP-1 Receptor Agonists and Diabetic Kidney Disease: A Call of Attention to Nephrologists
Perceived Knowledge, Coping Efficacy and Consumer Consumption Changes in Response to Food Recall
Compact Open-Path Sensor for Fast Measurements of CO2 and H2O using Scanned-Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy with 1f-Phase Method
Clinical Presentations and Outcome Studies of Cranial Nerve Involvement in Herpes Zoster Infection: A Retrospective Single-Center Analysis
The Optimal Range of Serum Uric Acid for Cardiometabolic Diseases: A 5-Year Japanese Cohort Study
How Concept Maps with and without a List of Concepts Differ: The Case of Statistics
High-temperature Mechanical Properties and Their Influence Mechanisms of ZrC-Modified C-SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites up to 1600 °C
Temporal Dynamics of High-Density Lipoprotein Proteome in Diet-Controlled Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes
Concomitant Intra-Articular Glenohumeral Lesions in Fractures of the Scapula Body
Swarm-based Parallel Control of Adjacent Irregular Buildings Considering Soil–structure Interaction
Raman 2D Peak Line Shape in Epigraphene on SiC
A Feature-Based Cost Estimation Model for Wind Turbine Blade Spar Caps
One-Dimensional Study on Hydrate Formation from Migrating Dissolved Gas in Sandy Sediments
Photobiomodulation Mediates Neuroprotection against Blue Light Induced Retinal Photoreceptor Degeneration
Antimalarial Agents as Therapeutic Tools Against Toxoplasmosis—A Short Bridge between Two Distant Illnesses
A Stochastic Interpolation-Based Fractal Model for Vulnerability Diagnosis of Water Supply Networks Against Seismic Hazards
Improvement of Cecal Commensal Microbiome Following the Insect Additive into Chicken Diet
Innovative Technologies for Cultural Heritage. Tattoo Sensors and AI: The New Life of Cultural Assets
Modulatory Effects of Silymarin on Benzo[a]pyrene-Induced Hepatotoxicity
Model Independent Diagnostics in Interacting Dark Energy Models
Impact of Embedded Global Value Chain on Technical Complexity of Industry Export—An Empirical Study Based on China’s Equipment Manufacturing Industry Panel
Long-Term Socialization with Humans Affects Human-Directed Behavior in Goats
Temporal and Spatial Variability of Carbon Emission Intensity of Urban Residential Buildings: Testing the Effect of Economics and Geographic Location in China
Infectious Esophagitis in Romanian Children: From Etiology and Risk Factors to Clinical Characteristics and Endoscopic Features
Edge4TSC: Binary Distribution Tree-Enabled Time Series Classification in Edge Environment
Defining the Concept of Family through the Lens of Fertile-Aged Women in Bucharest, Romania—between Traditionalism and Inclusion
Multi-Objective Optimization of Loop Closure Detection Parameters for Indoor 2D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
Estimation of Thermal Resistance Field in Layered Materials by Analytical Asymptotic Method
Photon Detection as a Process of Information Gain
Pomegranate as a Potential Alternative of Pain Management: A Review
Anomaly Detection Using Electric Impedance Tomography Based on Real and Imaginary Images
Biochemical and Hematological Correlates of Elevated Homocysteine in National Surveys and a Longitudinal Study of Urban Adults
Virtual Environments and Augmented Reality Applied to Heritage Education. An Evaluative Study
Does Employee Quality Affect Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from China
Beyond the Simple Copper(II) Coordination Chemistry with Quinaldinate and Secondary Amines
Response of Breast Cancer Cells to PARP Inhibitors Is Independent of BRCA Status
Mobile Phone Use by the Elderly: Relationship between Usability, Social Activity, and the Environment
Nephrotoxic Effects in Zebrafish after Prolonged Exposure to Aristolochic Acid
Analysis of Intracellular Magnesium and Mineral Depositions during Osteogenic Commitment of 3D Cultured Saos2 Cells
A Review of Ocean Dynamics in the North Atlantic: Achievements and Challenges
The Not so Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Differential Bacterial Adhesion and Invasion Mediated by Salmonella PagN Allelic Variants
Minimal Cardiac Perforation by Lead Pacemaker Complicated with Pericardial Effusion and Impending Tamponade: Optimal Management with No Pericardiocentesis Driven by Echocardiography
A Review of the Phenotypic Traits Associated with Insect Dispersal Polymorphism, and Experimental Designs for Sorting out Resident and Disperser Phenotypes
Large Scale Shrub Biomass Estimates for Multiple Purposes
Pan-Cancer Analysis of Mitochondria Chaperone-Client Co-Expression Reveals Chaperone Functional Partitioning
Cardiovascular Toxicity of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Used in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: An Analysis of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Database (FAERS)
Determining the Influencing Factors of Biogas Technology Adoption Intention in Pakistan: The Moderating Role of Social Media
The Effect of Age, Gender, and Job on Skin Conductance Response among Smartphone Users Who are Prohibited from Using Their Smartphone
Metal Accumulation by Jatropha curcas L. Adult Plants Grown on Heavy Metal-Contaminated Soil
Modern Aspects of Immunotherapy with Checkpoint Inhibitors in Melanoma
Food Markets: A Motivation-Based Segmentation of Tourists
Chemical Compositions and Source Analysis of PM2.5 during Autumn and Winter in a Heavily Polluted City in China
A Portfolio Policy Package to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Evaluation of Calcium Oxide Nanoparticles from Industrial Waste on the Performance of Hardened Cement Pastes: Physicochemical Study
Dynamic Range Compression and the Semantic Descriptor Aggressive
Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Rare and Endangered Species—Eryngium maritimum L. and E. alpinum L.
Deep Learning-Based Upper Limb Functional Assessment Using a Single Kinect v2 Sensor
Comment on Hardacker, C.T.; Baccellieri, A.; Mueller, E.R.; Brubaker, L.; Hutchins, G.; Zhang, J.L.Y.; Hebert-Beirne, J. Bladder Health Experiences, Perceptions and Knowledge of Sexual and Gender Minorities. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 3170
Performance Enhancement of an Ultrasonic Power Transfer System Through a Tightly Coupled Solid Media Using a KLM Model
Corona Virus (COVID-19) “Infodemic” and Emerging Issues through a Data Lens: The Case of China
Explaining Bamboo-Like Carbon Fiber Growth Mechanism: Catalyst Shape Adjustments above Tammann Temperature
Synthesis of Poly(2-aminothiazole)-Coated Polystyrene Particles and Their Excellent Hg(II) Adsorption Properties
Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of Cr–Al–Si Alloys for High-Temperature Applications
On the Orbital Angular Momentum Incident Fields in Linearized Microwave Imaging
Evaluating Temperature Measurements of the iMET-XQ, in the Field, under Varying Atmospheric Conditions
Geopolitical Risk and Energy Transition in Russia: Evidence from ARDL Bounds Testing Method
A Comparative Analysis of CD32A and CD16A Polymorphisms in Relation to Autoimmune Responses in Pemphigus Diseases and Subepithelial Autoimmune Blistering Disorders
Real-Time Humidity Measurement during Sports Activity using Optical Fibre Sensing
The Impact of Heavy Vehicle Traffic Trends on the Overdesign of Flexible Asphalt Pavements
Congo Red Dye Degradation by Graphene Nanoplatelets/Doped Bismuth Ferrite Nanoparticle Hybrid Catalysts under Dark and Light Conditions
Pectin Degradation is an Important Determinant for Alfalfa Silage Fermentation through the Rescheduling of the Bacterial Community
Peer-Education as a Tool to Educate on Antibiotics, Resistance and Use in 16–18-Year-Olds: A Feasibility Study
Evaluating the Impact of Building Information Modeling on the Labor Productivity of Construction Projects in Malaysia
Long-Term Characterization of Submicron Atmospheric Particles in an Urban Background Site in Southern Italy
P , T -Violating and Magnetic Hyperfine Interactions in Atomic Thallium
Zinc Adequacy Is Essential for the Maintenance of Optimal Oral Health
Evaluation of Tramadol Hydrochloride Toxicity to Juvenile Zebrafish—Morphological, Antioxidant and Histological Responses
Effect of Two Strength Training Models on Muscle Power and Strength in Elite Women’s Football Players
Preparation, Characterization of Propargyl Terminal Polybutadiene and Its Crosslinked Elastomers Properties
DUKMSVM: A Framework of Deep Uniform Kernel Mapping Support Vector Machine for Short Text Classification
Competitive HRP-Linked Colorimetric Aptasensor for the Detection of Fumonisin B1 in Food based on Dual Biotin-Streptavidin Interaction
Effect of Amniotic Injection of N-Carbamylglutamate on Meat Quality of Broilers
Numerical Solution of Direct and Inverse Problems for Time-Dependent Volterra Integro-Differential Equation Using Finite Integration Method with Shifted Chebyshev Polynomials
Psychophysiological Stress Response in an Underwater Evacuation Training
Extraction Strategies to Recover Bioactive Compounds, Incorporation into Food and Health Benefits: Current Works and Future Challenges
Capacity Building in Community Stakeholder Groups for Increasing Physical Activity: Results of a Qualitative Study in Two German Communities
Osteoarthritis and Toll-Like Receptors: When Innate Immunity Meets Chondrocyte Apoptosis
Special Issue: Microbial Degradation of Xenobiotics
Left Main Coronary Artery Disease and Outcomes after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Chronic Total Occlusions
Reference Values and Correlations for Multiple Physical Performance Measures: A Cross-Sectional Study among Independently Mobile Older Men in Japan
Molecular Detection of Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Bovine Mastitis Milk in Bangladesh
Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic: The Chinese Experience and Implications for Other Countries
Soybean Oil Modulates the Gut Microbiota Associated with Atherogenic Biomarkers
Effect of Hydrogen and Absence of Passive Layer on Corrosive Properties of Aluminum Alloys
Transcriptomics Analysis for the Detection of Novel Drought Tolerance Genes in Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis)
Modeling the Relationship of Precipitation and Water Level Using Grid Precipitation Products with a Neural Network Model
Wireless-Based Identification and Model Updating of a Skewed Highway Bridge for Structural Health Monitoring
Bifidobacterium breve UCC2003 Exopolysaccharide Modulates the Early Life Microbiota by Acting as a Potential Dietary Substrate
An Application of Isogeometric Analysis and Boundary Integral Element Method for Solving Nonlinear Contact Problems
A Molecular Basis for Reciprocal Regulation between Pheromones and Hormones in Response to Dietary Cues in C. elegans
Purification, Identification, and Characterization of an Endo-1,4-β-Xylanase from Wheat Malt
Automatic Detection of Pulmonary Nodules using Three-dimensional Chain Coding and Optimized Random Forest
Time Series Decomposition of the Daily Outdoor Air Temperature in Europe for Long-Term Energy Forecasting in the Context of Climate Change
Polyelectrolyte Based Sensors as Key to Achieve Quantitative Electronic Tongues: Detection of Triclosan on Aqueous Environmental Matrices
IRF7 Is Required for the Second Phase Interferon Induction during Influenza Virus Infection in Human Lung Epithelia
Expression and Role of IL-1β Signaling in Chondrocytes Associated with Retinoid Signaling during Fracture Healing
An Analysis of Online Reputation Indicators by Means of Geostatistical Techniques—The Case of Rural Accommodation in Extremadura, Spain
Metasedimentary Metatexites with Trondhjemitic Leucosomes from NE Sicily: Another Example of Prograde Water-fluxed Melting in Collisional Belts
A General Overview of the Risk-Reduction Strategies for Floods and Droughts
The Feature Selection Effect on Missing Value Imputation of Medical Datasets
Mathematical Model For The Removal Of Essential Oil Constituents During Steam Distillation Extraction
Purine and Purine Isostere Derivatives of Ferrocene: An Evaluation of ADME, Antitumor and Electrochemical Properties
Passive Visible Light Detection Of Humans
On the Mechanism of Formation of Conversion Titanium-Containing Coatings
Experiments and 3D Molecular Model Construction of Lignite under Different Modification Treatment
On Image Fusion of Ground Surface Vibration for Mapping and Locating Underground Pipeline Leakage: An Experimental Investigation
Protective Mechanisms of Avocado Oil Extract Against Ototoxicity
Emergency Communications Based on Throughput-Aware D2D Multicasting in 5G Public Safety Networks
Effects of Transport and Lairage on the Skin Damage of Pig Carcasses
Transverse Impact on Rectangular Metal and Reinforced Concrete Beams Taking into Account Bimodularity of the Material
Chromosome Instability; Implications in Cancer Development, Progression, and Clinical Outcomes
The Co-Chaperone HspBP1 Is a Novel Component of Stress Granules that Regulates Their Formation
A simple approach for determining the maximum sorption capacity of Chlorpropham from aqueous solution onto granular activated charcoal
Dissimilar Responses of Ancient Grapevines Recovered in Navarra (Spain) to Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis in Terms of Berry Quality
Experience and Awareness of Health Managers, Administrators, and Workers on a Hearing Conservation Program in Korea: A Qualitative Study
Multi-Sensor Combined Measurement While Drilling Based on the Improved Adaptive Fading Square Root Unscented Kalman Filter
Nanoarchitectonics of Nanoporous Carbon Materials in Supercapacitors Applications
Support Mobile Fog Computing Test in piFogBedII
Lapatinib, Nilotinib and Lomitapide Inhibit Haemozoin Formation in Malaria Parasites
Sensitivity of EGFR/HER-2 Positive Cells Isolated from Ascitic Fluid of Advanced Ovarian Cancer Patients to EGFR/HER-2 Inhibitors
Limited Angle Electrical Resistance Tomography in Wastewater Monitoring
Privacy-Preserving in Healthcare Blockchain Systems Based on Lightweight Message Sharing
Substrate Application of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Enhanced Low-temperature and Weak-light Stress Tolerance in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
The Efficiency of R&D Expenditures in ASEAN Countries
Effects of Cyclization on Activity and Stability of α-Conotoxin TxIB
Fast Screening Methods for the Analysis of Topical Drug Products
Progress and Prospects on Vaccine Development against SARS-CoV-2
Desminopathy: Novel Desmin Variants, a New Cardiac Phenotype, and Further Evidence for Secondary Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Assessing the Effectiveness of Using Recharge Wells for Controlling the Saltwater Intrusion in Unconfined Coastal Aquifers with Sloping Beds: Numerical Study
Dimensionality-reduction Procedure for the Capacitated p-Median Transportation Inventory Problem
Towards Convergence: How to Do Transdisciplinary Environmental Health Disparities Research
Upregulated Connexin 43 Induced by Loss-of-Functional S284L-Mutant α4 Subunit of Nicotinic ACh Receptor Contributes to Pathomechanisms of Autosomal Dominant Sleep-Related Hypermotor Epilepsy
Multiple Regression Analysis and Frequent Itemset Mining of Electronic Medical Records: A Visual Analytics Approach Using VISA_M3R3
Large Sample Comparison of Parameter Estimates in Gamma Raindrop Distributions
Reactive Oxygen Species and Male Fertility
Analysis of Astragalus Polysaccharide Intervention in Heat-Stressed Dairy Cows’ Serum Metabolomics
New Generation of Antibacterial Products Based on Colloidal Silver
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Versus Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography for Detecting Coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Ischemia: Comparison with Coronary Angiography
Dynamic Modeling of the Dissipative Contact and Friction Forces of a Passive Biped-Walking Robot
Synthesis of Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles (AgCl-NPs) Using a Pulicaria vulgaris Gaertn. Aerial Part Extract and Their Application as Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antioxidant Agents
A Novel Visual Analysis Method of Food Safety Risk Traceability Based on Blockchain
Characterization of the Duodenal Mucosal Microbiome in Obese Adult Subjects by 16S rRNA Sequencing
Worldwide Regulations and Guidelines for Agricultural Water Reuse: A Critical Review
Dermal Delivery Enhancement of Natural Anti-Ageing Compounds from Ocimum sanctum Linn. Extract by Nanostructured Lipid Carriers
Notifiable Respiratory Infectious Diseases in China: A Spatial–Temporal Epidemiology Analysis
Polymeric Composites Based on Carboxymethyl Cellulose Cryogel and Conductive Polymers: Synthesis and Characterization
Biolubricants from Rapeseed and Castor Oil Transesterification by Using Titanium Isopropoxide as a Catalyst: Production and Characterization
Hierarchical-Matching-Based Online and Real-Time Multi-Object Tracking with Deep Appearance Features
Walking in Natural Environments as Geriatrician’s Recommendation for Fall Prevention: Preliminary Outcomes from the “Passiata Day” Model
The BioChemical Clogging of Landfill Leachate Collection System: Based on Laboratory Studies
Deep Learning Approaches for Detecting Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease Patients through On-Body Acceleration Sensors
Bone Regeneration and Soft Tissue Enhancement Around Zygomatic Implants: Retrospective Case Series.
Short-Term Measurement of Indoor Radon Concentration in Northern Croatia
Trends in Scientific Literature on Energy Return Ratio of Renewable Energy Sources for Supporting Policymakers
Emerging Optical Techniques for the Diagnosis of Onychomycosis
Curcumin and Colorectal Cancer: From Basic to Clinical Evidences
The Crosstalk between Tumor Cells and the Microenvironment in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: The Role of Exosomal microRNAs and Their Clinical Implications
Dose Enhancement for the Flattening-Filter-Free and Flattening-Filter Photon Beams in Nanoparticle-Enhanced Radiotherapy: A Monte Carlo Phantom Study
Target Site Resistance to Acetolactate Synthase Inhibitors in Diplotaxis erucoides and Erucaria hispanica–Mechanism of Resistance and Response to Alternative Herbicides
Stalking and Intrusive Behaviors in Ghana: Perceptions and Victimization Experiences
Improving the Spatial Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon Content in Two Contrasting Climatic Regions by Stacking Machine Learning Models and Rescanning Covariate Space
Rifaximin Alleviates Endotoxemia with Decreased Serum Levels of Soluble CD163 and Mannose Receptor and Partial Modification of Gut Microbiota in Cirrhotic Patients
The Beneficial Effect of Eco-Friendly Green Nanoparticles Using Garcinia mangostana Peel Extract against Pathogenicity of Listeria monocytogenes in Female BALB/c Mice
Cellulose Nanocrystals Versus Microcrystalline Cellulose as Reinforcement of Lignopolyurethane Matrix
The Spatial Heterogeneity of Factors of Drug Dealing: A Case Study from ZG, China
Mechanical Characteristics of Cement-Based Grouting Material in High-Geothermal Tunnel
How Sharks and Shark–Human Interactions are Reported in Major Australian Newspapers
Therapy-Induced Senescence: An “Old” Friend Becomes the Enemy
Innovative Trend Analysis of Precipitation in the Lake Issyk-Kul Basin, Kyrgyzstan
Morphological, Optical, and Electrical Properties of p-Type Nickel Oxide Thin Films by Nonvacuum Deposition
How Clinical Research Can Contribute to Strengthening Health Systems in Low Resource Countries
Oxidative Phosphorylation—an Update on a New, Essential Target Space for Drug Discovery in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Predicting Event-Based Sediment and Heavy Metal Loads in Untreated Urban Runoff from Impermeable Surfaces
GRAFT: A Model for Evaluating Actuator Systems in terms of Force Production
A Qualitative Study of Views and Experiences of Women and Health Care Professionals about Free Maternal Vaccinations Administered at Community Pharmacies
Health-Related Rehabilitation after the 2008 Great Wenchuan Earthquake in China:?A Ten Year Retrospective Systematic Review
Evaluation of Dam Break Social Impact Assessments Based on an Improved Variable Fuzzy Set Model
The Subcellular Localization and Oligomerization Preferences of NME1/NME2 upon Radiation-Induced DNA Damage
Parental Socialization, Social Anxiety, and School Victimization: A Mediation Model
The Experimental Modeling of Quad-Rotor Actuators with Undefined Hardware Errors for Safety-Flight
Fluoride Affects Dopamine Metabolism and Causes Changes in the Expression of Dopamine Receptors (D1R and D2R) in Chosen Brain Structures of Morphine-Dependent Rats
Microfinance Institutions Fostering Sustainable Development by Region
A Novel Improvement Strategy of Competency for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) of University Teachers Based on Data Mining
Multi-Functional Cardanol Triazine Schiff Base Polyimine Additives for Self-Healing and Super-Hydrophobic Epoxy of Steel Coating
Emerging Patterns of Mountain Tourism in a Dynamic Landscape: Insights from Kamikochi Valley in Japan
Novel Approaches to Minimizing Mycotoxin Contamination
DMETTM Genotyping: Tools for Biomarkers Discovery in the Era of Precision Medicine
Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Spatial Entities with Anthropogenic Activities-Evaluation of Existing Methods
In Vitro Studies on Nanoporous, Nanotubular and Nanosponge-Like Titania Coatings, with the Use of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
Towards a New Understanding of Decision-Making by Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Ectopic Expression of a Pak-choi YABBY Gene, BcYAB3, Causes Leaf Curvature and Flowering Stage Delay in Arabidopsis thaliana
Closely Located but Totally Distinct: Highly Contrasting Prokaryotic Diversity Patterns in Raised Bogs and Eutrophic Fens
Abundance and Distribution of Korean Flower Flies (Diptera: Syrphidae): Dominant Influence of Latitude on Regional Distribution
Vanadyl Phthalocyanine Films and Their Hybrid Structures with Pd Nanoparticles: Structure and Sensing Properties
The Relationship between the Infant Gut Microbiota and Allergy. The Role of Bifidobacterium breve and Prebiotic Oligosaccharides in the Activation of Anti-Allergic Mechanisms in Early Life
Loss of Endothelial Glycocalyx Hyaluronan Impairs Endothelial Stability and Adaptive Vascular Remodeling after Arterial Ischemia
Exploring Tradeoffs in Merged Pipeline Infrastructure for Carbon Dioxide Integration Networks
Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Abnormal Expression of Prion Disease Gene Pathway in Brains from Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Predation Pressure in Tea (Camellia sinensis) Plantations in Southeastern China Measured by the Sentinel Prey Method
Numerical Sensitivity Tests of Volatile Organic Compounds Emission to PM2.5 Formation during Heat Wave Period in 2018 in Two Southeast Korean Cities
Using Wastewater in Irrigation: The Effects on Infiltration Process in a Clayey Soil
Design of Experiments-Assisted Development of Clotrimazole-Loaded Ionic Polymeric Micelles Based on Hyaluronic Acid
Mouth Pain in Horses: Physiological Foundations, Behavioural Indices, Welfare Implications, and a Suggested Solution
Design and Optimization of the Local Laser Treatment to Improve the Formability of Age Hardenable Aluminium Alloys
Flood Evacuation Mapping Using a Time–Distance cartogram
A GIS-Based Method for Analysing the Association Between School-Built Environment and Home-School Route Measures with Active Commuting to School in Urban Children and Adolescents
Sustainable Designed Pavement Materials
Combined Effects of Water Deficit, Exogenous Ethylene Application and Root Symbioses on Trigonelline and ABA Accumulation in Fenugreek
Efficacy of Panax ginseng Meyer Herbal Preparation HRG80 in Preventing and Mitigating Stress-Induced Failure of Cognitive Functions in Healthy Subjects: A Pilot, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Trial
Optimal Design Methodology of Tapered Waveguide Transducers for Thickness Monitoring
How Servant Leadership Leads to Employees’ Customer-Oriented Behavior in the Service Industry? A Dual-Mechanism Model
Selective Epitaxial Growth of In Situ Doped SiGe on Bulk Ge for p+/n Junction Formation
Activins as Dual Specificity TGF-β Family Molecules: SMAD-Activation via Activin- and BMP-Type 1 Receptors
Comparative Analysis of Water Quality Disparities in the United States in Relation to Heavy Metals and Biological Contaminants
Automatic On-Line Purge-and-Trap Sequential Injection Analysis for Trace Ammonium Determination in Untreated Estuarine and Seawater Samples
Status of BIPV and BAPV System for Less Energy-Hungry Building in India—A Review
Reprogrammable Permanent Shape Memory Materials Based on Reversibly Crosslinked Epoxy/PCL Blends
Public Policy Timing in a Sustainable Approach to Shaping Public Policy
Terpenoids, Cannabimimetic Ligands, beyond the Cannabis Plant
CDE++: Learning Categorical Data Embedding by Enhancing Heterogeneous Feature Value Coupling Relationships
Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser-Assisted Elimination of Multi-Species Biofilm on Titanium Surfaces
Metastatic Heterogeneity of Breast Cancer: Companion and Theranostic Approach in Nuclear Medicine
Host–Virus Interaction: How Host Cells Defend against Influenza A Virus Infection
Selection of Thai Medicinal Plants with Anti-Obesogenic Potential via In Vitro Methods
Direct Analysis of Psilocin and Muscimol in Urine Samples Using Single Drop Microextraction Technique In-Line with Capillary Electrophoresis
From Point Cloud Data to Building Information Modelling: An Automatic Parametric Workflow for Heritage
Overexpression of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor and Its Receptor Are Correlated with Oral Tumorigenesis and Poor Prognosis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Preliminary Study on the Differences in Hydrocarbons Between Phosphine-Susceptible and -Resistant Strains of Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius) and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) Using Direct Immersion Solid-Phase Microextraction Coupled with GC-MS
Associations Among BMI, Dietary Macronutrient Consumption, and Climacteric Symptoms in Korean Menopausal Women
Mg-Based Materials with Quasiamorphous Phase Produced by Vertical Twin-Roll Casting Process
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency and Bronchiectasis: A Concomitance or a Real Association?
miR-99a-5p Regulates the Proliferation and Differentiation of Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells by Targeting MTMR3 in Chicken
Synchronous Cervical Adenocarcinoma and Ovarian Serous Adenocarcinoma—A Case Report and Literature Review
Testosterone Decreases the Number of Implanting Embryos, Expression of Pinopode and L-selectin Ligand (MECA-79) in the Endometrium of Early Pregnant Rats
Study on Geospatial Distribution of the Efficiency and Sustainability of Different Energy-Driven Heat Pumps Included in Low Enthalpy Geothermal Systems in Europe
A Proof-of-Concept Fragment Screening of a Hit-Validated 96-Compounds Library against Human Carbonic Anhydrase II
Psychological Characteristics and Addiction Propensity According to Content Type of Smartphone Use
A Humanized Monoclonal Antibody Cocktail to Prevent Pulmonary Ricin Intoxication
Ionic Liquids and Ohmic Heating in Combination for Pd-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions: Sustainable Synthesis of Flavonoids
Nutrition, IBD and Gut Microbiota: A Review
“Unparking”: How can Smart Mobility Reduce Parking Demand in Our Cities to the Minimum? (Beirut Case Study)
Microphone and Loudspeaker Array Signal Processing Steps towards a “Radiation Keyboard” for Authentic Samplers
Novel Extruded Starch-Beet Pulp Composites for Packaging Foams
Source Apportionment of Fine Organic and Inorganic Atmospheric Aerosol in an Urban Background Area in Greece
A Novel Smart Assistance System for Blood Vessel Approaching: A Technical Report Based on Oximetry
Could the Enrichment of a Biomaterial with Conditioned Medium or Extracellular Vesicles Modify Bone-Remodeling Kinetics during a Defect Healing? Evaluations on Rat Calvaria with Synchrotron-Based Microtomography
Efficient Cardiac Differentiation of Human Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Their Potential Immune Privilege
Frequent FOXA1-Activating Mutations in Extramammary Paget’s Disease
BIM-based Hazard Recognition and Evaluation Methodology for Automating Construction Site Risk Assessment
Design of Reconfigurable Time-to-Digital Converter Based on Cascaded Time Interpolators for Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
Pilot Site Deployment of an IoT Solution for Older Adults’ Early Behavior Change Detection
Predictive Validity of a New Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale for Detecting the Incidence of Functional Disability among Community-Dwelling Older Japanese Adults: A Prospective Cohort Study
Edible Films Based on Black Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) Seed Mucilage Containing Rhus microphylla Fruit Phenolic Extract
Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach with Multiple Experience Pools for UAV’s Autonomous Motion Planning in Complex Unknown Environments
Composite Sulfonated Polyether-Ether Ketone Membranes with SBA-15 for Electrochemical Energy Systems
Accumulated Disadvantage over the Lower Secondary School Years in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland
Populism and Independence Movements in Europe: The Catalan-Spanish Case
Development of an Artificial Intelligence Powered TIG Welding Algorithm for the Prediction of Bead Geometry for TIG Welding Processes using Hybrid Deep Learning
Local and Central Evaluation of HER2 Positivity and Clinical Outcome in Advanced Gastric and Gastroesophageal Cancer—Results from the AGMT GASTRIC-5 Registry
A High-Throughput Single-Clone Phage Fluorescence Microwell Immunoassay and Laser-Driven Clonal Retrieval System
Fabrication of Aliphatic Water-Soluble Polyurethane Composites with Silane Treated CaCO3
Pattern Recognition and Anomaly Detection by Self-Organizing Maps in a Multi Month E-nose Survey at an Industrial Site
Identification of Plasma Fatty Acids in Four Lipid Classes to Understand Energy Metabolism at Different Levels of Ketonemia in Dairy Cows Using Thin Layer Chromatography and Gas Chromatographic Techniques (TLC-GC)
Dynamic Offloading Model for Distributed Collaboration in Edge Computing: A Use Case on Forest Fires Management
On the Ability of LIDAR Snow Depth Measurements to Determine or Evaluate the HRU Discretization in a Land Surface Model
The Role of Chondrocyte Hypertrophy and Senescence in Osteoarthritis Initiation and Progression
Leadership Styles of Rural Leaders in the Context of Sustainable Development Requirements: A Case Study of Commune Mayors in the Greater Poland Province, Poland
Modulators of MicroRNA Function in the Immune System
Game Theory-Based Smart Mobile-Data Offloading Scheme in 5G Cellular Networks
Himalayan Nettle Girardinia diversifolia as a Candidate Ingredient for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Applications—Phytochemical Analysis and In Vitro Bioassays
Early Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Conventional Treatment and Emerging Therapeutic Landscapes
Thiol-Reactive PODS-Bearing Bifunctional Chelators for the Development of EGFR-Targeting [18F]AlF-Affibody Conjugates
Improving Many Volatility Forecasts Using Cross-Sectional Volatility Clusters
About Granular Rough Computing—Overview of Decision System Approximation Techniques and Future Perspectives
Thermal Response Characteristics of Intermittently Cooled Room with Tube-Embedded Cooling Slab and Optimization of Intermittent Control
Stochastic Comparisons of Parallel and Series Systems with Type II Half Logistic-Resilience Scale Components
EEG Based Classification of Long-Term Stress Using Psychological Labeling
A Wavelet-Based Analysis of the Co-Movement between Sukuk Bonds and Shariah Stock Indices in the GCC Region: Implications for Risk Diversification
One Computational Innovation Transition-Based Recovery Policy for Flexible Manufacturing Systems Using Petri Nets
Quaternion Valued Risk Diversification
Decreased Metabolic Flexibility in Skeletal Muscle of Rat Fed with a High-Fat Diet Is Recovered by Individual CLA Isomer Supplementation via Converging Protective Mechanisms
The Influence of Graphene Addition on the Properties of Composite rGO/PAN Membranes and Their Potential Application for Water Disinfection
Structural, Spectroscopic, and Chemical Bonding Analysis of Zn(II) Complex [Zn(sal)](H2O): Combined Experimental and Theoretical (NBO, QTAIM, and ELF) Investigation
Contribution of Different Elements of Inclined Trash Racks to Head Losses Modeling
A Novel Hybrid IDS Based on Modified NSGAII-ANN and Random Forest
FQ-AGO: Fuzzy Logic Q-Learning Based Asymmetric Link Aware and Geographic Opportunistic Routing Scheme for MANETs
Information Bottleneck For Estimating Treatment Effects with Systematically Missing Covariates
Accelerating Surface Tension Calculation in SPH via Particle Classification and Monte Carlo Integration
Hybridized-GNSS Approaches to Train Positioning: Challenges and Open Issues on Uncertainty
92.5% Average Power Efficiency Fully Integrated Floating Buck Quasi-Resonant LED Drivers Using GaN FETs
Performance Analysis of Interferometer Direction of Arrival Estimation under Array Manifold: DOA of Frequency Hopping Signal
Beyond Newton: A New Root-Finding Fixed-Point Iteration for Nonlinear Equations
A Remarkable Property of Concircular Vector Fields on a Riemannian Manifold
β-N-Acetylhexosaminidases for Carbohydrate Synthesis via Trans-Glycosylation
PulseNetOne: Fast Unsupervised Pruning of Convolutional Neural Networks for Remote Sensing
Super-Sweet Purple Sweetcorn: Breaking the Genetic Link
Improving VerticalWind Speed Extrapolation Using Short-Term Lidar Measurements
Northern Beef Industry Emerging Market, Supply Chain Gap Analysis & Sector Capacity Baseline Study
Histone Deacetylation Inhibitors as Modulators of Regulatory T Cells
Male-biased Adult Production of the Striped Fruit Fly, Zeugodacus scutellata, by Feeding dsRNA Specific to Transformer-2
Collective Lattice Resonances in All-Dielectric Nanostructures under Oblique Incidence
Cytotoxicity of NiO and Ni(OH)2 Nanoparticles Is Mediated by Oxidative Stress-Induced Cell Death and Suppression of Cell Proliferation
Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Rangeland Productivity and Livestock Population Dynamics in Nkayi District, Zimbabwe
Parallel Droplet Deposition via a Superhydrophobic Plate with Integrated Heater and Temperature Sensors
Bearing Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motors Using a Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning Classifiers
5-Alkylamino-N-phenylpyrazine-2-carboxamides: Design, Preparation, and Antimycobacterial Evaluation
Persistent Calyxes in Postbloom Fruit Drop: A Microscopy and Microanalysis Perspective
An AMOLED Pixel Circuit Based on LTPS Thin-film Transistors with Mono-Type Scanning Driving
A Continuing Professional Development Program for Pharmacists Implementing Pharmacogenomics into Practice
Hypergravity Activates a Pro-Angiogenic Homeostatic Response by Human Capillary Endothelial Cells
Preparation and Characterization of Novel Mixed Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica Nanoparticles
Joint Optimization of Deep Neural Network-Based Dereverberation and Beamforming for Sound Event Detection in Multi-Channel Environments
Investigating the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of a Ceramic Matrix Composite Wing Leading Edge by Sub-Modeling Based Numerical Analyses
Impact of Decorin on the Physical Function and Prognosis of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Dynamically Operated Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis in PtL-Part 1: System Response on Intermittent Feed
Insertion of Basic Amino Acids in the Hemagglutinin Cleavage Site of H4N2 Avian Influenza Virus (AIV)—Reduced Virus Fitness in Chickens is Restored by Reassortment with Highly Pathogenic H5N1 AIV
A Proposal for Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection Into the Temporal Region in Chronic Migraine Headache
Effect of Cornstalk Biochar Immobilized Bacteria on Ammonia Reduction in Laying Hen Manure Composting
Spermiogenesis, Stages of Seminiferous Epithelium and Variations in Seminiferous Tubules during Active States of Spermatogenesis in Yangzhou Goose Ganders
The Influence of Laser Ablation Parameters on the Holes Structure of Laser Manufactured Graphene Paper Microsieves
Solubility, Hansen Solubility Parameters and Thermodynamic Behavior of Emtricitabine in Various (Polyethylene Glycol-400 + Water) Mixtures: Computational Modeling and Thermodynamics
Generation of Differentiating and Long-Living Intestinal Organoids Reflecting the Cellular Diversity of Canine Intestine
An Investigation into Bolt Anchoring Performance during Tunnel Construction in Bedded Rock Mass
Social Media Multidimensional Analysis for Intelligent Health Surveillance
Attitudes and Values of Physical Education Professionals and Undergraduate Students about Their Role in Health Promotion
Evaluation of Pharmacological and Phytochemical Profiles of Piptadeniastrum africanum (Hook.f.) Brenan Stem Bark Extracts
Mechanisms of Oxidation Degradation of Cr12 Roller Steel during Thermal Fatigue Tests
Treatment of Secondary Dust Produced in Rotary Hearth Furnace through Alkali Leaching and Evaporation–Crystallization Processes
Statics-Based Model-Free Damage Detection under Uncertainties Using Modal Interval Analysis
BMAL1 Suppresses Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of U87MG Cells by Downregulating Cyclin B1, Phospho-AKT, and Metalloproteinase-9
MRI Study of Paraspinal Muscles in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Adjusting Daily Inpatient Bed Allocation to Smooth Emergency Department Occupancy Variation
The Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Dissociation Using a Single-Mode Microwave Plasma Generator
Neurological Aspects of HIV-1/HTLV-1 and HIV-1/HTLV-2 Coinfection
Anisotropy of Mechanical Properties of Pinctada margaritifera Mollusk Shell
Security Architecture for Defining and Enforcing Security Profiles in DLT/SDN-Based IoT Systems
Molecules to Microbes
Beyond Just Bacteria: Functional Biomes in the Gut Ecosystem Including Virome, Mycobiome, Archaeome and Helminths
Performance Degradation and Microscopic Analysis of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete after Exposure to High Temperature
Novel Clinical Campylobacter jejuni Infection Models Based on Sensitization of Mice to Lipooligosaccharide, a Major Bacterial Factor Triggering Innate Immune Responses in Human Campylobacteriosis
A Low Complexity Near-Optimal Iterative Linear Detector for Massive MIMO in Realistic Radio Channels of 5G Communication Systems
The Valuation of the Operational Flexibility of the Energy Investment Project Based on a Gas-Fired Power Plant
Immune Response of Drosophila suzukii Larvae to Infection with the Nematobacterial Complex Steinernema carpocapsae–Xenorhabdus nematophila
Study on the Carbon Emissions in the Whole Construction Process of Prefabricated Floor Slab
Interleukin 34 Serves as a Novel Molecular Adjuvant against Nocardia Seriolae Infection in Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides)
The Importance of Incorporating Denitrification in the Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability
Micro-scale Flood Hazard Assessment Based on Catastrophe Theory and an Integrated 2-D Hydraulic Model: A Case Study of Gongshuangcha Detention Basin in Dongting Lake Area, China
A User-Friendly Verification Approach for IEC 61131-3 PLC Programs
Proteome Analysis in a Mammalian Cell Line Reveals that PLK2 Is Involved in Avian Metapneumovirus Type C (aMPV/C)-Induced Apoptosis
Design of a Cyberattack Resilient 77 GHz Automotive Radar Sensor
Hypoxia and Macrophages Act in Concert Towards a Beneficial Outcome in Colon Cancer
CB-Art Interventions Implemented with Mental Health Professionals Working in a Shared War Reality: Transforming Negative Images and Enhancing Coping Resources
Statistical Approaches for the Analysis of Dependency Among Neurons Under Noise
In Memoriam: Georges Tsoucaris
GSK3: A Kinase Balancing Promotion and Resolution of Inflammation
Effect of Dog Presence on Stress Levels in Students under Psychological Strain: A Pilot Study
Mechanisms behind Retinal Ganglion Cell Loss in Diabetes and Therapeutic Approach
Burn-Induced Cardiac Mitochondrial Dysfunction via Interruption of the PDE5A-cGMP-PKG Pathway
Treating Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE): The Impact of Historical Environmental Context on Healthcare Perceptions and Decision-Making in Charleston, South Carolina
Study on Dynamic Total Factor Carbon Emission Efficiency in China’s Urban Agglomerations
Are Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Stress Greater in Isometric or in Dynamic Resistance Exercise?
An Improved LPTN Method for Determining the Maximum Winding Temperature of a U-Core Motor
Perceived Sustainability and Customer Engagement in the Online Shopping Environment: The Rational and Emotional Perspectives
Effectiveness of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection in Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Data-Sets for Indoor Photovoltaic Behavior in Low Lighting Conditions
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Phosphonopeptide Derivatives Incorporating Single and Dual Inhibitors
Pyrolysis of Technogenic-Redeposited Coal-Bearing Rocks of Spoil Heaps
Assessing Overnight Parking Infrastructure Policies for Commercial Vehicles in Cities Using Agent-Based Simulation
Exploring Empirical Linkage of Water Level–Climate–Vegetation across the Three Georges Dam Areas
Compensation of Mutation in Arabidopsis glutathione transferase (AtGSTU) Genes under Control or Salt Stress Conditions
Suggestions for Standardized Identifiers for Fatty Acyl Compounds in Genome Scale Metabolic Models and Their Application to the WormJam Caenorhabditis elegans Model
The Difference of User Satisfaction and Net Benefit of a Mobile Learning Management System According to Self-Directed Learning: An Investigation of Cyber University Students in Hospitality
Longitudinal Cognitive Decline in a Novel Rodent Model of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy Type-1
CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing Reveals Oosp Family Genes are Dispensable for Female Fertility in Mice
Patient Characteristics, Treatment and Outcome in Non-Ischemic vs. Ischemic Cardiogenic Shock
Hardware in the Loop Implementation of the Oscillator-based Heart Model: a Framework for Testing Medical Devices
Estimating Water pH Using Cloud-Based Landsat Images for a New Classification of the Nhecolandia Lakes (Brazilian Pantanal)
MaxEnt Modeling for Predicting the Current and Future Potential Geographical Distribution of Quercus libani Olivier
A Novel Serine Protease Inhibitor PE-BBI Ameliorates Cockroach Extract-Mediated Airway Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction
Brain–Heart Axis and Biomarkers of Cardiac Damage and Dysfunction after Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Machine Learning Approaches for Ship Speed Prediction towards Energy Efficient Shipping
Induction and Prevention of Gastric Cancer with Combined Helicobacter Pylori and Capsaicin Administration and DFMO Treatment, Respectively
Angiogenesis and Immunity in Renal Carcinoma: Can We Turn an Unhappy Relationship into a Happy Marriage?
SiCp/Al5056 Composite Coatings Applied to A Magnesium Substrate by Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Method for Corrosion Protection
NK and NKT Cell-Mediated Immune Surveillance against Hematological Malignancies
Building a Better Baseline for Residential Demand Response Programs: Mitigating the Effects of Customer Heterogeneity and Random Variations
Construction History and the History of Construction Cultures: Between Architecture and Engineering in Portugal
Mechanical Properties and Explosive Spalling Behavior of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Exposed to High Temperature—A review
Environmental Regulation, Tenure Length of Officials, and Green Innovation of Enterprises
PEDOT:PSS-Based Conductive Textiles and Their Applications
Salivary Biomarkers and Their Correlation with Pain and Stress in Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome
Inorganic Waste Generated in Kraft Pulp Mills: The Transition from Landfill to Industrial Applications
Three-Dimensional Flow Characteristics in Slit-Type Permeable Spur Dike Fields: Efficacy in Riverbank Protection
Temporal Convolutional Networks Applied to Energy-Related Time Series Forecasting
Differences in Lifestyle Behaviours of Students between Inner Urban and Peri-urban High Schools: A Cross-Sectional Study in Chongqing, China
Impact of Disdrometer Types on Rainfall Erosivity Estimation
Ultrasound-Assisted Hydrazine Reduction Method for the Preparation of Nickel Nanoparticles, Physicochemical Characterization and Catalytic Application in Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction
Invisible Silver Nanomesh Skin Electrode via Mechanical Press Welding
Sulfide S and Pb Isotopic Constraint on the Genesis of Diyanqinamu Mo-Pb-Zn Polymetallic Deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
Energy-Efficient Resource Provisioning using Adaptive Harmony Search Algorithm for Compute-Intensive Workloads with Load Balancing in Datacenters
Genotyping by Sequencing Revealed QTL Hotspots for Trichome-Based Plant Defense in Gossypium hirsutum
Fault Current Limiting Characteristics of a Small-Scale Bridge Type SFCL with Single HTSC Element Using Flux-Coupling
Food Identities, Biocultural Knowledge and Gender Differences in the Protected Area “Sierra Grande de Hornachos” (Extremadura, Spain)
TiO2 Passivation Layer on ZnO Hollow Microspheres for Quantum Dots Sensitized Solar Cells with Improved Light Harvesting and Electron Collection
Effect of Proton Pump Inhibitors on Risks of Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding among Users of Low-Dose Aspirin: A Population-Based Observational Study
An Innovative Acoustic Rain Gauge Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Daily School Physical Activity from before to after Puberty Improves Bone Mass and a Musculoskeletal Composite Risk Score for Fracture
Essential Oils Extracted from Different Species of the Lamiaceae Plant Family as Prospective Bioagents against Several Detrimental Pests
Replacing Animal-Based Proteins with Plant-Based Proteins Changes the Composition of a Whole Nordic Diet—A Randomised Clinical Trial in Healthy Finnish Adults
Glycofullerenes Inhibit Particulate Matter Induced Inflammation and Loss of Barrier Proteins in HaCaT Human Keratinocytes
Electrical and Photovoltaic Properties of Layered Composite Films of Covalently Bonded Graphene and Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Piezoelectric BiFeO3 Thin Films: Optimization of MOCVD Process on Si
Towards the Design of a Collaborative Cybersecurity Networked Organisation: Identification and Prioritisation of Governance Needs and Objectives
In Vitro and In Vivo Study of Titanium Grade IV and Titanium Grade V Implants with Different Surface Treatments
Performance on Bone Regeneration of a Silver Nanoparticle Delivery System Based on Natural Rubber Membrane NRL-AgNP
Application of Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes Microparticle System in Flocculation and Retention
BIM-Based End-of-Lifecycle Decision Making and Digital Deconstruction: Literature Review
Learning Effective Skeletal Representations on RGB Video for Fine-Grained Human Action Quality Assessment
Greener and Leaner: Lower Energy and Water Consumption, and Reduced Work Orders, in Newly Constructed Boston Public Housing
Effects of Rear Angle on the Turbulent Wake Flow between Two in-Line Ahmed Bodies
Study on the Generalized Formulations with the Aim to Reproduce the Viscoelastic Dynamic Behavior of Polymers
Comparison of Spatial Layout of Tall Buildings Clustered in Circular, Rectangular, and Linear Geographical Areas and Impact on Skyline
Improvement of Photoresponse in Organic Phototransistors through Bulk Effect of Photoresponsive Gate Insulators
Anthocyanin Induction by Drought Stress in the Calyx of Roselle Cultivars
Phylogenetic Analyses of Sites in Different Protein Structural Environments Result in Distinct Placements of the Metazoan Root
Sperm Proteomics Analysis of Diabetic Induced Male Rats as Influenced by Ficus carica Leaf Extract
Enzymatic Adaptation of Bifidobacterium bifidum to Host Glycans, Viewed from Glycoside Hydrolyases and Carbohydrate-Binding Modules
Patient Knowledge about Oral Anticoagulation Therapy Assessed during an Intermediate Medication Review in Swiss Community Pharmacies
Understanding MAPK Signaling Pathways in Apoptosis
The Effect of Unsupported Sleepers/Bearers on Dynamic Phenomena of a Railway Turnout System under Impact Loads
Antibacterial Efficiency of Stainless-Steel Grids Coated with Cu-Ag by Thermionic Vacuum Arc Method
Bacteriophages Promote Metabolic Changes in Bacteria Biofilm
Suppression of Parathyroid Hormone as a Proxy for Optimal Vitamin D Status: Further Analysis of Two Parallel Studies in Opposite Latitudes
Grid-Based Mobile Robot Path Planning Using Aging-Based Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in Static and Dynamic Environments
Regional Economic Sustainability: Universities’ Role in Their Territories
Exploring Patient Views and Acceptance of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Investigation of Suspected Prostate Cancer (the PACT Study): A Mixed-Methods Study Protocol
Differential Study of Projectile Coherence Effects on Double Capture Processes in p + Ar Collisions
A Comparative Study of Green Inhibitors for Galvanized Steel in Aqueous Solutions
Anti-Allergic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Undecane on Mast Cells and Keratinocytes
Laboratory X-ray Diffraction Complex for In Situ Investigations of Structural Phase Evolution of Materials under Gaseous Atmosphere
Stem Cell Ophthalmology Treatment Study (SCOTS): Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells in the Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Immunosuppression with Calcineurin Inhibitor after Renal Transplant Failure Inhibits Allosensitization
Comparing Hot and Cold Loading in an Integrated Biomass Recovery Operation
Indexing of Heatwaves in Ukraine
A Modified Functional Observer-Based EID Estimator for Unknown Continuous-Time Singular Systems
A Novel NAD-RNA Decapping Pathway Discovered by Synthetic Light-Up NAD-RNAs
An Approach for Examining the Impact of Food Group-Based Sources of Nutrients on Outcomes with Application to PUFAs and LDL in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes
Analysis of HMAX Algorithm on Black Bar Image Dataset
Calprotectin and Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products as a Potential Biomarker in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Mitochondrial Respiration in KRAS and BRAF Mutated Colorectal Tumors and Polyps
Formaldehyde Exposure and Epigenetic Effects: A Systematic Review
Performance and Usability of Smartglasses for Augmented Reality in Precision Livestock Farming Operations
Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management: Cairo Opinion Consensus Conference
K vs. Na Effects on the Self-Assembly of Guanosine 5’-Monophosphate: A Solution SAXS Structural Study++
Impact of Fungal Endophyte Colonization of Maize (Zea mays L.) on Induced Resistance to Thrips- and Aphid-Transmitted Viruses
An Interspecies Molecular and Functional Study of Organic Cation Transporters at the Blood-Brain Barrier: From Rodents to Humans
Real-Time Localization Approach for Maize Cores at Seedling Stage Based on Machine Vision
A Whole Genome Re-Sequencing Based GWA Analysis Reveals Candidate Genes Associated with Ivermectin Resistance in Haemonchus contortus
Time Variant Sensitivity Analysis of Hydrological Model Parameters in a Cold Region using Flow Signatures
External Validation of an MRI-Derived Radiomics Model to Predict Biochemical Recurrence after Surgery for High-Risk Prostate Cancer
Molecule Sensitive Optical Imaging and Monitoring Techniques—A Review of Applications in Micro-Process Engineering
Assessment of Water Quality in Indo-Gangetic Plain of South-Eastern Asia under Organic vs. Conventional Rice Farming
Seismic Discrimination between Earthquakes and Explosions Using Support Vector Machine
Effect of Alternative Protein Feeds on the Content of Selected Endogenous Bioactive and Flavour-Related Compounds in Chicken Breast Meat
Adolescents’ Perceptions of Contraception Access through Pharmacies
Antiestrogenic Activity and Possible Mode of Action of Certain New Nonsteroidal Coumarin-4-acetamides
Improved Predictive Tools for Structural Properties of Metal–Organic Frameworks
DFCNN-Based Semantic Recognition of Urban Functional Zones by Integrating Remote Sensing Data and POI Data
Nanocellulose-Based Patches Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid and Diclofenac towards Aphthous Stomatitis Treatment
Ontology-Mediated Historical Data Modeling: Theoretical and Practical Tools for an Integrated Construction of the Past
Hyaluronan Mediated Motility Receptor (HMMR) Encodes an Evolutionarily Conserved Homeostasis, Mitosis, and Meiosis Regulator Rather than a Hyaluronan Receptor
A Study on the Utilization of Clayey Soil as Embankment Material through Model Bearing Capacity Tests
A Comparison of Two Morphological Techniques in the Classification of Urban Land Cover
A Method to Generate Vector Beams with Adjustable Amplitude in the Focal Plane
High-Efficiency Plasma Separator Based on Immunocapture and Filtration
Ensartinib (X-396) Effectively Modulates Pharmacokinetic Resistance Mediated by ABCB1 and ABCG2 Drug Efflux Transporters and CYP3A4 Biotransformation Enzyme
Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis Identified Novel Putative Cassava lncRNAs Involved in Cold and Drought Stress
A New Pseudo-Spectral Method Using the Discrete Cosine Transform
Rosas, the Storyless, and Roles
Can an Observational Gait Scale Produce a Result Consistent with Symmetry Indexes Obtained from 3-Dimensional Gait Analysis?: A Concurrent Validity Study
Incidence and Molecular Identification of Apple Necrotic Mosaic Virus (ApNMV) in Southwest China
The Possibility of Interlocking Nail Fabrication from FFF 3D Printing PLA/PCL/HA Composites Coated by Local Silk Fibroin for Canine Bone Fracture Treatment
An Implementation Trial to Improve Tobacco Treatment for Cancer Patients: Patient Preferences, Treatment Acceptability and Effectiveness
Comparison of Subjective Workout Intensities between Aquatic and Land-based Running in Healthy Young Males: A Pilot Study
A Comparison of the Ballistic Performances of Various Microstructures in MIL-A-12560 Armor Steel
Microbial Populations of Fresh and Cold Stored Donkey Milk by High-Throughput Sequencing Provide Indication for A Correct Management of This High-Value Product
Current Advances in Pediatric Onset Multiple Sclerosis
Development of a Honey Bee RNA Virus Vector Based on the Genome of a Deformed Wing Virus
Microstructure Influence of SACX0307-TiO2 Composite Solder Joints on Thermal Properties of Power LED Assemblies
Iron Loss Minimization Strategy for Predictive Torque Control of Induction Motor
An Insight into the Chromosomal Evolution of Lebiasinidae (Teleostei, Characiformes)
Associations between the Quality of Life and Nasal Polyp Size in Patients Suffering from Chronic Rhinosinusitis without Nasal Polyps, with Nasal Polyps or Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease
Flow-induced Shear Stress Confers Resistance to Carboplatin in an Adherent Three-Dimensional Model for Ovarian Cancer: A Role for EGFR-Targeted Photoimmunotherapy Informed by Physical Stress
Assessment of Power Generation Using Biogas from Landfills in an Equatorial Tropical Context
Effect of Magnetic Field Arrangement of Facing Targets Sputtering (FTS) System on Controlling Plasma Confinement
Improving Education and Training to Reduce the Burden of Occupational Cancer. The Riga-European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine (EASOM) Statement on Work-Related Cancer
The Effect of Integrating Genomic Information into Genetic Evaluations of Chinese Merino Sheep
In-Vitro and In-Vivo Evaluation of Velpatasvir- Loaded Mesoporous Silica Scaffolds. A Prospective Carrier for Drug Bioavailability Enhancement
Effects of Proline Substitutions on the Thermostable LOV Domain from Chloroflexus aggregans
Land Inequality Trends and Drivers
How Can Remote Sensing Help Monitor Tropical Moist Forest Degradation?—A Systematic Review
Damage Identification Based on Adding Mass for Liquid–Solid Coupling Structures
Accurate Closed-Form Solution for Moving Underwater Vehicle Localization Using Two-Way Travel Time
A Low-Cost Electrochemical Metal 3D Printer Based on a Microfluidic System for Printing Mesoscale Objects
HTR1A, HTR1B, HTR2A, HTR2C and HTR6 Gene Polymorphisms and Extrapyramidal Side Effects in Haloperidol-Treated Patients with Schizophrenia
Analysis of Assembly Error Effect on Stability Accuracy of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photoelectric Detection System
Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diet, and Metabolic and Liver Disorders
On Classical Solutions for A Kuramoto—Sinelshchikov—Velarde-Type Equation
Professional Competence or Personal Relationship? Research on the Influencing Mechanism on Repeated Purchase Intention of Agricultural Resources
Impact of Air–Wave–Sea Coupling on the Simulation of Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Potentials
Sustainable Environments in Education: Results on the Effects of the New Environments in Learning Processes of University Students
EEG Theta Power Activity Reflects Workload among Army Combat Drivers: An Experimental Study
Digital Count of Corn Plants Using Images Taken by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Cross Correlation of Templates
Oncofetal Chondroitin Sulfate: A Putative Therapeutic Target in Adult and Pediatric Solid Tumors
Identification and in Silico Characterization of Novel and Conserved MicroRNAs in Methyl Jasmonate-Stimulated Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Needles
Can Vegetation Removal Successfully Restore Coastal Dune Biodiversity?
Fast Classification of Geographical Origins of Honey Based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Model of Sediment Deposition in a Storage Reservoir Subject to Water Withdrawal
The ULK1/2 and AMPK Inhibitor SBI-0206965 Blocks AICAR and Insulin-Stimulated Glucose Transport
Influence of the Sample Preparation Method in Discriminating Candida spp. Using ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy
Metal Oxide (Co3O4 and Mn3O4) Impregnation into S, N-doped Graphene for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR)
Personalized Medicine—Current and Emerging Predictive and Prognostic Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer
Quantifying Habitual Physical Activity and Sedentariness in Older Adults—Different Outcomes of Two Simultaneously Body-Worn Motion Sensor Approaches and a Self-Estimation
Determination of Glyphosate in Dried Wheat by 1H-NMR Spectroscopy
Analysis of Solidarity Effect for Entropy, Pareto, and Gini Indices on Two-Class Society Using Kinetic Wealth Exchange Model
Increasing Heat Tolerance in Wheat to Counteract Recent and Projected Increases in Heat Stress
Fatty Acid Content and Composition of the Morphological Fractions of Cistus Ladanifer L. and Its Seasonal Variation
Different Expression Pattern of TIM-3 and Galectin-9 Molecules by Peripheral and Peritoneal Lymphocytes in Women with and without Endometriosis
Preparation of Nanocellulose Using Ionic Liquids: 1-Propyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride and 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride
Induced Phases of New H-bonded Supramolecular Liquid Crystal Complexes; Mesomorphic and Geometrical Estimation
Evolution of Technology and Technology Governance
Development of a Liquid Chromatography–High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Method for the Determination of Free Fatty Acids in Milk
Hydropower Generation Through Pump as Turbine: Experimental Study and Potential Application to Small-Scale WDN
Flavones Contents in Extracts from Oroxylum indicum Seeds and Plant Tissue Cultures
Gelatin Nanoparticles-HPMC Hybrid System for Effective Ocular Topical Administration of Antihypertensive Agents
Heterocyclic Amine Formation in Grilled Chicken Depending on Body Parts and Treatment Conditions
Hybrid Lipid-Polymer Bilayers: pH-Mediated Interactions between Hybrid Vesicles and Glass
Using DEFORM Software for Determination of Parameters for Two Fracture Criteria on DIN 34CrNiMo6
Spatial Paradigms in Road Networks and Their Delimitation of Urban Boundaries Based on KDE
Mapping Kenyan Grassland Heights Across Large Spatial Scales with Combined Optical and Radar Satellite Imagery
Antioxidants Properties of Natural Products: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira
Determination of the Environmental Factors that Affect the Growth and Survival of Greek Fir Seedlings
Serum Uric Acid Level as a Harbinger of Type 2 Diabetes: A Prospective Observation in Taiwan
An Organotypic Microcosm for the Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment
Food Preservation: Challenges and Efforts for the Future
Atom-economical Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(oxindolidene thienylene vinylene) Based on Aldol Polycondensation Reaction
How Corporate Social Responsibility Influences Business Model Innovation: The Mediating Role of Organizational Legitimacy
Sustainable IoT Sensing Applications Development through GraphQL-Based Abstraction Layer
Antibacterial Prodrugs to Overcome Bacterial Resistance
Can Transfer Entropy Infer Information Flow in Neuronal Circuits for Cognitive Processing?
An Impedance-Loaded Orthogonal Frequency-Coded SAW Sensor for Passive Wireless Sensor Networks
Genetic Polymorphism of GSTP-1 Affects Cyclophosphamide Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases
Dendritic Cells Pre-Pulsed with Wilms’ Tumor 1 in Optimized Culture for Cancer Vaccination
Antiviral Effects of Menthol on Coxsackievirus B
Profiling of Circulating microRNAs in Prostate Cancer Reveals Diagnostic Biomarker Potential
Human Spotted Fever Group Rickettsia Infecting Yaks (Bos grunniens) in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Area
Proceedings of the 10th Alcohol Hangover Research Group Meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands
Differential Responses of LINE-1 in the Dentate Gyrus, Striatum and Prefrontal Cortex to Chronic Neurotoxic Methamphetamine: A Study in Rat Brain
Overview of the Chemical and Isotopic Investigations of the Mareza Springs and the Zeta River in Montenegro
Subcellular Localization of Copper—Cellular Bioimaging with Focus on Neurological Disorders
Transferability of the Deep Learning Mask R-CNN Model for Automated Mapping of Ice-Wedge Polygons in High-Resolution Satellite and UAV Images
Novel Aspects of Toxicity Mechanisms of Dioxins and Related Compounds
Structure and Properties of Biodegradable Poly (Xylitol Sebacate-Co-Butylene Sebacate) Copolyester
Outlier Profiles of Atomic Structures Derived from X-ray Crystallography and from Cryo-Electron Microscopy
10-GHz Fully Differential Sallen–Key Lowpass Biquad Filters in 55nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology
Fretting and Fretting Corrosion Processes of Ti6Al4V Implant Alloy in Simulated Oral Cavity Environment
Comparison of Three Ratiometric Temperature Readings from the Er3+ Upconversion Emission
Challenges and Solutions for Commercial Scale Manufacturing of Allogeneic Pluripotent Stem Cell Products
Contribution of Neurotrophins to the Immune System Regulation and Possible Connection to Alcohol Addiction
Formation Mechanism of MgO Containing Inclusions in the Molten Steel Refined in MgO Refractory Crucibles
Anti-Epileptogenic Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs
Chemical Characterization, Gastrointestinal Motility and Sensory Evaluation of Dark Chocolate: A Nutraceutical Boosting Consumers’ Health
Association of Hypertension and Obesity with Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases in Children Aged 6–9 Years Old in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
Multi-layer Scaffolds of Poly(caprolactone), Poly(glycerol sebacate) and Bioactive Glasses Manufactured by Combined 3D Printing and Electrospinning
Sodium and Potassium Intakes and Their Ratio in Adults (18–90 y): Findings from the Irish National Adult Nutrition Survey
Preface from the Guest Editor of Special Issue “Quantum-Chemical Modeling and Design of Chelate and Macrocyclic Metal Complexes”
Supercritical Phase Inversion: A Powerful Tool for Generating Cellulose Acetate-AgNO3 Antimicrobial Membranes
Geoecological Assessment of Anthropogenic Impacts on the Osetr River Basin
Liposomal TLR9 Agonist Combined with TLR2 Agonist-Fused Antigen Can Modulate Tumor Microenvironment through Dendritic Cells
Preparation of Transparent and Thick CNF/Epoxy Composites by Controlling the Properties of Cellulose Nanofibrils
Israelijew Jewisraeli: Yoram Kaniuk’s Adam Resurrected and the Problem of the Human
Wood Density Determination by Drilling Chips Extraction in Ten Softwood and Hardwood Species
Extracellular Vesicles in NAFLD/ALD: From Pathobiology to Therapy
Lamin Mutations Cause Increased YAP Nuclear Entry in Muscle Stem Cells
Understanding Different Types of Recreational Runners and How They Use Running-Related Technology
DM-SLAM: A Feature-Based SLAM System for Rigid Dynamic Scenes
Generalized Structure Preserving Preconditioners for Frame-Based Image Deblurring
Fiber Bragg Sensors on Strain Analysis of Power Transmission Lines
Disaster Mitigation in Urban Pakistan Using Agent Based Modeling with GIS
Redox Modifications of Proteins of the Mitochondrial Fusion and Fission Machinery
Skewness-Based Partitioning in SpatialHadoop
Microfluidics and Nanomaterial-based Technologies for Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation and Detection
Impact of Molecular Spectroscopy on Carbon Monoxide Abundances from SCIAMACHY
Use of Uncertainty Inflation in OSTIA to Account for Correlated Errors in Satellite-Retrieved Sea Surface Temperature Data
Quarantine Vehicle Scheduling for Transferring High-Risk Individuals in Epidemic Areas
In Arabidopsis thaliana Heterosis Level Varies among Individuals in an F1 Hybrid Population
Electromagnetic Scattering from Surfaces with Curved Wedges Using the Method of Auxiliary Sources (MAS)
2D Spatially-Resolved Depth-Section Microfluidic Flow Velocimetry Using Dual Beam OCT
Distinct Signaling Pathways Between Human Macrophages and Primary Gingival Epithelial Cells by Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans
Deep Underground Injection of Waste from Drilling Activities—An Overview
The Transient Flow behind an Instantaneously Started Circular Cylinder with Two Symmetrical Strips
Promoting Earth-Based Radar Astronomical Observations of the Moon
A Study on the Heat Transfer of Surrounding Rock-Supporting Structures in High-Geothermal Tunnels
New Developments in Medical Applications of Hybrid Hydrogels Containing Natural Polymers
Development of Topical/Transdermal Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems, Not as Simple as Expected
A Combination of a Vibrational Electromagnetic Energy Harvester and a Giant Magnetoimpedance (GMI) Sensor
Efficient Channel Allocation using Matching Theory for QoS Provisioning in Cognitive Radio Networks
Experimental Study on Corrosion Fatigue Performance of High-Strength Steel Wire with Initial Defect for Bridge Cable
Randomised Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Inulin with Metronidazole in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
Representing Data Visualization Goals and Tasks through Meta-Modeling to Tailor Information Dashboards
Extended π-Systems in Diimine Ligands in [Cu(P^P)(N^N)][PF6] Complexes: From 2,2′-Bipyridine to 2-(Pyridin-2-yl)Quinoline
Margin-Based Deep Learning Networks for Human Activity Recognition
Electricity Usage Efficiency and Electricity Demand Modeling in the Case of Germany and the UK
Development and Assessment of a Sensor-Based Orientation and Positioning Approach for Decreasing Variation in Camera Viewpoints and Image Transformations at Construction Sites
Health Literacy among Health and Social Care University Students
Multi-Scale and Multi-Dimensional Time Series InSAR Characterizing of Surface Deformation over Shandong Peninsula, China
Who Drives Green Innovation? A Game Theoretical Analysis of a Closed-Loop Supply Chain under Different Power Structures
Pathophysiological Role and Potential Therapeutic Exploitation of Exosomes in Ovarian Cancer
Evaluation of the Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Porcine Liver Protein Hydrolysates Obtained Using Alcalase, Bromelain, and Papain
Enhanced Public Interest in Response to the Refugee and Healthcare Crises in Greece
Microscopic Pore Structure of Surrounding Rock for Underground Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Caverns in Bedded Rock Salt
Analysis of the Vibration Characteristics of Ballastless Track on Bridges Using an Energy Method
Improvement of Productivity through the Reduction of Unexpected Equipment Faults in Die Attach Equipment
Inversion-Based Approach for Detection and Isolation of Faults in Switched Linear Systems
Effect of Plate Curvature on Heat Source Distribution in Induction Line Heating for Plate Forming
Does the Presence of Birdsongs Improve Perceived Levels of Mental Restoration from Park Use? Experiments on Parkways of Harbin Sun Island in China
Differential Targeting of Gr-MDSCs, T Cells and Prostate Cancer Cells by Dactolisib and Dasatinib
Flexible Foraging Response of Wintering Hooded Cranes (Grus monacha) to Food Availability in the Lakes of the Yangtze River Floodplain, China
Fullerol C60(OH)24 Nanoparticles Affect Secondary Metabolite Profile of Important Foodborne Mycotoxigenic Fungi In Vitro
Flood Depth?Damage Curves for Spanish Urban Areas
Socially Active Aging and Self-Reported Health: Building a Sustainable Solidarity Ecosystem
Single-Cell Protein and RNA Expression Analysis of Mononuclear Phagocytes in Intestinal Mucosa and Mesenteric Lymph Nodes of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease Patients
Formulation and Optimization of Nanoemulsions Using the Natural Surfactant Saponin from Quillaja Bark
A Reconfigurable CMOS Inverter-based Stacked Power Amplifier with Antenna Impedance Mismatch Compensation for Low Power Short-Range Wireless Communications
A Field Experiment on Wave Forces on an Energy-Absorbing Breakwater
Ground Level Ozone Formation Near a Traffic Intersection: Lisbon “Rotunda De Entrecampos” Case Study
A Novel Approach on the Unipolar Axial Type Eddy Current Brake Model Considering the Skin Effect
Effect of Gold Nanoparticle on 5-Fluorouracil-Induced Experimental Oral Mucositis in Hamsters
Orchid Biochemistry
Performance Study on Methanol Steam Reforming Rib Micro-Reactor with Waste Heat Recovery
Do Higher-Rated or Enhancing ESG of Firms Enhance Their Long–Term Sustainability? Evidence from Market Returns in Korea
The Cost Benefit Analysis for the Concept of a Smart City: How to Measure the Efficiency of Smart Solutions?
Soil Biodiversity Integrates Solutions for a Sustainable Future
Photoprotection and Skin Pigmentation: Melanin-Related Molecules and Some Other New Agents Obtained from Natural Sources
A Detailed Investigation of Gear Body-Induced Tooth Deflections and Development of an Improved Analytical Solution
A DyP-Type Peroxidase of Pleurotus sapidus with Alkene Cleaving Activity
Mapping Heterogeneous Urban Landscapes from the Fusion of Digital Surface Model and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Images Using Adaptive Multiscale Image Segmentation and Classification
Glycosylated-Chitosan Derivatives: A Systematic Review
The Cultural Heritage and the Shaping of Tourist Itineraries in Rural Areas: The Case of Historical Ensembles of Extremadura, Spain
Radiation Exposure of Peripheral Mononuclear Blood Cells Alters the Composition and Function of Secreted Extracellular Vesicles
Acorn Isotopic Composition: A New Promising Tool for Authenticity Maps of Montado’s High-Value Food Products
Gradient-Modified HfC-SiC Mixed Bi-Interlayers Synthesized under Different TMS Flow Rate Increment for Depositing Diamond Coating onto WC-Co Substrate
Portable XRF Quick-Scan Mapping for Potential Toxic Elements Pollutants in Sustainable urban Drainage Systems: A Methodological Approach
Valuation of the Economic Benefits from Using Genetically Improved Forest Reproductive Materials in Afforestation
Texture Evaluation of Automotive Coatings by Means of a Gonio-Hyperspectral Imaging System Based on Light-Emitting Diodes
Detection of Flaws in Concrete Using Ultrasonic Tomography and Convolutional Neural Networks
Sustainable Economic Development of Farms in Central and Eastern European Countries Driven by Pro-investment Mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policy
Environmental Noise Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks with Input Transform for Hearing Aids
Monocular Localization with Vector HD Map (MLVHM): A Low-Cost Method for Commercial IVs
Inverse Design of Artificial Materials based Lens Antennas Through the Scattering Matrix Method
Is an Increased Risk of Developing Guillain–Barré Syndrome Associated with Seasonal Influenza Vaccination? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Multiplex Point-of-Care Tests for the Determination of Antibodies after Acellular Pertussis Vaccination
Improving Emergency Department Efficiency by Patient Scheduling Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Exhaust Passage with Consideration of Wet Steam Effect in a Supercritical Steam Turbine
The Persuasive Effect of Competence and Warmth on Clothing Sustainable Consumption: The Moderating Role of Consumer Knowledge and Social Embeddedness
Effect of Vacuum Insulation Panels on Energy Consumption and Thermal Load Transfer between Compartments in a Three-Temperature Frost-Free Refrigerator
Hardhat-Wearing Detection Based on a Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network with Multi-Scale Features and a Top-Down Module
OLIMP: A Heterogeneous Multimodal Dataset for Advanced Environment Perception
The Antioxidant Peptide Salamandrin-I: First Bioactive Peptide Identified from Skin Secretion of Salamandra Genus (Salamandra salamandra)
Impact Damage Evaluation in Composite Structures Based on Fusion of Results of Ultrasonic Testing and X-ray Computed Tomography
Rapid and Non-Destructive Detection of Compression Damage of Yellow Peach Using an Electronic Nose and Chemometrics
Tunable Bound States in the Continuum in All-Dielectric Terahertz Metasurfaces
Spatio-temporal Index Based on Time Series of Leaf Area Index for Identifying Heavy Metal Stress in Rice under Complex Stressors
Study on the Formation of Complex Chemical Waveforms by Different Computational Methods
Saskatoon Berry Amelanchier alnifolia Regulates Glucose Metabolism and Improves Cardiovascular and Liver Signs of Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Rats
Effects of Leucine Administration in Sarcopenia: A Randomized and Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial
Inflammation in Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumorigenesis–Under the Influence of Alcohol and High-Fat Diets
The Impact of Maternal Obesity on Human Milk Macronutrient Composition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Isolation of Anti-Inflammatory and Epithelium Reinforcing Bacteroides and Parabacteroides Spp. from A Healthy Fecal Donor
Hydrothermal SiO2 Nanopowders: Obtaining Them and Their Characteristics
Modelling Groundwater Returns to Streams From Irrigation Areas with Perched Water Tables
Effect of GABA-T on Reproductive Function in Female Rats
Gold Nanoparticles Synthesis Using Stainless Steel as Solid Reductant: A Critical Overview
Crystallization Process and Microstructural Evolution of Melt Spun Al-RE-Ni-(Cu) Ribbons
Characterization of Influences of Steel-Aluminum Dissimilar Joints with Intermediate Zinc Layer
Prescribed Performance Adaptive Backstepping Control for Winding Segmented Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor
Myelin Fat Facts: An Overview of Lipids and Fatty Acid Metabolism
Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generator IP-Core Based on SHA2 Algorithm
Improving Safety Among Pregnant Women Reporting Domestic Violence in Nepal—A Pilot Study
Effects of Diet on Sleep: A Narrative Review
Evaluation of the Effect of Fiber Type, Length, and Content on Asphalt Properties and Asphalt Mixture Performance
Downscaling Aster Land Surface Temperature over Urban Areas with Machine Learning-Based Area-To-Point Regression Kriging
Directed Differentiation of Mobilized Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells into Functional NK Cells with Enhanced Antitumor Activity
Assessment, Distribution and Regional Geochemical Baseline of Heavy Metals in Soils of Densely Populated Area: A Case Study
Lipid Deposition and Mobilisation in Atlantic Salmon Adipocytes
Investigation of the Structural Changes and Catalytic Properties of FeNi Nanostructures as a Result of Exposure to Gamma Radiation
Interventions to Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease among Workers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Immunotherapy for Uterine Cervical Cancer Using Checkpoint Inhibitors: Future Directions
The Application of Yantian Cultural Resources in Design Education─Taking the Yantian Community in Tainan as an Example
Muscle-Strengthening Activities and Sociodemographic Correlates among Adults: Findings from Samples in Mainland China
Water-Covered Roof Versus Inverted Flat Roof on the Mediterranean Coast: A Comparative Study of Thermal and Energy Behavior
Vitamin D Suppresses Ovarian Cancer Growth and Invasion by Targeting Long Non-Coding RNA CCAT2
The Associations Among Health-Promoting Lifestyle, eHealth Literacy, and Cognitive Health in Older Chinese Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study
Effects of In Ovo Supplementation with Nanonutrition (L-Arginine Conjugated with Ag NPs) on Muscle Growth, Immune Response and Heat Shock Proteins at Different Chicken Embryonic Development Stages
Study and Characterization of EN AW 6181/6082-T6 and EN AC 42100-T6 Aluminum Alloy Welding of Structural Applications: Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Cold Metal Transfer (CMT), and Fiber Laser-MIG Hybrid Comparison
Negative Energy Balance Influences Nutritional Quality of Milk from Czech Fleckvieh Cows due Changes in Proportion of Fatty Acids
Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris) Guard Cells Responses to Salinity Stress: A Proteomic Analysis
Interspecies Communication in Holobionts by Non-Coding RNA Exchange
Copy Number Variations and Expression Levels of Guanylate-Binding Protein 6 Gene Associated with Growth Traits of Chinese Cattle
Named Entity Recognition for Sensitive Data Discovery in Portuguese
Systematic Review of Peer-Reviewed Literature on Global Condom Promotion Programs
An Extract of Transgenic Senna obtusifolia L. hairy roots with Overexpression of PgSS1 Gene in Combination with Chemotherapeutic Agent Induces Apoptosis in the Leukemia Cell Line
Consumption of Hydrocarbons and Its Relationship with Ozone Formation in Two Chinese Megacities
Comparison of Remote Sensing based Multi-Source ET Models over Cropland in a Semi-Humid Region of China
Octominin Inhibits LPS-Induced Chemokine and Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Secretion from RAW 264.7 Macrophages via Blocking TLRs/NF-κB Signal Transduction
Implication of the p53-Related miR-34c, -125b, and -203 in the Osteoblastic Differentiation and the Malignant Transformation of Bone Sarcomas
Comparison of Methodologies to Estimate Dietary Cadmium Intake in an Italian Population
The Influence of Cryogenic Conditions on the Process of AA2519 Aluminum Alloy Cracking
An Approach Based on Landsat Images for Shoreline Monitoring to Support Integrated Coastal Management—A Case Study, Ezbet Elborg, Nile Delta, Egypt
“Look at Me, I Plan to Quit Smoking”: Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis of Adolescent Smokers’ Intention to Quit Smoking
In Situ High Pressure Structural Investigation of Sm-Doped Ceria
Distribution Pattern of Coseismic Landslides Triggered by the 2017 Jiuzhaigou Ms 7.0 Earthquake of China: Control of Seismic Landslide Susceptibility
What Is the Value of Water Contact Angle on Silicon?
Sol–Gel Treatment of Textiles for the Entrapping of an Antioxidant/Anti-Inflammatory Molecule: Functional Coating Morphological Characterization and Drug Release Evaluation
Outcomes According to MSKCC Risk Score with Focus on the Intermediate-Risk Group in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Patients Treated with First-Line Sunitinib: A Retrospective Analysis of 2390 Patients
Novel Approach to Automated Flow Titration for the Determination of Fe(III)
Xenophyllite, Na4Fe7(PO4)6, an Exotic Meteoritic Phosphate: New Mineral Description, Na-ions Mobility and Electrochemical Implications
Petrogenesis and Geological Implications of the Oligocene Mingze monzodiorites, Southern Lhasa
Cisplatin Relocalizes RNA Binding Protein HuR and Enhances the Oncolytic Activity of E4orf6 Deleted Adenovirus
Fungicides Reduce the Abundance of Yeast-like Symbionts and Survival of White-Backed Planthopper Sogatella furcifera (Homoptera: Delphacidae)
Element Patterns of Primary Low-Magnesium Calcite from the Seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico
Room and High Temperature Tribological Behaviour of W-DLC Coatings Produced by DCMS and Hybrid DCMS-HiPIMS Configuration
Long-Term Clinical Outcomes of Treatment with Dental Implants with Acid Etched Surface
Polylactide/Hydroxyapatite Nonwovens Incorporated into Chitosan/Graphene Materials Hydrogels to Form Novel Hierarchical Scaffolds
Design, Synthesis and Characterization of a New Series of Fluorescent Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Type 5 Negative Allosteric Modulators
Intention to Screen for Alzheimer’s Disease by Residential Locale
Association of the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) with Muscle Strength in Community-Dwelling Elderly with Knee Osteoarthritis
Prevention and Management of the Post-Thrombotic Syndrome
Evaluation of Non-Equibiaxial Residual Stresses in Metallic Materials via Instrumented Spherical Indentation
Magnetic Properties of Electrospun Magnetic Nanofiber Mats after Stabilization and Carbonization
The Exopolysaccharide of Lactobacillus fermentum UCO-979C Is Partially Involved in Its Immunomodulatory Effect and Its Ability to Improve the Resistance against Helicobacter pylori Infection
Heliocephala variabilis and Pseudopenidiella vietnamensis: Two New Hyphomycetous Species in the Microthyriaceae (Dothideomycetes) from Vietnam
Nanoparticles Enhanced Self-driven Microfludic Biosensor
No polarization–Expected Values of Climate Change Impacts among European Forest Professionals and Scientists
Wiener Index of Edge Thorny Graphs of Catacondensed Benzenoids
Public Perception of Wilderness in Iceland
Flow-Stress Model of 300M Steel for Multi-Pass Compression
Strain-Ageing of Low-Alloyed Multiphase High-Strength Steels
Feature Point Matching Method Based on Consistent Edge Structures for Infrared and Visible Images
The Effect of Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles/Graphene Oxide Composites on the Differentiation and Mineralization of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells
Enhancing the Separation Performance of Glassy PPO with the Addition of a Molecular Sieve (ZIF-8): Gas Transport at Various Temperatures
DFT Modeling of the Alternating Radical Copolymerization and Alder-Ene Reaction between Maleic Anhydride and Olefins
Controlling Waste and Carbon Emission for a Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management under a Cap-and-Trade Strategy
A Bottom-Up and Top-Down Participatory Approach to Planning and Designing Local Urban Development: Evidence from an Urban University Center
Effects of Volume Fraction and Surface Area of Aggregates on the Static Yield Stress and Structural Build-Up of Fresh Concrete
CRISPR Interference–Potential Application in Retinal Disease
A Novel Hybrid Harmony Search Approach for the Analysis of Plane Stress Systems via Total Potential Optimization
Recombinant Measles AIK-C Vaccine Strain Expressing Influenza HA Protein
The Generalized Neutrosophic Cubic Aggregation Operators and Their Application to Multi-Expert Decision-Making Method
Does Working Capital Affect Family Firms’ Decision-Making in Laos? Evidence from a Two-Wave Cross-Lagged Approach
Evaluating Innovation in European Rural Development Programmes: Application of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) Method
Calcium Channels as Novel Therapeutic Targets for Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells
Community-Supported Agriculture as a Perspective Model for the Development of Small Agricultural Holding in the Region
Virology, Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, and Control of COVID-19
Hepatitis C Virus Translation Regulation
A Study on Dynamic Patterns of Technology Convergence with IPC Co-Occurrence-Based Analysis: The Case of 3D Printing
Mimicking Sampson’s Retrograde Menstrual Theory in Rats: A New Rat Model for Ongoing Endometriosis-Associated Pain
Determination and Comparison of Physical Meat Quality Parameters of Percidae and Salmonidae in Aquaculture
Spectroscopic Studies of a Phosphonium Ionic Liquid in Supercritical CO2
The Influence of SBS, Viatop Premium and FRP on the Improvement of Stone Mastic Asphalt Performance
Analysis of Student Academic Performance Using Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems
Platinum(IV) Complexes of trans-1,2-diamino-4-cyclohexene: Prodrugs Affording an Oxaliplatin Analogue that Overcomes Cancer Resistance
Implementation of the Obturator Nerve Block into a Supra-Inguinal Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block Based Analgesia Protocol for Hip Arthroscopy: Retrospective Pre-Post Study
Antiplasmodial Activity of p-Substituted Benzyl Thiazinoquinone Derivatives and Their Potential against Parasitic Infections
Amino Acids and Peptides as Versatile Ligands in the Synthesis of Antiproliferative Gold Complexes
Pronouns, Interrogatives, and (Quichua-Media Lengua) Code-Switching: The Eyes Have It
Narrowing Down a Major QTL Region Conferring Pod Fiber Contents in Yardlong Bean (Vigna unguiculata), a Vegetable Cowpea
An Experimental Study on Human Milk Rheology: Behavior Changes from External Factors
Release of the Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Flufenamic Acid by Multiparticulate Delivery Systems Promotes Adipogenic Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
A Scoping Review: The Impact of Housing Systems and Environmental Features on Beef Cattle Welfare
Lysophosphatidic Acid Inhibits Simvastatin-Induced Myocytoxicity by Activating LPA Receptor/PKC Pathway
Demand Response Economic Assessment with the Integration of Renewable Energy for Developing Electricity Markets
Cognition, The Menstrual Cycle, and Premenstrual Disorders: A Review
Catalytic Effect of Hydrogen Bond on Oxhydryl Dehydrogenation in Methanol Steam Reforming on Ni(111)
Monthly Entomological Inoculation Rate Data for Studying the Seasonality of Malaria Transmission in Africa
The Implications for Cells of the Lipid Switches Driven by Protein–Membrane Interactions and the Development of Membrane Lipid Therapy
Testing the KAPS Model of Reading Comprehension in a Turkish Elementary School Context from Low Socioeconomic Background
Robust Null Broadening Beamforming Based on Covariance Matrix Reconstruction via Virtual Interference Sources
Cross-Correlation of THz Pulses from the Electron Storage Ring BESSY II
Comparative Study on the Hydraulic Characteristics of Nature-Like Fishways
Circadian Patterns in Postvoid Residual and Voided Percentage among Older Women with Urinary Incontinence
Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Combined with Graphene Oxide Quantum Dot as a New Material for a New Treatment Option for Dentin Hypersensitivity
Biochemical Markers of Saliva in Lung Cancer: Diagnostic and Prognostic Perspectives
Accessibility to Food Retailers: The Case of Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Transmembrane Pressure and Recovery of Serum Proteins During Microfiltration of Skimmed Milk Subjected to Different Storage and Treatment Conditions
The Public Health Burden of Cardiomyopathies: Insights from a Nationwide Inpatient Study
Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of P-Type Plasma Membrane H+-ATPase Sub-Gene Family in Sunflower and the Role of HHA4 and HHA11 in the Development of Salt Stress Resistance
Types of Xenogenic Olivine from Siberian Kimberlites
Forecasting Energy Consumption in the EU Residential Sector
Assessment of the Allelochemical Activity and Biochemical Profile of Different Phenotypes of Picocyanobacteria from the Genus Synechococcus
A Novel UAV-Assisted Positioning System for GNSS-Denied Environments
Controlled Growth and Bandstructure Properties of One Dimensional Cadmium Sulfide Nanorods for Visible Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Effects of an Aquaporin 4 Inhibitor, TGN-020, on Murine Diabetic Retina
Radar-Derived Internal Structure and Basal Roughness Characterization along a Traverse from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
Effective Asthma Management: Is It Time to Let the AIR out of SABA?
A Reliable Prognosis Approach for Degradation Evaluation of Rolling Bearing Using MCLSTM
A Time-efficient Multi-Protocol Probe Scheme for Fine-grain IoT Device Identification
Genome-Wide Identification and Comparative Analysis of MYB Transcription Factor Family in Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana
Detection of Rare Objects by Flow Cytometry: Imaging, Cell Sorting, and Deep Learning Approaches
Spatial Life Cycle Analysis of Soybean-Based Biodiesel Production in Indiana, USA Using Process Modeling
A Novel Fuzzy PID Congestion Control Model Based on Cuckoo Search in WSNs
Individual and Combined Effect of Zearalenone Derivates and Beauvericin Mycotoxins on SH-SY5Y Cells
The Polycomb Orthologues in Teleost Fishes and Their Expression in the Zebrafish Model
Mixed YOLOv3-LITE: A Lightweight Real-Time Object Detection Method
Comparative Study of Wheel–Rail Contact Impact Force for Jointed Rail and Continuous Welded Rail on Light-Rail Transit
Real-Time Monitoring System for Shelf Life Estimation of Fruit and Vegetables
A Dynamic Gesture Recognition Interface for Smart Home Control based on Croatian Sign Language
Nutritional Composition of Apis mellifera Drones from Korea and Denmark as a Potential Sustainable Alternative Food Source: Comparison Between Developmental Stages
Potential Adverse Drug Events with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Due to Drug–Drug Interactions
Model of Optimization of Wind Energy Production in the Light of Legal Changes in Poland
Early Detection of Change by Applying Scale-Space Methodology to Hyperspectral Images
Hybrid Lead-Halide Polyelectrolytes as Interfacial Electron Extraction Layers in Inverted Organic Solar Cells
Are Alkynyl Spacers in Ancillary Ligands in Heteroleptic Bis(diimine)copper(I) Dyes Beneficial for Dye Performance in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells?
Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Migratory Activities of Isoquinoline-1-Carboxamide Derivatives in LPS-Treated BV2 Microglial Cells via Inhibition of MAPKs/NF-κB Pathway
Spurious Absorption Frequency Appearance Due to Frequency Conversion Processes in Pulsed THz TDS Problems
Using Phosphatidylinositol Phosphorylation as Markers for Hyperglycemic Related Breast Cancer
Calorie Restriction Improves Physical Performance and Modulates the Antioxidant and Inflammatory Responses to Acute Exercise
Identification and Validation of VEGFR2 Kinase as a Target of Voacangine by a Systematic Combination of DARTS and MSI
Seemingly Unrelated Mixed-Effects Biomass Models for Young Silver Birch Stands on Post-Agricultural Lands
Insecticidal Activity of 11 Bt toxins and 3 Transgenic Maize Events Expressing Vip3Aa19 to Black Cutworm, Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnagel)
Self-Diffusion in Perovskite and Perovskite Related Oxides: Insights from Modelling
Cancer Cachexia and Related Metabolic Dysfunction
Special Issue “Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Techniques and Applications”
Effect of Feed Delivery Rate and Pellet Size on Rearing Performance, Feed Wastage and Economic Profitability in Gilthead Seabream (Sparus Aurata) Ongrowing
The Influence of Varying Fluorination Patterns on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Benzenesulfonamide Binding to Human Carbonic Anhydrase II
On the Investigation of Surface Integrity of Ti6Al4V ELI Using Si-Mixed Electric Discharge Machining
Influence of Information Quality via Implemented German RCD Standard in Research Information Systems
An Efficient Metal-Free Oxidative Esterification and Amination of Benzyl C–H Bond
Improved Microstructure and Hardness Properties of Low-Temperature Microwave-Sintered Y2O3 Stabilized ZrO2 Ceramics with Additions of Nano TiO2 Powders
Impacts of Global Warming on the Radial Growth and Long-Term Intrinsic Water-Use Efficiency (iWUE) of Schrenk Spruce (Picea schrenkiana Fisch. et Mey) in the Sayram Lake Basin, Northwest China
Realization of a Generalized Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Topology with Less Switch Requirement
The Impact of Moderate-Intensity Continuous or High-Intensity Interval Training on Adipogenesis and Browning of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue in Obese Male Rats
Xylem Plasticity in Pinus pinaster and Quercus ilex Growing at Sites with Different Water Availability in the Mediterranean Region: Relations between Intra-Annual Density Fluctuations and Environmental Conditions
Nano/Micro Hierarchical Bioceramic Coatings for Bone Implant Surface Treatments
25-Hydroxyvitamin D, 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D, and Peripheral Bone Densitometry in Adults with Celiac Disease
Activation of α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Upregulates HLA-DR and Macrophage Receptors: Potential Role in Adaptive Immunity and in Preventing Immunosuppression
Performance of Different Urban Design Parameters in Improving Outdoor Thermal Comfort and Health in a Pedestrianized Zone
Optimizing Food Waste Composting Parameters and Evaluating Heat Generation
Effects of Interfacial Reactions on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of 3003 Al/T2 Cu and 1035 Al/T2 Cu Brazed Joints
Comparison of the Ionic Liquid Crystal Phase of [C12C1im][BF4] and [C12C1im]Cl by Atomistic MD Simulations
Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Coatings on 316l Austenitic Steel Obtained by Plasma Electrolysis Oxidation Using a Pulsed Unipolar Power Supply
Evaluating the Impact of a Two-Stage Multivariate Data Cleansing Approach to Improve to the Performance of Machine Learning Classifiers: A Case Study in Human Activity Recognition
MAFC: Multi-Agent Fog Computing Model for Healthcare Critical Tasks Management
Hummingbird–Plant Interactions Are More Specialized in Forest Compared to Coffee Plantations
Thulium Laser Vapoenucleation of the Prostate (ThuVEP) in Men at High Cardiovascular Risk and on Antithrombotic Therapy: A Single-Center Experience
Forest Roads From the Perspective of Managerial Accounting—Empirical Evidence From Austria
Advanced Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone Retrieval for Applications—Surface Ultraviolet Radiation Products
A Digital Grayscale Generation Equipment for Image Display Standardization
Mg–Al-Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Modified Diatoms for Highly Efficient Removal of Congo Red from Aqueous Solution
How Reproducible are Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Data for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells?
Novel Insight into Neuroimmune Regulatory Mechanisms and Biomarkers Linking Major Depression and Vascular Diseases: The Dilemma Continues
Anti-Estrogenic Activity of Guajadial Fraction, from Guava Leaves (Psidium guajava L.)
Herbal Combinational Medication of Glycyrrhiza glabra, Agastache rugosa Containing Glycyrrhizic Acid, Tilianin Inhibits Neutrophilic Lung Inflammation by Affecting CXCL2, Interleukin-17/STAT3 Signal Pathways in a Murine Model of COPD
Fault Detection and Identification of Blast Furnace Ironmaking Process Using the Gated Recurrent Unit Network
Methane Adsorption Interpreting with Adsorption Potential and Its Controlling Factors in Various Rank Coals
Aircraft Emission Inventory and Characteristics of the Airport Cluster in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area, China
Key Factors Influencing the Food Choices of Athletes at two Distinct Major International Competitions
Non-Human Primate Models of Dengue Virus Infection: A Comparison of Viremia Levels and Antibody Responses during Primary and Secondary Infection among Old World and New World Monkeys
Ostwald Growth Rate in Controlled Covid-19 Epidemic Spreading as in Arrested Growth in Quantum Complex Matter
“Nature Abhors a Vaccuum”: Invagination of the Small Intestine into the Lumbar Disc Space After a Spinal Fusion Operation
Pharmacists’ Role in Managing Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
The Vascular Side of Chronic Bed Rest: When a Therapeutic Approach Becomes Deleterious
Adherence and Effects Derived from FODMAP Diet on Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Real Life Evaluation of a Large Follow-Up Observation
A Joint Symbol-Detection, Channel-Estimation and Decoding Scheme under Few-Bit ADCs in mmWave Communications
Contribution of Full Wave Acoustic Logging to the Detection and Prediction of Karstic Bodies
A Smartphone Lightweight Method for Human Activity Recognition Based on Information Theory
Multi-Cell LTE-U/Wi-Fi Coexistence Evaluation Using a Reinforcement Learning Framework
Therapeutic Use of Extracellular Vesicles for Acute and Chronic Lung Disease
Evidence Supporting That RNA Polymerase II Catalyzes De Novo Transcription Using Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid Circular RNA Templates
Oxytetracycline and Monensin Uptake by Tifton 85 Bermudagrass from Dairy Manure-Applied Soil
Performance of a Set of Eggplant (Solanum melongena) Lines With Introgressions From Its Wild Relative S. incanum Under Open Field and Screenhouse Conditions and Detection of QTLs
RNA-Binding Domains of Heterologous Viral Proteins Substituted for Basic Residues in the RSV Gag NC Domain Restore Specific Packaging of Genomic RNA
Effects of Increasing Doses of Lactobacillus Pre-Fermented Rapeseed Product with or without Inclusion of Macroalgae Product on Weaner Piglet Performance and Intestinal Development
Adsorption Characteristics of Spent Coffee Grounds as an Alternative Adsorbent for Cadmium in Solution
Comparative Genomics of Lactobacillus crispatus from the Gut and Vagina Reveals Genetic Diversity and Lifestyle Adaptation
Environmental Influences on Dietary Intake of Children and Adolescents
Mechanical Assessment of Fatigue Characteristics between Single- and Multi-Directional Cyclic Loading Modes on a Dental Implant System
Effects of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the SLC27A3 Gene on the Nutritional Value of Sheep Milk
Improving Dispersion of Recycled Discontinuous Carbon Fibres to Increase Fibre Throughput in the HiPerDiF Process
Status of Quality Control for Laboratory Tests of Medical Institutions in Korea: Analysis of 10 Years of Data on External Quality Assessment Participation
A Force Measurement Method Based on Flexible PDMS Grating
Assessment of the Efficacy of Lowering LDL Cholesterol with Rosuvastatin 10 mg in Four Korean Statin Benefit Groups as per ACC/AHA Guidelines (NewStaR4G)
Tuning the Morphology and Properties of Nanostructured Cu-ZnO Thin Films Using a Two-Step Sputtering Technique
The Aza-Analogous Benzo[c]phenanthridine P8-D6 Acts as a Dual Topoisomerase I and II Poison, thus Exhibiting Potent Genotoxic Properties
Response of the Intertidal Microbial Community Structure and Metabolic Profiles to Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Exposure
A Snapshot of Bystander Attitudes about Mobile Live-Streaming Video in Public Settings
Cognitive Facilitation and Antioxidant Effects of an Essential Oil Mix on Scopolamine-Induced Amnesia in Rats: Molecular Modeling of In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches
Lessons Learned from Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
The Iron-chelator, N,N’-bis (2-hydroxybenzyl) Ethylenediamine-N,N’-diacetic acid is an Effective Colistin Adjunct against Clinical Strains of Biofilm-Dwelling Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Association between Childhood Suicidal Ideation and Geriatric Depression in Japan: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study
Role of Alcohol Drinking in Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Enhancement of Biomimetic Enzymatic Mineralization of Gellan Gum Polysaccharide Hydrogels by Plant-Derived Gallotannins
The Role of Positron Emission Tomography in Clinical Management of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of the Pancreas
Cytokine and Cancer Biomarkers Detection: The Dawn of Electrochemical Paper-Based Biosensor
Electrical Resistivity of Ni–Fe Wires Coated with Sn Using low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis of Two Bottle Gourd Accessions Differing in Fruit Size
Are Synapse-Like Structures a Possible Way for Crosstalk of Cancer with Its Microenvironment?
Discovery, Design, Synthesis, and Application of Nucleoside/Nucleotides
Low Expression of Sirtuin 1 in the Dairy Cows with Mild Fatty Liver Alters Hepatic Lipid Metabolism
Topical Minoxidil-Loaded Nanotechnology Strategies for Alopecia
The FEM Model of the Pump Made of Dielectric Electroactive Polymer Membrane
Flexural Vibration Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Rod Bundles Interacting with Surrounding Fluid Subjected to Pressure Wave
Trauma Education and Stigma Reduction in Global Settings: An Evaluation of the Impact of a One-Day Trauma Psychoeducation Workshop with Community Stakeholders in the Caribbean Nation of Saint Lucia
Structural, Optoelectrical, Linear, and Nonlinear Optical Characterizations of Dip-Synthesized Undoped ZnO and Group III Elements (B, Al, Ga, and In)-Doped ZnO Thin Films
Physico-Chemical Aspects and Complete Bacterial Community Composition Analysis of Wasp Nests
Influence of Nanoparticles on Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Composites
Individual Tree Crown Segmentation of a Larch Plantation Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data Based on Region Growing and Canopy Morphology Features
Dry Generation of CeO2 Nanoparticles and Deposition onto a Co-Culture of A549 and THP-1 Cells in Air-Liquid Interface—Dosimetry Considerations and Comparison to Submerged Exposure
Influence of Genetic Variation in COMT on Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Cancer Patients
miR-216a Acts as a Negative Regulator of Breast Cancer by Modulating Stemness Properties and Tumor Microenvironment
Peak Match Demands in Young Basketball Players: Approach and Applications
Characteristics and Source of Dissolved Organic Matter in Lake Hulun, A Large Shallow Eutrophic Steppe Lake in Northern China
Trisha Brown: Between Abstraction and Representation (1966–1998)
Traditional Food, Health, and Diet Quality in Syilx Okanagan Adults in British Columbia, Canada
Deciphering Circular Anthropogenic Anomalies in PALSAR Data—Using L-Band SAR for Analyzing Archaeological Features on the Steppe
Gap-Filling of a MODIS Normalized Difference Snow Index Product Based on the Similar Pixel Selecting Algorithm: A Case Study on the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau
Epidemiological Study of Thogoto and Dhori Virus Infection in People Bitten by Ticks, and in Sheep, in an Area of Northern Spain
Narrowband Perfect Absorber Based on Dielectric-Metal Metasurface for Surface-Enhanced Infrared Sensing
Crystal Chemistry and Luminescence Properties of Eu-Doped Polycrystalline Hydroxyapatite Synthesized by Chemical Precipitation at Room Temperature
The Influence of Moisture Content and Temperature on the Long-Term Storage Stability of Freeze-Dried High Concentration Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
Preventing Bio-Bloopers and XFEL Follies: Best Practices from your Friendly Instrument Staff
Genes and Eating Preferences, Their Roles in Personalized Nutrition
Land Surface Temperature Retrieval for Agricultural Areas Using a Novel UAV Platform Equipped with a Thermal Infrared and Multispectral Sensor
Exosomal MicroRNAs Released by Activated Astrocytes as Potential Neuroinflammatory Biomarkers
Will Peri-Urban Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Challenge Local Eradication?
Feature-First Add-On for Trajectory Simplification in Lifelog Applications
Suspended Sediment Transport Responses to Increasing Human Activities in a High-Altitude River: A Case Study in a Typical Sub-Catchment of the Yarlung Tsangpo River
Intraocular Pressure Study in Ex Vivo Pig Eyes by the Laser-Induced Cavitation Technique: Toward a Non-Contact Intraocular Pressure Sensor
Nutrients Intake in Individuals with Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, and Diabetes: An Italian Survey
The Dignity of Kangal Fish in the Context of the Swiss Animal Protection Act
Model-Based Roentgen Stereophotogrammetric Analysis to Monitor the Head–Taper Junction in Total Hip Arthroplasty in Vivo—And They Do Move
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics Reveals Qualitative and Quantitative Differences in the Composition of Human Breast Milk and Milk Formulas
The Relationship between the Economic Strand of Contemporary Pentecostalism and Neo-Liberalism in Post-1994 South Africa
Impaired Metabolic Flexibility in the Osteoarthritis Process: A Study on Transmitochondrial Cybrids
Nitrogen Additions Retard Nutrient Release from Two Contrasting Foliar Litters in a Subtropical Forest, Southwest China
Lamellar Orientation of a Block Copolymer via an Electron-Beam Induced Polarity Switch in a Nitrophenyl Self-Assembled Monolayer or Si Etching Treatments
Small Molecules Targeting H3K9 Methylation Prevent Silencing of Reactivated FMR1 Alleles in Fragile X Syndrome Patient Derived Cells
A Review of Candidate Genes and Pathways in Preeclampsia–An Integrated Bioinformatical Analysis
3D Hydrodynamic Focusing in Microscale Optofluidic Channels Formed with a Single Sacrificial Layer
The Lymphoscintigraphic Study of Unpredictable Head and Neck Cutaneous Melanoma Lymphatic Drainage
Insects as Novel Food: A Consumer Attitude Analysis through the Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach
A Novel Sweetpotato WRKY Transcription Factor, IbWRKY2, Positively Regulates Drought and Salt Tolerance in Transgenic Arabidopsis
Graphene Oxide Nanoribbons in Chitosan for Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Guanine, Adenine, Thymine and Cytosine
Study on Low-Temperature Cracking Performance of Asphalt under Heat and Light Together Conditions
The ABRF Metabolomics Research Group 2016 Exploratory Study: Investigation of Data Analysis Methods for Untargeted Metabolomics
Cr3C2-NiCr Coating for the Protection of API Steel Corrosion in Concentrated Sodium Chloride Solution
Current Concepts in Pharmacometabolomics, Biomarker Discovery, and Precision Medicine
Effect of Industrial Heat Treatment and Barrel Finishing on the Mechanical Performance of Ti6Al4V Processed by Selective Laser Melting
Understanding the Role of Temperature and Drain Current Stress in InSnZnO TFTs with Various Active Layer Thicknesses
Sustainable Development of Human Society in Terms of Natural Depleting Resources Preservation Using Natural Renewable Raw Materials in a Novel Ecological Material Production
Minimization of the Influence of Shear-Induced Particle Migration in Determining the Rheological Characteristics of Self-Compacting Mortars and Concretes
High-Resolution Mapping of Japanese Microplastic and Macroplastic Emissions from the Land into the Sea
Preparation and Reflectance Spectrum Modulation of Cr2O3 Green Pigment by Solution Combustion Synthesis
Cyanidin Chloride Induces Apoptosis by Inhibiting NF-κB Signaling through Activation of Nrf2 in Colorectal Cancer Cells
Fabrication of Hollow and Porous Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Nanofibers and Microtubes via a Gas Jet Fiber Spinning Process
Economic Situation of Dairy Farms in Identified Clusters of European Union Countries
NeuroHeal Treatment Alleviates Neuropathic Pain and Enhances Sensory Axon Regeneration
Effectiveness of Mobile Applications Running on Smartphones to Promote Physical Activity: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis
Deproteinization as a Rapid Method of Saliva Purification for the Determination of Carbamazepine and Carbamazepine-10,11 Epoxide
Effects of Recessed-Gate Structure on AlGaN/GaN-on-SiC MIS-HEMTs with Thin AlOxNy MIS Gate
Antibacterial Effect of Thymol Loaded SBA-15 Nanorods Incorporated in PCL Electrospun Fibers
Investigating the Palatability of Lamb and Beef Components Used in the Production of Pet Food for Cats
The Delineation and Grading of Actual Crop Production Units in Modern Smallholder Areas Using RS Data and Mask R-CNN
Hydrochemical Characteristics and Water Quality Evaluation of Rivers in Different Regions of Cities: A Case Study of Suzhou City in Northern Anhui Province, China
Diverse Surface Chemistry of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles to Optimize Copper(II) Removal from Aqueous Media
Adaptive Development of Soil Bacterial Communities to Ecological Processes Caused by Mining Activities in the Loess Plateau, China
Interactions between the MicroRNAs and Microbiota in Cancer Development: Roles and Therapeutic Opportunities
Sustainable Processes and Chemical Characterization of Natural Food Additives: Palmyra Palm (Borassus Flabellifer Linn.) Granulated Sugar
An Integrative Remote Sensing Application of Stacked Autoencoder for Atmospheric Correction and Cyanobacteria Estimation Using Hyperspectral Imagery
Label-Free Imaging of Single Nanoparticles Using Total Internal Reflection-Based Leakage Radiation Microscopy
Development of Polyoxymethylene Particles via the Solution-Dissolution Process and Application to the Powder Bed Fusion of Polymers
Disordered Residues and Patterns in the Protein Data Bank
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis—An Easy Tool for Quantifying Body Composition in Infancy?
Comparison of Aneurysm Patency and Mural Inflammation in an Arterial Rabbit Sidewall and Bifurcation Aneurysm Model under Consideration of Different Wall Conditions
Centrality of Religiosity as a Resource for Therapy Outcome?
Introduction to the Special Issue of Religions—“Domestic Devotions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe”
Energy, Nutrient and Food Intakes of Male Shift Workers Vary According to the Schedule Type but Not the Number of Nights Worked
Mycobacterial Cell Wall: A Source of Successful Targets for Old and New Drugs
A Comparative Study of Analytical Rosenthal, Finite Element, and Experimental Approaches in Laser Welding of AA5456 Alloy
Element Vaporization of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy during Selective Laser Melting
Estimation of Temperature Recovery Distance and the Influence of Heat Pump Discharge on Fluvial Ecosystems
Effect of Supplemental Protease on Growth Performance and Excreta Microbiome of Broiler Chicks
Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in Cultivated Soils from Lombardy (Northern Italy): Spatial Distribution, Origin, and Management Implications
Effects of Olive Oil Consumption on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients with Fibromyalgia
Synthesis and Characterization of Silica-Coated Oxyhydroxide Aluminum/Doped Polymer Nanocomposites: A Comparative Study and Its Application as a Sorbent
Electrodeposition of CdTe Thin Films for Solar Energy Water Splitting
Effects of Modifying Acidity and Reducibility on the Activity of NaY Zeolite in the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of n-Octane
Excretion of the Polymyxin Derivative NAB739 in Murine Urine
Full Parametric Study of the Influence of Ionomer Content, Catalyst Loading and Catalyst Type on Oxygen and Ion Transport in PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers
Effects of Trichoderma Biostimulation on the Phenolic Profile of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil By-Products
Sustainable Arthropod Management in Quebec Vineyards
Multi-Component Antioxidative System and Robust Carbohydrate Status, the Essence of Plant Arsenic Tolerance
The Systematic Design of Industrial Products through Design Archetypes: An Application on Mechanical Transmissions
Intrusion Detection with Unsupervised Techniques for Network Management Protocols over Smart Grids
Why Should Growth Hormone (GH) Be Considered a Promising Therapeutic Agent for Arteriogenesis? Insights from the GHAS Trial
Aerosol Optical Properties and Contribution to Differentiate Haze and Haze-Free Weather in Wuhan City
3D Printing of Gelled and Cross-Linked Cellulose Solutions; an Exploration of Printing Parameters and Gel Behaviour
Hyperprogression Under Immune Checkpoint-Based Immunotherapy—Current Understanding, The Role of PD-1/PD-L1 Tumour-Intrinsic Signalling, Future Directions and a Potential Large Animal Model
Rabies in the African Civet: An Incidental Host for Lyssaviruses?
Illness, Self-Rated Health and Access to Medical Care among Waste Pickers in Landfill Sites in Johannesburg, South Africa
Tailored PCL Scaffolds as Skin Substitutes Using Sacrificial PVP Fibers and Collagen/Chitosan Blends
Low-Carbon Concrete Based on Binary Biomass Ash–Silica Fume Binder to Produce Eco-Friendly Paving Blocks
Optimized Extraction of Total Triterpenoids from Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) and Comprehensive Analysis of Triterpenic Acids in Different Cultivars
Control of pH-Responsiveness in Graphene Oxide Grafted with Poly-DEAEMA via Tailored Functionalization
Rhodolith Bed Discovered off the South African Coast
Indole-3-Carbinol Inhibits Citrobacter rodentium Infection through Multiple Pathways Including Reduction of Bacterial Adhesion and Enhancement of Cytotoxic T Cell Activity
Comparison of gE/gI- and TK/gE/gI-Gene-Deleted Pseudorabies Virus Vaccines Mediated by CRISPR/Cas9 and Cre/Lox Systems
Nutrition Education in the Australian New South Wales Primary School Curriculum: Knowledge and Attitudes of Students and Parents
Supercapacitor Electrodes from Viscose-Based Activated Carbon Fibers: Significant Yield and Performance Improvement Using Diammonium Hydrogen Phosphate as Impregnating Agent
Chromium Concentrate Recovery from Solid Tannery Waste in a Thermal Process
Piezoelectric Actuated Glass Plate for Liquid Density and Viscosity Measurement
Combined Pre- and Posttreatment of Paraoxon Exposure
Automated Discontinuity Detection and Reconstruction in Subsurface Environment of Mars Using Deep Learning: A Case Study of SHARAD Observation
Moderate Weight Loss Modifies Leptin and Ghrelin Synthesis Rhythms but Not the Subjective Sensations of Appetite in Obesity Patients
Characterization and Comparison of Human and Ovine Mesenchymal Stromal Cells from Three Corresponding Sources
Research Data Sharing in Spain: Exploring Determinants, Practices, and Perceptions
Hydrological Impact of Ilisu Dam on Mosul Dam; the River Tigris
Spinal Infections: An Update
Wholemeal Spelt Bread Enriched with Green Spelt as a Source of Valuable Nutrients
The Possibility of Suppression of Increased Postprandial Blood Glucose Levels by Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid-Rich Natto in the Early Phase after Eating: A Randomized Crossover Pilot Study
N-Pyrazinoyl Substituted Amino Acids as Potential Antimycobacterial Agents—the Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Enantiomers
Big Data for Energy Management and Energy-Efficient Buildings
Assessing the Economic Burden of Disease in Migrants: The Diabetes Case in Northern Italy
Helicobacter pylori Avoids the Critical Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome-Mediated Production of Oncogenic Mature IL-1β in Human Immune Cells
The Inoculation of Probiotics In Vivo Is a Challenge: Strategies to Improve Their Survival, to Avoid Unpleasant Changes, or to Enhance Their Performances in Beverages
Temperature-Dependent Analysis of Solid-State Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission Solar Energy Converter
Effect of Artesunate on Leishmania Amazonesis Induced Neuroinflammation and Nociceptive Behavior in Male Balb/C Mice
Balkan Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica) Avoids Roads, Settlements, and Hunting Grounds: An Ecological Overview from Timfi Mountain, Greece
Enhanced OER Performances of [email protected]2S4 Core-Shell Heterostructure
Polypseudorotaxanes of Pluronic? F127 with Combinations of α- and β-Cyclodextrins for Topical Formulation of Acyclovir
Internalized FGF-2-Loaded Nanoparticles Increase Nuclear ERK1/2 Content and Result in Lung Cancer Cell Death
Subsoiling Improves the Photosynthetic Characteristics of Leaves and Water Use Efficiency of Rainfed Summer Maize in the Southern Huang-Huai-Hai Plain of China
The Oak–wood Extract Robuvit? Improves Recovery and Oxidative Stress after Hysterectomy: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Pilot Study
Integrated Weed Management in Herbaceous Field Crops
Pre- and Postharvest Factors Control the Disease Incidence of Superficial Scald in the New Fire Blight Tolerant Apple Variety “Ladina”
The Effect of Alcohol on Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Is There New Information?
T.E.A.M.S.Work: Leveraging Technicians to Enhance ABM Med Sync in Community Pharmacies
Amelioration of High-Insulin-Induced Skeletal Muscle Cell Insulin Resistance by Resveratrol Is Linked to Activation of AMPK and Restoration of GLUT4 Translocation
Effect of Stabilizer States (Solid Vs Liquid) on Properties of Stabilized Natural Rubbers
Carbon Stock Estimations in a Mediterranean Riparian Forest: A Case Study Combining Field Data and UAV Imagery
Colonization Resistance in the Infant Gut: The Role of B. infantis in Reducing pH and Preventing Pathogen Growth
Measuring Language Distance of Isolated European Languages
An Optical Method to Characterize Streamer Variability and Streamer-to-Flame Transition for Radio-Frequency Corona Discharges
Extracellular Protease ADAMTS1 Is Required at Early Stages of Human Uveal Melanoma Development by Inducing Stemness and Endothelial-Like Features on Tumor Cells
Small-Scale Abiotic Factors Influencing the Spatial Distribution of Phytophthora cinnamomi under Declining Quercus ilex Trees
Minimum-Variance Control System with Variable Control Penalty Factor
Design, Experiment, and Improvement of a Quasi-Zero-Stiffness Vibration Isolation System
ER and PI3K Pathway Activity in Primary ER Positive Breast Cancer Is Associated with Progression-Free Survival of Metastatic Patients under First-Line Tamoxifen
Reactive Infiltration and Microstructural Characteristics of Sn-V Active Solder Alloys on Porous Graphite
The Education of Dispute Resolution in Al Jazeera Al Arabiya: A Case for a Culturally Engaging Pedagogy
Young South African Women on Antiretroviral Therapy Perceptions of a Psychological Counselling Program to Reduce Heavy Drinking and Depression
A Systematic Literature Review of E-Cigarette-Related Illness and Injury: Not Just for the Respirologist
Abstracts of the International Conference Addiction, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Rome, Italy, 11–12 November 2019. Hotel Mercure Roma West, Rome, Italy
Bradoriids (Arthropoda) and the Cambrian Diversification
Mathematical Modeling of Current Source Matrix Converter with Venturini and SVM
A Through-Life Cost Analysis Model to Support Investment Decision-Making in Concentrated Solar Power Projects
Urinary Arsenic Species are Detectable in Urban Underserved Hispanic/Latino Populations: A Pilot Study from the Study of Latinos: Nutrition & Physical Activity Assessment Study (SOLNAS)
Machine Learning and Big Data in the Impact Literature. A Bibliometric Review with Scientific Mapping in Web of Science
Monte Carlo-Based Procedure for Determining the Maximum Energy at the Output of Accelerometers
Options for Optimizing the Drying Process and Reducing Dry Matter Losses in Whole-Tree Storage of Poplar from Short-Rotation Coppices in Germany
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice Behaviour of Midwives Concerning Periodontal Health of Pregnant Patients
The Effect of Exercise Training on Brain Structure and Function in Older Adults: A Systematic Review Based on Evidence from Randomized Control Trials
Periodontitis Impact in Interleukin-6 Serum Levels in Solid Organ Transplanted Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Impact of ITS-Based Sequencing on Antifungal Treatment of Patients with Suspected Invasive Fungal Infections
Quantity, Quality, and Performance of Corporate Social Responsibility Information Disclosure by Listed Enterprises in China: A Regional Perspective
Customized ViNeRS Method for Video Neuro-Advertising of Green Housing
Inorganic Printed LEDs for Wearable Technology
Bioactive Variability and In Vitro and In Vivo Antioxidant Activity of Unprocessed and Processed Flour of Nine Cultivars of Australian lupin Species: A Comprehensive Substantiation
Galectin-1 Overexpression Activates the FAK/PI3K/AKT/mTOR Pathway and Is Correlated with Upper Urinary Urothelial Carcinoma Progression and Survival
A Nine-Gene Signature for Predicting the Response to Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy in Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
Cartographic Vandalism in the Era of Location-Based Games—The Case of OpenStreetMap and Pokémon GO
Multilingual Transformer-Based Personality Traits Estimation
Assessing an Improved Bayesian Model for Directional Motion Based Wave Inference
The Encystment-Related MicroRNAs and Its Regulation Molecular Mechanism in Pseudourostyla cristata Revealed by High Throughput Small RNA Sequencing
Multi-Strategy Dynamic Service Composition in Opportunistic Networks
An Improved Underwater Electric Field-Based Target Localization Combining Subspace Scanning Algorithm And Meta-EP PSO Algorithm
Minimization of IEEE 802.11p Packet Collision Interference through Transmission Time Shifting
Biophysical Techniques for Target Validation and Drug Discovery in Transcription-Targeted Therapy
The Perceptions of Professional Values among Students at a Spanish Nursing School
Evaluation of Antibacterial and Cytotoxicity Properties of Silver Nanowires and Their Composites with Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications
Designing Socially Assistive Robots for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia Patients and Their Caregivers: Where We are and Where We are Headed
Epigenetic Regulation of Auxin-Induced Somatic Embryogenesis in Plants
Added Value of Clinical Sequencing: WGS-Based Profiling of Pharmacogenes
Use of Dried Blood Spot Specimens to Monitor Patients with Inherited Metabolic Disorders
mHealth Apps Assessment among Postpartum Women with Obesity and Depression
Assessment of Equity in Access to Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Centres in Poland
Increased Purinergic Responses Dependent on P2Y2 Receptors in Hepatocytes from CCl4-Treated Fibrotic Mice
Muscular Development in Urechis unicinctus (Echiura, Annelida)
Radiolabeled Human Monoclonal Antibody 067-213 has the Potential for Noninvasive Quantification of CD73 Expression
DNA Strand Break Properties of Protoporphyrin IX by X-ray Irradiation against Melanoma
“Green” Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Thermally Stable Gold Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Carbon Nanosheets
Targeting of Secretory Proteins as a Therapeutic Strategy for Treatment of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
In or Out? New Insights on Exon Recognition through Splice-Site Interdependency
Role of Oxytocin/Vasopressin-Like Peptide and Its Receptor in Vitellogenesis of Mud Crab
Regulative Loop between β-catenin and Protein Tyrosine Receptor Type γ in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Plantar Loads of Habitual Forefoot Strikers during Running on Different Overground Surfaces
The Emerging Role of Curcumin in the Modulation of TLR-4 Signaling Pathway: Focus on Neuroprotective and Anti-Rheumatic Properties
An Appraisal of Antidotes’ Effectiveness: Evidence of the Use of Phyto-Antidotes and Biotechnological Advancements
Endoreversible Modeling of a Hydraulic Recuperation System
Channels’ Confirmation and Predictions’ Confirmation: From the Medical Test to the Raven Paradox
Simple Selection Procedure to Distinguish between Static and Flexible Loops
Effect of Natural Preservatives on the Nutritional Profile, Chemical Composition, Bioactivity and Stability of a Nutraceutical Preparation of Aloe arborescens
MYC-Associated Factor MAX is a Regulator of the Circadian Clock
Low-Dose Phosphodiesterase III Inhibitor Reduces the Vascular Amyloid Burden in Amyloid-β Protein Precursor Transgenic Mice
The First Application of Nanoelectrochemotherapy in Feline Oral Malignant Melanoma Treatment—Case Study
A Finite Element Analysis Study from 3D CT to Predict Transcatheter Heart Valve Thrombosis
A Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Multi-Gas Sensor for Ambient Air Monitoring
Data Block and Tuple Identification Using Master Index
Use of Thermal Black as Eco-Filler in Thermoplastic Composites and Hybrids for Injection Molding and 3D Printing Applications
Mating Disruption of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Processing Tomato: First Applications in Northern Italy
Quantification of an Antibody-Conjugated Drug in Fat Plasma by an Affinity Capture LC-MS/MS Method for a Novel Prenyl Transferase-Mediated Site-Specific Antibody–Drug Conjugate
Multi-objective Informative Frequency Band Selection Based on Negentropy-induced Grey Wolf Optimizer for Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearings
Integrating 5S Methodology into Oral Hygiene Practice for Elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease
Physiopathological Bases of the Disease Caused by HACE1 Mutations: Alterations in Autophagy, Mitophagy and Oxidative Stress Response
Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Safety: Evidence from Korea
Sustainability Assessment of Construction Technologies for Large Pipelines on Urban Highways: Scenario Analysis using Fuzzy QFD
Experimental Study on Unconfined Compression Strength of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Composite Cemented Clay
Corporate Social Responsibility and Employees’ Negative Behaviors under Abusive Supervision: A Multilevel Insight
Energy Harvester Sensing
Experimental Study of Thermomechanical Processes: Laser Welding and Melting of a Powder Bed
Diagnostic Performance of First Trimester Screening of Preeclampsia Based on Uterine Artery Pulsatility Index and Maternal Risk Factors in Routine Clinical Use
Development of a Robust Autofluorescence Lifetime Sensing Method for Use in an Endoscopic Application
De-Skewing LiDAR Scan for Refinement of Local Mapping
Preparation of Isotopically Labelled Standards of Creatinine Via H/D Exchange and Their Application in Quantitative Analysis by LC-MS
Quorum Sensing Activity and Hyphal Growth by External Stimuli in the Entomopathogenic Fungus Ophiocordyceps sinensis
Impact of Glucose-Lowering Medications on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
External Validation of a Risk Stratification Score for B3 Breast Lesions Detected at Ultrasound Core Needle Biopsy
Renegotiation Strategy of Public-Private Partnership Projects with Asymmetric Information—An Evolutionary Game Approach
Intellectual Capital: ISVA, the Alternative Way of Calculating Creating Value in Agricultural Entities—Case of Poland
Sustainability of China’s Singles Day Shopping Festivals: Exploring the Moderating Effect of Fairness Atmospherics on Consumers’ Continuance Participation
Ventricular Repolarization is Associated with Cognitive Function, but Not with Cognitive Decline and Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Measurements in Older Adults
A New Class of Smart Gadolinium Contrast Agent for Tissue pH Probing Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
TI-RADS Diagnostic Performance: Which Algorithm is Superior and How Elastography and 4D Vascularity Improve the Malignancy Risk Assessment
Toward a Model of Just Tourism: A Proposal
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Bioactivities of N-(5-(4-chlorobenzyl)-1,3,5-Triazinan-2-Ylidene)Nitramide
Delta-Notch Signaling: The Long and the Short of a Neuron’s Influence on Progenitor Fates
Late Age Dynamic Strength of High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Nano-Silica and Polypropylene Fibres
Powder Coating for Healthcare Aluminum Packaging
Poultry Shelf-Life Enhancing Potential of Nanofibers and Nanoparticles Containing Porphyra dioica Extracts
Evaluating the Graininess Attribute by Visual Scaling for Coatings with Special-Effect Pigments
Curcumin Incorporation into Zn3Al Layered Double Hydroxides—Preparation, Characterization and Curcumin Release
Extracellular Vesicles and Tumor-Immune Escape: Biological Functions and Clinical Perspectives
Methotrexate Decreases the Level of PCSK9—A Novel Indicator of the Risk of Proatherogenic Lipid Profile in Psoriasis. The Preliminary Data
Influence of POR*28 Polymorphisms on CYP3A5*3-Associated Variations in Tacrolimus Blood Levels at an Early Stage after Liver Transplantation
Flotillin: A Promising Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease
Knockout of the OsNAC006 Transcription Factor Causes Drought and Heat Sensitivity in Rice
Musashi-1: An Example of How Polyalanine Tracts Contribute to Self-Association in the Intrinsically Disordered Regions of RNA-Binding Proteins
Synthesis and Characterization of New Benzo[e]Indol Salts for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics
Plasmonic Emission of Bullseye Nanoemitters on Bi2Te3 Nanoflakes
Binding Kinetics of Ruthenium Pyrithione Chemotherapeutic Candidates to Human Serum Proteins Studied by HPLC-ICP-MS
Dynamic Estimation of Saturation Flow Rate at Information-Rich Signalized Intersections
Upregulation of CASP9 through NF-κB and Its Target MiR-1276 Contributed to TNFα-Promoted Apoptosis of Cancer Cells Induced by Doxorubicin
Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatment of Chondrosarcoma Cells Affects Proliferation and Cell Membrane Permeability
The Expression of Selected Factors Related to T Lymphocyte Activity in Canine Mammary Tumors
Survey on Approximate Computing and Its Intrinsic Fault Tolerance
Effect of Temperature Variation and Pre-Sustained Loading on the Bond between Basalt FRP Sheets and Concrete
Analysis of Coupling Coordination Variance between Urbanization Quality and Eco-Environment Pressure: A Case Study of the West Taiwan Strait Urban Agglomeration, China
Stochastic Model of Spatial Fields of the Average Daily Wind Chill Index
The Quality Control and Rain Rate Estimation for the X-Band Dual-Polarization Radar: A Study of Propagation of Uncertainty
A Meta-Analysis on the Impact of Social Capital on Firm Performance in China’s Transition Economy
Photophysical and Biological Properties of Iridium Tetrazolato Complexes Functionalised with Fatty Acid Chains
Hidden Genetic Variability, Can the Olive Moth Prays oleae (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae or Praydidae?) be a Species’ Complex?
Human–Environment Natural Disasters Interconnection in China: A Review
A Strategies Alignment Approach to Manage Disruptive Events in Collaborative Networks
Financial Development and CO2 Emissions in Post-Transition European Union Countries
Characterizing the Spatial Variations of Forest Sunlit and Shaded Components Using Discrete Aerial Lidar
Molecular Characterization of Neoseiulus barkeri Vitellogenin Genes and Vitellogenin Receptor during Reproductive Diapause
Lifetime Weight Cycling and Central Fat Distribution in Females With Obesity: A Brief Report
Feedforward Artificial Neural Network-Based Model for Predicting the Removal of Phenolic Compounds from Water by Using Deep Eutectic Solvent-Functionalized CNTs
Effects of Ti, Ni, and Dual Ti/Ni Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation on the Corrosion and Wear Properties of Magnesium Alloy
Non-Fluorinated, Sustainable, and Durable Superhydrophobic Microarrayed Surface for Water-Harvesting
A New Perspective on Using Glycols in Glutamate Biosensor Design: From Stabilizing Agents to a New Containment Net
Autophagy Modulators Profoundly Alter the Astrocyte Cellular Proteome
Tree Species Classification of Drone Hyperspectral and RGB Imagery with Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks
Exposure of Aspergillus fumigatus to Atorvastatin Leads to Altered Membrane Permeability and Induction of an Oxidative Stress Response
Electrochemical Characterization of CVD-Grown Graphene for Designing Electrode/Biomolecule Interfaces
A Quantum Heat Exchanger for Nanotechnology
Geometrical Aspects in the Analysis of Microcanonical Phase-Transitions
Calculating the Wasserstein Metric-Based Boltzmann Entropy of a Landscape Mosaic
Spectral Structure and Many-Body Dynamics of Ultracold Bosons in a Double-Well
Assessment of Diversity of Culturable Marine Yeasts Associated with Corals and Zoanthids in the Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea
Chair- and V-Shaped of H-bonded Supramolecular Complexes of Azophenyl Nicotinate Derivatives; Mesomorphic and DFT Molecular Geometry Aspects
New Insights into the Microbial Degradation of D-Cyphenothrin in Contaminated Water/Soil Environments
DNA Metabarcoding of Deep-Sea Sediment Communities Using COI: Community Assessment, Spatio-Temporal Patterns and Comparison with 18S rDNA
Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory Activities and Polyphenol Profile of Rhamnus prinoides
Underlying Conditions and Clinical Spectrum of Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis (CPA): An Experience from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan
Stable Wormholes in the Background of an Exponential f(R) Gravity
Effect of Cr on the Mineral Structure and Composition of Cement Clinker and Its Solidification Behavior
Research on Mechanical Properties of High-Pressure Anhydrite Based on First Principles
Prevalence of Depression in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
The Development of the Ascending Aortic Wall in Tricuspid and Bicuspid Aortic Valve: A Process from Maturation to Degeneration
New Chlorinated 2,5-Diketopiperazines from Marine-Derived Bacteria Isolated from Sediments of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Tumor Targeted Nanocarriers for Immunotherapy
Effect of T-Shape Shoulder Fillet on the Plastic Deformation Properties of SS400 and LYS160 Steel
A General Model for the Effect of Crop Management on Plant Disease Epidemics at Different Scales of Complexity
Lateral Vibrations in Deep Hole Drilling Due to Land Width Variation
Wisdom’s Guiding Compass: Lady Prudence as a Pedagogical Model
The Influence of Map Projections on People’s Global-Scale Cognitive Map: A Worldwide Study
Impact of Reinforcement Ratio on Shear Behavior of I-Shaped UHPC Beams with and without Fiber Shear Reinforcement
Hydrochloric Acid Pretreatment of Different Types of Rice Husk Ash Influence on the Properties of Cement Paste
Adaptation of a Health Education Program for Improving the Uptake of HIV Self-Testing by Men in Rwanda: A Study Protocol
Effect of Acrylamide Supplementation on the CART-, VAChT-, and nNOS-Immunoreactive Nervous Structures in the Porcine Stomach
Influence of Spacer Design and Module Geometry on the Filtration Performance during Skim Milk Microfiltration with Flat Sheet and Spiral-Wound Membranes
Development of Macozinone for TB treatment: An Update
Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity, Toxicity, and Phenolic Profile of Aqueous Extracts of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) and Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) Prepared at Different Temperatures
Estimation and Correlation Analysis of Lower Limb Joint Angles Based on Surface Electromyography
Bile Acid Profile and its Changes in Response to Cefoperazone Treatment in MR1 Deficient Mice
Comparing Targeted vs. Untargeted MS2 Data-Dependent Acquisition for Peak Annotation in LC–MS Metabolomics
Pathological Traits Associated to Facebook and Twitter among French Users
Review on the Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment of Metallic Materials in Automotive Applications
Recovering Lithium from the Cathode Active Material in Lithium-Ion Batteries via Thermal Decomposition
Role of Sinorhizobium meliloti and Escherichia coli Long-Chain Acyl-CoA Synthetase FadD in Long-Term Survival
Educational Interventions for Nursing Students to Develop Communication Skills with Patients: A Systematic Review
Estimation of the Chelating Ability of an Extract from Aronia melanocarpa L. Berries and Its Main Polyphenolic Ingredients Towards Ions of Zinc and Copper
Modeling the Charging Behaviors for Electric Vehicles Based on Ternary Symmetric Kernel Density Estimation
Convergence of Password Guessing to Optimal Success Rates
CNN-Based Vehicle Target Recognition with Residual Compensation for Circular SAR Imaging
A Novel Fuzzy Entropy-Based Method to Improve the Performance of the Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm
± 180° Discontinuous PWM for Single-Phase PWM Converter of High-Speed Railway Propulsion System
An Updated Overview on Nanonutraceuticals: Focus on Nanoprebiotics and Nanoprobiotics
Exploring Changes in Land Surface Temperature Possibly Associated with Earthquake: Case of the April 2015 Nepal Mw 7.9 Earthquake
Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health
Flotillins: At the Intersection of Protein S-Palmitoylation and Lipid-Mediated Signaling
Sex-Related Differences of the Effect of Lipoproteins and Apolipoproteins on 10-Year Cardiovascular Disease Risk; Insights from the ATTICA Study (2002–2012)
The Effect of the Promotion of Vegetables by a Social Influencer on Adolescents’ Subsequent Vegetable Intake: A Pilot Study
Bioethanol Production from Food Waste Applying the Multienzyme System Produced On-Site by Fusarium oxysporum F3 and Mixed Microbial Cultures
Comparison of Alternative Pulpwood Inventory Strategies and Machine Systems at a Log-Yard Using Simulations
Bacillus sp. FPF-1 Produced Keratinase with High Potential for Chicken Feather Degradation
Respiratory Health in a Community Living in Close Proximity to Gold Mine Waste Dumps, Johannesburg, South Africa
Bromatological, Proximate and Ultimate Analysis of OFMSW for Different Seasons and Collection Systems
Biocorrosion of Concrete Sewers in Greece: Current Practices and Challenges
Breakthrough Technologies Reshape the Ewing Sarcoma Molecular Landscape
Clay Composites for Thermal Energy Storage: A Review
Effectiveness of a Multifactorial Intervention in the First 1000 Days of Life to Prevent Obesity and Overweight in Childhood: Study Protocol
The Natural Environmental Factors Influencing the Spatial Distribution of Marathon Event: A Case Study from China
A Regulatory Noncoding RNA, nc886, Suppresses Esophageal Cancer by Inhibiting the AKT Pathway and Cell Cycle Progression
Insulin Signaling in Intestinal Stem and Progenitor Cells as an Important Determinant of Physiological and Metabolic Traits in Drosophila
Ionizing Radiation and Complex DNA Damage: Quantifying the Radiobiological Damage Using Monte Carlo Simulations
Urban Sprawl Risk Delimitation: The Concept for Spatial Planning Policy in Poland
Contact Mixing Patterns and Population Movement among Migrant Workers in an Urban Setting in Thailand
Public Preference for Increasing Natural Gas Generation for Reducing CO2 Emissions in South Korea
Pinpointing the Barriers to Recycling at Destination
Experimental Evaluation for the Impacts of Conservation Agriculture with Drip Irrigation on Crop Coefficient and Soil Properties in the Sub-Humid Ethiopian Highlands
Influence of Oxidation Degree of Graphene Oxide on the Shear Rheology of Poly(ethylene glycol) Suspensions
Structure-Based Design of Antivirals against Envelope Glycoprotein of Dengue Virus
Contextualising the 2019 E-Cigarette Health Scare: Insights from Twitter
Clean and Green Urban Water Bodies Benefit Nocturnal Flying Insects and Their Predators, Insectivorous Bats
Unexpected Seven-Membered Ring Formation for Muraymycin-Type Nucleoside-Peptide Antibiotics
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of China’s Prevention and Control Strategy for the COVID-19 Epidemic
Healthcare Workers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices about Vaccinations: A Cross-Sectional Study in Italy
Demoralization and Its Relationship with Depression and Hopelessness in Suicidal Patients Attending an Emergency Department
Application of Multivariate Statistical Methods and Artificial Neural Network for Facies Analysis from Well Logs Data: an Example of Miocene Deposits
Differences in Biomass Production and Water Use Efficiency among Seven Different Cover Crops in the Wet Winter Seasons of 2016/17 and 2018 in South Carolina
Variations in Circulating Active MMP-9 Levels during Renal Replacement Therapy
UV-B Radiation Largely Promoted the Transformation of Primary Metabolites to Phenols in Astragalus mongholicus Seedlings
Exploring Alzheimer’s Disease Molecular Variability via Calculation of Personalized Transcriptional Signatures
Comparative Assessment of the LoRaWAN Medium Access Control Protocols for IoT: Does Listen before Talk Perform Better than ALOHA?
Distribution System Renewable Hosting Capacity Maximization with Second-Use Electric Vehicle Storage Using Critical Capacity Retention Calculation Model
Speed Control Optimization for Autonomous Vehicles with Metaheuristics
An Improved Power Control Approach for Wind Turbine Fatigue Balancing in an Offshore Wind Farm
Using Microcystin Gene Copies to Determine Potentially-Toxic Blooms, Example from a Shallow Eutrophic Lake Peipsi
Lithium Storage in Nanoporous Complex Oxide 12CaO?7Al2O3 (C12A7)
The Construction of a Mock-Up Test Building and a Statistical Analysis of the Data Acquired to Evaluate the Power Generation Performance of Photovoltaic Modules
Influence of Cardoon Flower (Cynara cardunculus L.) and Flock Lactation Stage in PDO Serra da Estrela Cheese
An Insight into Practical Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Grid
Complex Corrosion Properties of AISI 316L Steel Prepared by 3D Printing Technology for Possible Implant Applications
Uncertainty Analysis of Embedded Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using BIM in Early Design Stages
Towards Sustainable Textile and Apparel Industry: Exploring the Role of Business Intelligence Systems in the Era of Industry 4.0
Short-Term Effects of Different Straw Returning Methods on the Soil Physicochemical Properties and Quality Index in Dryland Farming in NE China
How Does Health Status Affect Marginal Utility of Consumption? Evidence from China
Disclosing and Reporting Practice Errors by Nurses in Residential Long-Term Care Settings: A Systematic Review
The Recovery of Phosphorus from Acidic Ultra-High Phosphorous Wastewater by the Struvite Crystallization
Italian Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Eucalyptus Firewood
TNFa and IL2 Encoding Oncolytic Adenovirus Activates Pathogen and Danger-Associated Immunological Signaling
How to Select 2D and 3D Roughness Parameters at Their Relevant Scales by the Analysis of Covariance
Development and Validation of the Overall Foot Pain Questionnaire in Motorcycle Riders
Salivary Histatin 1 and 2 Are Targeted to Mitochondria and Endoplasmic Reticulum in Human Cells
Zebrafish Microenvironment Elevates EMT and CSC-Like Phenotype of Engrafted Prostate Cancer Cells
Human γδ TCR Repertoires in Health and Disease
Recent Advances and Future Perspectives of In Vivo Targeted Delivery of Genome-Editing Reagents to Germ cells, Embryos, and Fetuses in Mice
The Many Facets of CD38 in Lymphoma: From Tumor–Microenvironment Cell Interactions to Acquired Resistance to Immunotherapy
Health Risk Assessment and Source Apportionment of Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Selenium, and Manganese in Japanese Women: An Adjunct Study to the Japan Environment and Children’s Study
Modelling the Surface Plasmon Spectra of an ITO Nanoribbon Grating Adjacent to a Liquid Crystal Layer
Association between Chronic Interstitial Cystitis and Herpes Zoster
What is the Co-Creation of New Knowledge? A Content Analysis and Proposed Definition for Health Interventions
Image Simulations for Strong and Weak Gravitational Lensing
In Vitro Propagation, Phytochemical and Neuropharmacological Profiles of Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst.: A Review
A Study on Work Hardening in the Laser-Assisted Machining of Si3N4 Ceramics under Different Material Removal Modes
Free-Form and Deformable Energy Storage as a Forerunner to Next-Generation Smart Electronics
Self-Aligned Hierarchical ZnO Nanorod/NiO Nanosheet Arrays for High Photon Extraction Efficiency of GaN-Based Photonic Emitter
Novel Miniature and Selective Combustion-Type CMOS Gas Sensor for Gas-Mixture Analysis—Part 1: Emphasis on Chemical Aspects
Bubbles Moving in Blood Flow in a Microchannel Network: The Effect on the Local Hematocrit
Coalescence Dynamics of Acoustically Levitated Droplets
High-Throughput Screening of the ReFRAME Library Identifies Potential Drug Repurposing Candidates for Trypanosoma cruzi
Pseudomonas PS01 Isolated from Maize Rhizosphere Alters Root System Architecture and Promotes Plant Growth
Provenance of White Marbles from the Roman City of Tauriana (Palmi, Reggio Calabria, Italy)
Study on Tribological Properties and Mechanisms of Different Morphology WS2 as Lubricant Additives
Ore Geology, Fluid Inclusions, and (H-O-S-Pb) Isotope Geochemistry of the Sediment-Hosted Antimony Mineralization, Lyhamyar Sb Deposit, Southern Shan Plateau, Eastern Myanmar: Implications for Ore Genesis
Web-Based Visualization of Scientific Research Findings: National-Scale Distribution of Air Pollution in South Korea
Psychological and Sleep Effects of Tryptophan and Magnesium-Enriched Mediterranean Diet in Women with Fibromyalgia
Human Saliva: Non-Invasive Fluid for Detecting Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
Immediate Effects of Medially Posted Insoles on Lower Limb Joint Contact Forces in Adult Acquired Flatfoot: A Pilot Study
SEI Growth Impacts of Lamination, Formation and Cycling in Lithium Ion Batteries
Ginkgo biloba Prevents Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis Blocking p53 Activation in Neuroblastoma Cells
Selective Separation of 1-Butanol from Aqueous Solution through Pervaporation Using PTSMP-Silica Nano Hybrid Membrane
Aldoxime Dehydratase Mutants as Improved Biocatalysts for a Sustainable Synthesis of Biorenewables-Based 2-Furonitrile
Evaluation of Implants with Different Macrostructures in Type I Bone—Pre-Clinical Study in Rabbits
The Brain–Skin Connection and the Pathogenesis of Psoriasis: A Review with a Focus on the Serotonergic System
Big Data and Its Applications in Smart Real Estate and the Disaster Management Life Cycle: A Systematic Analysis
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Microscopy Applications in Diagnostic Hematopathology
External Beam Radiation Therapy and Enadenotucirev: Inhibition of the DDR and Mechanisms of Radiation-Mediated Virus Increase
Using a Social-ecological Regime Shift Approach to Understand the Transition from Livestock to Game Farming in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Evaluating Activation and Absence of Negative Effect: Gamification and Escape Rooms for Learning
Efficient Removal of Cd(II) Using SiO2-Mg(OH)2 Nanocomposites Derived from Sepiolite
Phase Evolution, Filler-Matrix Interactions, and Piezoelectric Properties in Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT)-Filled Polymer-Derived Ceramics (PDCs)
Feasibility of an Intervention for Patients with Cognitive Impairment Using an Interactive Digital Calendar with Mobile Phone Reminders (RemindMe) to Improve the Performance of Activities in Everyday Life
The Effect of Human Impact on the Water Quality and Biocoenoses of the Soft Water Lake with Isoetids: Lake Jeleń, NW Poland
Effects of Different Environmental Factors on the Growth and Bioactive Substance Accumulation of Porphyridium purpureum
Enzyme Assembly for Compartmentalized Metabolic Flux Control
Two-Step Size-Exclusion Nanofiltration of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Using Nanocellulose-Based Filter Paper
Retrieval Analysis of Modern Knee Tumor Megaendoprosthesis Shows Considerable Volumetric Metal Wear Generated at the Rotating Hinge
Estrogen Receptors and Ubiquitin Proteasome System: Mutual Regulation
BET Inhibitors Synergize with Carfilzomib to Induce Cell Death in Cancer Cells via Impairing Nrf1 Transcriptional Activity and Exacerbating the Unfolded Protein Response
Luteolin-7-O-Glucoside Inhibits Oral Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion by Regulating Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 Expression and Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase Pathway
Early Mortality of Brain Infarction Patients and Red Blood Cell Distribution Width
Deploying Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in Construction
Seismic Performance of Steel Structure-Foundation Systems Designed According to Eurocode 8 Provisions: The Case of Near-Fault Seismic Motions
Nepantleras Building Bridges toward College Readiness: Latina/o/x Educators Fostering Equity in an Urban High School
Review of GIS-Based Applications for Mining: Planning, Operation, and Environmental Management
Screening of Antioxidant Potentials and Bioactive Properties of the Extracts Obtained from Two Centaurea L. Species (C. kroumirensis Coss. and C. sicula L. subsp sicula)
Assessment of the Algorithm for Single Frequency Precise Point Positioning at Different Latitudes and with Distinct Magnetic Storm Conditions
Compositional Data Analysis in Time-Use Epidemiology: What, Why, How
Complete Genome Sequencing, Molecular Epidemiological, and Pathogenicity Analysis of Pigeon Paramyxoviruses Type 1 Isolated in Guangxi, China during 2012–2018
Use of Ultra Wide Band Real-Time Location System on Construction Jobsites: Feasibility Study and Deployment Alternatives
The Relationship between Health Disparities, Psychosocial Functioning and Health Outcomes in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant Populations: Recommendations for Clinical Care
Nailing of Layers: A Promising Way to Reinforce Concrete 3D Printing Structures
(Pyrrole-2,5-Diyl)-Bis(Nitronyl Nitroxide) and-Bis(Iminonitroxide): Specific Features of the Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties
Evaluating Performance of Software Durability through an Integrated Fuzzy-Based Symmetrical Method of ANP and TOPSIS
Health Care and Productivity Costs of Non-Fatal Traffic Injuries: A Comparison of Road User Types
Screen Exposure during Early Life and the Increased Risk of Astigmatism among Preschool Children: Findings from Longhua Child Cohort Study
The Effects of Oxidation on the Antithrombotic Properties of Tea Lipids Against PAF, Thrombin, Collagen, and ADP
Effective Elimination of Contaminant Antibiotics Using High-Surface-Area Magnetic-Functionalized Graphene Nanocomposites Developed from Plastic Waste
Cultural Heritage as a Means for Local Development in Mediterranean Historic Cities—The Need for an Urban Policy
How Frequently Are Articles in Predatory Open Access Journals Cited
Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Band Edge Shift of TiO2 Photoanode
A Green and Simple Protocol for Extraction and Application of a Peroxidase-Rich Enzymatic Extract
Evaluation of Ecotoxicology Assessment Methods of Nanomaterials and Their Effects
Fault Detection and Exclusion Method for a Deeply Integrated BDS/INS System
Multi-Network Asynchronous TDOA Algorithm Test in a Simulated Maritime Scenario
Frequency-Coded Chipless RFID Tags: Notch Model, Detection, Angular Orientation, and Coverage Measurements
Exploring the Perceptions of and Experiences with Traditional Foods among First Nations Female Youth: A Participatory Photovoice Study
Oleic Acid Is not the Only Relevant Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Ester in Olive Oil
Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Scale Invariant Feature and Reduced Local Binary Pattern Histogram
Extrinsic Calibration of Multiple Two-Dimensional Laser Rangefinders Based on a Trihedron
A Fault Diagnostic Scheme Based on Capsule Network for Rolling Bearing under Different Rotational Speeds
Modelling Recharge from Irrigation Developments with a Perched Water Table and Deep Unsaturated Zone
Characterisation of Formaggella della Valle di Scalve Cheese Produced from Cows Reared in Valley Floor Stall or in Mountain Pasture: Fatty Acids Profile and Sensory Properties
Movement Competency Training Delivery: At School or Online? A Pilot Study of High-School Athletes
Pedogenic Processes in a Posidonia oceanica Mat
Fast Confirmation of Antibody Identity by MALDI-TOF MS Fingerprints
Painting Practical Support: A Study about the Usage of Painting Materials in Children’s Painting Works
Are Danes’ Immigration Policy Preferences Based on Accurate Stereotypes?
Improved Land Evapotranspiration Simulation of the Community Land Model Using a Surrogate-Based Automatic Parameter Optimization Method
Hybrid TiO2–Polyaniline Photocatalysts and their Application in Building Gypsum Plasters
Antibacterial Peptides
Single Blinded Study on the Feasibility of Decontaminating LA-MRSA in Pig Compartments under Routine Conditions
The Role of Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxiredoxins throughout the Cell Cycle
The National, the Diasporic, and the Canonical: The Place of Diasporic Imagery in the Canon of Israeli National Art
Automatic Seamline Determination for Urban Image Mosaicking Based on Road Probability Map from the D-LinkNet Neural Network
Screen-Printed Electrodes for the Voltammetric Sensing of Benzotriazoles in Water
Automated Transverse Crack Mapping System with Optical Sensors and Big Data Analytics
Fiber Bragg Grating Dynamic Calibration Based on Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine
Supporting Women’s Participation in Developing A Seaweed Supply Chain in Kiribati for Health and Nutrition
View Magazine and the Mass Visual Culture of World War II
RANS Simulation of Local Strong Sandstorms Induced by a Cold Pool with Vorticity
pH- and Temperature-Dependent Kinetics of the Oxidation Reactions of OH with Succinic and Pimelic Acid in Aqueous Solution
Levee Breaching: A New Extension to the LISFLOOD-FP Model
Effect of Dispersion Solvent on the Deposition of PVP-Silver Nanoparticles onto DBD Plasma-Treated Polyamide 6,6 Fabric and Its Antimicrobial Efficiency
Dietary Fructose Intake and Hippocampal Structure and Connectivity during Childhood
Improved Surface Display of Human Hyal1 and Identification of Testosterone Propionate and Chicoric Acid as New Inhibitors
Cold Exposure-Induced Up-Regulation of Hsp70 Positively Regulates PEDV mRNA Synthesis and Protein Expression In Vitro
A Cecal Slurry Mouse Model of Sepsis Leads to Acute Consumption of Vitamin C in the Brain
Dragon’s Blood from Dracaena cambodiana in China: Applied History and Induction Techniques toward Formation Mechanism
Structural and Magnetic Studies of Bulk Nanocomposite Magnets Derived from Rapidly Solidified Pr-(Fe,Co)-(Zr,Nb)-B Alloy
Determination of the Popularity of Dietary Supplements Using Google Search Rankings
Estradiol Replacement Improves High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity by Suppressing the Action of Ghrelin in Ovariectomized Rats
Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Cancer Patients: Analysis of Mortality Data from the US SEER Population-Based Registries
Advances in Heterocatalysis by Nanomaterials
Two-Phase Equilibrium Conditions in Nanopores
Laboratory Analysis of a Piston-Actuated Pressure-Reducing Valve under Low Flow Conditions
Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Growth of Fagus crenata Seedlings Under Elevated Ozone and Different Soil Nutrient Conditions
Glutamine Supplementation Prevents Chronic Stress-Induced Mild Cognitive Impairment
A Generic Method for Predicting Environmental Concentrations of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals in Soil and Shallow Groundwater
Using Machine Learning Methods to Provision Virtual Sensors in Sensor-Cloud
Active Transiency: A Novel Approach to Expedite Degradation in Transient Electronics
Colorectal Cancer Study with Nanostructured Sensors: Tumor Marker Screening of Patient Biopsies
Titania Nanofluids Based on Natural Ester: Cooling and Insulation Properties Assessment
Measurable Effects of Metropolitan Gas Purchasing Group in the Light of Gas Market Functioning in Poland
Multi-Label Learning based Semi-Global Matching Forest
Structural Health Monitoring for Jacket-Type Offshore Wind Turbines: Experimental Proof of Concept
Correction: Koga, Y., et al. A Method for Vehicle Detection in High-Resolution Satellite Images That Uses a Region-Based Object Detector and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation. Remote Sensing 2020, 12, 575
Seismo-Deformation Anomalies Associated with the M6.1 Ludian Earthquake on August 3, 2014
Tetraspanin CD9 is Regulated by miR-518f-5p and Functions in Breast Cell Migration and In Vivo Tumor Growth
Treatment of Combined Hepatocellular and Cholangiocarcinoma
Experimental Study on Glaze Icing Detection of 110 kV Composite Insulators Using Fiber Bragg Gratings
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling and Field Applications of Non-Powered Hydraulic Mixing in Water Treatment Plants
Intensity Simulation of a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer
In Situ Measurement of Carbon Fibre/Polyether Ether Ketone Thermal Expansion in Low Earth Orbit
Frost Risk Management in Chickpea Using a Modelling Approach
Assessment of Enhanced Dempster-Shafer Theory for Uncertainty Modeling in a GIS-Based Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Model, Case Study—Tabriz City
Landslide Image Captioning Method Based on Semantic Gate and Bi-Temporal LSTM
Effects of Straw-Return Method for the Maize–Rice Rotation System on Soil Properties and Crop Yields
Leadership beyond Narcissism: On the Role of Compassionate Love as Individual Antecedent of Servant Leadership
Profitability and Efficiency of Forest Contractors in Slovakia—Comparison of Mountain and Lowland Regions
Platinum Atoms and Nanoparticles Embedded Porous Carbons for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
DNA Methylation in the Diagnosis of Monogenic Diseases
Safety and Activity of the Combination of Ceritinib and Dasatinib in Osteosarcoma
An Extract of Olive Mill Wastewater Downregulates Growth, Adhesion and Invasion Pathways in Lung Cancer Cells: Involvement of CXCR4
Optimizing the Management Strategies of a Multi-Purpose Multi-Reservoir System in Vietnam
Caregiver Perceptions and Acceptability of a Provitamin A Carotenoid, Iron and Zinc Rich Complementary Food Blend Prepared from Common Bean and Pumpkin in Rural Uganda
Underhydration Is Associated with Obesity, Chronic Diseases, and Death Within 3 to 6 Years in the U.S. Population Aged 51–70 Years
Maternal Diet During Pregnancy and Blood Cadmium Concentrations in an Observational Cohort of British Women
Prospective Association between Whole Grain Consumption and Hypertension: The Furukawa Nutrition and Health Study
Nanoantioxidant–Based Silica Particles as Flavonoid Carrier for Drug Delivery Applications
Effects of Exogenous Spermidine on Root Metabolism of Cucumber Seedlings under Salt Stress by GC-MS
Practice, Skill Mix, and Education: The Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians in Great Britain
Antibacterial, Antibiofilm and Anticancer Activity of Biologically Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles Using Seed Extract of Nigella sativa
Prediction of Individual Tree Diameter Using a Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling Approach and Airborne LiDAR Data
Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Is the Main Driver of Nocturnal Feral Pigeon (Columba livia f. domestica) Foraging in Urban Areas
Feasibility of Estimating Turbulent Heat Fluxes via Variational Assimilation of Reference-Level Air Temperature and Specific Humidity Observations
Doctor’s Preference in Providing Medical Service for Patients in the Medical Alliance: A Pilot Discrete Choice Experiment
A Landslide Probability Model Based on a Long-Term Landslide Inventory and Rainfall Factors
TGF: A New MATLAB-based Software for Terrain-related Gravity Field Calculations
Development of Bionanocomposites Based on PLA, Collagen and AgNPs and Characterization of Their Stability and In Vitro Biocompatibility
Modeling the Carbon Cycle of a Subtropical Chinese Fir Plantation Using a Multi-Source Data Fusion Approach
Discharge Estimates for Ungauged Rivers Flowing over Complex High-Mountainous Regions based Solely on Remote Sensing-Derived Datasets
Proteomic Analysis of Fresh and Liquid-Stored Boar Spermatozoa
Antimicrobial Resistance in Farm Animals in Brazil: An Update Overview
AI: A New Open Access Journal for Artificial Intelligence
Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and its Associated Climate Factors Based on Remote Sensing
Key Role of the Influenza A Virus PA Gene Segment in the Emergence of Pandemic Viruses
Effective Bio-Slime Coating Technique for Concrete Surfaces under Sulfate Attack
Analysis of HPV-Positive and HPV-Negative Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Paired Normal Mucosae Reveals Cyclin D1 Deregulation and Compensatory Effect of Cyclin D2
Comparing Paclitaxel–Carboplatin with Paclitaxel–Cisplatin as the Front-Line Chemotherapy for Patients with FIGO IIIC Serous-Type Tubo-Ovarian Cancer
Detecting and Solving Tube Entanglement in Bin Picking Operations
Optimized Combination of Strength and Electrical Conductivity of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Processed by ECAP with Two-Step Temperature
Antifungal Properties of Pure Silver Films with Nanoparticles Induced by Pulsed-Laser Dewetting Process
Development of Multifunctional Cosmetic Cream Using Bioactive Materials from Streptomyces sp. T65 with Synthesized Mesoporous Silica Particles SBA-15
Study of the Association between microRNA (miR-25T>C, miR-32C>A, miR-125C>T, and miR-222G>T) Polymorphisms and the Risk of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Korean Women
Simulation of Mining-Induced Ground Damage Using Orthogonal Experiments to Determine Key Parameters of Super-Large Coalface: A Case Study in Shendong Coalfield in China
Hyperspectral Inversion Model of Chlorophyll Content in Peanut Leaves
Estimating the Unit Weight of Local Organic Soils from Laboratory Tests Using Artificial Neural Networks
Applications of Electrical Resistivity Surveys in Solving Selected Geotechnical and Environmental Problems
Smart Helmet and Insole Sensors for Near Fall Incidence Recognition during Descent of Stairs
Impact of Ultrasound Extraction Parameters on the Antioxidant Properties of Moringa Oleifera Leaves
Survey on Non-Human Primates and Mosquitoes Does not Provide Evidences of Spillover/Spillback between the Urban and Sylvatic Cycles of Yellow Fever and Zika Viruses Following Severe Outbreaks in Southeast Brazil
Accelerating Kinetic Parameter Identification by Extracting Information from Transient Data: A Hydroprocessing Study Case
Well-Defined Diblock Poly(ethylene glycol)-b-Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Based Polymer-Drug Conjugate Micelles for pH-Responsive Delivery of Doxorubicin
Circulating Small Noncoding RNAs Have Specific Expression Patterns in Plasma and Extracellular Vesicles in Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Are Predictive of Patient Outcome
Modelling the Effect of Efficiency Measures and Increased Irrigation Development on Groundwater Recharge through a Deep Vadose Zone
A Systematic Map of Agroforestry Research Focusing on Ecosystem Services in the Asia-Pacific Region
Control strategies of gecko’s toe in response to reduced gravity
Carbon Dioxide Uptake by MOC-Based Materials
The Switching of Trailing Limb Anticipatory Locomotor Adjustments is Uninfluenced by what the Leading Limb Does, but General Time Constraints Remain
Augmented EMTCNN: A Fast and Accurate Facial Landmark Detection Network
An Improved Power System Transient Stability Prediction Model Based on mRMR Feature Selection and WTA Ensemble Learning
Expansion of the Waste-Based Commodity Frontier: Insights from Sweden and Brazil
Research on Agricultural Carbon Emissions and Regional Carbon Emissions Reduction Strategies in China
Isolation and Characterisation of Alongshan Virus in Russia
Selective Oxidation of Crude Glycerol to Dihydroxyacetone in a Biphasic Photoreactor
Impacts of International Commodity Trade on Conventional Biofuels Production
Shifting Perspectives in Assessing Socio-Environmental Vulnerability
Effect of Gradient Energy Density on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti6Al4V Fabricated by Selective Electron Beam Additive Manufacture
Resource Recovery of Waste Nd–Fe–B Scrap: Effective Separation of Fe as High-Purity Hematite Nanoparticles
Control of the Surrounding Rock of a Goaf-Side Entry Driving Heading Mining Face
Improvement of Credal Decision Trees Using Ensemble Frameworks for Groundwater Potential Modeling
Cell Wall Bulking by Maleic Anhydride for Wood Durability Improvement
Blockchain and Fog Based Architecture for Internet of Everything in Smart Cities
Proteomic Discovery of Biomarkers to Predict Prognosis of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma
Synthesis of Perovskite by Solid-Phase Method with Metatitanic Acid and Calcium Carbonate and Its Pigment Properties Investigation
Multi-Factorial Load Analysis of Pine Sawlogs in Transport to Sawmill
Melting and Recrystallization of Copper Nanoparticles Prepared by Microwave-Assisted Reduction in the Presence of Triethylenetetramine
Novel Genetic Melanoma Vaccines Based on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells or Melanosphere-Derived Stem-Like Cells Display High Efficacy in a murine Tumor Rejection Model
The Removal of Crystal Violet from Textile Wastewater Using Palm Kernel Shell-Derived Biochar
Embolotherapeutic Strategies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: 2020 Update
Residual Stress Distribution in Water Jet Peened Type 304 Stainless Steel
Guessing the Game: An Individual’s Awareness and Assessment of a Game’s Existence
Bifidobacteria-Fermented Red Ginseng and Its Constituents Ginsenoside Rd and Protopanaxatriol Alleviate Anxiety/Depression in Mice by the Amelioration of Gut Dysbiosis
Feeding Formula Eliminates the Necessity of Bacterial Dysbiosis and Induces Inflammation and Injury in the Paneth Cell Disruption Murine NEC Model in an Osmolality-Dependent Manner
Human Milk and Lactation
Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Pregnancy—The Case for a Target Omega-3 Index
Study of In Vitro and In Vivo Carbamazepine Release from Coarse and Nanometric Pharmaceutical Emulsions Obtained via Ultra-High-Pressure Homogenization
Phenformin Attenuates Renal Injury in Unilateral Ureteral Obstructed Mice without Affecting Immune Cell Infiltration
A United Sign Coherence Factor Beamformer for Coherent Plane-Wave Compounding with Improved Contrast
An Enhanced Auxiliary Information-Based EWMA-t Chart for Monitoring the Process Mean
Optimization of Thiolated Chitosan Nanoparticles for the Enhancement of in Vivo Hypoglycemic Efficacy of Sitagliptin in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
Geometry Tailoring of Emission from Semiconductor Nanowires and Nanocones
Artificial Neural Networks to Estimate the Influence of Vehicular Emission Variables on Morbidity and Mortality in the Largest Metropolis in South America
How a Participatory Budget Can Support Sustainable Rural Development—Lessons From Poland
Location of Cows and Pigs in Suburban Areas of Polish Metropolitan Centers
Genome-Wide Identification, Classification, and Expression Profiling Reveals R2R3-MYB Transcription Factors Related to Monoterpenoid Biosynthesis in Osmanthus fragrans
Assessing the Efficiency of Sustainable Cities Using an Empirical Approach
Domination, Power, Supremacy: Confronting Anthropolitics with Ecological Realism
South African National Climate Change Response Policy Sensitization: An Assessment of Smallholder Farmers in Amathole District Municipality, Eastern Cape Province
Blood Free-Circulating DNA Testing of Methylated RUNX3 Is Useful for Diagnosing Early Gastric Cancer
Phosphate in Virulence of Candida albicans and Candida glabrata
Transcriptional Regulation of HMOX1 Gene in Hezuo Tibetan Pigs: Roles of WT1, Sp1, and C/EBPα
Rosemary Leaf Extract Inhibits Glycation, Breast Cancer Proliferation, and Diabetes Risks
Oral Health Status of Children with Autism in Central Italy
A Three-Dimensional Numerical Study of Wave Induced Currents in the Cetraro Harbour Coastal Area (Italy)
Rail Pad Corrosion Effects on the Dynamic Behavior of Direct Fixation Track Systems in Marine Environments
Real-Time Application for Generating Multiple Experiences from 360° Panoramic Video by Tracking Arbitrary Objects and Viewer’s Orientations
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar Composite Containing Recycled Expanded Glass Aggregate and Nano Titanium Dioxide
Dysregulated Pyrimidine Biosynthesis Contributes to 5-FU Resistance in SCLC Patient-Derived Organoids but Response to a Novel Polymeric Fluoropyrimidine, CF10
Board-Gender Diversity, Family Ownership, and Dividend Announcement: Evidence from Asian Emerging Economies
Implementation of a Renal Precision Medicine Program: Clinician Attitudes and Acceptance
Extracellular Vesicle-Mediated siRNA Delivery, Protein Delivery, and CFTR Complementation in Well-Differentiated Human Airway Epithelial Cells
GSK3787-Loaded Poly(Ester Amide) Particles for Intra-Articular Drug Delivery
mTORC2/Rac1 Pathway Predisposes Cancer Aggressiveness in IDH1-Mutated Glioma
The Effect of Submergence and Eutrophication on the Trait’s Performance of Wedelia Trilobata over Its Congener Native Wedelia Chinensis
Spectrum of Genetic Variants Associated with Anterior Segment Dysgenesis in South Florida
A Novel Role for the Tumor Suppressor Gene ITF2 in Tumorigenesis and Chemotherapy Response
Pharmacist Segments Identified from 2009, 2014, and 2019 National Pharmacist Workforce Surveys: Implications for Pharmacy Organizations and Personnel
Star-Shaped Crosslinker for Multifunctional Shape Memory Polyurethane
High-Contrast and Scattering-Type Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays Based on Polymer-Network Liquid Crystals
Rigid Polyurethane Foams with Various Isocyanate Indices Based on Polyols from Rapeseed Oil and Waste PET
Tungsten-Doped Zinc Oxide and Indium–Zinc Oxide Films as High-Performance Electron-Transport Layers in N–I–P Perovskite Solar Cells
A Jumping Robot Driven by a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator
Wireless Epidermal Six-Axis Inertial Measurement Units for Real-Time Joint Angle Estimation
Low-Molecular-Weight Phenols Recovery by Eco-Friendly Extraction from Quercus Spp. Wastes: An Analytical and Biomass-Sustainability Evaluation
Special Issue on “Computational Methods for Polymers”
The Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) Genome is Differentially Targeted in TSWV-Infected Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) with or without Sw-5 Gene
Simulation Study and Industrial Application of Enhanced Arsenic Removal by Regulating the Proportion of Concentrates in the SKS Copper Smelting Process
A Review of Landfill Leachate Treatment by Microalgae: Current Status and Future Directions
A Simple Analytical Solution for the Designing of the Birdcage RF Coil Used in NMR Imaging Applications
Developments in Antibiotic-Eluting Scaffolds for the Treatment of Osteomyelitis
Flight Strategy Optimization for High-Altitude Solar-Powered Aircraft Based on Gravity Energy Reserving and Mission Altitude
Geochemistry of Deccan Tholeiite Flows and Dykes of Elephanta Island: Insights into the Stratigraphy and Structure of the Panvel Flexure Zone, Western Indian Rifted Margin
Genetic Adaptations, Biases, and Evolutionary Analysis of Canine Distemper Virus Asia-4 Lineage in a Fatal Outbreak of Wild-Caught Civets in Thailand
Disorders of Sex Development—Novel Regulators, Impacts on Fertility, and Options for Fertility Preservation
Mucosal Vaccination with Lactococcus lactis-Secreting Surface Immunological Protein Induces Humoral and Cellular Immune Protection against Group B Streptococcus in a Murine Model
Evaluation of Two EGFR Mutation Tests on Tumor and Plasma from Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Biological Activities of Alkaloids: From Toxicology to Pharmacology
More Results on Italian Domination in CnCm
The Performance of the DES Sensor for Estimating Soil Bulk Density Under the Effect of Different Agronomic Practices
Foliar Application of Calcium and Growth Regulators Modulate Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) Tree Performance
Green Functions of the First Boundary-Value Problem for a Fractional Diffusion—Wave Equation in Multidimensional Domains
A Multiparametric Study of Internalization of Fullerenol C60(OH)36 Nanoparticles into Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells: Cytotoxicity in Oxidative Stress Induced by Ionizing Radiation
n–3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Amides: New Avenues in the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer
A Comparative In Vitro Analysis of the Osteogenic Potential of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Using Various Differentiation Conditions
Modeling of Stripe Patterns in Photosensitive Azopolymers
Phylogeny and Functions of LOB Domain Proteins in Plants
At the Crossroads of the Adipocyte and Osteoclast Differentiation Programs: Future Therapeutic Perspectives
Phenyllactic Acid Produced by Geotrichum candidum Reduces Fusarium sporotrichioides and F. langsethiae Growth and T-2 Toxin Concentration
Optimal Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks Using Hybrid Heuristic-Genetic Algorithm
Mechanical Energy before Chemical Energy at the Origins of Life?
Investigating South Africa’s Fresh Peach and Nectarine Value Proposition: Measuring Progress on Achieving Sustainable Consumption in Exports
What Protects Youth Residential Caregivers from Burning Out? A Longitudinal Analysis of Individual Resilience
Marine Microalgae Biomolecules and Their Adhesion Capacity to Salmonella enterica sv. Typhimurium
Sinterability and Dielectric Properties of LiTaO3-Based Ceramics with Addition of CoO
The Diagnostic Value of Mir-133a in ST Elevation and Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Meta-Analysis
Tapping the Employee Perspective on the Improvement of Sustainable Employability (SE): Validation of the MAastricht Instrument for SE (MAISE-NL)
Functionalized, Vertically Super-Aligned Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Potential Biomedical Applications
Kinetic Cytokine Secretion Profile of LPS-Induced Inflammation in the Human Skin Organ Culture
Cooperative Highway Lane Merge of Connected Vehicles Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Optimal Controller
End-to-End Automatic Pronunciation Error Detection Based on Improved Hybrid CTC/Attention Architecture
Drying and Wetting Trends and Vegetation Covariations in the Drylands of China
Diversity and Conservation through Cultivation of Hypoxis in Africa—A Case Study of Hypoxis hemerocallidea
Identifying Protein–metabolite Networks Associated with COPD Phenotypes
Degree of Hydrolysis Affects the Techno-Functional Properties of Lesser Mealworm Protein Hydrolysates
U-Pb Zircon Dating of Migmatitic Paragneisses and Garnet Amphibolite from the High Pressure Seve Nappe Complex in Kittelfj?ll, Swedish Caledonides
An Integrative Approach to Assessing Diet–Cancer Relationships
Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (BMMSCs) Augment Osteointegration of Dental Implants in Type 1 Diabetic Rabbits: An X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomographic Evaluation
Effects of Accelerators and Retarders in Early Strength Development of Concrete Based on Low-Temperature-Cured Ordinary Portland and Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement Blends
Analytical Detection of Sulfonamides and Organophosphorus Insecticide Residues in Fish in Taiwan
Clinical and Sonographic Evaluation of Postmenopausal Bleeding (PMB) Followed by Diagnostic and/or Therapeutic Hysteroscopy and Guided Biopsy in Jordanian Hospitals
Does Health Professional Counseling Impact the Quality-of-Life Levels of Older Adults Enrolled in Physical Activity Programs?
Induction of Terminal Oxidases of Electron Transport Chain in Broccoli Heads under Controlled Atmosphere Storage
Clinical Manifestations of Kawasaki Disease at Different Age Spectrum: A Ten-Year Study
Comprehensive Assessment of Nile Tilapia Skin (Oreochromis niloticus) Collagen Hydrogels for Wound Dressings
Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis A6 Alleviates Obesity Associated with Promoting Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Function of Adipose Tissue in Mice
An Effective Sensor Deployment Scheme that Ensures Multilevel Coverage of Wireless Sensor Networks with Uncertain Properties
Segmentation of Polish Households Taking into Account Food Waste
Mineral Oil Slicks Identification Using Dual Co-polarized Radarsat-2 and TerraSAR-X SAR Imagery
Probing the Protein-Protein Interaction between the ATRXADD Domain and the Histone H3 Tail
The Peroxidatic Thiol of Peroxiredoxin 1 is Nitrosated by Nitrosoglutathione but Coordinates to the Dinitrosyl Iron Complex of Glutathione
Probing the Interfacial Behavior of Type IIIa Binary Mixtures Along the Three-Phase Line Employing Molecular Thermodynamics
Application of the Modified College Impact Model to Understand Chinese Engineering Undergraduates’ Sustainability Consciousness
The Quantity and Biochemical Composition of Sap Collected from Silver Birch (Betula pendula Roth) Trees Growing in Different Soils
Improve Temporal Fourier Transform Profilometry for Complex Dynamic Three-Dimensional Shape Measurement
Synthesis of Pyrrolidine Monocyclic Analogues of Pochonicine and Its Stereoisomers: Pursuit of Simplified Structures and Potent β-N-Acetylhexosaminidase Inhibition
Trait Gradient Analysis for Evergreen and Deciduous Species in a Subtropical Forest
Measurement Method for Height-Independent Vegetation Indices Based on an Active Light Source
Techniques to Motivate Learner Improvement in Game-Based Assessment
Risk Perception Sensitivity of Cyclists Based on the Cox Risk Perception Model
The C:N:P Stoichiometry of Planted and Natural Larix principis-rupprechtii Stands along Altitudinal Gradients on the Loess Plateau, China
Multitarget Anticancer Agents Based on Histone Deacetylase and Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitors
A One-Stage Approach for Surface Anomaly Detection with Background Suppression Strategies
Exposure to Chinese Famine in Fetal Life and the Risk of Dysglycemiain Adulthood
Adapting Collaborative Approaches for Service Provision to Low-Income Countries: Expert Panel Results
Physicians’ Understanding and Practices of Pharmacovigilance: Qualitative Experience from a Lower Middle-Income Country
Vasculoprotective Effects of Vildagliptin. Focus on Atherogenesis
Leveraging LoRaWAN Technology for Precision Agriculture in Greenhouses
Role of BET Inhibitors in Triple Negative Breast Cancers
Are Large Particles of Iron Detrimental to Properties of Powder Metallurgy Steels?
Grain Refinement Effect on the Hot-Tearing Resistance of Higher-Temperature Al–Cu–Mn–Zr Alloys
Comparative Study of Hot Deformation Behavior and Microstructure Evolution of As-Cast and Extruded WE43 Magnesium Alloy
Distribution of Lactoferrin Is Related with Dynamics of Neutrophils in Bacterial Infected Mice Intestine
Crude Oil Prices Forecasting: An Approach of Using CEEMDAN-Based Multi-Layer Gated Recurrent Unit Networks
Effects of Upwelling Intensity on Nitrogen and Carbon Fluxes through the Planktonic Food Web off A Coru?a (Galicia, NW Spain) Assessed with Stable Isotopes
Measurement of Surface Velocity in a 150 mm × 1270 mm Slab Continuous-Casting Mold
The Effects of Homogenizing and Quenching and Tempering Treatments on Crack Healing
Aging of γ′ Precipitates at 750 °C in the Nickel-Based Superalloy AD730TM: A Thermally or Thermo-Mechanically Controlled Process?
Induction Weld Seam Characterization of Continuously Roll Formed TRIP690 Tubes
A Unified Deep Framework for Joint 3D Pose Estimation and Action Recognition from a Single RGB Camera
Experimental Determination of the Resistivity Limits for Platinum and Iron Metal Gases Using an Exploding Wire
In-Situ Measurement of Electrical-Heating-Induced Magnetic Field for an Atomic Magnetometer
Mechanism of Calcium Sulphate on the Aggregation and Growth of Ferronickel Particles in the Self-Reduction of Saprolitic Nickel Laterite Ore
Bonding and Stability of Ternary Structures in the CeT2Al20 (T=Ta, W, Re) and YRe2Al20 Alloys
Demand Response in District Heating Market—Results of the Field Tests in Student Apartment Buildings
‘The Plastic Nile’: First Evidence of Microplastic Contamination in Fish from the Nile River (Cairo, Egypt)
Processing Newborn Bloodspot Screening Results for CF
Band-Gap Energies of Choline Chloride and Triphenylmethylphosphoniumbromide-Based Systems
Energy and Emission Efficiency of the Slovak Regions
Valve-in-Valve-in-Valve: Degenerated Transcatheter Heart Valve within Degenerated Surgical Bioprosthetic Aortic Valve Treated with Second Transcatheter Heart Valve
A New Score to Predict the Resectability of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: The BACAP Score
Developing Computational Model to Predict Protein-Protein Interaction Sites Based on the XGBoost Algorithm
The Emergency Medicine Facing the Challenge of Open Science
In Vitro Bioactivity and Biocompatibility of Bio-Inspired Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Surfaces Modified by Combined Laser Micro/Nano Structuring
Automatic Detection of Changes in Signal Strength Characteristics in a Wi-Fi Network for an Indoor Localisation System
Ice Concentration Retrieval from the Analysis of Microwaves: A New Methodology Designed for the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer
Regenerative Potential of Carbon Monoxide in Adult Neural Circuits of the Central Nervous System
Special Issue: “Advances in Homogeneous Catalysis”
Could Intravenous Immunoglobulin Collected from Recovered Coronavirus Patients Protect against COVID-19 and Strengthen the Immune System of New Patients?
Clinical Characteristics, Serum Biochemical Changes, and Expression Profile of Serum Cfa-miRNAs in Dogs Confirmed to Have Congenital Portosystemic Shunts Accompanied by Liver Pathologies
Korean Red Ginseng Plays an Anti-Aging Role by Modulating Expression of Aging-Related Genes and Immune Cell Subsets
Neuropathological Mechanisms Associated with Pesticides in Alzheimer’s Disease
Effect of Gig Workers’ Psychological Contract Fulfillment on Their Task Performance in a Sharing Economy—A Perspective from the Mediation of Organizational Identification and the Moderation of Length of Service
Variability of Kuroshio Surface Axis Northeast of Taiwan Island Derived from Satellite Altimeter Data
Regional Mapping of Essential Urban Land Use Categories in China: A Segmentation-Based Approach
Loricrin: Past, Present, and Future
Comparison between Linear and Branched Polyethylenimine and Reduced Graphene Oxide Coatings as a Capture Layer for Micro Resonant CO2 Gas Concentration Sensors
NMR Lipid Profile of Milk from Alpine Goats with Supplemented Hempseed and Linseed Diets
Long-Term Land Use/Land Cover Change Assessment of the Kilombero Catchment in Tanzania Using Random Forest Classification and Robust Change Vector Analysis
The Role of Sense of Power in Alleviating Emotional Exhaustion in Frontline Managers: A Dual Mediation Model
Early Warning Method for Regional Water Resources Carrying Capacity Based on the Logical Curve and Aggregate Warning Index
Energy Intake, Macronutrient Profile and Food Sources of Spanish Children Aged One to <10 Years—Results from the EsNuPI Study ?
Toxic Metal Implications on Agricultural Soils, Plants, Animals, Aquatic life and Human Health
Optimal Location Analysis of Delivery Parcel-Pickup Points Using AHP and Network Huff Model: A Case Study of Shiweitang Sub-District in Guangzhou City, China
Glucocorticoids Influencing Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway; Multiple Sites, Heterogeneous Effects
Schisandra Extract and Ascorbic Acid Synergistically Enhance Cognition in Mice through Modulation of Mitochondrial Respiration
Polymeric Nanocarriers of Drug Delivery Systems in Cancer Therapy
AC Electroosmosis Effect on Microfluidic Heterogeneous Immunoassay Efficiency
Memristive Non-Volatile Memory Based on Graphene Materials
Discrimination in In-Patient Geriatric Care: A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Employees with a Turkish Migration Background
Dielectric Characterization and Separation Optimization of Infiltrating Ductal Adenocarcinoma via Insulator-Dielectrophoresis
Soy Metabolism by Gut Microbiota from Patients with Precancerous Intestinal Lesions
Steroid Derivatives as Potential Antimicrobial Agents against Staphylococcus aureus Planktonic Cells
Fodinicola acaciae sp. nov., an Endophytic Actinomycete Isolated from the Roots of Acacia mangium Willd. and Its Genome Analysis
Molecular Diversity of Giardia duodenalis, Cryptosporidium spp. and Blastocystis sp. in Asymptomatic School Children in Leganés, Madrid (Spain)
Synthesis and Antibacterial Evaluation of Novel 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives Containing Sulfonate/Carboxylate Moiety
Underwater Hyperspectral Target Detection with Band Selection
Provincial Correctional Service Workers: The Prevalence of Mental Disorders
Cysteine Residues in Helicobacter pylori Adhesin HopQ Are Required for CEACAM–HopQ Interaction and Subsequent CagA Translocation
FSH for the Treatment of Male Infertility
Litterbox—A gnotobiotic Zeolite-Clay System to Investigate Arabidopsis–Microbe Interactions
Cloud-Based Big Data Platform for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)
Preliminary In Vitro Studies on Corynebacterium urealyticum Pathogenetic Mechanisms, a Possible Candidate for Chronic Idiopathic Prostatitis?
Microbiological Production of Isocitric Acid from Biodiesel Waste and Its Effect on Spatial Memory
Validation of a Short Questionnaire to Assess Healthcare Professionals’ Perceptions of Asynchronous Telemedicine Services: The Catalan Version of the Health Optimum Telemedicine Acceptance Questionnaire
TLS and GB-RAR Measurements of Vibration Frequencies and Oscillation Amplitudes of Tall Structures: An Application to Wind Towers
Influence of Milling Tool and Prosthetic Materials on Roughness of the Dental CAD CAM Prostheses in End Milling Mode
Voting-Based Document Image Skew Detection
Expression Pattern and Biological Significance of the lncRNA ST3GAL6-AS1 in Multiple Myeloma
Phytochemical Composition, Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activities of Defatted Sea Buckthorn (Hippopha? rhamnoides L.) Berry Pomace Fractions Consecutively Recovered by Pressurized Ethanol and Water
Impact of Interparticle Interaction on Thermodynamics of Nano-Channel Transport of Two Species
Corylin Inhibits Vascular Cell Inflammation, Proliferation and Migration and Reduces Atherosclerosis in ApoE-Deficient Mice
Content Analysis of Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Publications in Core Clinical Journals from 2012 to 2018
Feasibility of Adjusting the S2O32?/NO3? Ratio to Adapt to Dynamic Influents in Coupled Anammox and Denitrification Systems
Feasibility of Strip Meniscometry for Tear Volume Evaluation in Lacrimal Passage Obstruction
Radiopharmaceuticals for Breast Cancer and Neuroendocrine Tumors: Two Examples of How Tissue Characterization May Influence the Choice of Therapy
The Effect of The Daily Mile on Primary School Children’s Aerobic Fitness Levels After 12 Weeks: A Controlled Trial
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel (thio)semicarbazone-Based Benzimidazoles as Antiviral Agents against Human Respiratory Viruses
Environmental Monitoring of PAHs Exposure, Biomarkers and Vital Status in Coke Oven Workers
Aptamer-Equipped Protamine Nanomedicine for Precision Lymphoma Therapy
The Performance of a Calcaneal Quantitative Ultrasound Device, CM-200, in Stratifying Osteoporosis Risk among Malaysian Population Aged 40 Years and Above
Serjanic Acid Improves Immunometabolic Markers in a Diet-Induced Obesity Mouse Model
IoT-enabled Microgrid for Intelligent Energy-aware Buildings: A Novel Hierarchical Self-consumption Scheme with Renewables
Various Structures of the Roots and Explicit Properties of q-cosine Bernoulli Polynomials and q-sine Bernoulli Polynomials
The Effect of Nordic Walking Training with Poles with an Integrated Resistance Shock Absorber on the Functional Fitness of Women over the Age of 60
Early Predictors of Objective Response in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Undergoing Lenvatinib Treatment
Large Cutting Depth and Layered Milling of Titanium Alloy Thin-Walled Parts
Effects?of Anthropometric Growth and Basketball Experience on Physical Performance in Pre-Adolescent Male Players
Strong Convergence of Modified Inertial Mann Algorithms for Nonexpansive Mappings
Projected Subgradient Algorithms for Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Points of Pseudocontractive Operators
Evaluation of the Thermal Stability and Surface Characteristics of Thermoplastic Polyurethane V-Belt
Hot Deformation Characteristics and 3-D Processing Map of a High-Titanium Nb-Micro-alloyed Steel
The Impact of Bioceramic Scaffolds on Bone Regeneration in Preclinical In Vivo Studies: A Systematic Review
Secular Trend in the Physical Fitness of Xinjiang Children and Adolescents between 1985 and 2014
Hazardous Waste Management of Buffing Dust Collagen
Intestinal Mucosal Barrier Function Restoration in Mice by Maize Diet Containing Enriched Flavan-4-Ols
School Neighbourhood Built Environment Assessment for Adolescents’ Active Transport to School: Modification of an Environmental Audit Tool and Protocol (MAPS Global-SN)
Protein Extraction, Enrichment and MALDI MS and MS/MS Analysis from Bitter Orange Leaves (Citrus aurantium)
V2G Strategy for Primary Frequency Control of an Industrial Microgrid Considering the Charging Station Operator
Employee-Organization Fit and Voluntary Green Behavior: A Cross-Level Model Examining the Role of Perceived Insider Status and Green Organizational Climate
Ecosystem Health Assessment of World Natural Heritage Sites Based on Remote Sensing and Field Sampling Verification: Bayanbulak as Case Study
Health Risk Assessment of Metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Cr, Cd, As, Hg, Se) in Angling Fish with Different Lengths Collected from Liuzhou, China
Study on the Durability of the T-Beam Based on Chloride Ion Erosion
Effect of Slope Grain on Mechanical Properties of Different Wood Species
Hippo-YAP1 Is a Prognosis Marker and Potentially Targetable Pathway in Advanced Gallbladder Cancer
Life Cycle Environmental and Cost Performance of Prefabricated Buildings
Gender-Specific Aspects of Health Literacy: Perceptions of Interactions with Migrants among Health Care Providers in Germany
Incentive Decision for Supply Chain with Corporate Social Responsibility and Lag Effect
The Mediational Role of Burden and Perceived Stress in Subjective Memory Complaints in Informal Cancer Caregivers
Developing a Sustainable Management Strategy for Quantitative Estimation of Optimum Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendation Rates for Maize in Northeast China
Green Tea Catechins Trigger Immediate-Early Genes in the Hippocampus and Prevent Cognitive Decline and Lifespan Shortening
Exergy and Economic Analysis of Energy Consumption in the Residential Sector of the Qassim Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Cytotoxic Effects of Zoom? Whitening Product in Human Fibroblasts
Shear Thinning in the Prandtl Model and Its Relation to Generalized Newtonian Fluids
Financial Performance of Public Hospitals: A Cross-Sectional Study among Polish Providers
Effect of Grain Size on the Microstructure and Strain Hardening Behavior of Solution Heat-Treated Low-C High-Mn Steel
A357 Alloy by LPBF for Industry Applications
Impact of Work–Family Conflict, Job Stress and Job Satisfaction on Seafarer Performance
Development of Prostate Cancer Organoid Culture Models in Basic Medicine and Translational Research
Stereolithographic Additive Manufacturing of High Precision Glass Ceramic Parts
Interaction of Different Charged Polymers with Potassium Ions and Their Effect on the Yield Stress of Highly Concentrated Glass Bead Suspensions
Studying and Modeling of the Extraction Properties of the Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent and Sorbitol-Based Solvents in Regard to Biologically Active Substances from Glycyrrhizae Roots
A Study on the Thermal Properties of High-Strength Concrete Containing CBA Fine Aggregates
Design and Characterization of Gypsum Mortars Dosed with Polyurethane Foam Waste PFW
Validating Self-Reported Ad Recall as a Measure of Exposure to Digital Advertising: An Exploratory Analysis Using Ad Tracking Methodology
Study on Rheological Behavior of Micro/Nano-Silicon Carbide Particles in Ethanol by Selecting Efficient Dispersants
Fabrication, Modeling and Characterization of Magnetostrictive Short Fiber Composites
The Antecedents and Consequences of Psychological Safety in Airline Firms: Focusing on High-Quality Interpersonal Relationships
Recycling of Waste Materials for Asphalt Concrete and Bitumen: A Review
Environmental Pollution Effect Analysis of Lead Compounds in China Based on Life Cycle
Biobanking in Molecular Biomarker Research for the Early Detection of Cancer
Medical and Health Care Professionals’ Sexuality Education: State of the Art and Recommendations
Recent Advances in Immunotherapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Development of Cycloaliphatic Epoxy-POSS Nanocomposite Matrices with Enhanced Resistance to Atomic Oxygen
Inpatient Flow Distribution Patterns at Shanghai Hospitals
New Intraoral Scanner-Based Chairside Measurement Method to Investigate the Internal Fit of Crowns: A Clinical Trial
Lead Toxicity: Health Hazards, Influence on Food Chain, and Sustainable Remediation Approaches
See, Like, Share, Remember: Adolescents’ Responses to Unhealthy-, Healthy- and Non-Food Advertising in Social Media
Engagement with a Web-Based Health Promotion Intervention among Vocational School Students: A Secondary User and Usage Analysis
Effect of Forestland Property Rights and Village Off-Farm Environment on Off-Farm Employment in Southern China
Heterogeneous Nucleation and Growth of CaCO3 on Calcite (104) and Aragonite (110) Surfaces: Implications for the Formation of Abiogenic Carbonate Cements in the Ocean
Research on the Construction of a Natural Hazard Emergency Relief Alliance Based on the Public Participation Degree
The Influence of Risk Culture on the Performance of International Joint-Venture Securities
Tunable Dewatering Behavior of Montmorillonite Suspension by Adjusting Solution pH and Electrolyte Concentration
Consumer Acceptance of Biscuits Supplemented with a Sorghum–Insect Meal
A Literature Review of the Concepts of Resilience and Sustainability in Group Decision-Making
Exploring the Perceptions of Women from Under-Resourced South African Communities about Participating in a Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat Nutrition and Health Education Program: A Qualitative Focus Group Study
Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis 420 for Metabolic Health: Review of the Research
Ultra-Sensitive Minute Mass Sensing Using a Microcantilever Virtually Coupled with a Virtual Cantilever
Transgressing Boundaries between Community Learning and Higher Education: Levers and Barriers
Life Cycle Assessment of the Sustainability of Enhancing the Photodegradation Activity of TiO2 with Metal-Doping
Effects of Raw and Roasted Cocoa Bean Extracts Supplementation on Intestinal Enzyme Activity, Biochemical Parameters, and Antioxidant Status in Rats Fed a High-Fat Diet
Influence of Fiber Deviation on Strength of Thin Birch (Betula pendula Roth.) Veneers
Silver-Nanoparticles Embedded Pyridine-Cholesterol Xerogels as Highly Efficient Catalysts for 4-nitrophenol Reduction
Friction and Wear Characteristics of 18Ni(300) Maraging Steel under High-Speed Dry Sliding Conditions
Microfluidic-Assisted Preparation of 5-Fluorouracil-Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles as a Potential System for Colorectal Cancer Therapy
Predominance of Human Bocavirus Genotype 1 and 3 in Outpatient Children with Diarrhea from Rural Communities in South Africa, 2017–2018
Rapid Spread of Classical Swine Fever Virus among South Korean Wild Boars in Areas near the Border with North Korea
Alveolar Epithelial Type II Cells as Drivers of Lung Fibrosis in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Universal Implementation of Newborn Screening in India
Characterization and Application of Pomegranate Epicarp Extracts as Functional Ingredients in a Typical Brazilian Pastry Product
Upregulation of Polyamine Transport in Human Colorectal Cancer Cells
Experiments-Based Comparison of Different Power Controllers for a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Against Model Imperfections and Delay Phenomena
The Intersectionality of Race and Trajectories of African Women into the Nursing Career in the United States
The BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism Modulates Resilience of Neurological Functioning to Brain Ageing and Dementia: A Narrative Review
Are Active Teaching Methods Suitable for All Generation Y students?—Creativity as a Needed Ingredient and the Role of Learning Style
Neighborhood Walkability and Active Transportation: A Correlation Study in Leisure and Shopping Purposes
Fault Diagnosis of a Rolling Bearing Based on Adaptive Sparest Narrow-Band Decomposition and RefinedComposite Multiscale Dispersion Entropy
Importance of Footwear Outsole Rigidity in Improving Spatiotemporal Parameters in Patients with Diabetes and Previous Forefoot Ulcerations
Sacubitril/Valsartan Induces Global Cardiac Reverse Remodeling in Long-Lasting Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction: Standard and Advanced Echocardiographic Evidences
Ultrasound Image-Based Diagnosis of Malignant Thyroid Nodule Using Artificial Intelligence
Does Playing Video Games Increase Emotional Creativity?
Investigating Feature Selection and Random Forests for Inter-Patient Heartbeat Classification
Bedside Renal Doppler Ultrasonography and Acute Kidney Injury after TAVR
Label-Free Bioelectrochemical Methods for Evaluation of Anticancer Drug Effects at a Molecular Level
Targeted Therapies: Friends or Foes for Patient’s NK Cell-Mediated Tumor Immune-Surveillance?
Upstroke Time Per Cardiac Cycle as A Novel Parameter for Mortality Prediction in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Segmentation Method for Ship-Radiated Noise Using the Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test on an Ordinal Pattern Distribution
High Serum Aspartate Aminotransferase, Underweight, and Weight Loss in Older People: Results of the KITCHEN-4
Long-Term Follow-Up of Patients with Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Arrhythmia
Atopic Dermatitis and Comorbidity
Outcome of Relapsed or Refractory FLT3-Mutated Acute Myeloid Leukemia before Second-Generation FLT3 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: A Toulouse–Bordeaux DATAML Registry Study
Intrinsically Distributed Probabilistic Algorithm for Human–Robot Distance Computation in Collision Avoidance Strategies
Surgical Nuances to Reduce and Manage Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks after Microvascular Decompression
Out-of-Plane Bending of Functionally Graded Thin Plates with a Circular Hole
Agaricus bisporus By-Products as a Source of Chitin-Glucan Complex Enriched Dietary Fibre with Potential Bioactivity
Abandoned Farmland Location in Areas Affected by Rapid Urbanization Using Textural Characterization of High Resolution Aerial Imagery
Understanding Chinese Urban Form: The Universal Fractal Pattern of Street Networks over 298 Cities
Comparative Study of Piper sylvaticum Roxb. Leaves and Stems for Anxiolytic and Antioxidant Properties Through In Vivo, In Vitro, and In Silico Approaches
Thymosin β4 Identified by Transcriptomic Analysis from HF Anagen to Telogen Promotes Proliferation of SHF-DPCs in Albas Cashmere Goat
CSF Ubiquitin Levels Are Higher in Alzheimer’s Disease than in Frontotemporal Dementia and Reflect the Molecular Subtype in Prion Disease
Differential Bi-Level Microstrip Directional Coupler with Equalized Coupling Coefficients for Directivity Improvement
‘Acridines’ as New Horizons in Antifungal Treatment
Assessing the Energy Demand Reduction in a Surgical Suite by Optimizing the HVAC Operation During Off-Use Periods
Effects of Oral Contraceptive Androgenicity on Visuospatial and Social-Emotional Cognition: A Prospective Observational Trial
Mapping the Salt Stress-Induced Changes in the Root miRNome in Pokkali Rice
Hippocampal and Cerebellar Changes in Acute Restraint Stress and the Impact of Pretreatment with Ceftriaxone
Role of Multi-Scale Microstructure in the Degradation of Al Wire for Power Transmission
Starch-Based Foam Packaging Developed from a By-Product of Potato Industrialization (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Versican G1 Fragment Establishes a Strongly Stabilized Interaction with Hyaluronan-Rich Expanding Matrix during Oocyte Maturation
Diethyl Ether as an Oxygenated Additive for Fossil Diesel/Vegetable Oil Blends: Evaluation of Performance and Emission Quality of Triple Blends on a Diesel Engine
A Smart Microcontroller Architecture for the Internet of Things
The Role of Physical Activity on Parental Rejection and Body Image Perceptions
New Substituted Benzoylthiourea Derivatives: From Design to Antimicrobial Applications
A Comparison of Selected Biochemical and Physical Characteristics and Yielding of Fruits in Apple Cultivars (Malus domestica Borkh.)
Analysis of the Educational Needs Related to, and Perceptions of the Importance of, Essential Job Competencies among Science and Engineering Graduates
PAICS, a Purine Nucleotide Metabolic Enzyme, is Involved in Tumor Growth and the Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer
Potential Augmented Reality Application Areas for Pilot Education: An Exploratory Study
Multidimensional Benefits of Improved Sanitation: Evaluating ‘PEE POWER?’ in Kisoro, Uganda
Nanomaterials for Periodontal Tissue Engineering: Chitosan-Based Scaffolds. A Systematic Review
Carbon Dots for Intracellular pH Sensing with Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
Novel Architecture Titanium Carbide (Ti3C2Tx) MXene Cocatalysts toward Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production: A Mini-Review
In Situ Formation of Nanoporous Silicon on a Silicon Wafer via the Magnesiothermic Reduction Reaction (MRR) of Diatomaceous Earth
Sandwich-Type DNA Micro-Optode Based on Gold–Latex Spheres Label for Reflectance Dengue Virus Detection
Facile Construction of All-Solid-State Z-Scheme g-C3N4/TiO2 Thin Film for the Efficient Visible-Light Degradation of Organic Pollutant
Improving Thermal Conductivity Coefficient in Oriented Strand Lumber (OSL) Using Sepiolite
Ultrafine FeNi3 Nanocrystals Embedded in 3D Honeycomb-Like Carbon Matrix for High-Performance Microwave Absorption
A New Hybrid δ-Lactone Induces Apoptosis and Potentiates Anticancer Activity of Taxol in HL-60 Human Leukemia Cells
A Comprehensive Report on Ultrasonic Attenuation of Engineering Materials, Including Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, Fiber-Reinforced Composites, Wood, and Rocks
Influence of Current Density on the Microstructure of Carbon-Based Cathode Materials during Aluminum Electrolysis
Route Prefix Caching Using Bloom Filters in Named Data Networking
Crown Wall Modifications as Response to Wave Overtopping under a Future Sea Level Scenario: An Experimental Parametric Study for an Innovative Composite Seawall
Transport Properties of Film and Bulk Sr0.98Zr0.95Y0.05O3?δ Membranes
Multi-Criteria Optimisation of an Experimental Complex of Single-Family Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings
Genetic Diversity of Local Peach (Prunus persica) Accessions from La Palma Island (Canary Islands, Spain)
Supplementation of Lactobacillus plantarum or Macleaya cordata Extract Alleviates Oxidative Damage Induced by Weaning in the Lower Gut of Young Goats
An Inductive Sensor for Two-Dimensional Displacement Measurement
Performance, Behavior, and Welfare Status of Six Different Organically Reared Poultry Genotypes
VIRMA-Dependent N6-Methyladenosine Modifications Regulate the Expression of Long Non-Coding RNAs CCAT1 and CCAT2 in Prostate Cancer
In Vitro Methods of Assessing Protein Quality for Poultry
Molecular Interaction Characterization Strategies for the Development of New Biotherapeutic Antibody Modalities
Functional Factors of Biomass Burning Contribution to Spring Aerosol Composition in a Megacity: Combined FTIR-PCA Analyses
A Gecko-Inspired Soft Passive Gripper
Effect of Dietary Protein and Tsaa Levels on Performance, Carcass Traits, Meat Composition and Some Blood Components of Egyptian Geese During the Rearing Period
Vaccination with Aedes aegypti AgBR1 Delays Lethal Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Infection in Mice
Shape Design Optimization of a Robot Arm Using a Surrogate-Based Evolutionary Approach
Soil Macrofauna: A key Factor for Increasing Soil Fertility and Promoting Sustainable Soil Use in Fruit Orchard Agrosystems
Development of an Experimental Platform for Combinative Use of an XFEL and a High-Power Nanosecond Laser
Automatic Language Identification Using Speech Rhythm Features for Multi-Lingual Speech Recognition
A Domain-Specific Generative Chatbot Trained from Little Data
Study of the Effect of Methyldiethanolamine Initiator on the Recording Properties of Acrylamide Based Photopolymer
Changing the Drug Delivery System: Does it Add to Non-Compliance Ramifications Cont